Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Chelsea's Racial Profiling Shame

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This story from Football 365, which you couldn't make up.... http://www.football365.com/story/0,17033,8695_3213082,00.html
inspired this...

Chelsea Football Club have, this week due to an exceptional opportunity, stepped up their Racial Profiling. Announcing: 'Non~Club Members of a Greek Nationality buying tickets for the Olympiacos game will have their orders cancelled.'

With 'some' ticket applications being reportedly scrapped ahead of next week's match, Chelsea have defended their actions by claiming that "unprecedented pair" of Olympiacos fans disguised as moody, generally sh*t support had attempted to infiltrate the home section.

Cheatski stand accused of racial discrimination, with staunch fan since 2004, plasterer Terry Pappadoppilopidos 49, one of those who have had their order cancelled."It's proper double discrimination. I'm right disgusted innit," he told The Tart Paper. "Me and my mate may have Greek backgrounds, but we're sh*t Chelski support through and through."

The gutted fan continued, "Me and Dave is gutted. Our record as sh*t support speaks for itself. We've been rock solid Cheatski for years. We're always virtually silent at Tottenham. We once left the Emirates around the 65th minute and decided to swerve a final in Cardiff completely 'cos we was offered double bubble for our tickets by some scousers in a Bernie Inn on the way down there. We are dyed in the wool Blues."

Chelscum Spokesman Martin Bormann Jnr, was quick to defend the Clubs actions, "The last thing we want is to have our tepid support undermined by these Non National, constantly cheering, sing~a~long Johnny Foreigner types. We're not taking any chances. This club has been under seige from allsorts. One rumour doing the rounds after Wembly last week is that our Head Coach is Jewish. Enough is enough."


joshua said...

I've got to say, because it's plain truth!, that this is one of the very best blogs I've ever visited yet!



Anonymous said...

They really are a bunch of idiots. Chelsea are the kings of scum.

Anonymous said...

I have to say cos it's the truth, never have I seen a site where most people contribute constant praise about nothing than involve themselves with the subject matter. These people are always one of the first few to read the story too. So yes ok, this site is quite pretty I suppose, and the so-called inside stories are lies by someone we know instead of anonymous ones, but really....do so many millions really think it's THAT good, to never shut up with their arbitrary
wonderment of a pretty standard internet blog?

Harry Hotspur said...


A not entirely innacurate point. Arbitary wonderment. Great phrase. Just pleased that you chose this piece to make your point and not one where an 'Anon 6.04' waxed pretty about this two bob blog.

Unless of course conspiracy theorists are determind to believe my 'sleeper alias' is in fact joshua... some naffing undercover mission that would have been..

EL said...


I love this blog & you are absolutely wonderful Harry.

Cwoff said...

Personally, Harry's blog is maybe a little one-sided but then on my own site I look for a different audience and try to be as neutral as possible (I'm currently writing an article praising Arsenal ffs).

But as a Spurs fan I do enjoy Harry's stuff. He writes regularly and often very entertainingly. Most importantly though, when a matter is important enough he has the sort of perspective I believe is important not just as a football fan but as a human being (read his responses to the Eduardo injury for instance).

The same cannot be said about all Tottenham blogs or those of other clubs.

I think these two reasons; the humour and the perspective coupled with Spurs being on a considerable upward curve explain why his blog is deservedly so popular - it represents the jocular, expectant but ultimately tempered opinion that characterises the vast majority of Spurs fans (if not all of those who comment on here).

onedavemackay said...

This is the greatest blog in history. It's informative, well sourced and often very humorous and I would probably be on it all the time even if Harry wasn't paying me.

Pete The YID said...

Hi harry, have you any info about where we will be playing next season?,ground share rumours West Ham's ground?.
cheers Pete.

Anonymous said...

oh dear, racism thinly disguised as humour...would you write about black supporters in that way, me thinks not...

Anonymous said...

Harry, you have a go at us singing about Adebayor, then you write this?
You pulling my leg?
previous poster was right, if it was against african supporters you wouldn't be saying Mbulelo and elephant can't come would you.

Yes it's discriminatory on their part, but that doesn't excuse you having a go at the Greek community in this country, especially as you chastised other Spurs fans for chanting about Adebayor!

Anonymous said...


longlivetheking said...


Best blog ever.

Mind you its the only one i've bother to read. So it's the best and the worst. And the most racist, whilst remaining staunchly PC.

Harry Hotspur said...

Even I think this blog is brill and I have been campaigning outside my local library to have it outlawed every Thursday since Christmas Day 2007.

* f*ck, forgot to select Anon *

Harry Hotspur said...

Pete, no news as yet on the ground share gig as yet. All I do know (and this isn't top secret) that Levy & Co met with Haringey Councilthe other night. All this indicates to me is that they are still have 'on the boil' at least one (but prob two) redevelopment strategies.

The real problem is that Haringey quite rightly have a burden of responsiblity to their residents who AREN'T multimillion pound turnover private businesses.

My gut feeling is that West Ham would be almost unpolicable, which is to say the most crazy of our lot plus the dregs of society (them) would declare open season upon each other AT LEAST once a week.

Arsenal? Pffffffffffffh. Gawd'elp us. Beyond dubious as a suggestion really. My fave would be a new stadium built next to the old one and we carry on regardless.

6.58/10.15 ~ Get a grip, dears...

Pete The YID said...

Big thanks for your opinion mate......Pete

EL said...


You're so right. And wrong.