Sunday, March 02, 2008

Alan Hutton: Interview

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For those of you who may have missed this, an excellent interview from the BBC. Spitting Image was a wonderful series, can anyone imagine just how popular a Garth Crooks, Sports Reporter puppet would be if they still made it today? In the words of Alistair McGowan, "Garth Crooks, for example, sounds like Graham Taylor, only slightly more serious."

Anyway, great to hear Hutton explain the delay in Spurs securing his signature and not to mention how welcome Celtic fan and new neighbour Robbie Keane has made him feel...


Anonymous said...

Errrr.... Not sure I'm very happy with Garth. Did you get that bit where he says something like, "You've come from your boyhood club, Glasgow Rangers, to a big Londo.... a club in the south."????

Garth, Garth. He's come to the mighty Spurs! Sort it out, dude.

Apart from that, some of the interview was conducted as if not entirely from the Hack School of Reporters. Hutton manages to rise above the predictable cliches and speaks well. He clearly feels the move is a step up, and has made it to face the significant challenges of playing against quality teams, top international players and being interviewed by Garth. Easily the hardest of these challenges is being interviewed by Garth. Fortunately for Hutton, this was the home tie. It could be harder for him when he's interviewed away.

Hutton gives credit to Robbie's role in helping him settle. In fact, they are neighbours, so Hutton can easily pop round to Robbie for a cup of tea and some friendly ridicule from a Celtic supporter. I wonder if they play kickabout in each other's back garden.

Reassuring, too, to hear that Robbie acts as a kind of social glue that helps to bind the team together. Nice one, Robbie. That boy could go far.

9.37 Anon

It's Them and Us said...

I don't mean to hijack the Hutton interview and I'm not one for "ITKs" or anything, however! My friend that managed to blag tickets for the Carling Cup final was amongst the academy's friends and family.

The word from them was that Terry Dixon is done in football after re-dislocating his knee and was handed a compensation package in the region of £2 million.

Heard anything similar to that or not?

Harry Hotspur said...

Disaster for him. I think it is true in so much I heard similar. Grim news.

shanemac said...

I don't think he asked Alan about the adjustment enough times.

Anonymous said...

Everything is explained here:

Some are born great, some have greatness thrust upon them, while others just resort to hyperbole and platitudes. Bless.

Spitting Image, where art thou?

9.37 Anon

Anonymous said...

"Yet I have no intentions of leaving this club because I love it here..."

"If I look back I think I've wasted 18 months of my career."

So said JD, at Spurs and subsequently Pompey.

Fortunately, you can pack a lot of China White's and Movida into 18 months. So it wasn't all bad.

9.37 Anon

Anonymous said...

Best wishes to The Hoddles after the loss of their boy Carl, a former Spur. From what I know, he was not that comfortable living in the shadow of his big brother and this manifested itself in his life with disastrous effect. I recall Glenn saying years ago that he was in tears in training the day that Spurs let his brother go as a youngster just as Glenn was emerging. I shudder to think how he feels at the moment.

Big Spurs Love to all

Sydney Wale

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear today about Hoddles loss of his brother Carl.


Anonymous said...

My condolences go out to the Hoddle family at this sad time.


Anonymous said...

I think Alan came across as a nice enough bloke. It must have been hard for him to leave his boy hood club and admit to moving on to bigger and better things (playing against internationals week in week out).