Saturday, March 01, 2008

Brum Drop Spurs Off At Sketchleys

Or Birmingham City take Tottenham to the cleaners.

In the softly spoken words of the dearly departed George Harrison, My Sweet Lord. Stone me, what a fiasco. Bashed by the Bullring Boys. What one might call an ignominious return to reality after the near out of body experience most of us had last barely a week ago when we beat Chelsea to win a Cup Final.

Ramos set his stall out. Above his wares he erected a large sign, saying 'PSV GAME COMING SOON'. Keane was benched for the imposter Bent. Zokora played along... conspiring a performance his greatest critics would relish. Only Jenas, Hutton and O'Hara seamed to want to deviate from the second rate script.

I am loathed to mention the over toothed lobotomized failed gameshow host Ian Wr*ght on this hallowed blog, but I have seen him witness awful play and greet it with philosophically open arms. "Nah, that fluff is brilliant, he's got that out of his system, so he WON'T be repeating that for the big game on ... so and so..." Clearly this was going on in retrospect today. Tottenham were thumped and Chelsea reminded that everyone that whist currently potless, they were far from done, whipping Westy Ham AT WEST HAM, 4~0.

A day where Grant saw sense and started Cole and Gus Poyet had to stare down Sky's lense again. His remarks were worth looking at.

"It's nothing about what happened after the Carling Cup. We've had three very good days in training and expected to come here and win the game."
Translated: Gus and JR were made to blush by the endlessly recycled pictures of King & Co out on the lash after the Cup win.

"You expect everyone coming into the first team to perform. Sometimes players are asking for opportunities and they had a great chance today. There are no excuses."
Translated: THFC back office staff are currently going through company paperwork looking for the Darren Bent receipt. A day where Dimitar and Jamie both hit the bar and some others wish they might have done the same recently, more discreetly...


elk said...

Another great headline... fucking shocker of a result

onedavemackay said...

Agreed H. Gus hit the nail on the head we gotta do it EVERY GAME.

Afraid Robbo did not look all that hot on a couple of those goals. Think how much further up the league we'd be with a top keeper.

Anonymous said...

What the f&^k are we doing with Bent? I love the fact he chose us but this is NOT working. He can't deliver and we need to sell before he's worth nothing. Is this DC?

made up name said...

Spurs looked like party boys come undone today.

chitdayid said...

i just got back from the brum game, and the atmosphere there pretty much reflected the post party blues..

although the away section was packed to the brim, most people laughed at the final scoreline in the end, either in pure disbelief/it was a ****ing joke/we couldnt care less...

there were the usual irate bunch aiming abuse at bent..what can i say? he deserves it..16.5 million quid? yer havin a laugh..

and there were some brilliant songs as well...

'theres only one martin taylor' (to which the brum were very appreciative)
'stand up cause eduardo cant..'
'eduardooo woahhhhh eduardoo he has the silky skills..he walks like heather mills...eduardooooo woahhhhh eduardooooooo'

and of course the usual bunch of retards with their adebayor crap

Anonymous said...

In a way todays result confirms that Ramos will be busy in the summer looking for players he wants in the squad. Today was very important to go to Brum and grind out a result to prove that we can sustain our concentration and are not just a bunch of glory boys who can only raise the ante on big occassions.

There is no excuse for professional footballers on their salaries to "not turn up for games".We need to win as many games as possible. We will not win the UEFa Cup if we do not sustain a winning mentality. Losing 4-1 to Birmingham is hardly good preparation for PSV is it??

I am surprised that Ramos and his team did not really set their stall out to win this match. We need the points and we are not out of the possibility of a relegation issue creeping up on us... If the team mentally take the view that the league dosnt matter then how do we expect to win any matches and if we throw points away we will very soon find ourselves in a dogfight at the wrong end of the table and that would be a bloody disgrace....

Anonymous said...

Among all his requests for players, equipment and resources I hope Ramos asked Levy for a dog. He'll need it for kicking tonight.

Yeah, that result at Upton Park only lends credence to opinions that Chel*ea lost rather than we won the final. Normal service resumed stuffed down our throats.

Still uneasy at our proximity to the bum-end of the table. Formerly the Brum-end. 'Here - have 3 points, Brum.' 'Oh, thank you very much!'

Didn't see the game myself, but seems there were enough seasoned names in the line-up to get a win. Or at least to avoid a humiliation against a rubbish team.

This result only shows us up for what we are - a team light on Champions' League carat. A work in progress. More precious metal, please.

Bent played. When I say 'played' I mean he was on the pitch. I don't actually know if he 'played', as I didn't see. According to some, he didn't.

With only 10 league games remaining he needs to come good quickly. Is he tricksy and skilled enough for Ramos? Or a blunt instrument at the higher level? Not sure he can be sharpened.

Don't know if this is good prep for PSV or not. At least sobriety will return, literally and figuratively. The games against Sparta were evidence enough that we aren't the dog's plums yet. Time to get serious again, lads.

The defeat at St Andrew's seems, in hindsight, predictable. Typical Spurs.

I want no more typical. Be bright, Spurs. Be strong mentally. Be skilled. Be technical. Be fit and be fast. But, please - don't be typical.

9.37 Anon

Harry Hotspur said...

9.37 Anon

If we ought make any demand upon THFC then 'don't be typical, Yer bastard!' is EXACTLY the one that The Man Upstairs ought to hear clearest.

Silk and dynamite is frequently a tall order, just ask my tailor, but whenever it ain't delivered on the grass we get twitchy. Rightly so...

Solution? I'm a romantic. Buy a PSV ticket and in the words of the dearly departed George Harrison, it may be one ..." to ride"


Anonymous said...


I, too, am a romantic. In fact, I was just assuring my wife of that very fact as I broke wind and loosened my belt.

What doesn't kill us can only make us stronger. Stronger. STRONGER. I hope this is bad, bad news for PSV (are they named after formica?).

The players have to learn that the process of winning is more important than the product. Process is movement, product is static. We got caught in the headlights today. Keep moving, you Hotspurs - upwards.

9.37 Anon

Tottinghams said...

That was an absolute effing embarassment. Dreading college on Monday... (mocking chelski's, goons, etc)

onedavemackay said...

9.37 Your always worth the read mate. May I add this, Zokora gave away another needless free kick following on from the two last week. Don't listen to Dannyboy Zokora is a lightweight and must be dispensed with. Add to this the fact that besides our three best central defenders being out, Robbo was suspect on a couple of the goals and the whole thing becomes clearer.

Anonymous said...

Dear oh dear! Talk about an overreaction!! We lost because we didn't take our chances, the same individuals made the same old individual mistakes and brum had a great day and took nearly all their chances. Yes we should be more professional and beat this lot anyway but the fact is Kaboul and Zokora are a liability at the back (hence why we are looking at Jarque still) and we dont yet have the strength in depth of the top 4 to cover the loss of players like King and Woodgate. All our players have won their first ever trophy and so understandably (if not as they should) most players seemed to coast through the game still on a high. Funnily enough they dont know how to react after winning a cup final at Wembley against the richest team in the world but fear not everyone as, after this, I'm sure they do now!

Anonymous said...

Yesterdays result was a confirmation if Ramos needed one ... which he dosnt... that the squad is not good enough to compete consistently.... like Ledley turns out every now and again... so do our squad .. and only for the big games. They always fall short when they have to do it week in and week out and thats why we are not a top four club or even top six at present. The squad is not strong enough in depth. We have continually played a make shift defence all season and most of last. Woodgate is a good signing but injury prone. Ledley is finished at the end of the season in my opinion. No club will pay him his wage bill for the odd game. Dawson is injury prone and mistake prone when playing. We need another goalkeeper and a quality CB maybe two if we are to challenge for the Premiership title. We also need two midfield playmakers of real quality who can win the midfield and score goals and we need another quality striker alongside Keane and Berbatov.

Only then will we be able to consistently challenge week in and week out which we need to do to stand any chance of breaking into the top four. Hopefully Ramos and Poyet have already set their sights on likely targets and it may be that we can raid the Spanish leagues for these players and just like Arsenal have a French connection we will have a Spanish one. Most Spanish players are technically gifted and would suit Spurs style of play.

Being brutal I would offload the following in the summer

9.Huddlestone(controversial I know)

dannyboy said...


"Don't listen to Dannyboy Zokora is a lightweight and must be dispensed with."

When have I ever said that? I've always said Zokora runs round like a headless chicken and so it proved last week and this. I don't rate him; never have. So there.

As for the game, the players quite clearly had their minds on other things; totally unprofessional. It also goes to show, take out the organiser of a defence, Woodgate / King and look what happens. A much better performance is expected Thursday and the big guns will be back. Victory starts with a firm defensive display; it just wasn't there yesterday. We also created 18, yes 18, chances yesterday; woeful finishing on everyones part.


GRAZZA said...

Very nice of Zokora to give away 2 goals, how does that chump get in the team? Robbo too.

Typical unprofessional spurs...

BimitarDerbatov said...

i don't want to talk about this result.. needless to say i'm not happy

so let's just keep our heads up and look forward to PSV..

Oh and anon 1.07pm would agree with that list aside from Dawson and Huddlestone...and Chimsy..if he can prove himself to be a loyal team player - which i doubt he can..

Anonymous said...

What do you expect with Zokora in the team?? Some people thought his dizzying forrays into the chelsea half in the final was a sort of Steffan Freund shooting for goal kinda way....It's not funny that a highly paid premiership midfield footballer hasn't a clue what to do when he has a chance through on goal. We were starting to look like a galvanised team whilst he was away at the ANC and for some reason he fits straight back into the team on his return...O'Hara is 10 times the player that Zokora is.

Worrying that Ramos cannot see this.

GRAZZA said...

8:16 hit the nail on the head for me.

It was only because Chelsea didnt punish us!!

I too dont understand why Ramos is suffering this fool.

1 or 2 tackles in 90 minutes does not warrant a starting place in a prem team with high hopes for itself

Anonymous said...

Only saw the highlights.. and a bloody great downer.

Yet,, Thursday Night beckons. And actually, maybe healthy for Ramos to see things as are.

Jenas.. Still tackling, Still Running, Still Passing, Still Running,, A Goal.

Quite respect that.