Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Tottenham vs PSV: Prattle Of An Entirely Prematch Nature

Full steam ahead...geddit?
The Double is on.
Everyone is borderline fit bar The Boy Bale and Ekotto. My mate Al is allegedly ineligible due to some old Rangers connection, but I believe this to be a ruse. He's actually in a secure unit being couselled after his Garth Crooks grilling.

Ramos we instinctively like and think this wiley fox will have our boys ready to rock come Thursday night. Whilst he took the gamble at the weekend, it was his soldiers that let him down in it's execution. My view is that he will take the route with the boys that moving on, does anyone not understand our intent for this competition?... and let's bleedin' well do the business.

Ramos has quite rightly referred to this game as "a barometer of where we can go". How more chillingly accurate could these words be? They emanate from the previous manager of the only really good team we faced in this comp last year. Mmmmn. The challenge then, is laid out to his new charges. 'We've a tournament winning squad. Are you able for another, chaps?'

My squad then:

Chimbonda Dawson King Woodgate
Lennon Jenas Malbranque O'Hara
Berbatov Keane
= 11...

My Bad Bet Bonanza then:

PSV first half, Spurs second is a uneasy 22/1.
Spurs to go bonkers and look like Champions, winning 3-1 is short enough at 12/1.
Tommy to come on and knock in the last goal of the game? 18/1, son.
Spot kick karma? O'Hara due a Carlingless Consolation? Anytime 5/1.


Anonymous said...

hello Harry, new poster here. Always enjoy reading your site but you do attract a lot of idiot posters. I guess its the price of success

Anonymous said...

No comment.

Harry Hotspur said...


egg said...


Yes Harry


Anonymous said...

Let's hope then that zokora doesn't play then or we are in trouble

Anonymous said...

Let's hope then that zokora doesn't play then or we are in trouble

Yoshi said...

Harry I was wondering if you know anything about

Dixon: Career over?!?!
Taarabt: Heard he had a great reserve game the other day, will we ever seem him again?!?!
Bale: Is he definitely out for the season?!?!

Much appreciated!!!

dannyboy said...

woodgate left back? mmmmm

Rumour has it the Samba Boy Gilberto will play.


King / Daws


BimitarDerbatov said...

i'm a bit wary about tonight...

the bookies seem to have us as fairly comfortable favourites to win but i feel as though PSV will at least score...

it's what we do up the other end that will decide whether we go through or not..

having said that i could see us scoring over there too (whenever Spurs play i see goals!!)

Chimsy ~ Woodsy ~ Kingsy ~ Gilbertsy
Lennsy ~ JJsy ~ Steedsy ~ O'Harsy
Berbsy ~ Robbsy:

*Berb 1st goalscorer + 3-1 to Spurs: 33/1

*Robbo to be at fault for the PSV goal

*JJ to either be brilliant or useless but nothing in between

*Steed to score: 16/5

*Chimsy to score: 9/1

*Then after scoring Chimsy to be subbed and respond by punching Ramos in the face: strangely couldn't find odds for this one..

*All my predictions to be wrong

*and lastly a good time to be had by all..

talk to ye tomoro....

OTITB (One Trophy In The Bag)

jolsgonemental said...

Its degenerated into a good old Gooner Bash. A fun read. The bloke is getting munted.

I advise all decent yids to fake Villa support and mail Arsenel FC as per Villa Dad's post at 5.15pm 5March.

Get this scummer banned from his club. It will pass the afternoon at the least.

Anonymous said...

Nice stuff, Harry.

What's the ETA on your new site?

It's Them and Us said...


I don't take any pride in mentioning this topic first, but the club has confirmed today that Terry Dixon has left the club. So it looks like he was given compensation and his football career (at the top level, at least) is indeed over.

As for PSV:

For the first time this season I'm cautious. I knew against Arsenal and Chelsea we'd turn up and put on a performance but I hope the egos have landed because PSV are no mugs. We need to approach this like the Carling Cup final and make sure we have performances all over the pitch.

I'm thinking a nervy 4-2 win after a slow/poor start. Then hold on to a 1-1 draw in the away leg.

Also reckon we'll save Ledders for the return leg with Woody and Daws at the back, with Gilberto and Pascal making up the back four.

Lennon, Zokora (I'd rather he not, but seems to be a favourite of Ramos), JJ and Steed in midfield with the usual pairing of Berba and Keano up-front.

Anonymous said...

Team selections:



Prefer it to be...


Expecting a goal to be conceded, particularly if Robbo is in goal...

Would like to see three goals in the PSV net in reply. Think King will give us the solidity at home, and give Daws more time to get a bit fitter for the away leg. If King is indeed fit enough to play tonight. Otherwise I guess he'll be replaced by either Daws, Thudd or Zok. If Zok in defence then Thudd in midfield. If Thudd in defence use O Hara!!! We need scoring midfielders on the pitch. At least Jamie's shots tend to go towards goal unlike Zok's!!!

Now, the reality check. PSV are 6 points clear in the Dutch League. So it seems a little strange that we should appear to be so strongly favoured in the betting, perhaps a draw is the likeliest outcome... but as Juande said we have to prove our worth against this level of opposition. So let's crush them, and prove those bookie chappies right in their assessment!!!

It's Them and Us said...

Anon 1:12

As much as Pascal has been horrible this season he stills ranks above Tainio at right-back for me. I actually love Teemu and think his role in the games against Arsenal were completely over-looked (there were many great performances) but he's looking incredibly poor at full-back recently (as it's not his natural position). Pascal should start and I expect he will.

I do agree with Hudd over Zokora though. Much like when Jol first took charge and gave Big Tom a run in the team, under Ramos he's starting to get back his form and his range of passing is incredible -- even the tackling has improved! I semi-expect Zokora to start though due to Thudd's 'lack of pace', but Ramos has leaned more to playing Tom in Europe (in midfield) with Zokora generally filling in at the back -- so there is hope.

Anonymous said...

Is the game on TV tonight, or do i have to listen to the radio?

bueller said...

The game is on ITV1

bueller said...

I quite fancy us tonight.

A clean sheet is vital.


It's Them and Us said...

The game is on ITV1 (8pm programme start, 8:05pm KO) with the build-up on ITV4 before-hand.

bueller said...

Please no Zokora, please no Zokora, please no Zokora

Anonymous said...

it's them and us...

Anon. 1.12 here

Team prediction is 100% correct!!! As for the Teemu thing, I just want to see the back of Chimbonda. Dropping him would send the moody clown off to another poor club quicker, that's all. And Teemu at least gives 100%.

Now lt's hope the score prediction is near the mark (preferably without the predicted 1 to PSV)!!!


Anonymous said...

We are playing like a bunch of loosers. 3 months to play for their furture.

If that is the case quite a few will be shown the door, and rightly so!!

No one touch football more like 3 or 4 touches. Simply rubbish!!

Anonymous said...

What a joke!

Anonymous said...

Clueless, and simply unacceptable!

Anonymous said...

We have conceded an away goal. Could be fatal in the 2nd leg.

Death said...

Not looking good but keep the faith dudes :-)

Second half to come innit :-)

Anonymous said...

We are pissing in the wind, and it is coming back at us!

Anonymous said...

Free kicks!



Wing play!

Have all been lacking tonight, big time!

Death said...

77 mins and it's looking grim

Can't get through them and we've gone to a back three

None of our lot look good tbh :-(

Death said...

as lond as it's only one goal we have a chance


Anonymous said...

Rubbish. Did we buy an injured (hence the delay in his debut) "experienced" Brazilian who is even more of a liability than Chimbo? Absolute sh1te. We'd better try harder in Holland or that's it! Obviously.

How bad is JJ's injury? FFS.

Anonymous said...

haahaa. 1-0 to PSV. I dont think you will crack the top 4 next year. Sorry guys!!
And you were going to finish higher then us?? haahaahaa. Enjoy your 5-1 win in a meaningless competition. Ramos is deluded!!!

Harry Hotspur said...

Just for future reference, folks 99% of 'Harry you're rubbish' comments get printed. 99% uninformed pap as per submitted this evening DO NOT.

Too many !!!!!!'s are cry for help, please, f*ck off, whoever you are. Try one of the many sh*te forums available elsewhere.

We only do CONTENT here.



EL said...

Midfield had very little guile. Taraabt still does a pretty good headless chicken. We still don't have a striker who can shoot from outside the box. Gilberto looks like the new Rocha. Jenas looked like he did for much of last season. We were reduced to playing desparate long ball football, at home, just because the opposition were well organised at the back. jol got us to the semi with lesser players. The honeymoon's well and truly over.

Over to you Wendy.

Anonymous said...

El tit, shut up you idiot! We won a cup already which we never managed under Jol, & are still in the competition til the second leg's over. They not better than Chelsea, so we still have a chance. As for you arse scum, like chug nuts stuck to yer cheeks, always turn up when your must unwanted, same goes for you jealous Spammers!!

dannyboy said...


jol never got us to the semi.
just got back from the game; shocking, totally. nothing there. what's going on?
only 1-0, should have been 3-0. who knows, early goal out there, for us (!) and game on.


Anonymous said...

Yes, a sorry sight tonight. And hard to put that down to a couple of well-deserved shandies.

What happened ? The midfield was utterly anonymous. Which has been a problem more than once before.

Zakora won't be here next year.
Ditto Chimbonda.. athough he actually had his best half of the season second period.

Woody and Led were our stars,, seemingly the only two players who realised they were on the same team.

PSV,, deserve credit. And looked as much a team as we did against Stalingrad FC.

Berba won everything in the air but the midfield, even more so when Jenas left, utterly bereft of invention.

For all his faults.. as the last 10minutes of half-one proved.. he is the player who can pull defences apart with the most sublime assists.

It is beyond frustrating that Aaron still can't finish.

And Robinson made one very good save but still can't catch.

All that apart.. we'll sting them next week i'm sure.

Wembley should have lasted longer. And the programme should have been Three bloody Quid.