Thursday, February 14, 2008


This game has not been electric. Am I complaining that we are winning 2~0 away in Europe? No, of course not, but Slavia Prague aren't fun to watch and the game has 'a going throught the motions' feel about it.

Cerny has had little to do, but very much looks the part. Berba is everywhere, looking everybit a solid European star. Tainio and Steed are getting stuck in. Woodgate made the first goal and since then has had, like the rest of the back four that includes Zokora, nothing to do.

Jenas is hustling as is Huddlestone, with Keane contributing the same volume of little flicks as Lennon. Keane's goal was nice, but all our good work is largely down to the forgettable opposition.

I would like to see the entire bench brought on. Hold up, here's O'Hara for Teemu.

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Anonymous said...

Bent for Keane...

Harry Hotspur said...

Cerny bungle.


Pete The YiD said...

Well, that was pretty pathetic.
After the first goal, we spent the rest of the match strolling around like it was a training session and we ended up with what we deserved - in fact it could have been 2-2.
I'd hate to know how many times we gave away possession, or ended a move with a poor shot.
The fact that we still had plenty of chances is a testament to how poor Slavia Prague were. We should have taken them apart and put more goals past them, then we could play a weakened team for the second leg.
As it is, we've given Slavia Prague belief and we're now going to have to play a stronger side in the second leg, with the Carling Cup final only a few days later.
All very frustrating.

Anonymous said...

Very disappointing second half display. We should have pressed on and won about 3 or 4 nil. Instead we pratted about and almost handed the tie back top a very poor Slavia side. Cerny has made two bad costly errors of late and this latest bloomer changed the whole match. By then Keano had come off and Bent was on who was his usual ineffective self. We missed Hutton and we need Dawson or King alongside Woody and where the hell is Gilberto. Why do we buy players who are always injured. Do we get a discount or something ??

We still give the ball away to much for my liking and we had a bundle of chances to sow this up but our finishing apart form the goals was poor.

I can still see lots of changes coming in the summer. Ramos wont settle for this type of display..

Tottinghams said...

My. That was woeful.

Anonymous said...

Did Cerny bungle for a bung? A new Skoda for his mum maybe? Come on Robbo, only another stone to go and you might get a game!

Sydney Wale

Anonymous said...

any chance we can nick their goalie?

Anonymous said...

Time for Robbo to get some games for us!!!

chiversmetimbers said...

d'ya think we can get their goalie?

chiversmetimbers said...

owner friggin approval...lighten up harry!

bueller said...

I didn't think it was as bad as all that chaps. Yes the game was played at walking pace and we could have killed the tie last night but it's an away win in Europe and I think we should be happy with that. There were some nice patches and a few good individual performances.

I have been impressed with Woodgate's distribution, always looks to find feet. Often looks for Lennon or Steeeed. Does lack pace though. Thankfully Zokora, King and Kaboul don't.

Berba was just incredible at times.

bueller said...

Yes, this owner aproval thing is pap.

Anonymous said...

it says something about where we are going as a team that we are unhappy with a 2-1 win against a team that held the scum to a 0-0 only a couple of months ago

Anonymous said...

Please don't get the knives out for Cerny.

Do you really want to see a Robbo lacking in confidence play against Chelski?

Yep. Cerny F***ed up last night. But Robbo has hardly looked like he could do any better, and probably would do worse IMO! So leave Cerny alone! If Ramos is defending him, then that's enough for me.

And as for the Bent haters, again, Spurs as a team looked worse as the tie went on. He only had 25 mins on the pitch FFS! The reason he went on was likely because Keane had blasted over the bar a minute or so previously when he should have scored himself. And he's a striker who didn't exactly get the ball much following the substitutions! When he did he at least looked for openings and tested their back four. That we only won 2-1 in the end perhaps had more to do with the introduction of negative distribution after we conceded, coupled with the glaring misses (Keane was guilty of a couple where he should have done much better) and to be fair, the outstanding efforts of the Slavia keeper.

BimitarDerbatov said...

we all would have settled for 2-1 at start of game but i'm left frustrated with this performance..

should have been about 4 or 5 nil..

we'll still qualify easily coz they have absolutely nothing.. but f*ck it i'm just very didn't need to be like this..

in more positive news...berb was just delicious..

but Robbie's celebration needs a little more forethought!!

bueller said...

I can't deal with this Harry, the delay is ruining me. I going to actually have to do some work.

EL said...

The comment moderation may be due to a sustained(of sorts) attack on this blog by Harry Haters. Who knows?

The sad fact about blogs like this, is that the free & easy nature of their use and access leaves them very open to abuse.

I see no future in the internet.

Harry Hotspur said...

el, not so much haters as hater, singular. I didn't want to give the little pr*ck the publicity, but enough guys have emailed me over time so it's really no secret.

Mark Langton.
Former Editor (I'm not kidding)of Vital Fulham.
Here's his site url:
Where ALL contact details are available.

I have passed this url on to all the lads who emailed me over the constant 'idiot' and 'it's you Harry who makes all the anon posts!!' comments on here' and judging by the comments Mark has been leaving of late he's had some dog's abuse.


I've never been alone in regarding this w*nker as being in need of sectioning, as his very brief spell as a mod on Vital Spurs proved.

Unfortunately his comments of late have gone over the line even by his own standards of weirdness and hence the moderation.

What is sad, and I mean this, is that in all the rubbish this retarded goat has typed out on various message boards, forums or whatever, I cannot recall I single f*cking comment about Tottenham, or even football. As you'll see, his site has some pictures, but no text.

ALL of his time is spent picking holes in other people or whining other's opinions...

Anyway, that's my lot on the cnut.

Aside from a brief but predictable postscript... he emailed to say he was glad HE was responsible I was having to set up a new site because of him... er yeah, that's right Brain Damaged Boy. Your posting 'idiot' did that. NOT the demands of 1.5 million hits in a year...

dannyboy said...

"Spanish Spurs Guestbook
Please enter your message below, if you are Arsenal supporters or Harry Hotspur I would not expect No1. To be able to read it and No2. want to read it, and all will be removed."

As from the spanish spurs website - what's that all about ?????

Anyhow, if we play like we did last night second half against Chavski, we'll get beat 5-0, fact. 2-1 good result last night, but should have been 5-0 at half time and all over. Disappointed.


Mark said...

Thanks for the publicity Harry, had lots of support from from fellow HH despisers and 1 email from EL that most people think is you anyway because all he ever does is creep up your arse.
Most people comment on the fact that you are pulling your usual coward stunt by having a go at me whilst moderating the comments that are supporting me.
Keep the comments coming Harry, hope the new site starts up soon as you can count on my continued support.