Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Slavia Prague Away: Four Injuries, Three Bad Bets And A Funeral

Good evening ladies... Prince Boateng, Michael Dawson, Gilberto and Badly Bandaged Boy Bale are all out.

My 'executive' (pfffffft) bets are as follows: Chinbonda Anytime Goalscorer @ 9/1, Spurs to Win With A Clean Sheet @ 21/10 and why not polish off your misguided treble with a Half Time Tottenham Winning 1-0 @ 12/5. Screw the mortage arrears on the word of serial loser, now...

The worst kept secret in footy is of course, my mate Al's ineligiblilty as his former club Rangers have stumbled into the UEFA Cup as a 3rd-placed finisher in the Champions League.
Alan's Fact Of The Day? Our hope for the future striker Tomas Pekhart travels. Both he and Radek Cerny, are former Slavia Prague players!

My squad is:


Chimbonda, Kaboul, Huddlestone, Gunter

Lennon, Jenas Malbranque O'Hara,

Keane, Bent.

When we go in 1-0 at half time I want the lunatic Taarabt thrown in for good measure!
Funeral? Oh yeah, HH is being officially intered within the next few weeks. RIP.
This blog will be gone...
However... the brand new, all singing, all whoring awfulness of the new full website will be unleashed.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Berbs and Woodgate to start instead of Bent and Hudd. Lets finish this tie tomorrow so we can rest the big guns next week for the FINAL.


Anonymous said...

not you harry, just trying to steal a march on your critics! See What I did there???


Anonymous said...

not you harry, just trying to steal a march on your critics! See What I did there???


Anonymous said...

Jesus Harry... no more blogspot? Please tell me we will be able to banter effectively with you on the new incarnation? As for your bets, they are probably as misguided as my 3-0 and 4-0 correct scores at a top priced 18-1 and 66-1 respectively LOL! Good luck ;-)

Anonymous said...

Cerny is on loan from Slavia Prague thus cannot play.

Anonymous said...

As Cerny is only on loan i presume he is cup tied, no?

Anonymous said...

Website says Cerny, (a former Slavia Prague player) is traveling with the squad.

I understand he was on the bench for last season's tie, so Cerny plays, loan or not.

dannyboy said...

Cerny can play

Anonymous said...

Cerny is only on loan but can still play against his 'parent' club. And if as expected, help knock them out!

But Hutton who we have BOUGHT, can't play, in any game at all, although neither he or his FORMER club have even played 1 game in this seasons Uefa cup?????

Chris said...

from what i seem to remember of such loans, theres a gentlemens agreement as to whether or not loan players can be fielded against their home sides.

we've had Cerny long enough for Slavia to not give a shit anyway and if it really was an issue they wouldn't waste a spot on the plane by letting him travel. simple as.

Anonymous said...


What is Ledly Kings status? I cant find any info about his fitnes.

Anonymous said...

Could you make your interred, shutdown etc comment more understandable. You're closing the blog? completely? eh?

Anonymous said...

Cerny is on loan? That sneaked past me!

Harry Hotspur said...


The Blog has been great, but as a few of the lads knew a month or three back, the new site is bloody well paid for an does need launching..

Continuity will be be maintained, as will the shoddyness...

Anonymous said...

Whats Gilberto's injury and i hope it isnt long term koz he's cover for bale this season and hes about 89 years old


Ok ok ok!! Ive had enough of this "ON LOAN/ONCE PLAYED FOR/ VISITED ONCE ON HOLIDAY/ONCE BANGED A BRASS DOWN AN ALLEY IN PRAGUE,, SO he cant play against that team or in that Cup game CRAP... FIFA are a fecking joke.. They move the goal posts then chnage rules when it suits the previous move... "BOLLOX" i say!!

Now wheres my passport????

"Get stripped Uncle your on."
(in spanish of course)


shanemac said...

Lead and we shall follow, HH.

I'm worried about our reliance on Berbatov. We're absolutely rubbish without him playing from the start.

grittyspur said...

Harry, you 'died-in-the-wool' yid. The world could use a few more like you, that's for sure! If you do launch an new website, here's a suggestion: stop quoting that gooner Ray Davies on your site! You might as well be quoting Johny "I'll never forget winning the League at WHL" Rotten for all it's worth! What a Fonzie (aka Henry Winkler= the opposite of Harry)! Can't wait to see your new incarnation in cyberspace!

Anonymous said...

You will not escape.

Anonymous said...

Anyone see the team coach arriving at the Prague hotel? Catch BMJ offloading the players kit bags. Good to see that the board are paying him for more than just gardening leave.

Anonymous said...

Errrrrr...No Woodgate or Berbatov ? You sure ??

Pete The YiD said...

now for some good news!!!

Spurs are 11th in the overall ranking (with a total income in 2006/07 of €153 million, just €4.5 million behind tenth placed Roma).
A ranking of 11th is our highest ever. In 2006/07 we climbed four places from 15th, the year before 13th, and the year before that 14th.
Of the top twenty clubs we have the smallest capacity. In fact, six of the clubs have a stadium with more than double the capacity of WHL.
We also struggle on the broadcasting front: placed 15 out of the 20 clubs in terms of broadcasting income last season.
When it comes to commercial revenue though (i.e. merchandising and sponsorship) we're looking good - out of the 20 sides we're ranked eighth.
We are the highest ranked team of those clubs that did not participate in last season's Champions League. Of the 20 clubs, 15 played in the Champions League and four started in the UEFA Cup. (The only other club was Juventus who were due to playing in the CL but got kicked out.)
Enough facts and figures.

Firstly, full credit to Levy and co for their commercial management of the club. Despite not being a Champions League side and despite the ground capacity constraints, we're punching above our weight financially.
COYS! :)

onedavemackay said...

Shanemac You are so right. We really are far less of a threat without the Berb .

bueller said...

Shanemac, you are bang on. It's not even in terms of creating chances, even keeping possession high up the pitch we look awful without him. Ho hum.

Harry, can't wait to see the new site. Nice one, easily the best spurs site on the web.

Anonymous said...

When does this blog die?

I need to buy some books and get a job.

Anonymous said...

Ledley plays tonight.

Death said...

The team according to the beeb


12 Cerny
06 Tainio
39 Woodgate
22 Huddlestone
02 Chimbonda
25 Lennon
04 Zokora
08 Jenas
15 Malbranque
09 Berbatov
10 Keane
01 Robinson, 03 Lee, 05 Kaboul, 19 Taarabt, 23 Bent, 24 O'Hara, 26 King

Harry Hotspur said...

Cerny, Tainio, Chimbonda, Woodgate, Huddlestone, Malbranque, Zokora, Jenas, Lennon, Berbatov, Keane

Subs: Robinson, King, Lee, O'Hara, Kaboul, Taarabt, Bent

Harry Hotspur said...


Created from Woody, really. Woodgate passes clean into midfield. Huddlestone to Jenas, the ball trickled out to Berba, central, just outside the box. Buries the ball with a clean strike into bottom left hand corner.


Anonymous said...

Without quoting directly (don't want to get harryu in trouble) are there any streams anyone has working?


Robert Green said...

quickly on those streams, lads