Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Chimbonda Should Be Flogged.......Off?

It was bound to return and bite him in the bottom. From the moment Pascal Chimbonda, match shirt still on, threw his transfer request at Paul Jewel, he was branded mercenary. Wigan for their part were hurt, they didn't want him to go and we paid not through the eyeballs as some suggested, but enough for his signature. I felt we got value.

What we we bought was a Barclays Premiership Dream Team right back. A tireless defender who had come into the top flight and really made his mark. His all round play was excellent, he tackled, won in the air and wasn't shy about bringing the ball up the park.

What we have now is a player forced into making a public apology to his team mates after the Club's greatest day in years. We were losing in a Cup Final and he decided to casually stroll off. He refused to shake with Huddlestone and refused to acknowledge the manager. When one of our bench guys approached him as he went into the tunnel he blatantly told him to get lost.

What we have now is a guy who appears to have lost perspective. I have been sniping some will say, over his play this season. Well earned criticism is what that was. A couple of unspectacular goals scored and Lord knows how many conceded because Sir OutOfPositionALot was nowhere to be seen. Terry and Laursen for two examples of attacking backs who don't jeopardise their primary role.

My interpretation of Chimbonda on Sunday was it was a revealing moment. He's far from a team player and more concerned with his own advancement rather than the greater good. Look, no one wants to be subbed. No one wants to be subbed in a Cup Final. But Juande Ramos has been in the top flight a lot longer than Pascal and ought be shown greater respect. The truculent slow walk was all about saying, 'This guy doesn't know what he's doing'. And it's not on.

While his pals were trying to pull in Faces, he was down a weeks money for pulling faces. Wake up Pascal. You've got a potentially good thing going here at Tottenham. But if you can't join in, you can get your coat.


Anonymous said...

TAXI FOR CHIMBONDA!!! ill pay the fare just get shot of this mug ASAP

Anonymous said...

i agree totally. i was a fan of chimbonda and thought he used to come in for unnecessary stick. however, after sundays diva-like antics my opinion of him has gone way down. not shaking hands with huddlestone or acknowledging ramos is a discrace. fair play to jenas for running over to chimobo asking him to get off the pitch quicker.

at the end of the game though, who was the one person in the middle of all the photos partying harder than the rest? monsieur chimbonda.

he's fine when he's getting his own way, but when he isn't - teddys in the corner and dummys out

Anonymous said...

All season he's been getting slated for being a luxury player that's far too casual. He doesn't want to play for us and wants to play for Help Me. He doesn't show any passion for the club. So, when he does show some passion and is gutted about being subbed in a Wembley final(who wouldn't be) he still gets slated. Yes, his attitude was diabolical and he deserves a bollocking for it but it shows he cares. And Hutton can't play in UEFA so we need him badly or perhaps you would prefer to bring Stalteri back?? Sorry I shouldn't even joke about that. Chimba is a good player and versatile so let's forgive him this little mini-Gallas moment.

Anonymous said...

i only partially agree, okay he's a professional and should respect the coach and his decisions, but at the end of the day chimbonda is still a very good player, we haven't seen the best of him yet, and i think that is partially due to club bringing in a couple new right backs, he should now fighht for his place in the team or jog on, but i think everyone is blowing the walking off out of proportion, anyone would hate to be taken off anyway but in a cup final, when he was close to scoring at one point aswell, its not easy to take, of course he's going to be upset and he showed it, he wants to play, he has passion for playing football and not only that it seems he has passion for playing for our club and i respect and cannot dislike anyone who is like that. i think you guys need to give him a break and forget it, at least he didn't throw his shirt on the floor! lets forgive and forget, he's apologised, lets move on as a collective yeh? anyhoo he will have to play in the uefa cup because Hutton is cup tied so lets carry on supporting him! :) COME ON U SPURS! CUP DOUBLE HERE WE COME!

cheddar_green said...

Let Ramos deal with it. I'm sure from the apology Chimbonda gave yesterday Ramos will know whether or not he is part of our future plans. If he continues to play this season then i will support him completely as i will take it that RAmos has forgiven him. This guy has my 100% trust in what he's doing and its just great to be able to say that!!!

jp said...

If he ain't happy about Hutton then he should up his game and that includes being a team playre END OF!

Anonymous said...

I seem to remember him talking to the press about leaving us last year, and then having to apologise in a similar about-face. Obviously, a 2-faced mercenary, not remotely bothered about his team mates and supporters - offload him in the summer and bring in someone deserving of the shirt...

cheddar_green said...

*Not that i was suggesting that i would go onto the training ground and sort it out myself - but you get the point*

Anonymous said...

Chimbonda lowers the tone for us. He is the sort of player who should be at Arsenal or Chelsea. I'm not interested in players like him, and he must be sold in the summer. He and Zokora have to go ASAP.

Pete The YiD said...

i agree totally HARRY!.
What mad me angry about him is way he stormed off down tunnel that was totally out of order, i can understand that no player wonts to come off BUT! you should take it on chin' go sit down with rest teammates then after the match you can speak to Ramos.
i hope club fine him!!!. another thing what pissed me off was the way he was celebrating after what Banker, cant wait until summer transfer window opens! :))

bueller said...

He was clearly very upset about being substituted in what was the biggest game of his career. He reacted and I don't blame him for that as it must have been hard for him.

The problem is that he's a massive, massive wanker. He's a scumbag who I would prefer to replace with someone we want in the trenches.

Stuart said...

Gah! 'END OF'. What does that even mean?! 'END OF' YOUR opinion, thats what. Such a stupid expression! :-S As for Chimbonda, it was a stupid reaction to him feeling he'd had a good game and been subbed. He's put in a few sub-par performances lately, and needs to pull his socks up, but getting rid of him because he was annoyed at being subbed when he obviously felt he was pulling his weight? I was more annoyed that he didn't shake hads with Thud, tbh. All my opinion, mind! ;)

Harry Hotspur said...

ah bueller....

"in the trenches"

That's the stuff!

Anonymous said...

Zok ran his socks off. Shame about his ball control, but respect for his energy and industry. Likewise Jenas, who was still running at the end and carrying the ball to
safety, while others had to resort to hoofing.

As for Chimbo, he's apologised to his team-mates, but what about the fans? The lad has burnt his bridges, I suspect. I wouldn't deny his skills or potential, but it's a character issue - and Ramos seems astute on character.

But, in a strange way, Chimbo's strop may serve the team well. If they don't already see it, the other players will see the effectiveness and tactical logic of Ramos' substitutions and, if wise, be less inclined to sulk if required to leave the field. In addition, they owe each other courtesy and respect - and foremost to the coaching staff. Ramos won't countenance indiscipline.

It was great to beat Ar*e in the semi, but at least they're a footballing side. The victory against this bunch of thugs and spoilers was even sweeter. And, despite Chav stories of pre-match argy-bargy, lack of preparation and questionable fitness of some players this was a whopping triumph. First among the Premier clubs, our season is made up. The UEFA Cup is now a seriously viable second trophy.

Has anyone here got remote-viewing skills? I'd love to see inside Ramos' draughtsman's notebook and see what this guy's plans are for the team? I think they could be awesome.

9.37 Anon

Wendell said...

"Has anyone here got remote-viewing skills? I'd love to see inside Ramos' draughtsman's notebook and see what this guy's plans are for the team? I think they could be awesome."

as long as you can read Spanish :)

Chimbonda needs selling. Hutton is clearly a better player and we can put Yippy Lee in right back (seeing as thats his natural position anyway) if Hutton gets injured.

As far as I`m concerned this is my 1st 11 for 08/09 and I would be very impressed if Ramos could improve on this in Summer.

Hutton Woodgate King Bale
Lennon Jenas O`Hara Malbranque
Berbatov Keane

I put O`Hara in there cos i have great faith in the kid but he could just as eaily be replaced by Zok or Huddlestone as and when required.

We desperately need Bale back if we want to challenge for top 4 spot.

Wendell said...

Additionally... where is Taarabt? He showed promise!

Harry Hotspur said...

Yeah, where's Taarabt???!!!

The Drifters said...

On a different note:

"If it isn't this season it will be next, but I am confident I will get it right."

Or words to those effect came from Ledders the other day. Not the words of a man planning his retirement if you ask me.

Any chance you can now put that one to bed for another year and give your "reliable source" a slap HH?

Harry Hotspur said...

How dare you use the word reliable on this blog..

BimitarDerbatov said...

agree with your sentiments there Harry...

i was really disappointed by Chimsy's antics last Sunday..

i'm a big fan of his playing abilities, abilities which i think are misunderstood..

i feel let down by his actions after showing him such faith on this blog and elsewhere..

in the back of all our minds, although some of us chose to ignore it, we knew that this was the type of person he is...after Sunday, the facts just can't be ignored any longer..

Pascal if you want to go then off with you..

that is all..

Anonymous said...

Bursting with challenges, puzzles and activities, the Where's Taraabt? Activity Kit contains all the ingredients you need for a fun-filled party or event. It means that any time of the year, for twenty people or just two, the search for Taraabt can go on and on!

Where can we get one, Harry?

9.37 Anon

Harry Hotspur said...

Well clearly Wilkinsons are stocking them. Just behind the Scent Of Malta air freshners. Next to the Power Ranger garden parasols.

You get a passport sized pic of Our Adel, a TDK 30 audio cassette with a plea from his mother, a deerstalker, an egg timer, a Super Spurs Searchlight Powertorch (expired and weeping batteries inc), A Hughtonator ( it's a compass with Chris' face on) and three fruit flavoured bolied sweets to ' keep your mental strength at Premiership levels for the quest ahead'... oh yeah and a pencil.


Anonymous said...

Said it since the start of the season. Get rid of this bad apple.

Harry Hotspur said...

The Hughtonator is stuck on magnetic CASHNORTH, obviously.

I'll get my coat...

Wilkinsons said...

Sorry sir we don't sell apples...

Anonymous said...

Can't help wondering what Hughton has got himself into. Another fine mess? He and Cave-in Keegan are a potential northern Laurel and Hardy.

Course, Hughts could go shopping in Newcastle for his coaching equipment. Unlike at Wilkinsons, he won't find any Power Ranger Garden Parasols, but he'll find plenty of high-powered arse'oles. Talk about coals to Newcastle! You'd've thought they had enough already.

9.37 Anon

Anonymous said...

Hughton is just waiting for Jol to rock up when KK gets sacked. ;)

Harry Hotspur said...

'Kave In Keegan'

Love it. 11/10.

Anonymous said...

"As for Chimbonda, it was a stupid reaction to him feeling he'd had a good game and been subbed."

Maybe under Jol a good game gave you security, but under JR your place depends on the evolving needs of the team. If you can't figure out that, you're either not paying attention or a moron. So wanker + moron = goodbye.

Ossie said...

I agree with Chimbonda when he said Spurs having interest in Hutton, a player of his very own position, would lead to most players putting in a transfer request. How could Spurs have the audacity to look at other full-backs? His outstanding contribution whilst presiding over the 50 odd goals we conceded deserves far more respect. He deserves much credit for accepting that he does not have a God given right to be first on the teamsheet - if we look at this acquisition closely; it actualy means he would have competition for his place and may leave him needing to work harder.

I am also relieved that Ramos was big enough to explain his reasons for substituting him on Sunday, surely he should have done so at the time - maybe in writing? What the hell does Ramos know about winning Cup Finals? It was not like we were losing and needed a tatical masterstroke. I am even more grateful that Chimbonda was gracious enough to accept this to little too late explanation with the minimum of fuss. Be warned, if we loose him in the summer we will be in danger of increasing team spirit whilst also giving ourselves a better chance of keeping clean sheets.

Anonymous said...

Nice.. and as yesterday,, Chimbo is now boring. Ditto, the more money up North, amicable pleasures with Anelka while we were getting spanked at the Bridge.

Ramos is our man.

He's instilled loyalty and belief already. Creating a Gang.

And at this level.. the level this Club, and we, demand.. there is no room for 'Me First'.

Any more of this, and i'm afraid.. he does not go with our love.

Anonymous said...

Lets face facts with Hutton on the right and a fit Bale on the left, he will become a fringe player and he knows it. He will be relying on injuries to get in the side. So, whatch those ankles on the training pitch guys.

Maybe it will be a good idea to lay the ground work ready for him to leave in the summer whilst we can get a good return on him before he becomes too casual.

I remember the days when we thought he would leave for Chelsea. Oh how times have changed.