Monday, February 25, 2008

Player Ratings & Half Price Shirts

Ramos 9
He and Poyet have brought not just silverware, but stability and direction to a club 'plagued with pessimism'. It is evident this guy is intelligent and focused. The same whines and whinges WE have been recycling to death on this virtual page and countless others were immediately addressed.

Tottenham was carrying a stock of players (most of whom had either plummeted in value or had little market worth) who had hit their ceiling with regard to what they were capable of and Ramos thanked them for their efforts and duly removed them.

There was a malaise at the club borne out of familiarity and forgery. Yes, Jol did much better than many of he predecessors. Unfortunately, most of them were awful. Hughton was guilty of either not being good enough or guilty of masking his inabilities. His players were overweight show ponies who couldn't win a rosette to save their lives.

Jol passed himself off as a Premiership manager but was revealed as a very likable, very lovable, imitation. Tactically he was shamed again and again. Substitutions that were too late. Substitutions that beggared belief. Picking players that weren't in form. Games were we led were thrown by refusing to do the obvious and finish the other lot off. He opted for what he perceived as the sophisticated route, failing to realise he was incapable of achieving it. He was guilty of demotivating his own squad. Instead of distinct, intelligent leadership he offered best bets and bear hugs.

Ramos has more in store for us, mark my words. This team is not his finished article. There will be more signings, but only where there are deficiencies. Players here now will improve and develop under his control. And Control is what he has in spades. No fatties, no slacking, no excuses. Where once there was a bear hug there is now a bottom line.

Levy's role in all this was to go from being the remote factory owner to sending in the Forensic Accountants without notice. He appointed a new General Manager with a CV that made him sort after. The workers suddenly bucked up. Productivity spiked a little but then they began hemorrhaging goals again. So the new Foreman Mr. Poyet went on the telly. He looked into the interviewer's eyes and said. "It has to stop." No shuffling from foot to foot mumbling about injuries, the need to work on defending, the need to work on er... concentrating... just, "It has to stop."

Robinson6 Up and down.The positioning for the free kick was woeful. But his stop late on against Lampard was good.

Chimbonda 6
What was all that subbing fuss about? I don't like all this I don't wanna come off nonsense. It shows no respect for a man who clearly deserves the respect of all of us. SWP didn't get past him, but then SWP didn't get past anyone.

Hutton 7
Looked every bit a Champions League defender. Anelka was neutralised.

Woodgate 8
An England call up must be on the cards. Solid, intelligent... he won it, bless him.

King 9
Immense. Blocked and bossed the backline. He really is the REAL DEAL.

Lennon 7
Hardly featured in the first half. Made more when switched. BMJ must've been pointing at the telly with his mouth open at that stage. Belleti was being traeted for depression by then.

Jenas 7
Didn't get to ping the ball around, but nor did Lampard. What he did do was shore up the middle with accurate passes and constant running and closing down.

Malbranque 7
All the usual excellent hustle and bustle. Showed real fight. Made Belleti look second rate.

Zokora 7
Some of his tackling would have been more at home in the Superbowl, but all in all he ruined endless Chelsea plays. He won the ball and released it well. One of his finest performances. When will this lunatic score?

Berbatov 8
They doubled up on him to try and snuff him out. Executioner style penalty against one of the World's best goalies.

Keane 7
Tormented Chelsea defenders. Ran his heart out. Wanted it so much. Really felt he captained the team.

Huddlestone 6
Lean and lively.

Tainio 6
Loved him getting a medal. A real soldier. No nonsense contribution.
Kaboul 6
Solid cameo, walked into Chelsea giving it all they had. He was working with professionals which only helped.






Anonymous said...

good ratings and article Harry. Ledley and Woody were awesome. Agree with all points particulary Chimbonda. thought 6 a little harsh on Robbo as he made some good stops at the death to keep us in front.

Anonymous said...

Another good article HH! I was so so proud of our boys yesterday! its even better to read all the good things that are being written about us and our club. We wanted it more yesterday, pure and simple passion allied to Ramos' tactical genius won us that game!!

To see King and Keano lift the cup was like a dream come true! Keano's tears and the sheer joy on his face reflected the faces of the many Spurs fans watching all over the world. Tottenham Hotspur are back and I'm sure from here on we will kick on and hopefully win the UEFA cup and next season be at the top challenging for the big honours!


theshelfer said...

agree entirely with your thoughts on Ramos. During periods of the game when Spurs were struggling, you just know that Ramos is thinking of how to address the problems. With BMJ and Huggy, the only tactical move they had was to throw on Defoe with 15 minutes to go.

Also, although Lennon did not have a great game, I was inspired by the amount of effort he put in during the 2nd half. I thought he showed a tremendous will to win which I have not seen from him too many times before.

Danny said...

Nice article Harry. As for Chimbonda - his individualistic sulking when coming off was just uncalled for. We were 1-0 down and needed to get on with it. His slow trudge just reminded me of Gallas' sulking at Birmingham - this is a team - not all about him. Jenas did well to tell him to get a wriggle on.

Some of your ratings very generous. I wouldn't give Zokora, Jenas, Lennon as high a rating as you have. But your analysis is spot on. But hey - it's the past and for Ramos to sort out! UEFA Cup and high up the league as possible, please Ramos!

Anonymous said...

i love you harry

Anonymous said...

Harry, you were saying recently that you heard it might be Ledders last game if he lifted the trophy. I hope not. Any update since he's been rubbishing many of the media claims?

Anonymous said...

Tainio should get a 10 just for winding DOGba up by pointing at the scoreboard, top man.

Harry Hotspur said...


I stand by my wild claims he's crocked. I hope they are wrong and there's been some mistake. He was incredible against Chelsea. No nonsense incredible.

TRONMedia said...



Harry Hotspur said...


Don't be sorry. There's no need, dear.

Just put that into your machine.

And then go bother someone else you whiney chimp.

Wrighty7 said...

Must say that you deserved the Carling Cup after beating us and Chelsea. Enjoy the moment, it'll proberly be another 9 nine years until you beat us and win another trophy again!!!

Only kidding, Ramos will take you places. But I'm not worried. Yet!!!!

BimitarDerbatov said...

you're being slightly generous to Zokora, Lennon and King there Harry.. King was good but had a few nervy moments (header for Joe Cole's chance & underhit backpass nearly to SWP) other than that a great leader though..

here's my ratings:

ROBBO: (6)
badly shown up for free-kick buyt made up for it with some solid, not spectacular, but solid and crucial saves toward the end. can't see him being #1 next year..expect a new face..

HUTTON: (7.5)
so calm and composed.. for the first time i'm greatly impressed by the Scot..

WOODY: (9.5)
for me the highlight of his performance was him muscling drogba off the ball, playing it off him for a goal-kick and then calmly trotting away..needless to say the rest of his performance was almost effortlessly brilliant...signing of the season..

KING: (6.99)
as i said before..a tiny bit shaky but what a player.

outstanding although it smacked of trying to impress Chelsea..

CHIMSY POST SUBSTITUTION: (0) really upset me coz i actually like the guy..

can't have it both ways mate..


LENNON: (5.8)
just wasn't in it but after being moved came into it a bit more.. should have been taken off at half time but JR knew what he was doing..

JJ: (7.5)
nothing special but even i can admit that he tried and worked his hardest.. a passionate performance if nothing else..what disappointed me is thath he really had a chance to show up Lampard who is a poor player as he proved again yesterday..

needs to be replaced..too many stupid mistakes..poor ball control passing and tackling..Tainio would have been a better starter than absolute lunatic but feck it he's our lunatic..

STEED: (7)
same old, same old... excellent stuff.. didn't deserve to be taken off but i ain't gonna question JR's motives

BERB: (8)
no point in saying anything.. one thing is for sure he's staying at the Lane..gave Cech the old Fr. Romeo Cencini eyes for the peno (fans of Fr. Ted will appreciate that one)..

ROBBIE: (11)
was by no means the best player on the field but he gets the highest marks for being graceful in substitution and for the emotion shown afterwards..he also played fairly well too..

BIG TOM: (6)
some eratic passing but played his part..

TAINIO: (10.5)
gets most of his marks for telling drogba to look at the scoreboard..

made a few nice interventions..


*Grant's lack off grace in losing
*Terry trying to ref the game
*The ref "trying" to ref the game!

wonder what Paul Merson thought of the game!! HA HA!!

Anonymous said...

Just want to say hello frome Norway. Have followed spurs since they lost 2-3 against skyblues in the 87 - FA Cup final. Spurs played so well yesterday, and i think they rescued the season with the win.
Thanks HH for your blog, use to visit your site every day.

Cwoff said...

Excellent ratings Harry. I would have given Zokora slightly higher - he was up against Mikel and Essien, both supposedly better players and he dominated them both (and Lampard).
Additionally he was booked for the freekick that they scored from and played the next 90 minutes with that hanging over him.

Regarding Chimbonda - he was back on the bench by extra time. I just think he loves playing a little too much.

As for Ledley, the club have said they are considering legal action against the people who started the rumours of his demise... THAT MEANS YOU!

Might as well pimp my review before this site get's sold to pay your legal costs :D

dannyboy said...

My ratings - every player 10/10. They showed Chavski what it means to have desire, passion, heart, willingness and sheer downright bollox.
The crowd get the same mark too (Chavski end 1/10). Loved the way Tainio wound up Dogsbark; he got booked, but hey ho.
What a day at work today, thank you thank you thank you Spurs. Let the party continue.


dannyboy said...

....anyway, if King is crocked, what the feck is he doing falling out of Faces nightclub, half cut? I know we won, but hey. I'm not sure if I'm pleased to see that or disappointed !!!!!


Anonymous said...

Yep wonderful day today too !
Still tripping the light fantastic.

Chimbo's behaviour isn't acceptable. It's getting boring in fact.

The first thing i noticed with Ramos was the discipline. He makes the rules you follow. It's in the eyes of course.. that's how it should be.. see dear Robbie.. but no public dissent.

Alright.. sorry to grumble. 10s all round and commemorative shirt hanging proud in the front room window, N8.

Suffer, Arse,, Suffer.

Matthew Norman as fine as ever in tonight's Evening Standard..

onedavemackay said...

Good analysis Harry spot on. I also was pleased to see Tanio get something out of it all. However, Zakora still does not do it for me. He did a lot of things right but he is only 90% a decent player. The fouls that gave Drogba the 2 free kicks were ridiculous and together with the 2 missed chances on goal could have so easily cost us the match. This demonstrates to me that he is not the complete package and I repeat he will not be there in 2 years time.

bueller said...


It's been a wonderful few days. Really proud of what I saw on Sunday. Superb.

King is immense. How does he keep himself so fit without playing.

Ice-man Berba. Love it.

Woodgate!! What a player.

This should really instill belief in the boys. We thoroughly deserved it.

I was gutted for young O'Hara, he looked properly cut-up in the footage before the game. I hope he gets a starring role in the UEFA cup final. We will get there.

Zokora did my head in on Sunday. Brilliant at breaking it up, then awful passing. I will say no more as I don't want to get nagative.


bueller said...
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