Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Carling Cup Snaps....

What becomes of the broken hearted? Hopefully they f*ck off to Barcelona

Dannyboy, I did it all for you, mate!

'Berbatov refuses to look at cup' is the Daily Mail headline.


all pictures c/o sportbox.tv

click this, it's great..... http://www.dearmrlevy.com/


Anonymous said...

And this is just a warm-up for the UEFA Cup Final in May.


Markspur said...

Superb H! This I will remember forever! The sheer delight on the players faces, well the Spurs ones anyway! Did the Chelski fans have a train to catch or something? Now for the Double! COYS!

Anonymous said...

Simply Beautiful, no words required... COYS

Tottinghams said...


Dustbin Lid said...

The scary head shot of the Berb sums it all up ..........

Bring it on - COYS

Harry Hotspur said...

Scary is the word mate, but boy does it KICK INTO TOUCH all the he's off crap.



bristol yid said...

Give us a double Ramos we luuuuuuuuuuuuurve it!!!

Anonymous said...

What a great day / night! Exellent pics. Love the Daily Mail comment! By the way, if you want to see something pathetic, check out cfcuk.net. It's got to be the worst club website ever!

Anonymous said...

Just looked through those pics with the biggest stupid grin on my face,still on cloud 9, don't see any reason why we can't make it a cup double year we aint gonna face anything better than chelscum i don't think. anything is possible with the magic juande!

dannyboy said...

Lovely pics mate. I was just beginning to think it was all a dream until these reminders; makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. (And I'm mentioned in dispatches ;-)) Keep it up son.


pompeyyid said...

Chelski were so bloody quiet, I didn't even notice 'em leaving.

H, has your favourite weegie, Hutton, got his hands over his eyes to shield them from the Zok's dodgy dancing - or has he suddenly realised he's just missed out on playing Gretna?

BimitarDerbatov said...

my god...the intensity on both Berb's and Jenas' faces after the Berbapen is amazing..

there was no surprised look as if to say "oh my god we've scored"..it was more like "dead right we f*cking scored, now bring it f*cking on"

the stuff of legend..

jk fouling said...

Super bastards Tottenham. Harry you roll ten thousand deep with me son...................

tyrie said...

Yiiiiiiiiiiiiiid Army!!!

Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeers Harry mate!

onedavemackay said...

Super Snaps Harry. Well done.

All of a sudden we have nerves of steel and big hearts and play wonderful football. The transformation is breathtaking.

As for Berba I think he is a loyal sort of guy and I never doubted he cared but if anyone else did those pictures say it all.

My eyes can see even more glory of cups to come.


Anonymous said...

If you look at our league fixtures there is no reason if we apply ourselves we can't go unbeaten till the end said it before the final and if we want to win the uefa were gonna need to be playing well ,can't just turn it on/off like a tap! Winning makes for winners and if the lads believed in JR before they would jump of a cliff for him now! i can see that first cup being a rocket booster we are better now technically,tactically,physically and most importantly mentally and will get better and better this improvement is after 5months imagine when they have had a full pre season and a couple of additions. Thanks Levy for having the nuts to do the right thing no matter how the fuck it was handled,we would never of won that with jol ,no fucking chance,sunday it seemed like we had swapped managers from last season! we have got a top coach now which is what is required if you want to win things .Fucking get in!

Anonymous said...

'Berbatov refuses to look at cup' is the Daily Mail headline
hahaha, good one!! nice pictures!

Harry Hotspur said...

I remember snaps just like these as a teenager.

They were like those against a team we beat in an UEFA Cup Final...

We were Tottenham.
We still are.


shelf16 said...

Glory days indeed! Look at the faces of the players and tell me this cup is mickey mouse. Great to see the players and our man Ramos enjoying the moment. Great that we won it against a full strength Chav's sideafter whipping Arsenal over two legs and being the first team to beat Man city at home (with ten men!). Other sides may denounce the fact it's a carling cup, but for me this season's progression is that we can actually mix it up with the top four. Next season we will start doing the same in the league games as well, then under Ramos' guidance Champions league beckons. I'm not making this judgement based on winning the CC, but on the class of football Spurs are playing. BIOYC! COYS!

Anonymous said...

Great photos.
ANON 11.20 makes an interesting point. I was thinking along similar lines but now we've won and gained the route 1 entry to Europe next season I can see Ramos resting a few players in the premiership -e.g.Berbs,King + one or two others and giving players like Bent,Boateng, Taarabt even Peckhart a run in the league games while saving our top drawer players for the UEFA cup.After all, who wants to stop at one cup!!!

Anonymous said...

Top notch photos.

Anyone else see bale chuck away his crutches during celebration - haha

Ive not felt this confident in the spurs squad for many a year - bring on PSV.

Anonymous said...

seeing Jenas, Keano, Robbo & Berba's reaction to winning the cup makes me smile like a loony!! I was so so pleased for keano and u could see the joy in his eyes, JJ was exactly the same and im sure it reflected the emotions of spurs fans all over the world. Berba was ice cold with hsi penalty but celebrated like a kid with a golden ticket! I personally will now think he will stay.

THANKYOU JUANDE RAMOS you have given me my second happiest spurs memory in just over 9 years!! (my first being the 5-1 hammering of the scummers of course!!)


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Can't find anywhere on the net a photo of TT pointing Drogba to look at the scoreboard. HH, you de man!

Spurs players - Berba most of all - know they'll learn far more under Ramos and Poyet than anyone else in the PL. Sure, money's an inducement, but would a serious footballer really want to go to any of the so-called top-four clubs right now? Chavs are being torn apart from the inside, Scousers teetering under rumours of sale, Mancs over-burdened with egos and salaries, Scum not an option.

Ah, a quiet day at work; a nice cup of tea and photos of Spurs gutting Chavs. Perfect.

9.37 Anon

Anonymous said...

F*ck me. My beloved Spurs wins silverware; then an earthquake in Lincolnshire.

Can anyone see the plague of locusts coming?

9.37 Anon

GRAZZA said...

9:37 Anon: Ah was that what the kerfuffle with TT and Dogsbody was all about!? Thats legendary have you find one yet?

Sunday was the stuff dreams were made of!! I nearly creamed myself when Ledley Lifted that cup :)

Onwards and upwards!!! BIOYC!! :)

Anonymous said...

Check it out. Class.


9.37 Anon

GRAZZA said...

"Ihana - Kiitos" as they say in Finland :)

bueller said...

The Tainio vid is different class. Isn't he actually teeling Joe Cole to look at the scoreboard though?

Superb pics Harry. Superb.

A truely marvellous day.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Harry Hotspur !

Every Day Another Treat.

Life is Wonderful !