Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Chelsea Fans Admit Their Support Is Abysmal

Chelsea Support

Tremendous Support

"I know people that go now who didn't bother in the days of struggle and only started going when we were started to have success.I don't go so much now but when I have travelled away, I've been shocked to see how watered down our support has become. "

"...and more embarassingly to see on telly, 'fans' were leaving before the end rather than try and support the team towards getting an equaliser made me sick - much more than actually losing. "

"Couldn't have put it better myself mate. Absolutely shocking support from us, I was embarrassed to be a Chelsea supporter. I think the main problem is our support has gone stale. And can I just ask, how can people sit there in silence for a cup final against our biggest rivals? I just don't get it!!! And even more so, stay sitting there silently when the Spurs fans are ripping us singing "your support is fcuking ****"To be honest I don't know what has annoyed me more, losing to Tottenham in the final or our support getting completely embarrassed by their fans off the pitch
oh west london

"Chelsea fans expect to much.Chelsea fans (on the whole) do not show as much passion as a lot of other clubs, like Tottenham. Sunday was a bad day for Chelsea FC, not only because of the result but it made a lot of us realise that our support is not as good as we thought these days...we really need to do something about it!"
shedboy 97

"Losing to Spurs in a major cup final really f*cking hurt. I'm still in pain to be honest. But what hurt even more was the lack of passion or vocal backing provided by our so called support. I was in the Upper Tier, back row, so I had a great view of all the Spurs fans. They were all standing; all up for the day and were all full of passion and emotion. I looked down to our bottom tier and I saw everyone sitting down and giving no vocal support whatsoever. It was embarrasing. Surrounding me were a mix of normal looking Chelsea fans, all happy to be sitting there chatting amongst themselves and booing and abusing the players at will. It's Tottenham FFS. Show a bit of f*cking passion. For the sake of us and the club, I do hope things improve. Even walking up Wembley way, they were singing, shouting and abusing our club. And we just bloody took it."
chelsea boy

"I was in block 525, can safely say it was only the two of us singing, and only about twice did we catch onto a song from behind the goal underneath. I stood up with Carefree after they one joined in except two blocks in the next block, and when they sang about our support, I looked around, and no one seemd bothered at all about a response...I was constantly asked to sit down, even when we had corners at the other end!"

All quotes are 100% genuine and stolen wholesale from a Chelsea supporter's forum at Article inspired by a thread on , emailed in by Yidon'thavetosayyoulovemejustshowyoucare.


Anonymous said...

Not a proper club. All Emperor's new clothes.

9.37 Anon

Danny said...

I must admit. I sat a few blocks away from the tunnel in the Spurs end (the block next to the block in front of the platform where all the players gathered and celebrated the cup and Juande got soaked).

First incident. My mate had his bauran (Irish drum) confiscated from him. Reason? "Because it says so in the guidelines". Secondly - the description of our support was as per a combination of 'oh west london's and chelsea boy's description.

One of the dudes next to me said "This is f*cking ridiculous - we're never going to equalise if you lot sit here picking your noses" - and he was bloody right.

I felt like I chose the Wembley equivalent of the West Stand or the new family oriented North Stand. Shame really - as they were fantastic seats. My problem is I have no 3D so I need a good view - sitting behind the goal (where the hardcore were) is no good to me...

The Drifters said...

What an amusing article - well done HH, that victory just keeps feeling sweeter...

Anonymous said...

I was on the half way line opposite where the cup was presented and a few feet from the Chelski "fans". At the final whistle I was amazed because at least a couple of hundred Spurs fans were in amongst the Chelski. They took their coats/sweaters off to reveal their Spurs' shirts underneath as the Chelski "fans" headed for the exits. It was so funny!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love it that we had so many fans in the Chelsea section, it's brilliant! There was not 1 Chelsea fan in our section! I have to say, I feel bad for the fans that are quoted here because they seem genuine but they are a minority so it must be hard! Oh well, I'm just so thankful to be a Spurs fan!
And well done findng those quotes HH, I enjoyed reading them!

theshelfer said...

My missus looks like the fat Chelsea bird, but after 20 pints I swear she turns into the Swedish lovely.

In defence of my missus, she thinks I look like the Chelsea bird as well.

Cwoff said...

In all fairness, our fans would probably have out-sung just about anyone. There is no comparison for the excitement of your team on the way up; getting better and having success for the first time in a long time. The excitement of seeing your hopes begin to be realised is incomparable.

Chelsea have had unprecedented success for some time and started from a base of support that was never as large or as vocal as Tottenham's. We have endured years of underachievement with our support undimmed while they were never loud when they won and are even quieter now they have passed their peak and are in a post-Mourinho slide. Chelsea, before Abramovic and their ridiculous pre-Russian spending never had our expectation. So they never had the satisfaction of that expectation realised.

The final was not just a one-off victory; it was indicative and representative of a team that that is genuinely comparable to the best the country has to offer. Finally our dreams and wishes are becoming a reality.
If that's not worth singing about, nothing is.

The final was about hope, affirmation, history, pride and expectation versus fear. Attacking endeavour versus defensive antagonism.

The right team won and even their fans know it.

shanemac said...

Let's just hope the same thing doesn't happen to us when we move on up.

Anonymous said...

Any club that has to offer free tyrain and bus journeys to the ground must be having problems regarding loyalty.

We all know that they can't fill their own ground unless it's a "top" club they are playing.


Anonymous said...

It won't happen to Spurs as we have to many loyal fans that are there week in week out even when on a bad run. Take the begining of the season. They were still there in droves home and away flying the Yid flag.


dannyboy said...

It won't happen at Spurs; 23000 season ticket holders, 15000 on the waiting list, 20000 members - it's called loyal supporters. The main reason we need a bigger ground. Imagine 60000 Spurs fans singing? Now that would be unbelievable. Incidentally, I read somewhere we are 2nd? loudest in the country; who is first? Portsmouth? Curious.

And Chavski - you ain't got no history and where were you when you were shit? 2 of the most appropriate songs I've ever heard!!!

As 30000 sang on Sunday - coys :-)

Anonymous said...

Sunderland fans were first (damn if only the west stand sang)

BigYido said...

i have 2 tickets for sale for the Birmingham game this Saturday in the Spurs end. Im a lilywhite member and have been offered a vip day in a box with free Beer/food so i will take it if i can sell my 2. Anyone interested please email me at can exchange on the day- only looking for my money back? ) cheers, Gary

Anonymous said...

We know that Chelsea can't sing, but now we know they can't spell either....


jolsgonemental said...

sad but true

Only fat birds get their tits out in public.

Anonymous said...

Wrong, my bird never gets them out. :(

Anonymous said...

I honestly was surprised with the (lack of) Chelsea support... especially at a Cup Final! But maybe that's exactly what it's become for them, just another game they EXPECT to win... their players certainly played like it, and their fans certainly acted like it! Complacency-see? What does it get you? It get's you up the Wembley steps FIRST, that's what it gets you!! Our fans and players were more up for it on every level... THAT'S how we won!