Sunday, January 20, 2008

Tottenham Hotspur Have Placed Bid For Argentinian Star

Who's name is Javier Mascherano.

What else can I tell you? Very little. We have allegedly met both the asked fee and agreed the wage bill expectations. Ooooh look at us not mucking about for once.

Unfortunately the player response is also allegedly somewhere between 'Alan' and 'Hutton', which is to say no one from THFC was admitted to A&E with 'hand (bitten off)'.

Thoughts if you will...


Anonymous said...

not suprised he is the 'roy keane/gattuso' player ramos is talking about. i can see him signing he would be the best signing since berba wouldn't u say??

Anonymous said...

where did you hear this rumour?

I think its rubbish personally!

Anonymous said...

Cheers H.

Anonymous said...

Any price mentioned?

It's Them and Us said...

He does fit the bill, but I just can't see it happening. If the fee and wages are such that we can match them, it's likely a Champions League side would also. If it's done quick then maybe. For some reason I think he'll end up in Spain with a team like Athletico Madrid (our Spanish equivilants?) and spout off crap like "I had some great offers from big teams in England but I could only see myself playing for Liverpool there and no one else".

Or.. "I'll join as long as that thug Defoe is gone!" ;)

If true it's nice to see we're aiming high but I sense Tiago is more likely to join but hopefully on loan as opposed to 9M.

Anonymous said...

Totally unfounded rumours!!!!

And very wide of the mark!!!

You could'nt score a goal if you wanted to!!!

Anonymous said...

this is yet more inacurate reporting. mascherano already has said if he leaves liverpool he will not play for another premier league side. we are in danger of becoming a laughung stock by going for players that have no intention of joining us. in my opinion we should go for akinfeev to replace robbo, we also need to get 2 central midfielders and a left winger like pedersen.

Anonymous said...

Harry if this is true, which i cant see it being i'd kiss u, and i aint gay or know who u r...just exactly what we need in front of the back four...if we cant fix the defence, then put a wall before them so they dont have to defend!

Harry Hotspur said...

11.05 It's passed on with good intentions. If I discover it's actually cobblers I will acknowledge the fact... fair enough?

Anonymous said...

Rivaldo's letter to Hoddle springs to mind.

Anonymous said...

'Heard' from a certain forum?

You've seen the trouble the other 'ITK's' got themselves into over the last couple of days, Harry. Don't jump the gun too soon!

Harry Hotspur said...


May I speak openly? F*ck off and get back to us all when you've mastered sentence structure and are able to convey a... point.

11.09 (amother one)

Innacurate? No friend, I even spelt his name right, if the rumour is unfounded ~ that's another issue entirely!

Anonymous said...

Harry, time to see that it's totally cobblers.

You must evaluate your source, and get him a season ticket for the Arse. Because that is what he is!!

Anonymous said...

Harry, could you put up a page on here showing which of your ITK rumours have come true over the last couple of years please.

Or do they not let you post blank pages ?

Anonymous said...

We should be discusing the situation with Tiago!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

looks like u have been stealing of spurs odyssey again and claiming as your own.......

Your no ITK, just a quick copy and paste merchant

Anonymous said...

Why would he come to us?

The guys got the world at his feet, and we're no closer to Champions League football, surely the pre-requisite.

We have to face facts that top players won't come to us. The only reason Berbatov came was because he was little known.

I remember being linked with Vieri, Rivaldo, Morientes, Zidane, even Maradona at one stage. The thing is none of them ever came close to joining us...

Harry Hotspur said...

Hello 11.16

And you're right sir, there is an awful lot of shall we say less than kosher ITK about at present, but I never steal unless other crooks tell me it's good too.

Archibald is indeed running this and whilst he's 'very good' I also got a decent email at tea time
today confirming the same... fact is ~ it probably ain't gonna happen.

Anonymous said...

Its a non-starter from the very beginning.

This subject should have never have been raised in the first place.

We should be discussing the merits of Tiago.

Harry Hotspur said...


Great to have you back. Tell Paul I sold ONE copy of his 'passable' book last month on my Amazon shop. The garlic presses are beating him, but hey, folk gotta eat.

I41 said...

I'll believe it when I see it!Frankly, there's so much crap flying around...I guess we'll see some movement before the 31st but maybe 1 in & not Mascherano & 1 out...
n.b. Berbs,Defoe & Bent to stay.

A FAN said...


dannyboy said... all you scallys out there. if you don't like the site, surf somewhere else?

Harry Hotspur said...

11.17 Whilst I love a scrap, I won't indulge you.. you're too lame to count as a kill. I have an archive, get stuck in and please, get with it..... cheers.


Harry Hotspur said...


"This subject should have never have been raised in the first place"

Sorry love, but HH ain't police state. We chat openly here..

shanemac said...

Oooh the hostility today. Don't know if i'd take mascherano over tiago though. mascherano would almost certainly see this as a step down in his career and methinks his attitude and effort would reflect as much. tiago might be more hungry to re-establish himself in the premiership. we're a hungry club. seems to make more sense to me.

also, from a purely hypothetical standpoint, is anyone else opposed to seeing carrick back at the lane? i shouldn't think we'd want to seem desperate! he put in some good performances for a time and then buggered off to greener pastures, shattering our midfield chemistry for a long, long time. let him sit on that man u bench.

long live the berba-keane partnership!



peter said...

HH can't believe some of the cunts on here mate 'This subject should have never have been raised in the first place.' LOL oh dear best we all fuck off then. Unreal. UN-REAL.

theshelfer said...

thanks for the tip-off, Harold.

People seem to think that there is no way he would come to Spurs, but is he a regular at Liverpool? Perhaps he is looking for a guaranteed spot. Also, when Benitez threw his toys out of the pram before Christmas, I thought that one of the reasons was due to the lack of urgency being shown in signing JM on a permanent basis. Perhaps, Liverpool won't pay the money for him to stay.

Notwithstanding this, is he any good? Whenever I have seen a Liverpool game, he has been a bit anonymous, but all the pundits keep saying he is class. Surely, Alan Hansen can't be wrong???

Anonymous said...

Harry, just letting you know that the YouTube link at the bottom of the page is no longer available. Thankyou and good night.

Anonymous said...

What is the situation regarding Tiago HH is the deal done for him or are we still negoiating.

Harry Hotspur said...

11.57's various.

I didn't know and thankyou.

And I don't know.

Cheers though chaps........

Anonymous said...

If you don't know. All along you were talking bollocks!

Anonymous said...

I stand by "This subject should have never have been raised in the first place".

Harry Hotspur said...


Newsflash you ambulance chasing f*ckwit. I know nothing in relation to Tiago. Are you as stupid and boring in your non cyber showbiz life? F*ck me.

Anonymous said...

Ok HH seeing as your the man in the know do you know anything about Gilberto the Left back? Telling the German press that he is signing for us today?

Harry Hotspur said...


What else do you stand by? Seriously, a nation holds it's collective breath.

Perhaps you could have a regular slot on here... Topics you DON'T want covered, stones left unturned etc...

Get in touch, it's dynamic, forward thinking ideas we're against so let us know what direction you'd like us NOT to go in.

You blinkered gimp.

Harry Hotspur said...


Can't help you there. Good we are ALLOWED to discuss it though, eh?

Anonymous said...

"Tottenham Hotspur Have Placed Bid For Argentinian Star"

Your having a laugh!!!!

Anonymous said...

comment of the night...

EL said...

Dear Allthefuckwitsonhere,

I think maybe the gossip whore logo was 'supposed' to be a reasonably obvious clue to as to the nature of this article.

When I say obvious, that would be to yer average, easy going, take it as it comes, broadly understanding bod with a strong sense of what a football 'BLOG' is about, as opposed to the analy retentive reactionary queenbitch loser types, who get all hot & bothered over a footballing titbit in some dork... ..I mean dark corner of the web, like yourselves, for whom the word obvious probably has no meaning.

Have you thought about a change of job maybe? Or girlfriend?

Sorry, forget that last question it was ill-conceived.

A dieu.

Anonymous said...

Harry, really like this site, think you do a good job, nice that it's independent & much better than these pies crap. No thx Javier (excuse spelling it's late) & no thx carrick!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Harry just one thing i was unsure you arent aware of how can macherano move,he is only allowed to move twice per season and he has already moved from west ham and liverpool on loan so cant really see it happening

Harry Hotspur said...

Does a loan count as a move?


4 Ever Hopeful said...

Isn't Zakora supposed to be the midfield enforcer?

Mascherano does get more involved in the gamand I hear once got a shot within 10 yards of the goal, which is a sight nearer than than our guy ever manages.

hossam of the hotspur said...

anon 6.51

I think you'll find he moved last season

Anonymous said...

Mascherano can move as many times in a season as he wants... So long as he hasnt played for the club he currently with. He started this season 'on loan' to West Ham but never played before his 'loan move' to Liverpool where he has played. Effectivly he has only played for one club this season and would therefore be allowed to play for us... If he wanted to that is!

Anonymous said...

Looks like we'll be saying hello to Mr Gilberto from hertha berlin.

Sossiespur said...

Harry - I would have said no chance if I had read this elsewhere or heard it in the pub. But has Harry spoken?

I reckon you may well be close to the mark on 2 counts. Looks a good get and it's great not to see Spurs mucking about.

Bring him on. I just hope he's not our only signing. We need some guts in the midfield and a defender or 2 who can defend. Oh and a winger who can cross.


Pete The Yid said...

Latest news from sky sports!! that we have agreed the signing of Gilberto and he will join us at the end of season!

Anonymous said...

The news is Gilberto's out of contract at end of season. So that'll be a transfer with modest financial outlay.

He's 31 years old. What does this say about Spurs' transfer policy?

Buy big when they're young? Grab them when they're old and virtually free?

Maybe he'll mentor Boateng.

9.37 Anon

Anonymous said...

Its Boswinga and Lucho from Porto

deigo said...

I heard that Maradona is out of Drug Treatment Hospital and will sign for Spurs

Anonymous said...

what a croc of crap

dildo said...

Tottenham Hotspur Have Placed Bid For Argentinian Star

He's name is claudio canigia

Vinny said...

Harry don't listen to em mate.

No one's forced to come on here and read your stuff, I quite enjoy your blog myself.

Whether this is a true transfer lead or not, we definately need this type of player, every successful team needs one.

Although seems a lot of hassle involved with signing him due to the current dodgy owners who's dealings seem to have been a little sketchy to say the least...never know though.

It's Them and Us said...

Am I the only one a bit confused about the Gilberto deal? Or is it just the way it's being reported?

If we've agreed a fee of £2.5M then he should be coming NOW. If it's a pre-contract then we don't have to pay ANYTHING and he'll arrive in the SUMMER.

The way it's been put about is that we've bid £2.5M and they're not sure if he's coming now or the summer. Pardon my ignorance but if he ain't coming til the summer and his contract is up, why bother paying anything when he's available for nothing in six months?

The longer the Tiago 'deal' goes on the more I worry someone else will come in. Get it sorted, DC.

Anonymous said...

That goes for Arshavin, too. He wants to come to England, he says. Have we done all the donkey work, only for someone else to nick him from under our noses?

9.37 Anon

Anonymous said...

did you all miss the post at 11.03am elliot...

The Argentine star we've bid for is Lucho González NOT Mascherano!

Bosingwa (a DR/WBR) is the other as replacement for Chimbonda but from what I've read both are dependent on Chimbo going.

Anonymous said...

In answer to some of the earlier posts, Mascherano started this season at Liverpool. He joined West Ham last season, then Liverpool on loan last Jan transfer window, so this doesn't affect anything...

Can't see it (Mascherano) happening myself though.

the mad c said...

How many times can the boy cry wolf lets hope mascherano joins cos he aint a howler. If we still have berbi keane (defoe) mascherano providing the bite then i will be a happy puppy.

Anonymous said...

Sheesh...... you've all been
s u c k e d in. You really have been s u c k e d in!

Get a grip! Watch and wait. It surely won't be long now.

Anonymous said...

o dear, this is becoming increasingly annoying at these stories with no evidence or background information. It comes across that you are a failed journalist trying to boost views with made-up stories that will maybe fool these fans. Come up with something that is relative and has some truth to it rather than bullsh*t that you continue to post you inadaquate imbecile!

Summerspur said...


Is 5-58 your agent?

EL said...

Posts like that of 5.58anon are becoming increasingly annoying.

dannyboy said...

Posts like that of 6.19 commenting on posts like that of 5.58 are becoming increasingly annoying.

A quiet day on transfers then; only linked with 27 players......and robbo wants a transfer according to the Evening Standard with Cerny off to QPR? Thoughts?


that boy's a bit special said...

that would be a dream signing, its just a shame its never going to happen

did anyone see the laughable romour that the georgies want king?
they can have my left testicle but they cant have my captain.

Harry Hotspur said...


Presumably you sent an equally pompous comment to every other website/newspaper in the English speaking world today.

Oh no you didn't.

I am bemused as to why you would come on here to make yourself look so stupid.

Oh yeah, now it's come to me... you're one lonely ####.

pompey yid said...

Well, frankly, I'm disappointed Harry - no Tom Waits reference today.(How about "she's so hot, she'd make a blind man come"?)
Actually the Mascherano story does have one tiny bit of credence. Before Xmas his slicker-than-snot-on-the-doorhandle Agent/pimp, Kia Joorabohian, told the Times Game podcast that Liverpool hadn't taken up their exclusive option on making Mascherano's move permanent by a set date. As a result, it means that any club can now bid for him (This L'pool procrastination/cock-up was apparently one of the many reasons for Benitez falling out with their Septic Tank owners). Still think he'll stick with life on Costa del Scouse, though.

Anonymous said...

More bollocks would be welcomed on this blog site!

Come and join the fun!

Great debates with no evidence, and dodgy sources!

All equal Carlos Kickaball to sign for us!

doug said...

I love this site...

I love Harry...

And everyone else can just f**k off and start their own blog where they can sit & discuss the amount of bubbles in a bottle of bitter lemon until they grow cobwebs.

Football is supposed to be enjoyable... remember?

If he's coming or not, it broke up my evening of working late a bit and gave me a laugh. Cheers Harry.

Anonymous said...



doug said...

I do want to say though, that everyone should log on to the Daily Mail supposed 'Spurs news' site every day and hurl abuse at those fetid excuses for journalists.

They lie through their teeth constantly & get paid for it - then they only post the comments from useless Tory dickwads from middle England saying "Oh, Daily Mail... you are so right and insightful".

I've insulted them every day for the last 6 months and never had one comment get through the filter!


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

"10:02 - BIT SAD AREN'T YOU"

10:05 PM

To be fair I've done the same and had the same lack of posting. The Daily Mail is appalling, they regurgitate rubbish as news and anyone who points this salient fact out will not get aired.

I now point blank will not access their rubbish and won't give them the benefit of a 'hit'.

Horrible rag that it is...

EL said...

The MasherahhhNo story looks to me like a case of his agent trying to nudge liverpool into stumping up for the full move. If that's how it works.

Anyway, who gives a toss about would he could he players? Right now I've only one thing occupying my mind and that's 8pm tomorrow night.

It has the feel of one of those games where a lot's at stake and plenty of people both Spurs & neutral are expecting the boys to deliver. I've been here so many times before and been let down. Come on Ramos, break the spell. Show us you're better than Jol. Show us comolli was right. Wipe that smug smirk off their faces.


frontwheel said...

Anon 11.10pm, you're spot on.

A while back their poxy-ridden site ran a story about THFC taking down the cockerel to clean it.

The cockerel in question was the one out on the High Road but the wanky mail posted a picture of one of the ones on the stadium.

I posted to tell them & was completely ignored, didn't even bother to remove or replace the erroneous photo.

You see, they don't care if they're acurate or not, they just want as many page impressions, to help sell media space.

The mail couldn't give a fuck if you click their link, see a load of old cobblers, tut & leave, as long as you click, the lazy bastards have done thier job - ie you've been exposed to some ads.

Best way round it - boycott the mail (and other similar crap). If any real news comes out, it'll soon be on a more reputable site. Personally, I only really trust (-ish) the BBC.

Fuck the daily mail. Don't pay them by clicking their links.


onedavemackay said...

Once again the nobs who slag off this blog and our noble leader do not have the balls to identify themselves in any way.

Compared with all the complete and utter bollocks in the press and on other blogs Harry stands proud.

I look forward to burying the Arseholes later today.

FOYB (fuck off you bores)

Anonymous said...

You may just be a bigger c*nt than Harry Hotspur, my name is Chris Carsley and i live on pole hill in chingford... there ive identified myself... wtf are you gonna do about it
I dont even need to insult you because the fact the you say Harry C*ckSpur is our leader says it all, you TWAT!
Harry for fucks sake give it up mate, youve posted that we've made bids/had bids accepted/agreed bids with four or five players/teams. Clearly none of your bullshit is true, its just there are so many wankers that use your site, you could tell them you were the king of sweden and they'de believe you

bueller said...

Hazza, any chance we can get an article to post on regarding tonights game. You can pick your team to face the verm (don't you include Tarrabt!! :-) )

It is afterall, the biggie.

onedavemackay said...


Pleased you have the bottle to reveal yourself.

Not all Harry's posts regarding transfers come to fruition but I find that unlike most other stuff on the web most have some semblance of truth.

Not sure why you are so angry in fact I don't really understand why anyone who thinks Harry and this site is rubbish bothers posting.


Trust we'll both be a lot happier later on tonight.


Pete The YiD said...

Lets get the atmosphere like it was after half time against Sevilla last year (I know we we losing).

I mean when it was non stop for about 15-20 mins 'Martin Jols blue and white army' - made the hairs stand up on my neck, was prob up there with the best atmosphere Ive known in long time!

Obviously we'll drop the Martin Jol bit, but if we can seriously get the atmosphere like that again from the off, it could well SPUR us on to win this one!

i am so Fired up for this I cant wait!!


PerryGrovesGingerGitUglyTwat said...

l think Gus needs a song.

s'hard to fit poyet or gus in a song though innit.

Any thoughts?

shanemac said...

Begone all this infighting! big match tonight, lads.


HighandLow said...

el's post (11.57 last night) would most likely sum up the bid situation, but...

Unbelievable comments from the detractors on this post, their command of the English language scares me.

The post clearly doesn't suggest anything more than news of an educated rumour, unyet the morons take the deal as being reported as 'signed in blood'.

It would make more sense if the said Morons were scousers who didn’t want JM to go, but that obviously that can’t be the case as the time of posting generally coincides with Prime ‘Burglary Hours’ and therefore they would be busy ‘working’.

Personally unless an anonymous post is signed at the bottom ‘9.37 anon’ (speech in the last post was Churchillian), it’s given little credence by me.

HighandLow said...

(Note to self);
If your going to criticise others use of language, don’t use double 'that’s'!

EL said...

Dear chris coarsly de chingford,

WHAT! You mean Harry really isn't the king of Sweden? Bastard, i'm sending back the knighthood.

I think you'll find the name is spelled 'Cnut'.

Yours with gross indifference,

Sir Wanker (short term)

Raf_THFC said...

latest from the BBC Website is that Tiago and Gilberto are on the verge of signing for us.

Big game tonight, I'm convinced the lads can do it - COYS

Anonymous said...

so do the arse. they think were gonna fold at lightweight lane.

please ramos, say it aint so.

not this time.

Raf_THFC said...

[Tiago and Gilberto close to joining]

shaneyboy said...

scum have named a strong squad.... Fabregas, Hleb and Adebayor all included... me thinks they're worried!

raf_THFC said...

Yep, no matter the mind games of the smarmy wengerloid, they need a trophy badly.

It's great, no excuse for Arse fans to say we played their reserves and they don't care about this cup.

Set-up nicely, let's hope Ramos does the business. After two good performances in games we should have won at their place, I'm confident our lads think they can do it.

bueller said...

Yep, they are such a bunch of cunts. Wenger : "I am convinced they ['the kids'] can do it".

Yeah, as long as you can use Gallas, Fabregas, Hleb, Sagna, Flamini and Adebeyor in the second leg.

Good, I fucking hope we beat them.

I am so up for this I genuinely think I should play. Start me in the middle Jenas and we'll tie them up in knots.

Let's hit them hard with the noise level in the opening 20 mins fellow yids. Good luck chaps. Let's make them pay.

Raf_THFC said...

What's all this stuff about Valencia and David Albelda Harry? Any news from our side on whether we did approach him?

Death said...

Here we are again, a big game against Arsenal and that horrible feeling of inevitability begins to settle in. Started on Sunday when Mr. Arsène “never criticises his players” Wenger turned the heat up on Theo Wallcot with a very public “You’re not delivering the goods” rap on the knuckles.
Then he adds "They have always had good teams in that period, but we have been fighting for the title a lot in that time so we always have a high focus. Maybe after a while it becomes psychological as well.” He’s right, we should have beaten them twice this year already… errrm but we haven’t.
The psychological factor is akin to giving them an extra player, a good one to boot, so I doubt that Wenger will give up a very useful edge (worth at least 3 premiership points this year) without a struggle.
Paul Gascoigne believed he was a genius and deserved to win every game in which he played, now that wasn’t always a good thing but what price some of that uncompromising self belief tonight?
Can we beat Arsenal? Damn right we can… but will we?

poyetothepeople said...

Agree a poyet song is needed...he is our 13th man...after the crowd..

PS F*ck off you anonymous tossers..with your tedious complaints about false rumours...WTF...this is the transfer window and we all know the gossip mongers are in full cry...agree with an earlier post FOYB...but that's besides the point: COME ON YOUUUU SPUUUUURRRRRRRRSSSS!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

sorry where do you get your sources from, you offer nothing. anyone can make up stories or copy the gossip in the newspaper, i jus dont see what you offer that we cant get off somewhere else.

poyetothepeople said...


'Chattin sh*t'? A big game tonight and the illiterates are out in force...let me understand: hosting a blog about the team you love, often posting biased opinions(as it should be) and misguidedly hopeful ones too(as it should be) equals having no girlfriend and replacing 'her' with a computer...what?
Repeat after me: i'm a gooner swine (X100 if you can count)

poyetothepeople said...

ha ha ha this is fun..

603 pm
I'm sure i speak for most on here when I say:

"Go some where else...please!"

chiversmetimbers said...

If been watching this for a these anonymous posters come onto harry's blog and slag it off..I get the feeling it's the owners of other more "professional" Spurs blogs who are jealous of the good quality comments and humour of the regulars here and wish they'd all come over to raise the moronic tone of their own blogs and raise their hit count for their advertisers and think that by constantly sniping at Harry they may influence some people or just lower the tone the blog to their level. I don't think it will work. We come here cos we want to...we know what we're gonna get and we like it.

Harry mate, I dunno what to make of the Mashedpotato tip...that was straight outta left field..could be true but are you sure one of these mugs mentioned above aint feedin you duff info?

If the BBC are to be believed then we are about to tie up Tiago and Gilberto and are goin in for another pop at Hutton. I don't think I'd sign Gilberto, Hutton or Masha...but then thats probably why I only manage a kids team and Ramos has the big job!

Big Game tonight lads!

Harry Hotspur said...

Mr Chattin Sh*t

You're gone. We speak KNOWN languages here. Go be a plastic tough guy somewhere else, you two bob bore.


Did you think having a nasty dig at one of the lads was clever? fuck off and pour out your HUMOURLESS heart out to the comments box on the Daily Mail's site.

There's a match made in paradise.

Their cobblers and your lonely, toothless words.