Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tottenham Hotspur 2 Arsenal 0 HALF TIME HARRY

Random thoughts......
Arsenal aren't dead yet...
HOWEVER..... Chimbonda looks casual (his agent is obviously in advanced negotiations)... King untroubled but class... Berbatov MUST score!!!!!! Keane looks a menace...
We can win this... Watch out for Ramos at half time/ with subs... I think we're going to smash this lot. OUR back four? What about theirs?


Harry's little blue writing said...

Don't agree with you about Chimbonda, team are playing as a unit, great game so far, man of the match so far - JENAS. Now we have to play more attacking football in the second half, no slip ups PLEASE

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I think Tainio has made a difference because he has allowed Jenas to surge forward. Here's hoping for another good 45 minutes.

USSpurs said...

Hush, Harry! Don't jinx this!

Anonymous said...

yea baby oh my fukin god

AP said...

F*ck it, 3-0 keep pushing and rip that scum apart.

Anonymous said...


Harry i could kiss you !!

Anonymous said...

4-0 & defoe has shaved his head

Anonymous said...

fuck, we've now got no attack

USSpurs said...

4-0. Okay, I think we're safe. Let's run'em into the ground.

Anonymous said...

4-1 fuck come on you SPURS!!!

Anonymous said...

We're Spurs we are never safe

Anonymous said...

Blow the whistle already!!!

Anonymous said...

Reduced to fighting among themselves

Anonymous said...

send em all off!!

Spurs are on there way to Wembley

CliffJones said...

Please, please 4 - 1 is so f*cking brilliant, let it stand til the final visit.

Anonymous said...

Bring on Chelski!!!

cliffjones said...

This is going to get emotional...

Anonymous said...

I'm leveraging the house and flying back home and going to wembley!!


Anonymous said...

christ this couldnt be more perfect

Anonymous said...


James said...

oh god its just got better

cliffjones said...

I love everyone tonight - even the wife, the mother-in-law, Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher, Bobby Moore 4 - 1, 4 - 1, I don't know you, but I love you.

sydney wale said...

Herbert Chapman, David Dein, Gus Caesar, Man in a Raincoat.......Your boys took a hell of a beating!!

Walking on air, tears of joy.......
Tottenham tears of joy!

Anonymous said...

unfucking real

Death said...



Better than dreaming :-)


Anonymous said...

Jenas MTM what a game

raf_THFC said...

yes yes yes yes yes!!!!!!!!!

I love you Ramos! I love you Spurs!

yidojamie said...

we're going to wembley !! coys!!
5-1 . couldnt have been better

Anonymous said...

How good were we tonight? Best I've seen since probably the Chelsea 5-1 semi final, but I'd have to see that again to compare.
Devestating...unstoppable...impeneterable (almost but we are Spurs right!?), GET IN!

Anonymous said...

harry i need highlights, we dont get anything over here in new zealand

Anonymous said...

Oh my God I am orgasmic with joy... what a great performance.The lads hustled and chased every red shirt and when they attacked they were deadly... The age of Ramos started tonight for sure.... hope you are watching Jol :) if ever a result might bond the team together and get some self belief going this was it and it may just give Berbatov what he desires... some success.. a final at Wembley and maybe a place in Europe next year and more importantly a feeling that he can win things with Spurs... what a night COYS

Harry's little blue writing said...

As I said Jenas man of the match, for all his assits and early goal, Keane close second.

We were fudgin' brilliant tonight....FANTASTIC!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Au revoir Arsenal..do come again sometime!

Wit said...

Can someone please pinch me! did i drink to many pre-match beers, fall asleep and dream the whole thing?!?!?! 5 - 1!!!!! we totally outclassed them in every area and Jenas played like a legend! i got sky sports turned on at 7.30 for this and man was it worth it!!!!!!!!

Aussie Yid said...

Great to see Gallas and Bendtner pushing and shoving. We didn't just win, we humiliated and broke them. C'MON YOU SPURS!!!!!!

AP said...

It's taken more than half my life for us to beat the scum... I'm ecstatic bouncing off the ceiling. Possibility of me going to Wembley ^_^

Anonymous said...

as a spurs fan of no half measure....
i have waited a long bloody time for this - how sweet
but.... anybody get the feeling that defoe didnt give a fuck that he missed another sitter at the end. Doesnt matter - fuck of JD and COYS
last time arsnall boys got fucked overlike that it was wenger doing walcott!!!
Dimi - come down off the cross we could use the wood you smooth fucker (nother waits reference for hh) ts - COYS YIDS YIDS

Anonymous said...

To all you f~$ckwits and of Man of the Match Jermain Jenas.........read it and weep.Just stay off his back and let him play his football

Anonymous said...

I must say your right Jenas def man of the match, Sir ledley a close second for me. What a side we are with him around. Fecking Brilliant. Well Done Spurs and Ramos. We're unstoppable going forward and now Kings back starting to look rock solid at the back. Roll on the Final!!!!!

Anonymous said...

harry i need highlights, we dont get anything over here in new zealand. Try this, i watch all the spurs games online www.live-footy.org try it.
Binzy France

Anonymous said...

To all those Scum fans who like surfing Spurs sites saying " Keep on dreaming... " Well...Yip I'm keeping on dreaming...HaHaha!!!
Wembley here we come whoppee!!!!

Robert Green said...

fantastic--all the way from hollywood!!! COYS!

now, do i break the bank and go to the super bowl (lifelong giants fan) or do i break the bank, piss off the wife and abandon the kids and go to wembley (lifelong spurs fan, obviously).

either way i'm broke and happy.

NP: Personality crisis by the NY Dolls. much love to all spurs fans!

chiversmetimbers said...

I'm over the moon Harry! They had it comin"

Here's a nice stat for ya lads.... in 3 games against The Woolwich Arse, Jaunde Ramos has never been beaten


Robert Green said...

and one more thing--second on tainio--he was brilliant. he should always play that position. and chimbonda learning how to stay home and let lennon do the heavy lifting upfront--i could swear i was harping on this circa jol era.

Anonymous said...

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Abs Member of Boy band 5ive
Dave Adams Josh's Dad
Douglas Adams Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Clive Anderson TV presenter Who's Line is it Anyway?
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Nicole Appleton member of All Saints
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Anonymous said...

Oh yes boys, get in superb performance by all the lads and fans, thoroughly deserved. Always proud to be a spur but even more so after tonight. Shame Arsehole wenger couldn't tell it like it is afterwards apparently everything went our way. Really!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

chiversmetimbers said...

Damn forgot about that game in December...blocked it out!!.....ok unbeaten since Xmas...


can't wait to hear how Wenger spins this one!


well arse fans leavin at 60 min ( must be a record for leavin fans) beat arse at there own game. we dint beat arse we hammered them. TO DARE IS TO DO

Harry Hotspur said...

What a result.

Dannyboy I am ashamed that I am not in the same bar as you so I can hug you and all your relatives and screeeeeeeeam, "I'll get these!"

Fuck me JJ blew a HUGE hole in them with THAT goal.

What a fucking night.

We battered them.

Go on the Ramos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Anonymous said...

try this for its here has always www.101greatgoals.com/

dannyboy said...

'To all you f~$ckwits and of Man of the Match Jermain Jenas.........read it and weep.Just stay off his back and let him play his football'


Does it get any better?

Over the fucking moon. WHERE'S WRIGHTY7 KNOBHEAD????????


Harry Hotspur said...


Big Love.

Enormous in fact.

Chris said...

can barely say in words how fucking happy i am to have thrashed the goons so completely after last years disapointment.

gutted that i wasn't even at a pub for the game but phone calls had to do.

HAVE to get tickets for the final.

will have to beg for spares if i dont manage to get one.

anyways though....COYS!!! wembley here we fucking come!!!!!

Anonymous said...

check it out


loving it

jolsgonemental said...


So where has Ramos hidden the body? Because that is definitely NOT Jermain jenas I have been watchign the last few games.

dannyboy said...

harry bleeding hotspur

you can buy me copious amounts of beer any time son. email me. LOL


COYS said...


Harry Hotspur said...

Endless joy.

I'm calling on the world.

I'm out!

Chris said...

endless joy indeed harry m'lad.

great blog by the way, been visiting it for just over a year now, good stuff.

the gooner pricks that come on here make it all the funnier.

went to that arsenal site, "keep it goonerish"...what the fuck? COYS!

Anonymous said...

Just gotta say that i though Tainio was excellent, ugly but excellent, what we've always needed in there.

Anonymous said...

is there keeper made of smoke? come on you spurs

BimitarDerbatov said...

right i would just like to start by saying to all you b@stards who will undoubtedly say that this was Arsenal's second string side... f*ck you all..


they don't sound like reserve players to me..

oh what a luxury it was to be able to take off our stars after about 60 mins and give our "reserve" side a run out..

oh what a joy it was to see those gooners leaving after 60 mins..

oh what a joy it was to see Arsenal's "captain" arguing with his own players..

and the highlight of the night for me was watchintg Paul bloody Merson squirm after the match as Jef Stelling humiliated him with replays of his reaction to the Spurs goals.. Mr. Merson you are a c*nt of the highest order and you derserved what you got tonight..

onedavemackay said...

I onedavemackay have to say Jermain Jenas you came of age! I am overjoyed to be proved wrong. Although i was right about Tanio ..............

But joy of joys we fucking mullered them Harry, Vinny and Dannyboy I raise my glass with you and all true lillywhites and devotees of this blog.

Watch us murder the Reds at Old Trafford

COYS COYS COYS come on you fucking spurs .........

HighandLow said...


Surely, even the harshest critic can allow Jenas a break from any barricking now.
Dawson, back to the player he was.

Shocking decision by Ramos to take off Keano and Berba.... we would have had 10 with them on!

Seriously; JR'S first step to becoming a Lane Legend!

BimitarDerbatov said...

agree with you high&low

i am Jenas' harshest critic but can't argue with that display!!

dannyboy said...

'But joy of joys we fucking mullered them Harry, Vinny and Dannyboy I raise my glass with you and all true lillywhites and devotees of this blog.'

onedavemackay - I salute you.

as for watching Mershon squirm - icing on the cake. do you reckon he's out getting pissed right now? LOL


HighandLow said...

They cant make the reserves excuse. At the end of the game they had more regulars playing than us.

The only one's who haven't been playing lately for them in the league are the keeper, LB and Wingnut.

Anyway who gives a toss about them tonight, this was all about us!

BimitarDerbatov said...

i'm off to bed to dream of Wembley!! have a good night everyone.. you've deserved it..


Anonymous said...

Oh,, just home.

At Last. We are Tottenham,,

Please. Jenas.


Our next maestro.

Coming Thru.

Coming Thru.


And let every parrot spew over woolich toinght. XX

coys said...

jus heard the funny comments from wenger........he said this was not hes prioity ok so let me thin if he wasnt interetsed an not wantin to care about this game why did he risk brink on 3 first team reguals to try an win game an risk injury ofor thin not a prioty game ...best hell out of me sexy fotable buyin cheap players an empty trophy cabinet oh wat a great mamager

Anonymous said...

anybody want a copy of the game on DVD?
email me at detrjo@ gmail.com
cost £5 for the disc and postage.

HighandLow said...

Great to hear the Lane sound like that, 2 hours of constant noise, a big hand to all in attendance.

Also good to see our overseas contingent posting, cheers 'COYS' (anyone translate?)

Who are Le'Arse playing next? I'm definitely tuning in for 'Bender v Adegayor II'.

Wrighty's blog seems fairly quiet.

onedavemackay said...

Sorry, missed out jolsgonemental, bimitarberbatov, 9.37, sidney whale, cliff jones, it's us and them Chris of course and everyone else i love you all...

Anonymous said...

I'll say this to all you Yids now and it hurts me to say this, u have deserved to win 2nite and over the 2 legs. But dont get too excited, I'd still much rather be in Arsenal's position than your's. Enjoy ur moment, because at the end of the season when we are crowned champions this result wont mean a thing. Keep it GOONERISH!

HighandLow said...

Anon 12.16; fairly humble and adult sentiments, fair play to you for posting, but.................

HighandLow said...

Anon 12.16;
Sorry that was childish of me......................................
It'd be terrible for you to not win the league now............

Matt The Hat said...

Fucking brilliant.

Loved it.

onedavemackay said...

Notice that Wenger the whinger was not magnanimous in defeat. Sad but predictable. It's always someone else's fault............

He's obviously only responsible when they win. What a man !

doug said...

Ian Wright, Tom Watt, Alan Smith...

Can you hear me?

Andy Gray, Alan Davies, Spike Lee, Nick Hornby

Your boys took one HELL of a beating...


HighandLow said...

OneDaveMackay; Would you expect anything different from Him, the man's a c***.

Another highlight was Alan Smith's refusal to admit that Le'Arse were out of the tie... at 4-0 nil down he came out with "if they can score now Spurs may start panicking".

HighandLow said...

just realised that comment could be read 2 ways, obviously I was reffering to Wenger!!

Marc said...

that is the stuff dream are made of, the sort of game you tell your grandkids about!!! we beat the arse scum, infact we HUMILIATED them! Ramos is a Legend!!!!!!

5 - 1 Boys!!! cant wait for the DVD of that one!!!!

Wit The Yid said...

officially the best game of football i have ever seen! i have been waiting my whole life for that result!!!


Vinny said...

Fcuking Brilliant!!!

What a performance by every single player this evening, cannot fault one of them, everyone played their part in an epic 5-1 demolition of the scum.

Jenas was immense...has Ramos finally worked his magic on this kid and in the process given Dannyboy bloggin legendary status for staying fiercely loyal to the lad through thick n thin?...definately looked like a "top 4" midfield general tonight...great stuff!, as well as much improved performances of late under Ramos, long may it continue.

Keane is a Spurs legend, I love the bloke more and more every time I see him play and his partnership with Berba is frightening.

Dawson is back to his best and along with Ledders gave a defending masterclass to Wenger's pups, like 2 huge rocks sitting in front of the cool iceman Cerny.

Last but not least chaps, in the Ramos-Poyet firm we have finally got ourselves our dream ticket to success...legends already!

What more can I say?...except for I raise my glass to each and everyone of my fellow yid brothers - HH, Dannyboy, Onedavemackay and all the lads you mentioned...What an undescribable buzz we're feeling..."Fantashtic!" as the nice Jolly man would have said.

Chaps...Spurs are on our way to Wembley!!!...the kings are climbing their throne...;0)

dildo said...

woke up at 4 am to watch the game. it was damn worth it. 9 years mata faka. me eyes are bleedin at work now. im smilin in my sleep and at work.

taino & jenas works. thought jenas was crap before but this is awesome. defoe is the new crap.

dingdongdes said...

COYS, I can sleep easy now without worrying about our back 4, We are finally showing the form that was missing all season. Nobody ever doubted the skill level that resides in the lane.We are now displaying fantastic fitness levels with a grit and determination to play, attack and defend as a unit. With players who will fight to the end for each other. This is the Spurs we all wear on our sleaves week in week out, now everybody knows why we are Yids. COYS

Wendell said...

Apart from Jenas, massive plaudits need to be handed out to the King Ledley and Dawson partnership. Awesome stuff! Imagine that with Chimbonda playing better and better and once Bale comes back!

Nice to see lots more effort on Lennons part too.

All together now...

Spurs are on their way to WEMBLEY!
Tottenham`s gonna do it again
They can`t stop them
The boys from Tottenham
They boys from White Hart Lane!!!

SLIMO said...

Un F£$king believable Im in Heaven Jenas for England..........COYS.

Anonymous said...

Up at 5am to watch this one. Went to the 5-1 against Chelsea. Wish I could have been there. The crowd was immense.. constant noise. Ledley & Daws were a solid partnership - you could see they were feeding off each other. OK, 5-1 was a great score but it could have been more - Berbs & Defoe missed sitters. We ripped them apart.

Harry. Love teh site.. check in every day from Brisbane.

Anonymous said...

Up at 5am to watch this one. Went to the 5-1 against Chelsea. Wish I could have been there. The crowd was immense.. constant noise. Ledley & Daws were a solid partnership - you could see they were feeding off each other. OK, 5-1 was a great score but it could have been more - Berbs & Defoe missed sitters. We ripped them apart.

Harry. Love teh site.. check in every day from Brisbane.

sydney wale said...

Just checked the BBC Webcam for Woolwich High Street SE18. Noticed some tumbleweed blowing across an empty street.

Anonymous said...

i too woke early this morning to watch the game but neva in my wildest dreams would i have imagined a 5-1 drubbing of those miserable scumbags from up the road...
I am so proud today!!!

bueller said...

Football heaven

hossam of the hotspur said...

Anybody who wants to relive the moment should get a bit torrent client and head over to http://www.thebox.bz where you can download the whole game

poyetothepeople said...

We got our bonus yesterday and the tradition is for team drinks in the evening…but I became ‘ill’ in the afternoon and needed to get home…’that norovirus’ I think.

Warned my girlfriend that I ‘needed some space’ that she shouldn’t bother coming around as I needed “time on my own”..she was suspicious but my tone was sincere(we’re marrying in May)

My mates, mostly Liverpool fans, were heading to the pub to watch the semi-final. “I have to go to work drinks…can’t get out of that one..I’ll get fired otherwise…”. Even milked the sympathy!

Instead I bought eight cans of lager and made my way nervously home. I needed privacy. I needed no distractions, no small-talk. I wanted to be sucked into the atmosphere at ‘The Lane’(and how!)..

The Lane was jumping quite literally…I was singing along…and Juande had that look in his eye…a resilient, proud, fatherly sort of look. His eyes burning with love of football. “Is he already a Spurs legend”? I mulled as the team flashed across the screen.

“Tainio behind Jenas?” hmmm Professor Ramos your mind works in cunning ways.

There in my living room, lights turned low to avoid any uninvited guests I was treated to the best football match I have ever experienced. Jenas demonstrating to all the world what managers, though not often spectators, see in him. Play like that some more and he’ll be in the England reckoning. Composure. Work-rate. Vision. Thought. Touch. Words you’d use to describe Fabregas usually but not tonight.

But the defense with King Ledley of the Lane now back to almost full fitness, looks impenetrable, and clam and full of zip…like a pack of wolves..how many times did they simply muscle and crowd players out and off the ball. With Tainio like a terrier(indeed a terror) kicking the sh*t out of all the rest..he is the man you turn to when you go to war that Tainio. He sweats blood and his bite menacing.

With the defence looking sublime with King Led on the throne…we are a different team. Capello take many, many notes!

Lennon has been coming into form of late but this game is one that I think will re-ignite his career. He has needed to step up a gear..and last night he did. His runs, his delicate passing(what a ball for Keane’s goal) and his general taking apart of Traore gives Spurs a whole different dimension going forward. A dangerous one! Even took corners..but practice those Aaron and you too will be wearing an England shirt. Capello take out your notebook: Bentley? Wright-Phillips? Beckham? Lennon!

And S-t-e-e-e-e-e-d? What a player! I would pick him for France. So glad he got the goal...he has been our player of the year and the amount of tackles he puts in, the amount of counter attacks, the intelligence of his passing…pity he missed that golden opportunity when he was through earlier on. Player of the season.

And finally our attack:
In Keano(there’s only o-n-e!) and Dimi-tar Ber-ba-tov Dimi-tar Ber-ba-tov we have the most technically gifted strike force in the Premiership. They frightened the raging f*ck out of the defense. Berba terrorising them with touches and control and languid, raw genius..the type you couldn’t buy in a million transfer windows…and Keano leading the fighting spirit. His touch and vision and harrying far up the pitch put those defenders under pressure from the out. But it’s when we spray forward we have options. Jenas thrusting to the box area, Lennon flying on the wing..Malbranque cutting in and darting about…Keane hungry to spank another hundred for the badge and Berba teaching kids all around the world what it means to be a true magician…how I wish he was English…he takes three players out of the game every time he sniffs the ball..he even displayed some passion and drive I’m sure his heart-rate was slightly quicker than it’s usual purr.

We are the Tottenham from the Lane. I’m still in front of my telly. Rewatching highlights of the game…Stella six-for-a-fiver…but the girlfriend is on to me..who cares?

Because we are not only going to Wemberley..we’re going there in style..and when we play like that there isn’t a team that I fear.

My Man of the Match: King Ledley – “please stay fit King Led you are the best defender in the premier league..you are made for the big stage....one more thing where oh where did you learn to sprint like that?”

Gus Poyet and Professor Ramos. Remind me of Carlos the Jackal and Don Corleone. I imagine Prof Ramos whispering to Gus “Tonight they sleep with the fishes”.

Capello’s Notes:
-King double/triple check
-Jenas check
-Lennon check
-Robinson who? (Crusoe?)
-Tainio(he’s an English resident soon and has that bulldog spirit..hmmm)
-Berba(can marry Pearce’s sister and get British passport)

Pete The Yid said...

Que Cera Cera

Whatever will be, will be

We're going to "WEMBLEY"

Que Cera Cera!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pete The Yid said...

So funny watching the Goons fight amongst themselves! :)

Pete The Yid said...

Can't speak, lost my voice, can hardly type as my hands are still shaking.

Mabbs said...

Amazing, nearly brought me to tears. The Gooners can say as much bullshit as they want about it's only the kids, that was nearly their first team out there taking the beating of their lives.

Pete The Yid said...

On sour note did you all notice that Robbo did not come out and celebrate with team?, you could argue that he hasn’t been selected lately nor has Defoe! Maybe that’s why desisting him self from rest, looks like all speculation about him leaving might be true!

It's Them and Us said...

Oh my fucking god, haha. It still hasn't sunk in. Worth the wait?

Why has it taken so long for Ramos to realise the quality of Teemu?! That is why a lot of us have been bemused by his omissions from squads.

Everyone had a good game. Dawson looks great alongside King again and was maybe even the better of the two last night. Steed.. I can't help but think £2.5M is an absolute steal. Jenas, yeah. Brilliant. Just needs to keep it going now.

Robbo not celebrating is annoying. You want sympathy? Fuck off. We all stood by you and you can't even get off your arse and applaud the fans that have backed you constantly?! Yeah, thanks mate.

Couldn't get to the game myself last night so had to make do with watching it at the pub, but was anyone else irritated to fuck by the highly-biased, pro-Arsenal commentators? And to make matters worse, Alan Smith was the less biased of the two! What a joke. No praise for Spurs until we scored the 5th. Fuck you, cunts.


Anonymous said...

get us a video of the Adebayor-Bendtner fight, will you, Harry?

Anonymous said...

'To all you f~$ckwits and of Man of the Match Jermain Jenas.........read it and weep.Just stay off his back and let him play his football'

One good, OK absolutely great game against a decent side, instead of the relegation fodder he normally performs against, still reserving judgement to see if he tries to live off this for a bit with his usual performances against ManUre over the next couple of weeks.

BimitarDerbatov said...

good afternoon all.. has it sunk in yet??

i text my mate this morning to check if i hadn't dreamt the whole thing..

i was at the Sunderland game on Sat but when my flight home was delayed 6 hours in Heathrow... i was seriously considering staying around for last night's game.. how i wish i had.. i would have paid anything to have been there..

here's my thoughts on game..

CERNY: (7.5)
gradually cementing his place as Tottenham's #1..

CHIMSY: (7.5)
loses points for being very very casual in first half but gains points for some excellent blocks in second

i don't need to explain..

LEE: (6)
only okay.. bring back Baler

on his way back.. not quite there yet though

TAINIO: (8.5)
for barely putting a foot wrong all game and for sticking his boot in where it hurts..

JENAS: (9)
have i been proved wrong about him? not yet.. but even i have tgo admit there has been progress..

STEED: (9)
energiser bunny...and no-one deserved a goal more than he did


i'll post some more views later but right now the repeat of the game is on on Sky and i want to sit back and enjoy...


dannyboy said...

'Jenas was immense...has Ramos finally worked his magic on this kid and in the process given Dannyboy bloggin legendary status for staying fiercely loyal to the lad through thick n thin?.

Vinny - I won't gloat - much ;-)


It's Them and Us said...

The thing with Jenas it's not really a question of not believing he has the quality, it's that he's too inconsistant. We all KNOW he's got the talent, we just wish he'd show it more. Frustration as opposed to sledging! Fantastic last night.

Thought Lee had a good game. Nothing special, nothing glaringly bad. A solid "7" on the ratings. ;)

I bet you nearly all of those that played against us, play against Newcastle. Second string? Ha. Almunia, Clichy, Flamini and Adebayor will be the only different starters (Cesc played the majority of the game). ANC and injuries made this your first team. And your first team got fucking mullered.

HighandLow said...

BimitarDerbatovs ratings/comments seem wholly accurate, maybe slightly high on Steed and slightly low on Lennon and only marginally exaggerated on our front pair!

Loved the Berba quote from Poyettothepeople "I’m sure his heart-rate was slightly quicker than its usual purr"

Vinny said...

Dannyboy - I wish your hero Jenas all the best mate as the bottom line it benefits our beloved Spurs when he plays well, and last night he played extremely well.

Last night, he actually used that amazing athleticism and speed to hurt our opponent where it hurts the most, where as too often he works hard, which is also very important yes...but his chasing around and backward non progressive passing often make him look like an average premiership footballer which is not good enough if we are to become a regular champions league team for example...now hold on before you jump down my throat!...

However last night Jenas capped some very decent recent performances with a performance Stevie Gerrard on a good night would have been proud of...now given the class of the scouser and the leadership he gives his team in midfield and virtually won them the Champions League on his own a couple of seasons back...that is a great compliment to our lad Jenas.

If he carries on like that not only will we "carry on laughing" at the expense of the scum like we did last night, but he will pull away and differentiate himself from the likes of our very own Zokora, who although a valuable team/squad member, how many games will Zokora get when we are a regular top 4 team?...Jenas could take the opportunity and sit alongside that one other key midfield general I feel we need to sign to have that top class central midfield needed to be a top 4 team.

It's up to you Jenas, go grab the opportunity!...but one things for sure the Ramos effect has somehow given this lad new found confidence...long may it continue, fcukin hope it does!

COYS!!!...BIODB - Bring It On DannyBoy ;0)

shaneyboy said...

I havent been this happy for a long long time!

The whole team was immense and I am extremely proud of them. Long may it continue.

Are the glory days back on an attainable horizon?

Everton to win 2-1 tonight.... then Webeley will be a brim with true fans who deserve to be there!


shaneyboy said...

Wembley even.... We havent been there in so long ive forgoten how to spell it!