Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Spurs Batter Arsenal : Highlights Galore!

Woke up this morning feeling like it was Christmas day with nothing ahead of me but present opening and oodles of delicious food and drink to get through. Woke up this morning happy. Rolled off the bed and smiled.

'God is in his heaven and all is right with the world'. Start the day quoting Browning, H. Somethings up.


Anonymous said...

No comments yet? Are we all still celebrating? Fucking should be!

Wrighty7 said...

Spud's, gloat while you can. You know it won't last, when we are crowned Champions and have either the Champions League or FA Cup wrapped up. It won't mean a thing. Your'e eleventh in the league and exactly 27 points behind my dear club. You haven't won a trophie since 1999 and will proberly never see your side win the league in your lifetime again. So enjoy the Fizzy Pop Cup. It's about your level. Mickey Mouse.
You could see how much it meant to the Spud's players by the way they reacted at the final whistle. Admittedly it was the first time they had beaten us in 21 attempts and it was the Fizzy Pop Cup semi-final, but they were dancing around like they had won the damn thing! What they must remember is that they haven't won it yet, and if they fall flat on their faces in the final then all that dancing around will make them look pretty silly!
Let's get things in perspective here; Despite Spud's "Superb" victory, I'd still much rather be in Arsenal's position then the Spud's. We are second in the league on goal difference and fighting for the title. When was the last time Spurs challenged for the title? Or actually won the league? Was it 1961 or something like that? Also we have what they want so badly and have had for a long time. Champions League football. This was the year that they were going to take this away from us. Oh yeah? Don't think so!!
So do one.

Spur Forever said...

Waaaaaa? Spurzz... hic! Beeer. Win happy me.... Zzzzzzzzzzzz....

just the kids...blah blah blah said...

I'm exploding with pride for the boys! What a performance, this is a match that we can point at for years to come and say "thats what we mean when we talk about Glory Glory Nights" and the others shall finally understand. The whole team had a great game but special praise ought to go to Teemu, I thought the guy was incredible and played with real Norf London Derby Pride. COYS

cheddar_green said...

Glad to see that the trouncing you were inflicted last night upset you so little that you took time out of your day to write 100+ words on a Spurs site. At least your not trying the 'it was our reserves' excuse which immediatley went out the window the moment Gallas, Hleb, Sagna, and Fabregoats walked out onto the pitch. Wallow in your misery all the way back to Woolwich goons. Victory is sweet but seeing your whingeing upset faces is priceles....

Anonymous said...

them sour grapes must taste like sh*t

theshelfer said...

thanks for the clips Harold.

What pleased me most last night was that the boys were not affected by the so called mental block against the Woolwich boys, and had no fears about giving them a right good stuffing.

I was also pleased to see the lack of graciousness shown by Arsene, and also by their fans. It reminds me that some people like dishing it out, but they can't take it.

BimitarDerbatov said...

ah heaven...just finished watchin the repeat of the game... it's on again at 4...i could watch it all day!! anyway i'll continue where i left off on the previous thread..


DEFOE: (6)
worked fairly hard but once again when it came down to it he missed his chance..

KPB: (7)
i just don't know what to make of this lad.. i think he has lot's of potential but is it just me or is he a bit crazy?! i suppose last night he never really gave the ball away directly but but he tried an awful lot of stupid things..however he get's (7) for having the balls to try them though and for being a positive player..

BIG TOM: (7)
did well.. maybe unlucky not to be starting but in hindsight, team selection was OF COURSE vindicated..

Some further notes...

it put fire in my belly..

very scary...and very inspiring...

it made me laugh and he said what we were all thinking..

loses one point for being a bloody gooner!!

stripped down to...well to his panty-hoes i guess! very strange indeed..

looked like a puppet on a string but i certainly won't hold it against him..

for being a better and more humerous presenter than Richard Keys and for ripping the piss out of Paul 'fat b*astrd' Merson....speaking of which..

for being a complete tosser..

for also ripping the piss out of same fat b*stard (loses two pints for not celebrating properly when we scored..)

and finally..

there is no number i could possibly insert here to describe ho proud you made me feel last night.. i only wish i could have been there myself... today when i was watching the repeat on Sky i closed my eyes turned up the volume and for that moment i WAS there with you, singing the songs with you, celebrating the goals with you, goading the gooners with you.. you are my heroes..

Anonymous said...

Harry any chance of pic of gallas's face after the second goal never seen a gooner look in more anguish, made my day!

keep up the site.

Anonymous said...

Spurs are shit. And I support Charlton. Arsenal are a class above u Yid cunts

Vinny said...

Bimitarderbatov - quality summary mate...especially the Gus Poyet bit, just the perfect kind of warrior we needed to complete our super dooper new management to the board on that one for having the foresight to nick Gus away from Leeds!

Anonymous said...

Wrighty you prick... you're cxunting team hasn't won anything for nearly three years... lol... think Wenger remembered that at half time and put out the rest of your bottling cnunts... Now f8ck off a spurs board and go sniff you're mothers underwear... Wembley here we come... Has Arse played at the new wembley.. lol

Anonymous said...

You support Charlton... lol...Think they play their matches on the comedy channel...

Anonymous said...

he supports Charlton ah bless him

Vinny said...

Anon 4.19pm - aka "RETARD" who doesn't even know how to use a web browser enough to reach his own pikey team's fan sites...wait a minute what fucking fans?...they've all deserted your shitty team since you will wallow in Championship shitdom for ever and ever...HAHAHA!!!

P.S. You will now officially be known by all fellow Spurs supporters as "RETARD CUNT" for supporting such a shit team while being a wannabe Scum supporter...make your mind up you RETARD CUNT!!!

It's Them and Us said...

"Spurs are shit. And I support Charlton."


Here's what I wrote somewhere else because I can't be bothered to re-type everything:

The response by Arsenal fans (and their manager) is why they are so universally hated — it’s not jealousy, it’s the fact you show no class in defeat. Where is the praise for coming up against a side that didn’t allow you to play, even when you had greater possession? Where is the praise to a team that made Gallas look like an 18-year-old debutant? You were over-run in both legs and 5-1 was a fair result.

I don’t get why you say ‘it was a second string side’. From who was available you’d of had Almunia, Clichy, Flamini and Adebayor (won’t include Cesc as he played over 70 minutes) in the side. ANC and injuries ruled out the others in the ‘first team’. Face it, you were near to full strength (everyone misses people with ANC and injuries, part of the game) and got BEAT.

It may now become ‘mickey mouse’ when you’re out, but if the trophy cabinet remains bare for another season how can you count that as success? We haven’t won anything yet, and whoever we face makes for a tough match. But I’ll happy take a trip to Wembley with only needing to win one game. When you fail to win the Premiership you'll no doubt roll out the excuses of ANC and injuries -- no class. And you, wrighty7, optimize why everyone loves to see your club fail.

Wrighty7 said...

4:22, we haven't won anything for 3 years but you aint won anything for 9 u prick! And it took a Gooner to win that trophie! ha ha How many league titles do u have in your honours list? Exactly! Ur not a BIG club, u've never even been in the Champions League and u proberly wont even get into Europe next season. Enjoy ur deserved victory, it only took 21 attempts!

Wrighty7 said...

it's them and us,

Spurs deserved their victory over the two legs. I can't deny that, U outplayed us for long periods of both games and I can't argue the fact that you deserve to get to Wembley. But, all I'm saying is enjoy the gloating now, because we all know that Arsenal are a bigger club and have more important things too play for. The ambitions between the two clubs are miles apart and even u Yid's can't deny that. I'm not going to say Good Luck in the Final because I want u to lose, BAD, but I will say that u deserve to be there.

Anonymous said...

You're only as good as your last game my friend... lol... And in that game we came on your mothers face... why are you still on this board gooner...??? So bitter... Pathetic... Absoloutely pathetic... From an insider at the club... please see below...

Here are a couple of stories from after last night’s game.

Berbatov and four other players had a big bottle of champagne and wanted to spray it all over Gus Poyet – the assistant manager. They heard that he was in the interview room so as they popped the bottle, they sprung open the door and sprayed the guy being interviewed. However, it wasn’t Gus Poyet…it was Arsene Wenger and he got soaked! He was not happy and stormed off. Class!

Adebayor, after his altercation with Bendtner on the pitch, was refused entry onto the Arsenal coach going home. He had to call for a taxi and half way through his journey home, he told the cabbie that he didn’t have any money on him so the driver (who must have been a Spurs fan) brought him back to the Stadium. Adebayor was then to be seen kicking chairs in our reception area having a big hissy fit.

Don’t they make such good losers!

Summerspur said...


do us a favour, when you see your mum ask her to come round for her knickers and her teeth, i dont want your sister to see em when she gets here

It's Them and Us said...

I'm not asking you to come on here and say "Spurs are the best and I want them to win" but what most people hate about Arsenal fans is their inability to be humble in defeat. You don't we think we hurt after 21 games unable to beat our greatest rivals? Of course we do. And surely when we end that run -- and convincingly -- you can't deny us our celebration.

Does it mean we're now on the same level? Not at all. It's a rare result (for anyone beating a top four side 5-1) but is an important result. This season is a write-off, league-wise. Our start was so bad we'll be hard-pressed to make the top six and Europe was but a dream when Ramos took over. Now we're in a final it's a more likely prospect, so of course it's great to know our horrible season can be salvaged.

No, we aren't a top four team yet, but the signs are that we're starting to find our groove again. Too late for this season but if we can get ourselves further up the table, win a cup, then it's a great base to begin the next.

If you had simply said what you did in your post in reply to me, there wouldn't be all these insults. Just, I don't know, think first? When Arsenal have beaten us didn't you want to gloat? In whatever competition? It's natural. And that's what we're doing.

Tottinghams said...

Wrighty - we're terribly sorry for celebrating a rare win over our most hated rivals; really, terribly sorry.

We won't do it again, we promise.

And no, nobody here thinks we are going to have a better season than you - we are just being happy about a win.

And no, you're obviously not fussed about losing, what with posting a 250+ word comment on a Spurs blog. I'd probably do the same if we'd lost.

Anonymous said...

Talking of the Sky Coverage - did anyone think Alan Smith was seriously biased. Sky should not have presenters like him - he was more ungracious than Wenger - and that is saying something!

Tottinghams said...

Good post them and us

"I'm not asking you to come on here and say "Spurs are the best and I want them to win" but what most people hate about Arsenal fans is their inability to be humble in defeat. You don't we think we hurt after 21 games unable to beat our greatest rivals? Of course we do. And surely when we end that run -- and convincingly -- you can't deny us our celebration.

Does it mean we're now on the same level? Not at all. It's a rare result (for anyone beating a top four side 5-1) but is an important result. This season is a write-off, league-wise. Our start was so bad we'll be hard-pressed to make the top six and Europe was but a dream when Ramos took over. Now we're in a final it's a more likely prospect, so of course it's great to know our horrible season can be salvaged.

No, we aren't a top four team yet, but the signs are that we're starting to find our groove again. Too late for this season but if we can get ourselves further up the table, win a cup, then it's a great base to begin the next.

If you had simply said what you did in your post in reply to me, there wouldn't be all these insults. Just, I don't know, think first? When Arsenal have beaten us didn't you want to gloat? In whatever competition? It's natural. And that's what we're doing."

What he said.

WISEY1961 said...

What a great night. I watched it on TV but would have loved to have been there. The fans at the lane always come across as the loudest on TV but last night was something else. As soon as I hang my boots up I will try and get a season ticket.....
Anyway, as a TV viwer Paul Merson wasn't bad. The real bias came from the boring Alan Smith and the main commentator. Spurs were 4-0 up and he was still talking about Arsenal, it was really annoying. Yesterday the Goons were completely outclassed with a good near first team playing. Us Spurs fans know we are not the finished article but we are moving in the right direction. Shame about the blip in league form but it will be interesting what Ramos can do with a preseason behind him and time to make his changes.COYS.

It's Them and Us said...

Thanks. ;)

re: sky coverage

To be honest, and naturally I'm not a fan of Alan Smith, I thought the other guy was worse. How many times did he need to say "but Arsenal are capable of getting back into this", "they have come back from 3-0 down to win 5-3 before", "Tottenham have been in this position before", "there is still time for Arsenal to make a game of this" or in case we forgot "it's been 21 matches since Tottenham have beaten Arsenal, not since November 1999 and it's their worse sequence of results against Arsenal".

We know. But praise the winning team, not make excuses for the losing one -- as there are none.

The best team deservedly won. End of.

luke said...

incredible, these gooners have no class. it is sad really.

so for you gooners' benefit, here is why we are so happy right now:

poyetothepeople said...

The thing that had me laughing most was the number of time we ran rings around Gallas and the rest of their defence...

Ironic when our defence has been jittery all season..but now that the King is's all change. All hail to the King of The Lane...

luke said...

we won 5-1. we score 5, you scored 1. we destroyed you. we left almost nothing behind, you left almost everything behind. you were trounced, sullied, dismantled.

and you are right, we have waited a long time for this.
and when it happened it wasn't away goals, or luck, or the media hyped non-existent "kids" moniker that did it. it was spurs vanquishing their greatest foes.

good triumphs over evil.

get it?

carl said...

yid till i die...last night goes into the top three best days of my life, i've got two kids a girl who's 2 and a boy 3weeks old, last night probably(not sure yet) tops the lot. COYS COYS COYS

Anonymous said...

well done spurs wenger got it wrong and it hurts like hell

Anonymous said...

Does anyone ever use a spell checker? If you cannot bother to write reasonable English why should anyone take your views seriously?

Besides which, Arsenal (who played enough of their first team squad) have no excuse. The fucking scum gooners were outplayed, bedazzled, banjanxed, turned round and humiliated. The shit lost their cool and lost decisively.

What about twat faced Wallcot? There were at least three faster men on the pitch last night – Lennon, Jenas and Keane. Make your febrile excuses and die you Arsenal apologists.

Anonymous said...

All you who were there and contributed to that outrageous, deafening, wondrous noise - I salute you.

Watched the match in a pub near the ground. An unreal atmosphere poured through the screen. Where's the Star Trek Holodeck when you need it? Really wish I'd experienced that atmosphere in three-dimensional reality and full sense-around. I envy you guys who were there.

At one point near the end, with the Lilywhites 4-1 up and the roar at its uppermost, the camera caught Ramos in profile. He stood pitch-side, arms crossed, looking for all the world like a Roman Emperor receiving the hysterical cheers of the crowd while he overlooked some triumphal games in the Colosseum. Lump in the throat time. It got wife, too, which is when I knew for sure that something extraordinary was taking place.

Then the 5th goal - the final sword-thrust into the body of a defeated foe.

Well done to all on here, HH et al, who helped, big and small, to make the evening unforgettable.

Sad that Robbo snubbed his colleagues by not rejoicing with them after the game. Heigh ho.

So nice to hear Tainio talking about winning a special match with his 'favourite' club. You can't buy that sort of love.

No surprises about the lack of grace in defeat - from the manager or the supporters. Big deal. If the competition meant so little to the fans why did leave so early en masse? Surely their feeling weren't being hurt by seeing their side slaughtered? They've dished it out so long they can no longer process feelings of disappointment or even joy. Who gives a fu*k what they feel? The taste of defeat would do them good if they still had the ability to taste.

And now that the Spurs team has proved its detractors wrong, the spite turns on the Spurs fans. We're deluded, are we? We think one swallow makes a summer? Don't insult our intelligence.

It's all b*llshit. Who doesn't properly celebrate a victory or feel demoralised at a loss? Oh, let's all go home quietly and forget about the most memorable night we've had in years! Let's ignore the efforts the coaching staff and the players have made! Let's cast aside the passion and fidelity that Spurs fans have shown throughout the long, lean years!

Actually, let's not.

9.37 Anon

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have any pictures from last night?

Anonymous said...

small club reaction to beating big club

Anonymous said...

for all arsenal fans distrought overyour teams a helpline has been set up the number is 0800 51 51 51

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
BimitarDerbatov said...

oh i really hoped that the Arsenal fans that come on here would at least show a bit of decorum but as i suspected you are a classless bunch...i really think you are letting yourself and your club down.. for shame.. and for my fellow Tottenham fans please don't stoop to their level...i know in my heart we're better than that..

and enough of this "you're a gooner c*nt, no you're a Yiddo c*nt".. jesus will ye stop using that's been used so many times on here it's lost al meaning..

that is all..

BimitarDerbatov said...

and furthermore Harry i think you should remove all coments such as that eejit who posted at 6.23

there's just no room for that type of stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Well their club from top to bottom cannot lose with dignity, what else do you expect.

SPURed on said...

One of the best Moments of the night was watching the fickle gooners scum leaving after 60 minutes with a hearty wave from the faithfuland devoted Spurs Fans Oh and Merson trying to escape the Sky Studio good job they locked the door so he could be riddicled during the post match round up by Jeff and Glenn

Tottinghams said...

Here, here, Bimitar.

dapadan said...

excuses excuses excuses, what a bunch of moaning c#ck suckers, that paedo aint got 1 ounce of repect for no one, im suprised he can coach a team as he doesnt see anything, the look on them w#nkers faces when they paid to watch the d#ckheads get a hiding was priceless especially when they left 1/2 way through, this is just the begining and if u believe all the b#llocks that the goona scum are banging on about being their 2nd team, well thats a load of b@llocks because the majority of the team was 1st choice, so they can shove that up their arse and f#ck off back to the death star in their horse & cart pikey f#ckers !

Anonymous said...

text last night from my scum mate

"U were in the lead over two hours ago.. and its taken you this long to taunt me.... You're PATHETIC!

your little shity club is PATHETIC!! And the fact that this is the most glory your gonna taste for the next 10 years is...... PATHETIC

Win something you can put your name on and then we'll talk

See you in the league you gutless sluts + Ramos fucks kids!

Summerspur said...

some cracking comments on wrighty51. one from JGM tickled me on post about what players to buy.

shooting fish in a barrel

Anonymous said...

I would like to start by thanking my Brother Matthew Jones for showing me the Spurs way, for showing me what it is like to belong to a true North London side.
I am proud to be a Spurs fan win, lose or draw. But last night was something special!
To beat the south London woolwich wanderers 5 1 will stay with me forever. I watched with pride and to hear the fans sing out, knowing my Brother was there was a wonderful feeling. It may have taken a long time to get a win, but considering when we play its against naff, CHEATING REFEREES AND BLIND LINES MEN it will always take time.
so whinging wanderers, hire yourself ANOTHER removal lorry and take yourselfs back across the river and take your cheating refs with you.
The Final was last night and we won!!!
thanks Matt for your guidance
your everloving sister Samantha x

Anonymous said...

I have never seen a performance as good as this. They outplayed arsenal from the first second to the last. I guess this is what you get when you put in hard work and a touch of tactical genius.

As for asene I think he found it very hard to face the situation as things didnt go as he planned. His team lost no doubt but he cannot take that. Even fabregas top class people went to congratulate spurs players because he acknowledges their performance.

If we beat manu this sat then I am 95% certain we will have silverware this year. Ramos has been the difference a genius who possess tactically knowledge that no one in this world can match.

Anonymous said...

who put the ball in the arsenal net? 5-1! 5-1!
Who put the ball in the arsenal net?... Half the Tottenham team!
Half the Tottenham team, half the Tottenham team, who put the ball in the arsenal net? Half the Tottenham team!

Anonymous said...

Ramos has awaken the sleeping giant

pompey yid said...

You are absolutely spot on, mate. Us pathetic Spurs haven't won anything for 9 years and then it was under ex-Gooner, bloke-in-a raincoat. Unlike your lot who won more league titles in the 1930s alone than we've got in total - under the guidance of, er, ex-Spur Herbert Chapman. And, of course, you must be super proud of the one Arse achievement that neither Spurs nor any other club will ever match - gaining a place in the top flight by means of a vote (and probably bribery) rather than earning promotion.
Still at least as a truly big club you can crow about your superior European record. Oh, sorry, just checked and it seems that, for all your efforts, you've actually only won two European trophies. Us small-time losers? Three.
Still we will never be able to compete with Wenger - not even Fergie can be as utterly graceless in defeat. And it is only the Mickey Mouse Cup - so your lot didn't really care did they? I mean just ask the unfussed Adebayor and Bendtner.
Oh by the way, how come 36,000 make twice the noise of 60,000? Couldn't be something to do with being proper fans rather than glory hunters, could it?

GRAZZA said...

Pompey Yid - That deserves a response for wrighty 7 but will it get one? Lets see.......

spooky said...

Wrighty7. Great post. I'm sure that helped in the way of therapy. If you didn't care you wouldn't post. Now jog on back to your caravan.

Reality said...

Good win against the Arsenal B side - shame we lost against the first team twice when in the big competition.

Back to the relegation scrap.