Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Three Hilarious Quotes From Arsen Wenger, Football Manager

"I feel that everything went against us."
Diddums. Anything specific? No, simply... 'everything'. Okay...

"The score is very high and very brutal but I think it does not reflect what happened on the pitch. The first shot on goal was a goal, the second goal was an own goal, the third was straight after half time. After that, the game was over. It had no real meaning after that. They could concentrate on defending and catching us on the break. I don't give a big meaning to the importance of the score. It can be explained by the way the game went"
So to recap, you acknowledge the first goal. The second... ahem, doesn't really count. The third can be excluded because of... er it's timing. And the other two can be airbrushed entirely on the basis they... um... 'had no real meaning.'

"My only regret is playing [some of] the players who played."
I bet you do. You abandoned the 'it was our kids' defence. Gambled and lost

With thanks to the eagle eyed Doug.


ParkLane67 said...

Well said! Wenger has shown himself again to be infantile and pathetic - his comments would not be out of place in an infants' school playground. The man has no class!

GaryASpur said...

Oh you forgot the best arsenism....on bartender being headbutted by adebayor...."i didnt see it!"....oh he never does!!

Matt..ShelfSideSpurs said...

Say ta-ra ta-ra whatever will be will be, were going to wem-ber-ley say ta-ra ta-ra!!! COYS

Chris said...

i must say that although i half expected it, i was disapointed at the complete lack of grace in defeat wenger showed last night.

saying that everything went against them...the better team perhaps??

the scoreline doesn't reflect what happene on the pitch...ah of course goals don't count for anything nowadays...

what planet is he on???

Anonymous said...

words don't do last night justice!
Still buzzing,Do all Jol fans now acknowledge that JR is the man!What a difference knowing what it takes to win makes.The team performance was top class, we looked deadly on the the counter attack ,played with our heads ,nicked the ball in the right areas and let them have it in the right areas . JR brings on midfielders instead of centre backs to see out games ,Also loved the way Ramos stayed on the sidelines whilst the players took the adulation and then credited them in interviews after(jol would of been out there doing his"wave").You cant beat experiences like last night to bond a team and it will only re enforce to the players that Ramos's methods bring results .As for wenger ,Ramos has had the measure of him from day one imo, you look at the three games and we could of won them all so it was coming! All our midfield were class but jj was the muts nuts and he seems to have a thing for scoring against the scum which puts him right in my good books
que sara sara

dannyboy said...

he's right though, the score didnt reflect what went on, we should have won 8-1 !!!

Harry, Vinny, JGM, Summerspur, El, Sidney Wale, JNGM, Shelfsidespur, Bimitar Derbatov, Cliff Jones, death, aussie yid, pete the yid and anyone I have missed, we may not always see eye to eye and have loads of healthy debate on here, but today we stand united as one glorious set of proud supporters. I raise my virtual glass to you and say one and all - COME ON YOU SPURS.


Anonymous said...

Compare the lack of grace and mean-spritedness shown by Wenger in defeat to the dignity and magnanimity of Ramos in victory.

Ramos deliberately deflected praise from himself, calling the memorable evening a product of the players' efforts, not his.

The players, he said, were the architects of this success, and they deserve the credit. Theirs was the work, and theirs the victory.

No triumphalism there. No pride. No arrogance.

But humility? Generosity? Modesty? Yes, and plenty of it.

It isn't just the football that's refreshing, it's the approach and the manners.

It's the class.

9.37 Anon

Taxiforwenger said...

I think wenger was right when he said he score didn't reflect the match it could have been a lot worse.

Hopefully the arse can push on now and win bugger all.

Nice team spirit they showed at the end. l wonder what wenger was looking at when his senior striker was physically assaulting his junior?

Anonymous said...

Come on guys, give the Woolwich Wanderers some credit....they did keep fighting until the end...just that it was with each other...

....I'm still on cloud 9

onedavemackay said...

Wenger is just not big enough to take it on the chin.
Great manager maybe, great man certainly not.

A further thought on JJ's great performance. Did it help him knowing that Tanio was there to stick it up the Goons ?

Harry Hotspur said...

You barely have to scratch the surface to reveal Uncle Wenger as the nit picking petulant child he truly is.

The absence of good grace is fun enough fare for us but pretty sad guff for a grown man to spew.

I hope as he lays in the bath tonight listening to The Very Best Of Cliff Richard, showercap to one side in that jaunty gallic playboy style... he reflects upon what laughable a nonce he is.

Francespurs said...

Great comments tonight,Taxiforwenger,brillent very funny.

oh yeah 5:1

onedavemackay said...

That's it H. You don't have to dig deep to discover the true Arsey Whinger .

He is like his team and supporters arrogant yet insecure. When they win it's down to them but when they lose it's someone else's fault. They never foul but everyone fouls them, the referee is always against them. The world is against them they are never beaten by a better team. Moan , moan ,moan, moan ...........

He is scared to face the facts and admit the truth:
He gave it his best shot with most of his best players and they did not just lose they were crushed.

Which for his and his teams arrogance and lies was completely deserved.

Chris said...

First time in a while i've come on here and dont disagree with a single statement.

ive always been a fan of tainio as a holding midfielder, mainly because he sweats blood for the cause, never special, but always there.

last night he was zipping around like a demon, which as has been said, allowed jenas to do what he should do every match, and push forward.

hopefully it may mean an end to the sideways, backward passing that made up most of his game under jol this season (no offense to the big man).

now i just PRAY that i manage to get a fucking ticket to the game without paying £400 to fucking tout!

Vinny said...

Dannyboy - same as mate, we all have different opinions which is the beauty of the game, but at the end of the day we're all here for the same thing...and thats because we all love Spurs and we all want the glory days back...and in the Ramos regime I feel we shall have.

hossam of the hotspur said...

the gooners new badge


EL said...

My favourite comment so far:

"Since Ramos has been here we've played arse*** three times and not been beaten."

Infact Ramos(and Poyet's) Spurs have been the better side on all occasions.
Two of my mates made it to the Lane but I couldn't. I have NEVER been more envious. I was however with them in spirit like most of you lot. What a night. I actually felt that we were getting our own back for a 5-0 thrashing I witnessed at the Lane, many years ago, when liam brady took us to bits. That experience is now finally dead & buried and The Ramos Era has well & truly begun.

Juande & Poyet appear to be turning Jenas into the player we hoped we'd bought back in the day, hope it continues. King seems to be holding up well and back to his usual best(touch wood). But it's the balance and team effort that's most impressive. Boy does Ramos work fast.

Someone said something to me about our probably being in the Uefa cup next year already because we've reached this final?!! Anyone know what he was on about?

Manure next. Be nice to see the momentum from this game create a big juicy match up there. I really think the lads are unafraid of anyone at the moment, which is half the battle.

Onedavemackay, thanks for "arsey whinger." Love it.

wrighty7, fuck off you jumped up twaty little swedish king. (Like manager, like supporter)

Glad to see we've got the sovereign ring pieces in the final. Do you know, and I'm a natural cynic, but I really think we're gonna do em. Got to keep King fit though.

Keep it up Harry, great stuff.


Anonymous said...

A is for Arsenal and A is for arrogent.Wenger is so blinkered that he cannot see his own weaknesses.Such an attitude will deprive Arsenal from any silverware this year.

BimitarDerbatov said...

well said Dannyboy...and thanks for acknowledging me..i'm not on here long..

i'm really disappointed with Wenger..if i'm honest i think the man is a football genius.. i know he's a gooner but i admire him in the same way i admired Denis Bergkamp..

these comments really disappoint me..thought he would just take his beating, accept it and move on..

in other news...have any of ye seen Wrighty7's blog....good god it's poor!!

hossam of the hotspur said...

Something has been bugging me about this excuse that "it's only a Mickey Mouse Cup so we put out our 2nd team"

As far as I know it is not a reserve team competition but a first team competition. So I thought I'd check out the rules.

Rule 17 is as follows:
"17. A Player shall be considered bona fide if he is registered by his Club with The Football League, in accordance with the provisions of Football League Regulations or in accordance with The Premier League Regulations except that Players registered on a temporary basis will not be eligible to play unless the loaning Club gives its written consent. No player shall play for more than one Club in the Competition in any one Season.

Each Club shall play its full available strength in all Carling Cup Ties, unless some satisfactory reason is given. In the event of the explanation not being deemed satisfactory the Management Committee shall have power to impose such penalties as they shall think fit. The provisions governing disciplinary matters in relation to the Competition are contained in rule22."

Maybe thats why the only excuse Arsene didn't use himself is that he put out a reserve team, if he says that he leaves himself open to a fine.

The truth is he put out a team that was not his best, but nethertheless he thought they were good enough to beat us. He expected us to crumble,to fade away like we have too many times and he got it wrong.

I don't think anybody (except perhaps the barcodes ) have any idea how much we have been wanting a game like this. We were by far the hungrier and looked like we were trying to make up for lost time.

I know it is the least important competition of the three domestic prizes, but it's silver and it's coming to the Lane.


Come on you Spurs!!!!!!!!

Harry Hotspur said...


You're a welcome addition mate...

As the 25000 plus who read what you wrote this week would probably agree.

bueller said...

I heard that Defoe and a couple of others burst into an interview room and were shaking champagne about whilst Wenger was there doing an interview.

It would have taken every ounce of willpower I had to not smash the bottle over his ungracious, sulky, mr burns looking head.

GRAZZA said...

Right, now ive managed to scrape myself off of the ceiling to post i would like to dedicate our magnificent victory to young master Walcott.

Thank you - much love.

PS Dannyboy - You forgot me!! if we hadnt just whalloped the goons by 5 i might have been upset ;-)

WBIOYC (We brought it on you cnuts!!)

HighandLow said...

You only need to look at a manager when he's in opposition to Weiner to prove he's clearly one of the most despised men in football.

Ferguson & Mourinho cannot stand him and Jewell, Jol & Allardyce, have had run-ins, to name but a few.

To steal a line from OneDaveMackay that sums Weiner up perfectly “Great manager maybe, great man certainly not”

Anonymous said...

Yes, apparently Wenger was sprayed by one of our boys. Ahem.

Waste of champagne, if you ask me, but at least Defoe was on target.

Nice to see Ar*e still dealing with the repercussions of defeat and in-fighting. Now the FA wants to review the video evidence. Time to drink deep, boys.

Chavs in the final? Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't this mean European football next year? Even if we lose we qualify as runners-up, given that Chavs will qualify by virtue of their league place.

But I believe we'll win. Ramos shows a rare facility to learn quickly from experience, and he'll be well prepared for the final.

Today's grouch - When did Sir Fergie become the Pope of Football? I'm sick of him delivering his daily addresses to the obsequious mass media.

9.37 Anon

bueller said...

I'm pretty sure the extra uefa cup space goes to the league.

Anonymous said...

I think you may be right, bueller. Cheers.

9.37 Anon

HighandLow said...

Not 100%, but I also belive that, in the event of a pre-qualified team winning it, the league cup UEFA spot goes to next best in the league.

On the bright side, we should be more motivated than Chelsea for the final given that info and I truly believe that we will win it.

I may be looking through 'rose-tinted-semi-final-glasses', but I also believe that with 45 points still to play for, we can go on a run that could take us into league UEFA contention.

Then again, if someone had told me that JR had leapt over a tall building in a single bound on Tuesday night, I probably would have believed that too!

BimitarDerbatov said...

ah cheers Harry....nice of you to say so...

Anonymous said...

Football's all about confidence. There was only one team confident in the semi-final. The other team was arrogant.

We were the confident.

This win will nourish the entire club. Confidence breeds confidence. Win inspires win.

In addition, Ramos and Poyet seem significantly more talented than Jol in man-management. Listen to Berbatov comment how he enjoys working under the new coaching team. If nothing else, it's good advertising!

9.37 Anon

shanemac said...

I must admit that I've been a Jenas detractor for a long time on this site. Never thought I'd see him play like this. This run of form has been spectacular. Whatever Juande has done, it's been magical. bottomline is that I was wrong about JJ. that was one thing we disagreed on, dannyboy. turns out you were right to have faith in the lad.


Anonymous said...

Did anyone else notice Wenger avoid the question "Were Spurs the better team tonight?" 3 times before he finally answered it! I loved the fact the interviewer kept on asking and wouldn't be fobbed off!

Anonymous said...

It stuck in his craw to say it.

Verily, it shall be told unto our children. And to our children's children.

9.37 Anon

billy nick said...

el: What a night. I actually felt that we were getting our own back for a 5-0 thrashing I witnessed at the Lane, many years ago, when liam brady took us to bits.

We did them 5-0 a few years after at WHL (83?) with Bilko getting a couple of crackers.

Dunno about anyone else, but Wenger's whining adds to the pleasure of the result for me. You can tell how much it hurt.

Keep up the good work HH.

Anonymous said...

I must admit I originally thought it was a mistake to sack BMJ. However I think that if Jol was still in charge we would have lost that game.

Wenger is renowned for being a bad loser. They lost because they were second best - period. They were lucky to get a draw in the first game and if we took all our easy chances it could have been 8-1 not 5-1, it was that one-sided.

Juande Ramos and JJ for a knighthood! ;-)

Anonymous said...

just about the best night ive had.there was so many things that were fab about the night but a big thumbs up goes to the supporters,just amazing.but one of the best momment for me was watching the scum leave as we waved goodbye and sang CHEERIO CHEERIO CHEERIO,class.

Anonymous said...

I have an interesting stat that I am sad enough to have sat down and worked out...

I added up the ages of all of the outfield players in the scum team (total of 278 years), and divided by 12 (I didn't count Denilson because he barely played).

The average age of their players was 23.2

I then did the same for the Mighty Spurs team (total of 326 years) and divided by 13

The average age of our players was 25.1 - less than 2 years older than their kids!

It's all about stats!

Anonymous said...

lads anyone know a good surgeon? got this silly grin on my face now that wont go away...
loving it

Tottinghams said...

I don't generally mind Wenger, when he's winning and that, but when he loses, he is just such a tosser.

Anonymous said...

The best word to come from Wengers mouth was "BRUTAL". Say it to yourselves, makes me smile!!!

Anonymous said...

No i think we will qualify for the uefa cup cos recently both teams in the final have finished the season in the top four.not that it matters cos i think we will smash chelski anyway so come on u spurs!!!!

Lloyd said...

link explains the Qualifying situation for English Clubs. So, right now, we will have to win the Carling cup to qualify for the UEFA Cup next year (or win the UEFA cup) as the runner up gets f-ck all (unless they finish 5/6; or win the FA cup, etc. etc...)

Ashamed Footie Fan said...


Harry Hotspur said...

Good stuff Lloyd. Cheers.


typical spurs fans, cocky over nothing

Harry Hotspur said...


Smiting. Smiting?

Good job you had second thoughts about 'becoming a Spurs fan'.

You are clearly more suited to the position of Bible Salesman.

Now Jobe Off, you freak.

Guaranteed satisfaction said...

OK Spuds, if Spurs win the next NL derby, I will never comment on this site again. HOWEVER, if Arsenal win then I can come as many times as I want (and comment). Done Deal

Spurs obviously for title said...

All fellow Spurs fans watch this:

dannyboy said...

on the subject of stats as mentioned earlier, see below some interesting ones emailed to me earlier. Makes for some truthful and honest reading !

1) The average age of the gooners 14 players used was 22.8, for spurs 25.8. So yes they were a little younger.
2) The goon starting XI cost £51m to Spurs £39m. including the 3 subs used this becomes £62m arse to £53m spurs.
3) The 14 players used by spurs have started 279 games between them this season, the gooners 14 have started 214 between them.
4) There were 11 players out of the 14 for Arsenal who have full international caps. Spurs had only 10.
5) The total caps held by the 14 goons is 261 (hardly kids eh!) to spurs 341.
6) 2 players for the goons have won the world cup, thats pretty good for experience.


Lloyd said...

Happy to contribute Harry! I enjoy reading your blog every time.

Anonymous said...

does anybody know how come we dont get as many tickets for the cup final as chelski?
also, surely the other 20 odd thousand tickets should have been shared out between the 2 teams? if i dont get a ticket i`l be pissed right off that someone who probably dont even like football has got 1 instead of me!!

It's Them and Us said...

So we're in talks to sign Woodgate (oh how I hope the fee is quite small/reasonable) which I'm not sure what to make of. Great defender but you can't ignore that injury record. Hopefully we can get -- and keep -- him fully fit. The experienced head at the back we cried out for, or an expensive stop-gap?

And Pascal has been quoted with some horrendous stuff. I hope to god it's just a terrible mistranslation or else he can fucking rot like Carr did up north.

"I am definitely leaving Spurs. It's all about the money. I don't care about the final, I don't care about the cup."

If that's true, then he can fuck off and I'd glady pay for his taxi up there. Good riddance! There he can be in a team where he'll never have to worry about finals or cups, but the money's great! [insert the Fonz thumbs here]

Anonymous said...

A Glaswegian chum of mine has just told me that Celtic are making enquiries about Tainio.

Don't know if it's a sale or a loan.

I'd be unhappy to see the lad go, but maybe it's an indication of someone else coming in.

As usual, it may just be the rumour-mill turning, but it's hardly a 'glamour' story, so there may be some substance to it.

Anyone got their ear to the ground? I'm on the 3rd floor, so my hearing ain't that good.

9.37 Anon

Vinny said...

It's them and us - Yeah Woodgate at the top of his game is a good player, but agreed on his injury record risk. I can only presume that any sensible club would give him a vigorous medical before parting with 7 million.

Although not a done deal yet, probably means Chelsk told us to piss off over Ben Haim, and Jacques obviously don't seem to be happening either. If the King stays fit, along with Daws, Woodgate and Kaboul could be sufficient enough cover in relation to the position we're in right now i.e. 12th in the league and potentially facing no UEFA footie next year, although I'm optimistic Ramos can pull off a minor miracle to launch himself towards Tottenham legendary status. If he does pull it off, then the summer transfer window will be a completely different ball game.

Chimbonda can also piss off if he really did say that - agreed, we need to find a top replacement first though.

9.37 Anon - Tainio off could be due to Tiago or another midfielder coming in. Unfortunately for Tainio would push him back to at least 5th in the defensive midfield department. Would love to see him get a least a subs place at Wembley as he's a great professional and passionate Spurs supporter also. Unfortunately there's no place against a team like Chelsea for choosing Tainio out of sympathy,as everyone of our first eleven and our subs will be important if we are to win.

Anonymous said...

Harry some great points as usual same old whining from the arsescum.

But what i wanna ask you and all the other fans with a bit of savvy is do you think Robbo can get back to the form he showed us in his first season and if so is that still a good enough level for us?


GRAZZA said...

dont understand the need/want to replace Tainio, played centre mid for the first time in 2 seasons, bosses Fabregas and Hleb and then gets ousted (potentially) yet everytime Hudd or Zok are in there people run rings round em, he suffers from not costing £8m like Zok and from not being English like Hudd if you ask me.

I dont think he has been given a fair crack of the whip ie played left wing by Jol - the lads standing up to be counted big time tho

It's Them and Us said...

I'm hoping the performance and what Tainio added to the midfield against Arsenal gives Ramos food for thought. He did more in one game than Didier has ever done in the middle of the park. Apart from a burst in pace, what does Zokora actually offer us? Nothing. Tainio is a far, far better player.

For me he's behind Jenas and on a par with Huddlestone. O' Hara is probably close but ear-marked as 'not quite ready' and I fear he'll end up like Barnard and be shipped off in the summer. And no disrespect to Celtic, but we aren't going to loan him out, and I doubt we'd let him go for cheap (after the 'Robbie Keane to Celtic' spiel every year, I find it hard to believe any rumours regarding Celtic).

Woodgate is a gamble -- but if it pays off then we look like having an awesome back-line (if you believe that Hutton WILL happen). Of course if he gets injured then we're back left hoping King stays fit.

Vinny said...

Grazza - I understand where you're coming from, Tainio is seen like an unfashionable item of High Street shop clothing against Zoks or Jenas who are more ostentatious designer labels because of their high cost.

However, my opinion is partizan to that as I over the past couple of seasons was transformed from a big Tainio fan into someone who realises, the bloke has his limitations.

Now don't get me wrong, he had a fantastic game against the scum throwing himself around etc, completely suffocated their usual passing game and allowed Jenas to break forward to hurt them.

Thats all great, but on a consistent basis, maybe I'm asking too much, but would like our DM to not only tackle, battle and make 5 yard passes, but addtionally would like a player who can pick out progressive passes to start off attacks similarly to Makele at Chelsea who is a master at doing it, just seems to always give the ball to the right person at the right time...difficult to explain but thats what top players do.

This is the kind of midfielder who distinguishes himself enough to be a "Top 4" team player, which is the direction we need to head to.

Not saying Tainio is shit, because he's not and would love him to stick around as a squad player and he must be a great example to the kids...I just feel seeing his play over the last couple of seasons is lacking when we need something more than a midfield battler.

Of course we all have different opinions, that's the beauty of this game...COYS!

dannyboy said...

'But what i wanna ask you and all the other fans with a bit of savvy is do you think Robbo can get back to the form he showed us in his first season and if so is that still a good enough level for us?'

YES and I hope he does.


Anonymous said...


Reports are emerging of a rift between Dimitar Berbatov and the other Spurs players. Berbatov has allegedly been seen during training wearing a woolly hat and gloves, which some have suggested demonstrates a lack of commitment to Spurs in all weathers.

Witnesses have related how Berbatov has worn a woolly cap "with red flecks in it", suggesting an imminent move to Manchester United. To add fuel to the flames, he has occasionally been heard to utter the sound 'Sh', which is very close to 'Shearer', signifying a move to Newcastle. Berbatov is a known fan of absurd, sentimental support, and would welcome an opportunity to play for Keegan or anyone who once sported a dodgy perm.

In addition, Berbatov's agent has allegedly been looking at properties in Barcelona, possibly with a view to his client moving there imminently. Or maybe Milan. Or possibly Lyon. In fact, he has been seen in several European cities at the same time.

Meanwhile, Spurs have been linked with a host of transfer targets, including Middlesborough's Stewart Downing, who has been sharpening his "sweet left foot" in preparation for a move to N17. Some reports suggest that Ramos' dieticians are working around the clock to prepare a regimen for Downing's left foot, in order to sweeten it still further, including regular meals of Muscavado sugar and fruit juice. Additional disciplines, such as immersing his left foot in a bucket of sugared water every morning and evening have been arranged.

Meanwhile, Spurs' board are prepared to "break the bank" to bring Lionel Messi to White Hart Lane. Messi is apparently disillusioned with life in Spain and longs to come to north London, where he can enjoy the delights of Wood Green Shopping City. "I have read glowing reports of TK Max and Boots the Chemist, and I want to experience it for myself," he is alleged to have said.

Spurs stand ready to spend up to 400 million pounds during the transfer window in order to get a Champions' League place - this, despite Sir Alex Ferguson being cleared of inappropriate behaviour after making peculiar 'pumping' motions with his arm after a match against Reading.

All of the above is alleged, and may or may not be actually true.

9.37 Anon

It's Them and Us said...

Haha Anon, bravo.

I do think Tainio has his limitations and isn't anywhere near the class of Makele -- but name me one other player that is? There are none. He is simply the best defensive midfielder in the World, even at the age of 34. Tainio isn't World Class nor would any of the 'top four' make a play for him -- but he does a no-nonsense job and we need that. Our world-class 'Makele', whom Ramos wants, is David Albelda . Although we might need to wait until the summer for that to happen.

Pascal has come out and denied saying that he doesn't care about Spurs or didn't care they reached the final. To be honest the "quotes" attributed to him did seem ridiculous, even for Pascal. And it's obvious there is an axe to grind over the potential signing of yet another full-back, but he's not as stupid to make such comments that would alienate him at ANY club.

Summer departure I reckon.

It's Them and Us said...


colmf said...

Ah! sweet...
the spurs played like as of old...they hunted in packs-great to watch.If they keep that level of performance and tempo up- who knows!
Wenger was pathetic and arrogant...I hope he got a champagne cork in the eye.
well done spurs!

Vinny said...

Excuse the spelling of course, that one always gets me along with doolaly or is dolele?...;0)

It's Them and Us said...

I was correctly myself, and you. ;)

People knew who we meant!

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see the Sky Sports interview with Robbo?

I assume that any interview a player gives has to be sanctioned by the club. There may be no such thing as bad publicity, but there are good and bad public relations.

I also assume that Robbo's interview may not have been sanctioned because, what I saw of it this morning - in between draughts of tea and and porridge - suggested it took place at some place other than the Spurs Ground or Sky Sports.

If so, what was the function of it? What are the benefits to him in making the interview?

He wasn't vehemently critical of the new Spurs regime, although he regretted the manner in which he was dropped. He declared, in fact, that he was fighting to regain his place in the side. But he did seem to have a point to make.

He denied he'd be leaving the club during the transfer window. Nor has he hasn't submitted a transfer request, he said. Fair enough. But was he trying to force the club's hand in some way by coming out and going public on TV? There's clearly some anxiety there between him and the management, and he's obviously hurt.

A player has to be objective if his form takes a dip because only in that way can he hope to address it. Self-belief is great, but perspective is invaluable. Being Spurs' and England's sometime 'No 1' doesn't give him or anyone else the right to remain so in perpetuity.

Personally, I think Spurs fans gave Robbo enormous support during his troubles. Incredibly loyal, we arrived at the difficult conclusion that the team was suffering - at least in part - due to him. And it wasn't without regret that we said as much; and we all encouraged his return to form.

But I wonder - what does this interview signify? What do think think, guys? Is it a coded message of some sort? A statement of intent? A throwing down of the gauntlet? Is it Robbo getting back at the club in the only way left to him?

And have we seen the last of him in a Spurs shirt?

How will we cope without that old, familiar barrell-roll?

9.37 Anon

It's Them and Us said...

I think it was Robbo just stating his case. The media have gone after him a lot harder than they do with most English keepers and I think he's a guy that relies on people having faith in his ability. The stories that are ruining his reputation with the fans I think has hurt him and he felt it important to tell everyone what the situation is.

He's not happy being on the bench, which is definitely good to know. He too admits that he deserved some criticism and openly agreed that his form is some way off the standard it was at the start of his Spurs career. He wasn't happy with how he was dropped, which is fair enough, and said he wasn't looking to move. Also he vowed to work hard so when he is given a chance again that we'll see a new and improved "England's #1".

Ramos praised his comments (so it was sanctioned by Spurs) and said he was acting in a professional way which he respected.

I hope Robbo returns because there is no doubting that an ordinary Robinson is better than an ordinary Cerny. A great Robinson is one of the best keepers in the league. I tend to believe before the end of the season we'll have him back in-between the sticks.

Still disappointed he didn't celebrate with the fans after beating Arsenal, heading to Wembley -- as the fans have always stuck by him, and always sung for him.

Pete The Yid said...

latest news!! skysports have just confirmed that Tiago deal is OFF!!, i think he wanted to much money.
man shity and Newcastle will battle it out! :(

Pete The Yid said...

Regrading WOODGATE,I think if, and its a big IF, we can keep him fit & playing regularly he would be an excellent signing, him & Ledders as first choice would be up there with the best CB pairing in the Prem.

Lets see if this goes through!

It's Them and Us said...

The less "I want the money" players the better. If the lure of playing for Spurs isn't enough, then so be it.

Anonymous said...

If the stories about Chimbo are true - or even remotely true - any recent decision to allow him to move on must've been based on his character, rather than his ability.

He's a bit one-footed and loses concentration, but he's still an asset, all in all.

Ramos has probably identified that the lad's a bit deficient in the team-building and solidarity department.

Same goes for Tiago, if the deal has really collapsed. Ramos wants players whose motives aren't all about the mullah, which can't be a bad thing.

So, should we feel concerned about transfer targets turning us down (is our wage-structure holding us back?), or is Ramos showing a safe pair of hands in selecting players by character as much as their abilities?

Don't know. Sifting fact from fiction in the transfer gossip is like trying to sift iron-filings.

Did anyone else notice that after Ramos arrived both Robbo and Jenas changed their hairstyles? Maybe they thought they'd look like different players and get selected for games. Funny thing is, Jenas really does look like a different player now.

Now where's the Brylcreem? If it works for Jenas...

9.37 Anon

onedavemackay said...

Glad to see so many of you paying Tanio his dues. For me he is far and away our best defensive midfielder. Can't understand why it took Juande so long to start playing him.

Did anyone else notice Berba, Keano and Aaron jumping up and down together by the dug out when Steed scored ? Certainly the papers didn't otherwise they would have said that Berba was celebrating by jumping up and down in a subdued manner !

Correct me if I'm wrong but are we praising Juande enough on this blog ? The transformation in 3 months is sensational. He the man !


Anonymous said...

'We had 500 passes, Tottenham 222. We had 64 per cent of possession and we had 18 shots on goal, Tottenham 12, and we lost 5-1. That sums up the game.'

So said Whineger. Sounds like a man obsessed with stats unable to process the only stat that mattered - 5-1. And regarding the Adebayor-Bendtner bust-up:

'We will even use this to be conscious of how much every incident, even a minor one, can be interpreted on the outside. That will even improve our togetherness.'

What an anorak.

9.37 Anon

Anonymous said...

Due to insane wage demands, Tiago Mendes won't be coming to Spurs. The clue's in his name...

Dementias, go.

9.37 Anon

jollyboysouting said...

9.37 Welcome to HH mate. Your posts are of the highest possible order. Watch out for Harry himself though. He's actually a GOOD GUY. LOL!!! (I think you know that anyway)

Anonymous said...

Cheers, matey.

Spurs. For. Ever.

9.37 Anon

Pete The YiD said...

Based in London, Chimbonda plays in long-johns, gloves and an extra pair of insulated socks.

If he moved to Newcastle, he'd have to play in a bloody space suit and I suspect that this might impair his mobility slightly.

I suppose they could microwave him lightly before kickoff and again at half time.

Very plausible.

Anonymous said...

He could keep warm here by just running a bit faster.

9.37 Anon

Anonymous said...

just another random fan here posting under 'anon'...

9.37 no wonder h loves you.. so do NZ Spurs fans.

Vinny said...

Pete the Yid - your comment about Chimbonda needing to be microwaved before match days for the toon was quite funny...or are you thinking of your stomach again mate?...;0)

shanemac said...

We can't really get angry at the management for not signing "finished-product" players if we're never willing to accept their wage demands. The reason we buy young, inexperienced players might be because we can fit them into the wage structure, rather than waiting for them to receive some ridiculous contract elsewhere after they've proven themselves. Eventually we're going to have to break this strategy if we ever hope to keep players like Berbatov who are essential to our progress. Tiago has played for Chelsea and Juventus. Sure he's got an incredibly inflated salary as is, but can we really expect him to love us that much that he'd take a 10k+ a week pay cut to come here, given our volatile history? I'm not sure about that. In any case, i've always liked tainio and i'd love to see him have a run of games in the DM role.


pompey yid said...

Dear Arsene (aka Lovechild of Lester Piggot and Kenneth Williams),
You are a great manager. Even we 'umble Spuds have to admit that you have brought a radical new level of performance to the game. And over the last ten years we have rarely competed with the power and pace and, dammit, artistry that used to be the preserve of the once proud Lillywhites. You have brought about a revolution in training and diet. And, through gritted teeth, I'll admit you have been right and justly rewarded.
But, now you want to bring about a change to the scoring system apparently. While I'm sure some of our American friends may like the idea that on Tuesday (St Hotspurs Day 2) you "won" the game by 500 passes to 220; or by 64% possession to 36%; or by 18 attempts on goal to 12; I'm not so keen. Call me old-fashioned but I'll stick with the traditional goals scoring method. So just to remind you: that was 5 to Tottenham and 1 to the Woolwich Nomads.

Anonymous said...

I calculated that Jenas took 15,750 paces during the game, covering approximately 7 miles. Fabregas, having shorter legs, took almost as many but covered only 4 miles.

Fabianski performed 5 bendovers (to pick the ball out of the net) compared to Cerny's 1. I fully respect the statistics that bear this minor victory to Arse.

But further statistics are enlightening. Spurs players as a whole flexed their smile muscles far more than their Ar*e counterparts. 12 muscles are required to smile, whereas only 11 are needed to perform the frowns and grimaces displayed by all of the Ar*e team.

It should be acknowledged, however, that it takes less effort to smile. Thus, it would be easy to infer that Ar*e players showed more stamina and industry.

But this has to be weighed against the look of shock and bewilderment eventually assumed by every Ar*e player, expressions which use the greatest economy of muscles and effort possible. In addition, Spurs players not only performed their own smiles, but showed exraordianry energy by first wiping the smug grins of the Ar*e faces.

In Whineger's own words: 'That sums up the game.'

9.37 Anon

sydney wale said...

Wenger knows his statistics and how to hide behind them. What he really wants to say is "WE WOZ ROBBED' but knows that it would never wash with anyone who saw the game, and, at 5 - 1, anyone who just saw the score......Wenger likes to charm the pants off all us uncivilised English types with his shnozzer snooting arrogantly and we all swallow it. Remember all his tantrums at the last library game? He likes to make out that we are small fish and he has more bigger fish to fry but the truth is WE GET RIGHT UP HIS NOSE.....and I Love IT!! Arrogant F**K!

I love Kenneth Williams (genius, national treasure) and Lester was always the housewive's favorite but boy! have they got some explaining!!!

daytripper said...

Regarding Chimbonda - did anybody notice that he was again our worst player Tuesday night? Their most inexperienced player, Traore, is matched up against him and yet Wenger runs his entire offense through him, down our right, and he torched Chimbo all night long.

I personally think he quit on us when the transfer window opened. After the last match with Reading, the commentators on 94.9 accused him of the same thing.

What I'm wondering is how any other club could watch his play the last month and have any interest in him at all?

onedavemackay said...

Pompey and 9.37 Know what? Me thinks Arse Whinge (an experiment in genetic engineering that went horribly wrong) doth complain too much.

How he thinks he can explain away one of the worse results in the Arse's history I don't know. Me, I always try and follow Henry Ford II's advice : "Never complain, never explain". But then again it's such a joy watching him wriggle and squirm !

And the other mystery is all this business about them being a bigger club as if that equates to matches and trophies won it's such a load of bollocks they just can't take it like a man (or woman).

Pete The YiD said...

Don't worry about my belly Vinny i keep it well feed :).
latest transfer bullshit!!!yes puyol. leave your massive contract, you challenge for the champions league and your challenge for la liga and the worlds greatest stadium to play for us in a stadium barely a third of the size, struggling in mid table, in the uefa cup and the league cup final, on far lower wages. that would be a perfect career move.

All jokes aside, if we could get him it would be unbelievable. will be 30 by the end of the season but is incredibly athletic anyway and though he has some, he doesn't rely on pace. Also has played a lot of this season at right back where he started his career and looked good there, even going forward.

Somehow i think this is what would fall under the bracket "tosh" and i am shocked to see that sky sports would let this o their website!

Anonymous said...

Then again, Sky Sports lets Paul Merson on their channel.

Nuff said.

9.37 Anon

Vinny said...

Pompey Yid - Lol, I always thought Wenger was the spitting image of Lester Piggot too, not the best looking fellas in the world.

Pete the yid - Stop eating all the pies or it'll be a maternity dress for you at the wedding son!...;0)

9.37 anon - you know you're famous when I look at a digital clock last night and I see at that moment it reads "9.37"...what do I think of?...the highly intellectual "9.37 anon"!

Who needs whisky n cocaine when our Spurs beats the scum 5-1? I must still be high from Wednesday evening...Vinny get a fucking life lol!

Vinny said...

Back to the serious subject of football...

Shanemac - You've got a great point there about the wage structure, could the difference of 10k or 20k less in pay be preventing key additions to the team joining? we need to pay nearer to the top 4 team's wage structure if we want to be like the top 4? Could maybe increasing the wage limit to say 60 or 70k for top players be the difference in persuading the Tiagos, Woodgates, Petrovs or Duffs to join?

It's clear to step up a level from the "Jol Era" of two 5th place Prem finishes we were only 2 or 3 key players and good tactician away from the decent effort of the past 2 seasons.

Now imo the board has to be appreciated for fixing the latter by bringing in Ramos.

BUT are they biting off our noses to spite our faces in terms of business pride they have as savvy business men by setting this rule of a 50k wage cap, but in the meanwhile it becomes a problem when key players who could plug our weak areas become available and opt for the other club that offers 10 or 20k more.

The reality is very few prem footballers are fans of their teams like ourselves and would take a 10 or 20k paycut just because they love Tottenham. As lovers of Spurs ourselves, yes I know we would play for free or very little, maybe cover the bus fare and a few sandwiches thrown in for good measure (especially for "Pete the yid"
;0)...unfortunately I doubt that "Harry Hotspur XI" we talked about a couple of months ago would get us anywhere, especially nowhere near champions league football lol!

We just have to accept a typical professional footballer's aim is to win as may honours and earn as much money as possible in their short careers...that's the nature of the beast. To ordinary men like you and me it seems shallow and greedy, but to them the prem players they see it as the norm to be able to command extreme wages of 60k plus if they're one of the best.

I'm definately not saying we should be paying 120k per week like the Chelsk or Utd do one or two players, but maybe swallow the business pride a bit as that extra 10 or 20k would benefit the team more and increase overall club revenue anyway if we were to make the champions league for example.

It's called the big picture fellas.

COYS...Bring on the Mancs!!!

Anonymous said...

Cheers, Vinny. Real name's David - how Yiddish is that!? 9.37 will do, though. Just prefer not to comment invisibly. Seems impolite to you, Harry and everyone else not to leave a signature of some sort.

Your points about the wage structure have currency, to 'coin' a phrase. It doesn't just have a bearing on the players invited to join the club; it's also an incentive to players already under contract to stay. If, as a player, you know there isn't a ceiling of earnings you'll be less tempted to look elsewhere for gain.

I'm ignorant of what players earn in terms of basic wages and bonuses. Maybe Spurs have other financial mechanisms in place to 'top up' a players revenue.

I'm in two minds. I want the board to splash out big-time. I want the players to be humble. I think players are over-paid. I don't want another player to reject us because he can get 10k elsewhere. Neither do I don't want a player to reject us for financial motives. I want ticket-prices to be affordable to the man on the street. I don't want White Hart Spain to become like the corporate Emptycrates. I want success and glory. I want to have my cake and eat it, too.

I'm a Tottenham romantic, and stupidly I probably want to turn back the clock to a simpler time, which can't happen. The transfer and wage figures bandied around boggle my mind.

If you don't need the whisky and cocaine, pass 'em on, and I'll no longer vie with you for the title of 'Longest Poster'.

Enter Berbatov tomorrow, centre-stage.

9.37 Anon

Vinny said...

Anon 9.37/David - Nice stuff...I mean your comments not the whisky and cocaine of course!...;0)

Will not even attempt to better your excellent written memoirs/portrayal of a true Tottenham supporter...there you go! you win the title of the "longest poster"...;0)

Vinny said...

By the way...don't usually like to lose at anything!...must be going soft in me old age...;0)

dannyboy said...

are vinny and anon 9.37 having a love affair? is vinny cheating on pete the yid? watch this space.

whoever scores 1st tomorrow will win, there's my prediction. come on Jenas, keep it up son.


Anonymous said...

BimitarDerbatov is a muppet. Whats with the ye's and shit? He thinks he's Russell Brand. Gives the rest of us a bad name.

Pete The YiD said...

Vinny! I CAN NOT LEAVE PIES ALONE!!, you will have to try and understand that this is my second LOVE!,and you no what they say to get to ugly fat man heart is through his 5-1 bellies! now i have noticed now you are now try it on with Anon! i just hope and prey that you are being sensible using condoms on your fingers when you are typing !!. :)