Saturday, January 19, 2008

Spurs Beat Another Rubbish Team: Extended Highlights

Well Sunderland certainly gave Spurs a run for their money but I'm unapologetic about the headline.

Sunderland are not to be confused with a quality firm nor their manager mistaken for the Second Coming. I don't 'have it in ' for Roy, rather am left colder (quoting Tom Waits) than a well digger's ass in relation to the entire Roy Keane hysteria. I predict and wish relegation for them.

Was it the snub from the financially fixated Fred that put the armband on Defoe? Gawd knows. I'm not complaining. Just chewing the fat. I do find giving the damn thing to Robinson as a total cop out, so it was an improvement.

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pete the yid said...

Just got back from lane This game had 1-1 written all over it from the 2nd half onwards and we luckily hung on for a 2-0 win. Some points from this match.

. Stalteri was taken stripped by Murphy and the most dangerous attacks came down the right. He looked very off the pace and even Chimbonda looked vulnerable/casual when he came on which didn't help the defensive confidence.

. Boeteng looked a bit better than he has done with better ball retention and less tendency to dive and concede unnecessary free-kicks.

. Huddlestone was great in defense, spraying passes around with supreme accuracy before Keane changed to 442 with Chopra closing him down.

. We seemed to lose our ball retention after O'Hara went off.

. We were out muscled on every 3 in 5 balls.

. Lee looked like a weakness in defense and short of confidence.

. Lennons frustrating continuance in not looking up when he creates so much panic in defenses was showed time and again today. He had opportunities to at least take the sting out of the continuing pressure that Sunderland were putting on our defense but he tended to waste it. Really needs to work on not just the final ball but his overall decision-making in the final-third.
My Man of the match DAWSON!!

- But we won 2-0 so who am I to moan :) COYS

And Keane ..... I love you :) 100

Anonymous said...

Bit harsh on The Cats HH?

Harry Hotspur said...

Sunderland are an uninspiring Fulham.

Derby but without the painting and decorating work at the weekends.

I'm glad of the 3 points, but the work ahead is the Ars*nal tie...

Not to mention Man Utd...

Anonymous said...

Apparently, if you look up into the sky tonight - and are fortunate enough for the rainclouds to part - you will see a blue moon. But no doubt you've already guessed that, because Aaron Lennon scored a goal today.

9.37 Anon

EL said...

It's nice to know that a Spurs side with several 2nd teamers and one completely out of position, can still beat even lowly opposition AND keep a clean sheet.

Our manager's eyes are definately on bigger things, which as usual, will show us exactly where our first team (or the closest thing we can get to it) really are.

LOVE the tiago rumour. Yes please!

The biggest game of our season so far is not far away. A Uefa cup place may depend on it.

Go on the Spurs!

Harry Hotspur said...


I have been accused of being JGM.
Your posts have also been relentlessly good.

I am now hoping for a similar accusation in relation to you.

Anonymous said...

Cheers, Harry. Keep up the good work.

So is the captain's armband a coded way of saying 'Player for sale?'

Robinson, Defoe..... Stalteri and Chimbonda next?

9.37 Anon

Anonymous said...

Chimbonda, what a c*nt.

Anonymous said...

Just a point for debate, but if Everton qualify for Europe through the league, does that mean we are already there?

Anonymous said...

Harry your a prize cunt...discuss

Anonymous said...

I thought thr referee was shit

Anonymous said...

Can't complain about winning with a weakened side, not the greatest game but still played some good football 1st half. I quite like that Kenwin Jones!! Let's hope we stuff the scum good 'n proper on Tues. Funny how they have to drop their ticket prices to keep up attendances...

Anonymous said...

although im not sure i trust Stalteri's defending, i did enjoy seeing Lennon having room to work without Chimbonda running up his ass

frontwheel said...

I might have mentioned this before, but in case I didn't:


Here's to another hundred ya feckin ballix!

Maureen. said...
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Ryan said...

Diamonds on my Windshield, fair play to you sir.

Very glad to get the win today, Keano is the King of the Lane!

theshelfer said...

I was very disappointed that Ramos gave Defoe the captaincy today. Perhaps it is an old-fashioned view but I want the captain of our team to have earned it, and to be able to demonstrate leadership when needed.

Defoe is not a first team regular, is not a team player (how many times has he shot when there is a teamate in a better position), and has shown a lack of ambition by not seeking first team football elsewhere.

I concede that none of our normal captains were on the pitch, but how the hell can Defoe be more deserving of the captaincy than Dawson, Jenas, or Berbatov.

I fear that Ramos was playing some form of game with the captaincy to force Defoe into a decision on his future. If so, Juande let us traditionlists down. Have a word with him Gus.

Anonymous said...
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Ze Prince said...

Danny Rose on the bench? Quality stuff. And The Hudd looked like a machine at the back. Expect more.

dannyboy said...

good times are just round the corner. should have been 5-0 up at half time, outplayed in the 2nd half, grind out 2-0 win; sign of a quality team.
Ramos will prove to be the best Spurs manager since Burkinshaw.


Anonymous said...

Hudd looked like a machine - just a slow one. With his fine passing ability, he'd be our complete mechanical hulk if he had a bit more speed on his chassis.

Now I think of it, does anyone else think the transfer window is starting to resemble Scrapheap Challenge?

'Tune in to see football's bodgers scavenge the heap of available parts and fabricate the playing equivalent of monster-trucks and jet-racers.'

9.37 Anon

4 Ever Hopeful said...

I find it allvery exciting.A manager prepared to try something different, disregard repuatations and bring in youth. The prospect of Rose, Parret, Hutton, Dixon et al pushing their way through into an already successful team is mouth watering.

Not sure about Huddlestone at the back. He is a class act WHEN he has time to play but he has already shown a fraility in the air at set pieces so the jury is out for me.

As for Defoe getting the armband. Where the hell did that come from?Jenas should have had that yesterday surely. Or Dawson

EL said...

When there's clearly no-one in the squad who plays regularly enough or with enough authority to BE a captain, why give a fuck who wears the armband? I couldn't care less if they gave it to someone on the bench personally. You've either got it or you haven't, never mind the fcuking label! Keane & Malbranque are probably the closest thing but neither are really a Mackay, Perryman or Mabbutt are they.

Defoe, it has been alleged, is close to signing a two year extention and says he is happy here and wants to stay and fight for more action. A good sign for the club and the player(if true).

Harry, great clips, cheers. And could you let me know at which village fete you won a prize for best C*nt(Did you come first?) and when is the next one because I reckon I could give you a run for your money. Mind you we both would have to hope that 12.18am anon or JGM doesn't turn up or neither of us will get a look-in.

Keep doin it Hazza,

Up the Spurs!

EL said...

Re: Thud @ the back.

Spraying quality passes from defence onto the sprinting tip-toe of forwards: Good.

Being made to look like Wiley Coyote in a diving suit, chasing the Road Runner into our penalty area: Fcukin frightening.

Keep him the hell out of defence!


Anonymous said...

I doubt Ramos is the kind of character to mollify unsettled players by doing them favours - such as giving the captaincy to Defoe. It did seem odd.

Using Hudd at the back was a surprise, too. But, apart from being utilitarian, it obviously gave Ledley a rest.

I remember Gus saying that, due to there being so little time between matches, some of the training actually takes place during them.

Playing Hudd at the back and giving Defoe the captaincy enabled the pair to experience a game from a different perspective, and increase their appreciation of and responsiveness to others' roles. Maybe Hudd will move more quickly in midfield in future. Maybe Defoe will pass instead of blast over the bar.

As the saying goes, 'In order to understand your neighbour you need to walk a mile in his shoes. Then you will be a mile away from your neighbour and you will also have his shoes.'

In a similar vein, there are encouraging signals to the youth - such as Danny Rose on the bench (although, because Sunderland came back at us, Danny never actually rose from the bench at all).

The entire system of management and coaching seems more fluid, multi-layered and affirmative under Ramos. 'Come to Spurs and you'll get an opportunity.' All of which, again, must act as a draw to prospective talent considering joining our great club.

9.37 Anon

Anonymous said...

Maybe Defoe being given the armband was a shrewd bit of bridge building on Ramos behalf, no complaints if he wants to stay & sign, hope he does. Goals to games he's still quality, & look what Ramos did with Kanoute... Really hope we get Tiago, still want to see some defensive cover. Don't scoff, but all of a sudden we're only 12 points off 5th! Death to the goons on Tues!!!

dannyboy said...

....and only 7 points in front of the relegation fodder. Such a fine line.
And what's that all about on the official site about bring your flag? Let's not start celebrating before a ball is kicked. It may only be their 'reserve' side, but still a massive game to come. Let's not be the bridesmaid again Spurs.
As for Thud at centre back - he used to play there from time to time at Derby; I actually thought he was bought as a centre back. One ball to Berbatov yesterday left me drooling, but as for defending - hhmmmmmm. Centre mid is his best position.


Anonymous said...

We're moving up the table under Ramos, just a shame we've had the jammy Goons & Chelski away recently. Think it's time to start looking ahead, not behind. Your glass half empty danny!

Anonymous said...

Nice piece by Jol on Keano's ton in The Times.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the identity of Prize C*nt, I'm Spartacus.

9.37 Anon

dannyboy said...

anon 9.37

you're shameless you are ;-)

Anonymous said...

Cheers for that, great little article...

jolsgonemental said...

Its surely better than Spurs not beating a rubbish team.

And a prize cunt would surley be a virgin cunt.

I would therefore like to be the first to congratulate wrighty7.

Anonymous said...

"Jenas should have had that yesterday surely"

Best laugh I've had in ages.

Anonymous said...

Dear Harry, I've never posted before but felt compelled to do so today because i just so happened to be listening to Tom Waits when whilst reading your musings on yesterdays game. How weird is that!


Anonymous said...

Keegan wants to buy Berbatov. Berbatov is a life-long Newcastle and Shearer fan. Shearer was the young boy Berba's idol.

Now it all makes sense. Now I understand whose skills inspired Berbatov's footwork and sublime ball control; not to mention his languid manner, or his ability to do the extraordinary.

And, when his playing career is over, no doubt he'll make an incredibly insightful TV pundit.

Does anyone know why Defoe wore the captain's armband on his head yesterday?

9.37 Anon

It's Them and Us said...

I agree with JGM. Why is there so much negativity about WINNING? God fucking damn. Sometimes I fear we have a section that see Geordie fans as idols. Should we be beating these teams? Yes. Is 3 points still 3 points regardless of opposition? Yes. Do we need 3 points before our run of teams coming up in the league? .. eh, you get the picture.

Berbatov was only a fan of Shearer, not Newcastle. Another example of poor journalism.


Harry Hotspur said...

3 points is not to be sniffed at I agree but we can't even turn over Villa. No euro football next season. ? which will make us invisible to great players in the transfer windows and give any of our lot who wish to quit a good reason.

I was sorry to see Berbatov fail to convert and yet AGAIN left unconvinced by RK's finish. Would I have preferred him to have missed? No. But it was lucky to go in.

And there's the rub, a decent firm would've scored against us. A decent firm would've stopped Keane's effort. So Spurs 'best' more relegation fodder.

I want a cup.

Ramos! Get me a f*cking cup!

It's Them and Us said...

We should be beating Villa of course but that was lost on set-pieces, which wasn't surprising seeing as we're the worst at defending them and it's their key source of goals. Not an excuse nor would I make one.

A lack of drive at the back with a certain King missing (although the problems don't disappear with him present, you don't feel as vulnerable if he's there) was crucial. Whether we'd win if he was playing in that game or not we'll never know but I'd of certainly been more confident.

Berbatov didn't hit the target and Robbie Keane did. It was a scrappy goal but you're taught to at least get your shot on target and that's what he did -- for the 100th time in a Spurs shirt! (cheap link, I know) And his record, however many he might miss, is phenomenal. He's worth a punt to score against Arsenal on Tuesday.

The rub could of seen us head into half-time 4-0 up. Don't base it on if's and but's! We Yids do that enough when we lose, nevermind starting when we win. Did we ride our luck? Sure. But how many times against 'better firms' have we been UNLUCKY? Liverpool away? United away? Arsenal away? Come on mate.

A cup? The team selection alone shows that Ramos wants the cup. Europe via the league would require a great deal of luck and incredible form on our part. Think we're destined to finish about 8th as Everton look too strong and Citeh may be too far away (albeit inconsistant).

Tuesday holds the key to our season. And hopefully come Feb 24th we'll see the image we dream of come true: Ledley hoisting up a trophy.

Harry Hotspur said...

It's Them and Us ~ good stuff, good stuff!

Anonymous said...

Sunderland are struggling to avoid the drop. Likewise Brum and Wigan. Chelsea only scraped a 1-0 win. Sounds like Everton survived a siege, too.

The challenge of the PL is to grind out these victories. On saturday Spurs met that challenge.

We're now top of the second tier in the table, which is better than 2 months ago, but perfect ammo for those who call us a mid-table team.

Glass half-empty, glass half-full.

Pete the Yid said we were out-muscled 3 in every 5 balls. Sunderland are like wildebeest to Spurs' gazelles. You don't expect much elegance from the wildebeest of the league. Muscle is their method. That's why we get trampled on occasionally. And that's why we often look more convincing against the other gazelles in the league. It's like method for like. We looked convincing against Ars*nal last two games. Just unlucky.

Against the Black Cats we were lucky.

Now I'm smiling because I have an image of Thudd in my head as a gazelle, but you get the drift. It's the style of play. We want elegant, tasty moves, not a herd of ugly hooves.

I, too, want to see Spurs beat these teams convincingly. I want Berbatov score every game in a way that makes me swoon. My obsessive personality sees Lennon's goal as a freak, and Keane's as fortuitous. So the victory is flawed, even though my weekend has felt a lot better for it.

I want glory. I want the eyes of the world on Tottenham. I want us back where I believe we deserve to be, on a football pedestal. I'm impatient for this. I want it now. I want 0-60 in 5 seconds. I want intimations of the stuff of legends - like the story of the 16 year-old boy who came from Scunthorpe to Spurs in 1936, going on to deliver us proud glory. And then the entire world looked on, bedazzled.

Sentimental and past my sell-by-date, I'm in love with Tottenham Hotspur, because it's me; its where I'm from; it's my history - the names, the moments, the triumphs. And I arrogantly attach myself to that glory and expect it - demand it - again.

Have a good week, all.

9.37 Anon

Anonymous said...

Hey 9.37anon, can I borrow your collection of wildlife dvds sometime?

sydney wale said...

2 - 0 lucky but job done. history. Biggest game so far thisseason to come this week. Butterflies already. Hope dannyboy is right and Ramos is as good as Burkinshaw. Can't wait, can't wait!

Bring it forth you beauties!

Reality said...

2 poor teams in a relegation scrap - nothing to get excited about.

Arsenal b team here we come.