Thursday, January 17, 2008

Spurs Nudge Out Reading: Belated Highlights

Apologies for the delay folks...


onedavemackay said...

No apology needed Harry! I'm just hoping something decent like Arshavin turns up cos at the moment Damian the Dunce seems to be chasing shadows. Hopefully, Ramos is sticking his oar in otherwise I fear more last minute panic buys like that Polish striker and Murphy etc.

Nice picture from 81 by the way.

that boy's a bit special said...

its always nice to see a win but also depressing to see that every chance they had could have been avoided with some competant defending

why is it that our transfer policy is still to buy every attacker we can get our hands on?

i think we can expect some more 6-4s, im not going to complain if theyre in our favour though

It's Them and Us said...

To be honest I think we could do to lose Defoe (£10M seems reasonable) and let Pekhart warm his arse on the subs bench. You saw a couple of seasons ago how eager the young lads are to play for the first team when Barnard came on (against United if I remember). He deserves a look-in.

Steed and Jenas should be built around in the middle of the park. Both are engines and will keep going for 90 minutes. Lennon is still not at 100% (he himself admitting that) but has the talent to make the right-hand side his own. We NEED a left-winger but when have we not?

A young keeper to pressure Robbo is also likely as I still have faith in the big lad from Leeds to come good -- a lot wrote off James and he's come back to solid form. He's still young (especially in keeper terms) but desperately needs a coach. Seriously, someone pull their fucking finger out.

At the back we need experience. That's it. King is getting there but we can't afford to lost him again. Dawson and Kaboul have the talent they just need guidance. Gunter, if possible can take over either full-back role if we opt to push Bale into midfield.

onedavemackay said...

It's them and us. Your right but then we all know what we need the question is are we going to get it ?

Or put another way is the bloke we really need to replace Comolli ?

theshelfer said...

Its now or never for Defoe. I have never been convinced by his "I love it at Spurs and I wanna stay".

If he has any ambition he must move to another club as surely it must have sunk into his brain by now that he is never going to get a run in the team.

If he decides to stay without signing a contract, then he it is clear that he only cares about the green stuff and wants to do the same as a chap who currently plays down by the south coast.

The nightmare scenario as far as I am concerned is that he signs a new contract and stays. Not only is he not good enough, but it will show his total lack of drive and ambition that he is happy to sit on his backside for 80 minutes every game.

It's Them and Us said...

I'd of personally took Matty Taylor. I fear the response from Comolli would of been "he's too old" as he's not under the age of 23. Petrov, for under £5M was a steal and also available to us -- again rejected due to age and 'injury concerns'. Gamst Pederson if available at the same price being touted for Downing I'd take. Also a fan of N'Zogbia who we could probably of got a year or so ago. Ashley Young I thought was over-priced but has turned out good -- another player that would of rather come to us. And despite his detractors I think Stephen Hunt could do a job on the left of midfield as his final ball is good, his work-rate great and reminds me in a way of Steed.

Comolli should be out of a job. But I fear that for him to go would only be if Ramos failed and I hope to God he doesn't.

Harry Hotspur said...

Cheers ODM

Word is that there is a significant amount of disinformation being put out by by THFC at present.

The Fred deal was good, but went sour due to the South American moron wanting to use us a retirement fund. Swansong Spurs ~ The Slushfund. Not the transfer fee but his own personal weekly bunce...

For every SPURS BID FOR ******* that is worth running at the mo, there are five at least that are not.

Vinny said...

Truth is guys, although Comolli is looking like a cnut at the moment, who really knows what goes on behind the scenes.

Too many questions to answer, e.g. was his success at the arse due to the Peado identifying all that kiddy talent and then setting DC on their trail to sign them?

Or do we need to be more realistic with the talent we can bring in to our potentially massive club?, and at the same time being honest with ourselves that we've under achieved for years so may not get the pick of the cream till we're regularly in the champions league like our scum neighbours?

On this one we have to trust Levy, who has shown us no lack of ambition lately and seems far too shrewd to have hired in Commoli a "pretender".

He is looking that way so far, but time will tell as he can't hide under the golden eagle Levy's wing forever, as I expect in the event Comolli doesn't produce the goods...Levy will protect his golden egg's future and in turn eat Comolli for breakfast.

Harry Hotspur said...

the shelfer - Totally agree mate. Doomsday seems to be denoted by more Defoe and no inspirational signings...

Chris said...

I'm personally just really hoping that all the shiite thats going around at the moment is really just smokescreen while some real deals go on.

But....based on recent experience, when was the last time spurs made a "shock" signing that wasn't hinted at in the press beforehand??

Lennon4England said...

I think i am going to have to clear alot of this up now. I very rarely post information because im not allowed to apart from maybe team news but never transfer or what goes on behind the scene. Lots of the ITK stuff this window has been crap.... there are only a few ITK who are correct more often than not, that is dragon1, ben, naybet (always spot on when he posts), the scout and a couple others who i cant think of at the moment. However some of these including ben have been off target with a few this window and lots of information has been wide of the mark.

Why I post this now is because all the criticism commolli's getting. Everyone seems to think they know what goes on behind the scenes and i alot of the information recently put up is absolutely laughable. The post about him saying drogba and essien wouldnt make it are crap - Wenger was pissed off when he went as he was his best scout.

Admittedly he made some bad signings this window, but ramos et al have high hopes for kaboul still, bale was a good signing and bents record did speak for himself its just there are 2 better strikers than him. Just lay off everyone at the club at the moment because there after very talented players this window and believe it or not there are some players who we want who havent been mentionned so lets not jump to conclusions until the end of the window.

...What i forgot to add is they know there are leeks in the club and deals have broken down because of ITK putting up information and papers getting to see the information. They have tried to cut leeks down now by feeding out wrong information ot people they think who leek stuff but lots is still getting out. So what i am saying is i know we all like seeing information but sometimes it is better kept quiet
One last thing, despite contrary to belief the way the DOF and the manager works on transfers is the same way as before, nothing has changed. Dont just think because people said jol didnt want players means that he didnt approve to them. All transfers had to and will always have to be approved by the manager except the youngsters.

Chris said...

I think alot of the abuse people dish out is partly due to the shitload of crappy press coverage spurs get.

Aside from Liverpool (of late) none of the other top teams get nearly so much shite as us rumour wise.

It is a vicious circle though, since we all end up talking about, and want better (in most accounts more truthful) information-they dish out more crap, we hope for something real and so and so forth.

Anyways. I think Pro Evo 08 has jinxed my f*cking league games against le arse. It just wont let me score!!!!!

theshelfer said...

Lennon4England - are you trying to pretend you are a Spurs insider? If so, give us a little titbit to prove it. Give us something that will surprise us all and give you credibility. Otherwise, when you say "I very rarely post information because im not allowed to", I will assume it is your mum who has banned you from using the internet as she is fed up with having an Arsenal fan in the house.

theshelfer said...

Kaboul - is it just me, but I really want this bloke to succeed. He appears to genuinely want to play for the Spurs and I think if Ramos can turn him around he could become a legend.
From what I can see, he has all the attributes, but just needs to improve his concentration. Mind you, they keep saying this about Titus Bramble.

dannyboy said...

chris 9.43

the last 'shock' signing was probably Klinsman? I remember where I was at the time and what I thought!!! (Walking down Baker Street in my lunch break).


dannyboy said...

....and how about James McFadden for our 'problem' left midfield role?

chris said...


that's not funny...

I 41 said...

I agree with Lenon4England-I think we're being fed a load of cobblers & even more than the usual transfer window fare.So while I was also coming to the view that Defoe would move on it may still be a bit premature as Fred seems to be off.A good left winger or creative midfielder could mean we could make do with 3 forwards or move Pekhart in if need be.However we really need some extra cover for defence.So maybe one or 2 new faces at best ??This said, I thought KPB showed a few promising touches.

dannyboy said...

Just a thought, but for all these people touting the likes of Pekhart etc, has anyone actually seen him / them play? I haven't, so can't comment. That's all.

Oh and Chris, what's not funny?


Anonymous said...

Can't we start a "get Commolli out" campaign from the terraces?? I don't get to go that often due to money, but this guy is really P*ssin me off!! (note the capital P)

chris said...

I say not funny as the idea of us going for another forward...which we aren't going to....hold on.

I'm not getting into this, but if some of the "mystery goings on" a spurs end up in us buying mcfadden i'll be mighty disapointed.

how about a pleasent suprise like...i dunno...daniel alves?

admittedly a less needed position...but wouldn't it be nice?

Anonymous said...

seen peckhart play a few times for the ressies and looks good but thats not the point, we never will see him all the while we have 4 strikers like this,we will always have probs until we make the champs lge imo keeping them all happy.for now i'd love to see peckhart or someone be the 4th striker they would give it there all, be happy making the bench here and there, not moan and would improve and gain valuable experiance potentially saving us a packet!

that boy's a bit special said...

i agree with you on Kaboul id love to see him as a regular centre half
hes got great technique and wants to play a passing game from the back
id rather see a player try to play football than hoof it wherever they can (Dawson anyone?)
he just had a bad start (ie West Ham) because hes not used to strikers pressing high up the pitch, you watch the French League and youll see lazy forwards who dont want to know when the opposition has the ball
he just needs to get used to the pace of england

It's Them and Us said...

I've seen Pekhart play for the Czech U-21s and he seems to boast a lot of good qualities. He's banged in goals for the academy and likewise for the reserve squad. He's also been promoted to the U-21s at a young age and doesn't seem fazed by it. If he's not going to be used then what the fuck is the point of having an academy?

(And like the guy said above me [anon 11:11], you need a young and hungry striker at #4 unless you're strolling the league and cups. We aren't. Soon Bent will moan about lack of chances. Defoe can move on, then Bent becomes the natural replacement and if injuries strike we have Tommy to come on and be given a chance to show we needn't spend £10M on a replacement for Defoe.)

McFadden.. eh. He reminds me of David Healy in that he's much better playing for Scotland than for any team in the Premiership. And for £5.5M you're having a laugh.

It's Them and Us said...

And I wasn't suggesting David Healy was Scottish, it was just badly written. Better for their national sides would make it easier to explain.

Ian S said...

If the mild-mannered janitor (Defoe) is to go to Villa, shouldn't we be trying to get Spurs-fan Barry, or Young, coming the other way?? Now that would improve our squad!!
Does anyone think we should have gone for Diarra?

Anonymous said...

its them and us:Its good that Ramos looks more inclined to give these lads a go if they do well in training o hara being the obvious example.I hope this continues as we have some quite talented young players in our academy and res sides,from what i have seen and although comolli is certainly not flavour of the month amongst us fans at the mo i think he will of proved to of done well in this dept in the long run(maybe to late for him the way its going with this mini revolt!)all providing they get the chance of course, or like you say whats the point!

Anonymous said...

I think Diarra would have been a good DM. Dont know why we wernt in for him. Good bit of business by Harry as usual. Good value at 5mil......

onedavemackay said...

lennon4england. I agree that the media and the web are full of an absolute load of tosh regarding the comings and goings in the January window.

I also agree that Comolli should be judged on who he actually brings in but shouldn't he also be judged on who he doesn't buy ?

Looking past a few gems (Berba, Bale, Steed etc) there are some questionable buys. Once Bent's price went above £10 million we should have left it. Zokora does very little and it's doubtful he'll make it. Rocha , Murphy and Rasiak were last minute panic buys. Davenport ????? Kabul and the Prince may well develop into great players but with Bent we managed to spend 40 million on them while we were crying out for an experienced CB and defensive midfielder.By all means buy for the future but save a little bit for the present !

Then there are the ones he didn't manage to buy Ashley Young, Petrov, Craig Gordon anybody ?

So judging Comolli on who he has and has not bought he looks below average to me.

spursnomad said...

good stuff guys. is it me or is there an anti-spurs leaning amongst the press?

Anonymous said...

I was meaning academy players he has bought like Berchiche,Olsen,Rose. the manager and chairman has had a say on any first team players and i like everyone else am miffed as to why we payed so much for bent and didn't strengthen other areas of the team that said there isn't anyone out there that doesn't buy a dud or 3 it goes with the territory fergie,wenger,arnescum all of them have done it, before him would any of our dumb arsed scouts found berba? anyone could of got him when we did 11 mill total steal where were man u then? there has been some mistakes but omelette's and eggs eh

Vinny said...

Ian S and Anon 11.50pm, I'm with you lads on Diarra. We got threadbare in defensive midfielders with the ANC and suspensions and dont think it'll be long before the club bundle Tainio into some deal somewhere leaving us with Jenas, Zoks, Hudds as our main DM's. Now adding Diarra to the mix would have added that little extra cover considering our busy league and cup campaigns for reasonable fee.

Onedavemackay - exactly why Comolli got my goat, we fuck around and lose Petrov of only 4.7 million to shit like Citeh and also messed around and consequently lost out on Ashley Young for 9 million, who was a bit more of a gamble admitedley, although highly rated by our ex legendary manager Keith Burkinshaw.

Then we talk about signing Downing between figures of 10 to 12 million and he looks half the player of Petrov and Young!

Very true DC should be also judged on who he fails to bring to the club, simple as.

Anonymous said...

onedavemackay: some important things i think your missing when you blame him for ones we didn't sign.It is one thing identifying good players but can be a totally different thing getting them to join for several reasons 1)levy ties one hand behind his back by making him primarily search for young British players,then young players, then no chance!2)Levy enforces a strict wage cap which is why we see so many end up at the geordies or city who pay more(you mentioned petrov ,he went to city coz they payed more end of!) and 3) we are not in the champs league that coupled with the wages seriously limits us to what players we can actually get ,doesn't mean he hadn't identified them though just remember he constantly works to levy's gameplan which is more the prob imo i think we need to break the mold at least for a couple of players ,people have mentioned before the davids effect when he first came and imo good experianced pro's are worth 2coaches to a young player in games /training,confidence and development

Anonymous said...

Surely legendary ex manager not ex legendary manager? Poor Keefy. Anyway, reason why DC should F right off is that he's paid a handsome salary to strengthen the team where we really need it, spending wisely in the process. Record signing Darren Bent ringing any bells??

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry boys but i think blaming him for who he doesn't sign is ridiculas i mean by the same token should we be praising him then for not signing james beattie or titus bramble....?

Anonymous said...

spursnomad - you're right, a lot of the press do have it in for Spurs. A lot of that is down to a really poor relationship between Matthew Norman, who writes for the Evening Standard and Daniel Levy. Ironically Norman has always claimed to be an avid Spurs fan (although like some other Spurs fand I know he never seems to have anything good to say about the club). He's had a thing about slagging Levy off for ages and in the summer Levy cracked and banned the Evening Standard and Matthew Norman from WHL. Never a good idea to try to silence the press Mr Levy. The Eveneing Standard is part of the Associated Newspapers group which includes the Metro, the Daily Mail and the Mail on Sunday. I have to say that these papers often seem to be doing their best to stir things up with inflammatory headlines and pretty negative articles. Personally, I wouldn't wipe my arse with any of them. You want Spurs news? Stick to HH. You want transfer news? Just check the official site - it's the best way of avoiding the merry-go-round of disappointment.

Vinny said...


1) Levy ties DC's hands forcing him to sign young British?...doubt it, in full knowledge that Comolli's main talent was unearthing young French and other foreign talent at Arsenal.

2) The wage cap thing?...yeah can see that capping salaries with regards to some greedy mercenaries, in which case if 50k isn't enough then they can fuck off, cos unless you're one of the top 4 teams or the odd Newcastle player, then I don't believe every other team pays more than 50k per player. Anyway, I don't think you or I will ever know the real reason why Petrov didn't sign, it was also said that Eriksson not messing about and making intentions clear he wanted him and that was that. As I seem to remember, we seemed to be fannying around up against United for the signing of Nani, which head to head was never going to happen, and then we still had time to buy Petrov, but there was never any urgent attempt to get him even then. Imagine him and Berba doing what they do for Bulgaria, for Spurs every week!

3) You're right we're not in the Champs league which will prevent us from signing the Schneiders, Van Der Vaarts etc, BUT neither did Martin Petrov or Ashley Young go to Champions league teams did they?

But agree with you as well as young players we need a couple of experienced older pro's who have been there n done it to show the younger pros like Naybet did in defence, Klinsmann was the same, Poyet when he joined us. These players can be a postive influence on the youngsters.

Which is why I would take any of Wes Brown - seen it all with Utd or Martin Laursen - ex AC Milan player in the short-term if we can't get either of Jarque or Ben Haim.

Davids also became detrimental to morale towards the end of his time at Spurs scrapping with both Keano and Jol was it? AND recently had that Ajax youngster blurting in the press that he should join a better club than Spurs...tosser!

Now Keano for me should be kept around for years, has been an exemplary professional for both club and country. Not the best in the world but fast becoming a club legend, can just imagine his influence on our young pros.

Harry Hotspur said...

On Diarra, we are/have spoken to them about him. The player wants out but Uncle Wenger is in no hurry to bin him.

Would be a coup in my book. Him and Arshavin would genuinely lift us.

cypYid said...

Harry! Get with it man... Diarra has already signed for Portsmouth lol

It's Them and Us said...

Diarra has gone and already stated he wants a move to a bigger club. The lad seems to have ideas above his station and I doubt the Arse would be happy giving him to us.

We probably are being harsh on DC but surely in football it's a "results" business and in a way he will be judged for not getting players he should of, and even moreso for spending a lot on money on areas we needn't of (the biggest bone of contention).

I thought when Bent was signed he was the Berbatov replacement -- obviously the Bulgarian stayed. Surely he could of, in his position, left the deal on hold until he was certain Berbatov was leaving? And he isn't the only one to blame as I'm sure Levy/Jol would of sanctioned it (whether through talking to the player or because they anticipated an offer 'too good to refuse') also.

Petrov I heard was because of his age and the fact he'd had two knee surgeries in the past two years. With Berbatov on board (although if you go back I suppose you could argue he may of felt Berba was off to Manchester) I don't believe wages would of mattered too much as he needed to rebuild his reputation back first.

Ashley Young is more complicated because I actually felt his price was ridiculous but if we weren't the first team interested then I doubt the fee would of reached the heights it did. Out of him and Downing at the time it's close because Young plays on the left but is right-footed and Downing is and out-and-out winger. Of course now we all know who we'd take but I felt we were having our pants pulled down over the price.

I'm still amazed we didn't move at all for Matty Taylor. Maybe it's time to step away from England and prospects and go aboard and pick a diamond-in-the-rough from a midtable European side? We have the British spine already.

Anonymous said...

its them and us: this is the point i was making about how surely we miss a lot of players because of are"policies" etc etc these all come from levy so surely its a change in these policies thats needed.I'm not a comolli fan as such but its a bit ott imo,like the life of brian "hes a witch" lol

Anonymous said...

Is lennon4england's talk about "leeks at the club" a refernce to Bale and Gunter?

Vinny said...

It's Them and Us - Absolutely that's what Comolli should be doing, thats where he should earn his Euros by finding foreign talent, not always British based talent which any average British scout knows about and blimey some of these young British players are often plain obvious to even average fans like us!

Suppose there's more to it than that though - e.g. showing these home grown youngsters why they should join Tottenham and not your Mancs, Liverpools, Chelseas or Scums alla Bale coming to us, although Utd didn't show Bale they seriously wanted him enough, just like Berbatov who said himself Utd didn't make a serious bid for him before he joined us. So in these cases Utd's losses were our gain.

But we do already have enough English players to justify our duty to the English game, however that don't neccesarily win you cups does it?

Players have to be found/chosen irrelevant of where they come from on ability instead of nationality, and thats DC's job, which is what bringing in a foreign Director of Football should be all about, similar to Arneson at Chelsk.

The ideal mix is like when Man Utd first began to reign supreme with home grown Birtish players combined with some top key foreigners - Cantona, Kanchelskis, were talking great players!

Arguably though since then the Premiership has got about 5 times stronger and once their current crop of Giggs, Scholes, Neville has retired, how many home grown players will even Utd bring through?...see what happened to this supposed great youngster Kieran Richardson?...dumped off to Sunderland!, sign of the times Im afraid, and let it be known Fergie's a British manager himself and no mug either!

florida pete said...

Hmm, dont actually think we need anyone other than a left winger, maybe that guy Silva from Spain, cant remember which club? We have plenty of great players, just need them to all play well together on the same day, which is coming around slowly but surely...Re the English/foreign debate, I personally think that the two main English players I can think of who were offloaded by big clubs, Richardson and Bentley, both are now showing how good they really are, now that theyve turned 21 basically, and that it was a misatke to get rid of them...

Vinny said...

One more very important point;

The only way the current climate foreign talent dominating the preniership will change is if UEFA enforce a capping system thats been talked about of lets say 6 home grown nationals needing to be fielded...then that would change everything! would all of a sudden put us in a very favourable position...crikey the Scum would be screwed!

But how likely is that to happen? given that the world is more than ever an open market for everything e.g. We are not even English, French, Italian, Spanish anymore...instead we're all Europeans!

That's just the way it is, and football being a business like any other is very unlikely to change this. Infact these days you're getting Brazilians, Argentinians being eligible to play for Croatia, Italy etc, just in the same way Carribeans, Africans, and it won't be long before an Asian plays for England.

Maybe we should get with the times?... but at the same time we can be proud to be British or where ever we come from...nowt wrong with that.

P.S. Sorry was a long point!

Vinny said...

Florida Pete - I won't judge Richardson as being the dog bollocks after one or two good games, let's see after 2 or 3 solid seasons.

Bentley is a very decent player, the litmus test, as for all these players is if a "top 4" side employs them on a full time basis.

Rooney and Gerrard are arguably the last great English talent that I've seen that would walk into most top teams in the world.

But then again it's only law of averages that most footballing nations will have one or two exceptional footballing talents and then 6 or 7 decent players, what then makes these countries succeed as a national TEAM is the way they play as a TEAM, need look no further than the way Italy or France play as a TEAM.

Can't recall any countries who have the top 11 best players in the world.

However the club game is completely different where you can pick any player regardless of nationality so can potentially have 11 of the best players in the world if you have the money and status.

shaneyboy said...

I really hope we sign Arshavin... I really do believe the lad would make a hell of a difference to us. Hes a Tottenham type player no doubt about it. Would allow us to move Steed inside and with the acquisition of a solid defensive midfielder (bummed we missed out on Diarra)our midfield would have a nice fluidity about it.... so any chance of this happening?! and how much of a cnut does that Fred sound?!

shaneyboy said...

perhaps Tiago? seems hes available... good passer too.

Anonymous said...

any truth behind the Andrea Dossena linkage?!

Anonymous said...

I'm bored of all the speculation. It'll probably be quiet until the last few days of the window (again) when we sign people out of desperation (Downing would be a prime example). We only have Gunter so far, and that deal was agreed before Xmas!!! As for our signings in the last window, Bent hasn't had much of a chance, Kaboul has shown more promise than most, even allowing for his "lapses". If players were simply judged on lapses alone Chimbonda wouldn't even get in the first team IMO. As for KPB, seriously he looks like he'd fit in in UFC more than THFC. A bit of grappling and wrestling seems to be right up his street. Those youtube highlights from his spell in the Bundesliga must have been CGI'd I reckon! Adel Taarabt is still our hidden gem. Why is he being hidden still?!!

shaneyboy said...

Re Taarabt: im happy to see him on the bench at the moment, hes a rough diamond but a true diamond none the less... with the right guidance he will be some player. But its too soon for him to start games as yet.. though perhaps more involvment in cup games would be a good idea. Would like to have seen him start the Reading replay especially as Lennon wasnt there.

Vinny said...

Yeah I have a lot of faith in Taarabt will be one that proves DC's worth his bread n butter or garlic bread n fromage...whatever he prefers.

I would have Taarabt on the bench coming on a bit in most games, give him the odd whole half.

He showed against Chelsea his pure enthusiasm and energy can spark the team more than others...

...and sometimes some of the team want to spark him!

Anonymous said...

Well said Florida Pete. I think one of our main problems of recent years has been too much change. We need to give a squad a chance to settle down. Drafting in half a new team each year doens't do much good, no matter who they are.

PS Disappoitned that no one seems to have got my "leeks" joke...

onedavemackay said...

Let me spell things out for Florida Pete and the Comolli apologists.

We have still not replaced Carrick with a decent defensive midfielder and we need an experienced central defender as Ledley and Sir Anthony Gardener have fitness issues.

Now, accepting we're not in the CL and we won't pay mega bucks in wages it is still reasonable to expect that Tottenham are capable of attracting two such players bearing in mind that :

1.We managed to buy Berba and Bale.

2. Players like Distin, Parker, Reo Coker and Upson and many more have all been available in the last 18 months and moved to clubs no bigger than ours.

The right players exist so why aren't they here ?

4.35 I understand the Leeks thing it was like a joke without the funny bits.

Ze Prince said...

Personally I laughed out loud a little at the leeks joke. It was one of the better quips in this thread.

As for Diarra, word on the street is that Ramos was desperate for him, but Wenger refused to sell him to us.

Ze Prince

Vinny said...

Martin Laursen has signed a new contract at Villa.

Possibilities left to strengthen our central defence now is;

Ben Tal Haim
Wes Brown.

Fergie really wants Brown to sign a new contract though and usually gets what he wants.

Leaves us with Jarques who's carrying a knock or Ben Haim.

Surely the minimum we can do this transfer window is strengthen central defence incase Ledders gets injured again?

onedavemackay said...

Accept that I was a little harsh on the "Leeks" joke.

Vinny. Surely Juande knows one or two Spanish / Portuguese CBs that would do the job ?

Pete The YiD said...

new just in from sky sports!! Spanish reports insist Tottenham are closing in on the capture of Tiago and Juande Ramos admits he is looking for a midfield hard-man.

onedavemackay said...

Tiago would be a very useful aquisition. I'm almost excited !

Just waiting to hear it's off...............

Vinny said...,19528,11661_3059001,00.html

Yeah Pete Yid just saw that too!...would be fantastic news, he may be just the type of player we're looking for to strengthen that midfield area, decent age and experience also!

Onedavemackay - Im sure a man of Ramos' knowledge knows many a player, but wencan only go on what we have been looked too so far. Problem is the Portuguese and Spanish league are completely different to the premiership as Ricardo Rocha has found out, but from what I'm hearing Jarques has been the best Centre Back in Spain this season so far.

You know, I would take him and Ben Tal Haim for the fact, Haim was a decent premiership proven player under fat Sam, depends if Chelsk want to sell their CB cover though.

Vinny said...

Now Im starting to dream of our signings this window;

Ben Haim

All the right strengthening there in the right areas!

Vinny said...

"but wencan only go on what we have been looked too so far"

but we can only go on what we have been linked to so what I really meant.

Fuck me Im getting so excited me gingers are getting all wobbly typing silly things!

lisbon 67 said...

Have you all gone mad doon there. Whit did ah tell ye before there are no good buys in January and if there is they go to the big ins. The quick fix didnae work fur you got to plan ahead and think long term. Anybody you buy will have a premium on their scalp. Accept that you will be mid table this year and plan yer buys fur the summer when the sales start. Then watch yerself go. Ramos is a fly wi devil fur he knows the european market and will get it right but but but you got tae give him time or you will be the geordies of the south.

Whits in it fur us? Well we live in the wi pond and we got to fish deep tae catch any good ins. Catch them cheap and catch em young for that is the chorus of this song.

Vinny said...

"me gingers" I meant my fingers!

Vinny said...

Lisbon 67 - you saying that players like Tiago, Arshavin. Jarques or Ben Haim wouldn't contribute to Spurs cause?...and instead we should buy more 18 year olds from League Two or Timbuktoo.

Sorry mate, I know what I would prefer.

For me it's clear we need more strengthening down our core, centre-back, centre-mid and a little more creativity...thats exactly what these players represent.

Whether we get them or not different matter lol!

lisbon67 said...

Ah Vinny my boy we all know where yer saft and thats right thro the middle centre backs who canny head a ball and powder puff in the middle o the park but worst of all a holy goalie (but not the holy goalie Check him oot fur he is a stoater)
Yes we all want em but ya need to pay sum serious loot to get what ya want. But the problem is others have mare or the same as you

Oh by the way the four ya mentioned would they get into the first team of the big ins when they are at full strength? Fur you know the answer. Then ask yourself this if they are not good enough fur the big ins are they good enough to take you where you want to go? if you think yes well mid table it will be for ever.

Take your time scout em early buy em cheap blend them wi a couple of hardy pros and watch em go.

Yer pal fae way up here who thinks yer all mad but enjoys yer chat.

Anonymous said...

I must admint, I'm starting to loose teh plot here and don't know what to believe. First Jarque, then Fred all 'dead certs' to come, Bent & defoe both 'dead certs' to go.

The end of window arm-twisting is a bit like the Woolworths end-of sale bin where there are a lot of shoddy items (dual cordles phone, handsets missing) and the very rare bargain with a tatty presentation box. If you want to shop in the sales you need to know what you want, where it is, get there early, join the queue and be prepared to pay the ticket price.

I can't help feeling we picked up a few players from the bargain bin. Hopefully DC/JR have identified their targets and will get them.

Buy cheap buy twice.

Pete The YiD said...

I share your excitement vinny , fingers and toes are crossed it comes TRUE!!

shaneyboy said...

be more than happy with Tiago, have needed a player like him for so long!

Vinny said...

Lisbon 67 - You seem a good crack mate, wish I could understand everything you're were saying!

But from what I could understand would those 4 make the bigguns...presumably the top 4 teams in the prem you mean?...

Well Tiago played for Chelsk did he not? and currently plays for Juventus who are also not to shabby.

Ben Haim currently plays for the Chelsk, although is behind Terry and Carvhalo in the pecking order which is no disgrace.

Arshavin I believe is captain for his country and looks dynamic to me, whenever Ive seen him play for his national team that is, and have got confidence in his quality.

Jarques is the main man in defence for a team who are currently 4th (so Champions league position) in La Liga, which is arguably the best league in the world along with the Premiership, and his team Espanyol haven't lost for ages.

So to answer your question absolutely yes they would improve our team currently sitting 12th in the premiership.

If we made it policy to sign players that would only make the first 11 of Utd, Arse, Chelsk and Livers, then we would be waiting a bloody long time!

You see Lisbon my friend, on the way to success you apply "horses for courses" for different steps of our journey to becooming a champions league team .i.e. some players who are good enough to play for Tottenham today, will not be good enough when we become a champions league side. But then we we'll be able to sign our horses for our new courses i.e. champions league players for the champions league Tottenham Hotspur!

Lastly, the youth cannot do it all by themselves, there needs to be a balance with more experienced accomplished pros to show them the way to be winners...alla Fergies babes of the eraly 90's.

Does that answer your questions my friend Lisbon?

Vinny said...

And sorry for my spelling...but funnily enough mispelling a few of those words makes me sound like Im from your neck of the woods Lisbon67...;0)

Richard said...

What's this about Lassana Diarra? Didn't we have enough Lasagna Diarrhea from Arsenal at the end of the 05/06 season?


onedavemackay said...

Lisbon67 you absolutely rock ! Always interesting to hear from you.

Vinny. You are spot on. If only we could get Arshavin, Jarque (or Ben Haim) and Tiago !

shaneyboy said...

absolutely no doubt that players of that calibre would impove the team, especially when you take into account their respective positions.... areas in which we are lacking. Arshavin Tiago Steed Lennon... tasty looking midfield for any team.

Anonymous said...

In reality we're only going to buy 1, possibly 2 established players. Who's yr money on and why?

Vinny said...

Cheers Pete and OneDave and to you to Lisbon, don't mean to sound cocky...just love this game called football and the Spurs who play it...

...and thoroughly enjoyed chatting with ya, I agree with the lads that footy views from chaps like you are always welcome around here in yid land.

shaneyboy said...

Arshavin, the guys mustard.

Vinny said...

Shaneyboy, it's a no brainer mate.

Chimbo Jarques Ledders Bale(when fit)

Lennon Tiago Arshavin


Keano Berbs

...Tasty or what!

shaneyboy said...

vinny....would be immense mate! thats a potential top 4 11 if ever ive seen one...

Anonymous said...

The transfer window is a lucrative media product. Headlines sell papers. Most of the reports are speculative or fabrications. The back pages are full of them right now. It's easy journalism. I drink in some of the more intoxicating rumours, then I come here to sober up.

Media-savvy clubs use journalists to generate spurious stories as cover for their real inquiries. Plus, savvy players use clubs as leverage to raise their profile by feigning an interest in a transfer, when they really have their eyes on another move.

Then there's the genuine smoke from the genuine fire. Let it be Arshavin. Let it be Tiago.

Then there's revenge. Some players seem taken to the brink of transfer only for the move to break down. Particularly those players who turned your club down the first time round. (Nah, surely not. What spiteful, unforgiving Directors of Football have the time and resources to spend on playing a trick?)

In seeking new players, Magic seems to look for character as much as talent. I wonder if that's the deal behind Chimbonda's situation. Has Magic found something in his character lacking? When trying to build a team, everyone is required to pull his weight. Anyone who isn't pulling his weight is pushing his luck.

It's full circle against Sunderland tomorrow. Seems a long time ago since that first, painful game of the season. I'm banking on Robbie to get a full circle of his own - a magic 100.

9.37 Anon

shaneyboy said...

The Mail is reporting that a fee has been agreed with juve for Tiago, dare I say that one piece of our 3 pronged dream is falling into place?

Vinny said...

Lets just hope...

the Ars(won't be)havin him!

Even better we can have some great fun with a name like that with Keane sticking balls in the hole for Arshavin! ;0)

lisbon67 said...

Yes yer chat is good vinny but you and the rest have been signing horses for courses for a long time now and to what end?

How do you get from C to B to A that is the problem. The horses for courses method has worked for how many? That is the problem because the teams in the mid table of all the top leagues in Europe apply this method but it does not work or last. While the big ins cherry pick and laugh.

Check the record books in all the top leagues how many out of the wi ins in each leauge have been champs in the last ten years. The champs league line ups have not changed.

Yes you will have to wait a long time but you have been waitin for a long time already.

You need a plan thats what hanibal said to the team

Good things will come to those who wait like I have preached for a long long time
Scout em early before they star.
Bring through a few of your own
Buy the hardy pros who can help navigate the rocky roads fur that is the only way to go. Yer road would be long and hard but with a little luck you would get it up the big ins now that sounds tip top does it not?

Yer line up
Ben Haim = Bolton no more no less
Arshavin and Jarques buy em cheap before they star cause the ticket price will be to tasty right noo.
Tiago see doon the page.

Ps Oh and when you do get the odd thorough bred he always wants to go to a big in cause the courses are nicer.
champs league players move between champ league teams they do not take a chance fur they have a short time to succeed.

Yer man Ramos is a canny wi man but I fear he will not get the time.

Take yer time and read whit im sayin cause you know it makes sense.

PS Liverpool = yesterdays team

Night night fae way up here

shaneyboy said...

out of the two... Tiago and Arshavin, which one would you deem the most necessary? we have missed Carrick no doubt and Tiago would be addressing this problem... but I just feel the link between the midfield and the strikers has been lacking this season....

Anonymous said...

It's the Magic Factor.

The more Magic attracts quality players to him, the more the quality players we already have won't want a move to Manchester or anywhere else.

One thing in particular seems encouraging. There wasn't, to my knowledge, the kind of euphoria among Spurs fans when Ramos was appointed as there is in the north-east at the appointment of Keegan. Excitement, anticipation, relief? Yes, and much more.

But it was all tempered by the realism of knowing that much hard work was required. We were never deluded that a quick fix had been made, unlike Keegan's hysterical followers.

It makes me think that something solid is being built at Spurs. Something is gestating, and a great side will be born.

Don't anybody say they've heard that before. Even if they have.

This time it's for real.

9.37 Anon

Vinny said...

Lisbon...we are indeed all entitled to our opinions, but just on a couple of your points you say;

"Good things will come to those who wait like I have preached for a long long time"

- we have waited long enough my friend, time to recapture the glory.

"Scout em early before they star.
Bring through a few of your own"

- Lennon, Dawson, and a pair of young lads called Taarabt and O'Hara ring a bell mate?

"Buy the hardy pros who can help navigate the rocky roads fur that is the only way to go."

- exactly why I would like us to do, bring in these players, all over 25years of old, so at their peaks, not young pups learning their trade. Wouldn't be against the odd thirty plus player who has won it all either and who's looking to give our youngsters an education, if there's any of those available that is.

"Yer road would be long and hard but with a little luck you would get it up the big ins now that sounds tip top does it not?"

- Our luck has been shit, but maybe we lucked out with a relatively average squad making 5th place twice under Martin Jol, as soon as your Villa, Pompey, Everton and Citeh strengthened, we have been found out to some extent.

Night night fae way from me to pal...;0)

Anonymous said...

I see that Wenger has been criticising Walnut for failing to live up to his potential.

Probably Wenger's way of getting him psyched up for the Carling semi.

Well, if Walnut's reading this blog I say, 'Listen, dude. You're doing fine. Just carry on as you are. In fact, chill out.'

9.37 Anon

Pete The YiD said...

I feel LOVE between lisbon & vinny I hope I get invite to the big day lmao!

shaneyboy said...

couldnt agree with you more, anon 9.37 quality additions to the squad will only increase the chances of hanging onto the likes of Berbatov. We have to convince him that we are a club that is going somewhere.


Looking back at the quotes from Dimi's radio interview back home, the comments he made about senor Ramos were the most encouraging. If we are to break into the top 4 and stay there keeping Berbatov is absolutely essential. I believe Ramos factor will be huge regards Berbatov staying or not.

Vinny said...

Shaneyboy - out of the two - Tiago and Arshavin?'s a tough one but would say we need a midfield general more than would say Tiago.

But then as Im writing this, am thinking Jenas has improved a tad since Ramos has taken over and getting Arshavin would allow Steed to move into a central-attacking role.

Then saying that don't know if Jenas is the man to provide us the engine to achieve our short-term goal of more Uefa footie for next season and in then longer-term get us to champions league, infact I can hear the wise heads - "El" etc saying "your having a laugh", while "Dannyboy" would be fiercely protecting the lad Jenas saying "have faith in him".

Ok fuck it I say sign Tiago and one centre-back for now, make that Jarques preferably, but if not Ben Haim's fine in the short-term to add defensive strength if need be.

Steed to continue giving us decent cover on the left for now, with the odd O'Hara and Taarabt appearance, and when fit Baler could be top class there also, but then would mean we would need a long-term top class left-back as Lee just ain't cutting it.

Or if we are limited to 2 signings now, we just go sign Arshavin at the end of the season, then everyone's happy...;0)

Vinny said...

Pete the yid - yeah you can be our flower boy...;0)

Vinny said...

Which reminds me how can I forget to add Ledley King and Tom Huddlestone to the list of youngsters we've brought through to the 1st team or scouted cheap n young...scandalous!

shaneyboy said...

Ive always been of the opinion that Steed would be more effective in the Jenas role than Jenas himself. His workrate, enthusiasm and technical ability are fantastic.

Im such a big fan of Arshavin and I think signing him would be as much a coup as getting Berbatov, Arshavin supporting Berbs and Keano would be truely immense.

Vinny said...

At the moment Shaneyboy, Lennon worries me more than Jenas. Will he ever be that finished product?

If we had Arshavin and Tiago we could always play this formation;






Jenas has filled in well when called upon on the right of midfield funnily enough.

With that midfield, each and every one able to put in a tackle would be solid as, with Lennon, Taarabt or O'Hara on the bench giving other options to change things up when needed.

daytripper said...

shaneyboy - I agree completely. Steed played that role at Fulham and their entire offense went through him. He is one of the best midfielders in the league at battling for and winning balls at midfield, which he can't do effectively when pushed to the outside.

I'm tired of watching our current central midfielders back up to our goalline instead of defending at midfield. This would not happen with Steed playing centrally.

shaneyboy said...

yep... I think most people would be in agreement that Steeds best position would be in the middle.

Re Lennon: I still have great faith in the boy and so does Ramos, hes only a tiny tweak away from being top notch. Having Jenas on the right would be a suitable variation but I feel that dynamic is a little less threatening... although Jenas is not slow, Lennon is Lightening and theres nothing that scares a full back more than out and out pace. We all no he has to work on his final product... so lets give him a little more time. There are areas of Lennons game that have already improved under Ramos, namely his tracking back and understanding of his defensive duties... which has been good to see no?

Pete The YiD said...

It would be honor mate just let me no when so I can get suit made, got small problem I have inherited BIG BELLY over festive period But don’t threat mate if the worst comes I can go as MR BLOBBY!!.

dannyboy said...

I don't care if we sign nobody; just want this sodding transfer window slammed shut to the sound of breaking glass, so the idiotic journos can stop inventing stories and linking us with players so we can concentrate on the task ahead. We must have been linked with about 150 players in the last 3 weeks!!!


shanemac said...

If Darren Bent gets the start today because of all the speculation around him, we'll know who wears the pants at the lane. Come on, Juande.

shanemac said...

why not put lennon on the left then? I know he had a few crap games in that position last year, but let's be honest, he was pretty subpar at any position last year. i think jenas on the right, lennon on the left and malbranque in the middle would work. worth a shot at least, especially against sunderland.

totally agree with you, dannyboy, so bloody frustrating, can't believe i was excited to see who we could get in january. now i'm just sick of all the shite.


Pete The YiD said...

some facts about Tiago signed for Chelsea on July 20, 2004 for a €15m fee, becoming José Mourinho's sixth signing that season. Having missed the first game of Chelsea's 2004-05, Tiago soon became an important member of his new team's squad, scoring on his away debut against Crystal Palace on August 24, 2004. Tiago also scored a long-range stunner in Chelsea's 3-1 win over Manchester United on May 10, 2005[1] after already winning the Premier League title. Tiago was a regular for Chelsea that season, having only missed four games in the Premier League. He ended the season successfully as a firm fixture in the Blues' midfield three, having made 51 appearances in all competitions and scoring 4 goals. Chelsea won the Premier League and Carling Cup that season.

The arrival of Michael Essien in August 2005 seemed to limit Tiago's first team chances. After an emotional goodbye[2], Tiago flew to Lyon and completed his medical with French giants Olympique Lyonnais, signing a four-year deal for a €10.1m transfer fee.[3] Mourinho later confessed that letting Tiago go was a big mistake.' Wikipedia

Pete The YiD said...

Before Chelsea he was very very good at Benfica, scoring a lot and playmaking as well. At Chelsea he didn't do as well but he added stability to the midfield in the same way that Mendes did for us, but better. At Lyon he was great for two years as a defensive minded player, doing a very similar role to that which Tainio plays for us (when he does play), but again, much better. This led to Juve spending a lot of money on him, and Juventus have enver been a club to part with that kind of money easily unless it is for guaranteed class (trezequet, Cannavarro, Zambrotta, Buffon) so it will have surprised everyone that he hasn't really done it there.

I would like him at spurs, he is a player who has vision and is comfortable with both long and short passes, he works his arse off, and he is capable of a good goal tally. £9m is a bit steep but having said that, if the board bring in a good player it is their decision how much they spend, and this is in a position we need!

Pete The YiD said...

My Team to start against Sunderland!


Robbo, Defoe, Thudd, O'Hara, Gunt!
Taarabt on the left maybe?
Not sure whether to risk King or not. Would Kenwyn-Jones run rings round Daws and Kaboul????

Vinny said...

Pete the yid, don't worry mate we'll make sure the flowers are big enough to hide your;

So my team for today;



Hudds - Defensive Mid
Jenas - Attacking Mid
Lennon - Right Mid
O'Hara - Left Mid


Bench - Defoe, Taarabt, Tainio, Boeteng, Robbo

Pete The Yid said...

thanks Vinny mate i was wondering on how to hide it!!lol

Just got back from lane This game had 1-1 written all over it from the 2nd half onwards and we luckily hung on for a 2-0 win. Some points from this match.

. Stalteri was taken stripped by Murphy and the most dangerous attacks came down the right. He looked very off the pace and even Chimbonda looked vulnerable/casual when he came on which didn't help the defensive confidence.

. Boeteng looked a bit better than he has done with better ball retention and less tendency to dive and concede unnecessary free-kicks.

. Huddlestone was great in defense, spraying passes around with supreme accuracy before Keane changed to 442 with Chopra closing him down.

. We seemed to lose our ball retention after O'Hara went off.

. We were out muscled on every 3 in 5 balls.

. Lee looked like a weakness in defense and short of confidence.

. Lennons frustrating continuance in not looking up when he creates so much panic in defenses was showed time and again today. He had opportunities to at least take the sting out of the continuing pressure that Sunderland were putting on our defense but he tended to waste it. Really needs to work on not just the final ball but his overall decision-making in the final-third.
My Man of the match DAWSON!!

- But we won 2-0 so who am I to moan :) COYS

And Keane ..... I love you :) 100

Death said...

Good win today :-), so I filled in the bbc predictor and we finished 10th on 56 points. The good news is I know sweet fa about football so how about having and seeing who gets the closest :-)

dannyboy said...


I just did it and we pipped Manure to the title by 1 point. Eh? You mean you need to do every score and not just Spurs ?! Oh ;-)

Good result today btw; who was it who said the sign of a good team was one who grinds out results?