Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Harry's Review

The problem with Reviews Of The Year is that they have to be dutifully complied from Jan 01 and the master notes wheeled out on the following Jan 01 to be truly good. But then that's the beauty this blog... You get to do the bulk of the content! I'll start you off...

Berbatov. Reading. Fights off defender. Whallop. Ping and in. Women holding up babies. Tea & Medals. Marvellous.


Shamelessly... 'Push & Run Team Lasts Longer With Jol Gone', but the best by far is Caught Offside's weekly, 'Three Things You Learnt This Week'. Really really good stuff.

The continued advancement up the food/publicity chain for player's agents. Many are driving around in Mercs when most ought be getting lifts in police cars. Patrick Barclay of the Telegraph said, "...agents receive oddly generous commissions for arranging straightforward transfers. This is, in my opinion, institutionally corrupt, yet the regulations almost encourage it." And he's right.

Somebody told me that Ronaldo is striking the ball through the valve on the ball for improved flight. Which is pretty cute.

I look forward to having 'The introduction of video to assist referees' as the winner here one day, but in the interim, Football Fancast has it. Niall and his lot have done nothing but work hard at getting the whole 'voice of the fans' gig going and I see it as the way forward. I predict someone like SKY to try and set up something similar in the future.

The Boy Bale. Yes, I know how many goals Keane has scored. I'm not down on Robbie. He's pulled us out of the fire on numerous occasions for which I shall be ever very grateful. But Gareth's so far limited contributions have been outstanding. All the big complimentary football words.. will, talent, maturity, determination, desire, ability... I think he's absolute class and wholeheartedly believe he will be an all time Tottenham Legend. Steve Sedgely look out son.

Elsewhere... Kaka made Milan, Alves and some bloke called Kanoute.

Did the Frenchies twice.
And this whilst their Captain prepared for their big game by visiting a strip club, dancing on stage, urinating on the floor and in a cup, larging it and then getting the long suffering wife to run him home at 4am. Oh no, sorry, that was John Terry.


The jury's still out obviously, but the early signs are there... all he needs to do is tighten up the back four and people are more likely to believe him when he says he's a football, not an Air Hockey manager. Yes, Juande Ramos.

And am I alone in thinking that Gus is contributing much more than just handy phrases for his boss to use when negotiating with our capital city's bespoke tailors? Go on The Ramos!

Carlos Tevez.

West Ham 3 Tottenham 4
It had the lot. Rivalry, animosity, Tevez shouting 'He was my faaaaaaaather' leaping into the crowd and some tremendous Spurs goals.
THAT spot kick from Berba and the winner from the Canadian Carthorse himself.

He may have been a big Dutch oaf who was unrelenting in his Groundhog Day tactics, but we did love him and that was no way to treat a lady.
A combination of Paul Kemsley being unable to order a curry without getting lashed and tipping off a journalist ('We're in Spain, Dave, yeah Espan.. er, Jol hahahahaha, what? Not much.... but I might be replacing that donkey Martin for a wicker one if you know what I mean hahahahahahahahaha') and Jolsgonemental's email to THFC ultimately sealed BMJ's fate.

That and under Jol & Hughton, Tottenham's highest Premiership position in 2007 was when the league was in alphabetical order.

"Bring it on you c**ts!"

THANKS OF THE YEAR To all HH readers and contributors. To the ones who are still here from the start to the ones who only joined in yesterday. Blessed is the blog with quality punters.


a gut yohr


gott nytt

årчестита нова година

kung hé fat tsoi

godt nytår

gelukkig Nieuwjaar

bonne année

boldog új évet

ath bhliain faoi mhaise

feliz ano novo

kali chronia

blwyddyn newydd dda

yeni yiliniz kutlu olsun

feliz año nuevo

sâle no mobârak

is-sena t-tajba

seh heh bok mani bat uh seyo


4 Ever Hopeful said...

A year that thankfully has ended with great optimism on the fieled of play but which was indelibly tainted by a cowardly and reactionary board and latterly by a brilliant Bulgarian who appears to be running Judas Campbell a close second when it comes to morals and team spirit.

Anonymous said...

Loving the Fagin H. Happy New Year mate.


Anonymous said...

My player of the year is steeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed been mustard this year n runs his nuts of every game just to get moaned at by mr were not worthy!
happy new year
coys bioyc

NordicYID said...

I truly hope we can put lojalty along with Bale's attributes!

And P.S; I would rather have a Bent who truly wanted to play for Spurs in my line-up than a Bulgarian superboy who feels he has outgrown the team.(If media speculation is correct). If we get 26 mill for Berba after what he has shown this season it will be a truly fantastic scoop.

Anonymous said...

We needed to do 2 things to take the club forward. 1: Appoint a no nonsense tactician, who could make a team operate as a team.
2: Create a new stadium
able to be upgraded and hold at least 60000 supporters to start with.

We've got no 1 right as Juande Ramos made his mark from the 1st day of training in having a double session.
The 2nd seems still a distinct non runner as rumours seem to be centered around a capacity of 50000 odd which will leave us homeless for 2 years and then still behind where our competitors are now.

Very pleased with Ramos being at the helm, admittedly with Commolli seeming to be there too but one step at a time I suppose.

Happy New Year and come on you lillywhites!

Anonymous said...

PS. Malbranque has been what I always expect of him: Mercurial, hearty and not waiting for the ball to come to him but chasing the play! Ramos will and is getting good things from the players. I hazard that he will deliver better than we can surmise in that he is even able to get Jenas playing passably well although I'd still rather have some real midfielders in there.
I look forward to what Ramos adds to the team in both cohesiveness and new personnel!

Death said...

Happy New Year!

Any predictions for today, I have a feeling all the transfer speculation will unsettle the team and we wont get anything from Villa.

But with a bit of luck nothing will have changed and my predictions will be as far off the mark as usual :-)


Anonymous said...

don't be a c**k all your life Harry

Anonymous said...

why is he a c*ck then mate? y dont you give your opinion on something then we can all decide whether we think you are one!actually scrub that ,no need you are clearly a fu**ing imbocile!

Anonymous said...

We are currently rubbish at defending set pieces (i.e. both Villa goals). Losing 2-1.


Anonymous said...

Ramos must learn not to sub of Centre defenders (unless they are injured!!).

Subing of Kaboul cost us today, big time!!!!

Bad management!!!!

Anonymous said...

Not helped of course, by Berb who looked totally rubbish today!!!

Anonymous said...

We are possibly the worst team in the Premiership and Championship in defending set pieces. They have obviously looked at this in training but the players are simply incapable of sorting out the problem. We have had a shite defence for so long now I have lost track even pre JOl and until we sort this area out we will win f all and always lose players like Bebatov .. who by the way played as if he didnt give a toss anymore.

I thought Ramos tactically went for the game second half and indeed when we equalised we should have pressed on for a second as Villa were on the back foot.. but whenever we conceded a free kick or corner we cannot defend. Both Villa goals scored by unmarked and unchallenged players in our six yard area.... pathetic !!!!!!

It's Them and Us said...

First and foremost.. Kaboul was injured. Did you not see him with ice strapped to his foot? And yes, putting O' Hara on Laursen was fucking stupid and what was worse even Andy Gray could tell would it'd end in tears.

The West Ham game was brilliant. I'd have Stalteri's goal as my highlight. Not great but meant the world.

The whole Ronaldo thing I don't understand. For three years he's been fucking hopeless at free-kicks and scores a couple by actually placing them with technique as opposed to smashing the cunt and is hailed as the messiah. I'll never forgive or like the winker.

I'm hoping somewhere a 'Mastering The Art of Defending Set-Pieces' was bought over Christmas. We've been awful at them for far too long now it's become a joke.

Player of the Year would of been Keano with Berba runner-up. Bale has a lot of promise but doesn't match either with so few displays.

And if you're giving an 'award' to the Mancs it should only be manager of the year. Well done Sir Alex. With Spurs out of the title race (I know, major statement) it looks like we'll be forced to hope they retain so the mugs down the road aren't jumping over each other.

To the League Cup! Mr. Ramos, here is your chance to make even the hardened supporter think 'Martin who?' and bring back some silverware.

Anonymous said...

Ramos must learn not to sub of Centre defenders (unless they are injured!!).

Subing of Kaboul cost us today, big time!!!!

Bad management!!!!

You must be kidding mate, as soon as he got the knock he was always going to be subsituted, due to the fact that we are not exactly rolling with fit defenders the sub also resulted in drawing level. It's just a shame that none of the current defenders that are playing don't have the leadership to organise the rest of the team.

dannyboy said...

blimey. check out the Gus Poyet video on Sky SPorts. In bullish mood or what ?! Well pissed off!!! Heads are going to roll; expect a major upheaval of the defence in January - and quite rightly so. To continue, game after game, conceding from set pieces is absolutely criminal. It only takes a few defeats and we are right back down in a relegation dog fight.

As for Villas 2nd goal, Berbatov should have picked up Laursen. Says it all in my opinion. He played with his mind elsewhere today. The sooner he either leaves or commits to the cause the better.


Anonymous said...

Villa didn't deserve to win. They didn't win it, we lost it. I am so heartily sick of watching pre-cognitive football. Watched outside the normal bounds of space and time as both goals went in. Saw in slow motion the goals coming, matrix-like. You can do that with Spurs. Weird feelings of intuition - like a crackle of electricity - send shivers at certain points of games. Inevitably presage goals against. Heartily, heartily sick. Heartily.

That second goal - why you pit a short guy against a tall? Even the cameraman picked it out. Villa! They ain't all that! Bit of speed, bit of fancy stuff from Barry. Apart from that? Well, apart from that, they didn't let in two flaming set pieces.

Happy New Year. Happy New Year and write this season off. We're still labouring under the misapprehension that we can salvage something creditable from this season. UEFA Cup? 5th place? Carling? FA? Pffft... Who gives a f....? Draw diamonds from the dirt? It's still possible, I suppose, but no expectations.

This season Liverpool and Chelsea were there for the taking. Not 4th but 3rd place wasn't a fantasy. Pre-cognitive football is what we have. You watch it in slo-mo. I do. Did. Yeah, the Guinness helped, but so did the sh*t defending. All that hard work to draw level, then you toss it away with pure kak. It's a funny ol' game. Yeah, hilarious. I'll have another Guinness, please. Actually, make it two.

Can't make my mind up about Defoe. Sometimes he's like Robinson Crusoe - stranded. Mind you, so's Robinson. All a bit flappy and punchy these days. Period of grace over, Paul. Looking flaky again. Time to look solid.

As for Berba... What's happening, dudes? Is he going, staying or what? That agent of his?... Who's in control of that relationship? Mmmmm.... there's a sweet little commision to be made on any transfer. Oooh, it's all about the ambition, not the mullah! Anyhoo, if it's all about the ambition and achieving success, well I can say this to Berbs. If you're racing in a Ford Fiesta against someone in a Porsche it's a far, far greater achievement if you win the race. Not that I'm comparing Spurs to a Ford Fiesta. But you get the drift. What's crossing the ocean when you have the tide to carry you, as compared to fighting against the tide and still getting to the other side? It's all about measure. And it doesn't measure up. Man U? Chelsea? Yeah, where ya gonna go, dude? By the way, there's definitely a bad culture at those clubs? You wanna go there, you'll have to embrace it. Maybe it's worth it. Nah. It's not. You're already a legend at the Lane, dude. Achieve something real. Be part of the wind of change that's sweeping through Tottenham. Or don't. Whatever. It's up to you. Or your agent.

Sorry, chums. Just feel this was a game we did not need to lose. We're better than this. This is exactly the kind of side that we should be flicking away. Anyhoo, I believe in Ramos. Change will happen. Or sh*t. I just don't want pre-cognitive football anymore. I'm sick of watching repeats before they've already happened.

9.37 Anon

Anonymous said...

Bale's goal against l'Arse surely beats Berba's?????

Anonymous said...

just thought i'd throw in against these w*****S aving a go at ramos. maybe he thinks keeping players fit for the cup runs is more important than finishing tenth in the prem. the bloke has been left with jols cast offs and with spurs devoid of confidence, languishing in the relegation zone. no ones perfect but at least this blokes got the balls to try different things. which is more than i can say for the empty dick wads that cant tell the difference between a football and a bannana! there's only one spurs fan and that's me the rest of ya are twats!

Anonymous said...

Bale is an excellent prospect but given his injury problems cannot be player of the season. Steeeeed however runs his bollocks off every game, scores goals, plays anywhere in midfield and does not throw a hissy fit when he is subbed or starts on the bench. Alongside Keane he is a true professional and the most consistent player over the last year.

Greavsie said...

Am I he only person who thinks Jenas would be a lot better as a right-back than a centre-mid?

Anonymous said...

oh dear. Another lazy, ill thought out article Harry. Start the year as you mean to go on I suppose

Faust said...

"Anonymous said...
oh dear. Another lazy, ill thought out article Harry. Start the year as you mean to go on I suppose"

Jealousy is an ugly, ugly thing, pal.

Harry - you gleaned from me three - count em - (3) belly laughs. No mean feat in todays cynical Spurs supporting world.

It's funny 'cos it's true...