Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Villa Away: The Player Ratings & Poyet Interview

I'm sick and tired of Robinson's HOOFS upfield. They do not work. Not they sometimes don't quite come off, not some are better than.... they DO NOT WORK AT ALL. All they succeed in doing is turning existing possession into a 50/50 ball or simply give the ball away.

I was left deflated by tonight's game.

Ramos must know that so far he has been winging it with the hotch potch of players at his disposal and tonight we were exposed by largely dull, unenterprising side. The idea that that any team could be terrorised by a beardy Ikea stockroom hand like Melberg is embarrassing. Their other superstar goalscorer is only marginally a more inspiring a player. But not much more. Agbonlahor is being suddenly being touted for England. Pass the Prozac.

No, Spurs need to stop fannying around and go out and buy AT LEAST two credible ready to go defenders. Not 'good bets for the future' but two fully grown men who can do the job. No Eurotrash like Rocha or 'not quite' jobs like Esokotto. We need to stop wishing and get on with the task. Berbatov leaving? The least of my concerns. We can only beat rubbish so far this term and I see no indication that this will change with our current squad. Once our ramshackle back four is torn apart by ALL the good teams we've yet to face we'll be back in the relegation zone with Sunderland and their friends Derby. We'll be discussing if we can keep Malbranque.

Beginning to command his area as a result, much improved.

I prefer him in the back four

Not recovered

Why is so much distribution through him?

Looked ropey, to be honest

His passes we largely backwards

Has to stop the duff passes

Glimpses but we desperately need more from him

Another game where he didn't join in

Gave his all but didn't hold the midfield at all

The odd moment but should have started and
why the **** was he marking Laursen?

Came on, fizzed around then fizzled out

Did bugger all but score

Some great touches but the shot was straight at Carson


9.37 Anon said...

Villa didn't deserve to win. They didn't win it, we lost it. I am so heartily sick of watching pre-cognitive football. Watched outside the normal bounds of space and time as both goals went in. Saw in slow motion the goals coming, matrix-like. You can do that with Spurs. Weird feelings of intuition - like a crackle of electricity - send shivers at certain points of games. Inevitably presage goals against. Heartily, heartily sick. Heartily.

That second goal - why you pit a short guy against a tall? Even the cameraman picked it out. Villa! They ain't all that! Bit of speed, bit of fancy stuff from Barry. Apart from that? Well, apart from that, they didn't let in two flaming set pieces.

Happy New Year. Happy New Year and write this season off. We're still labouring under the misapprehension that we can salvage something creditable from this season. UEFA Cup? 5th place? Carling? FA? Pffft... Who gives a f....? Draw diamonds from the dirt? It's still possible, I suppose, but no expectations.

This season Liverpool and Chelsea were there for the taking. Not 4th but 3rd place wasn't a fantasy. Pre-cognitive football is what we have. You watch it in slo-mo. I do. Did. Yeah, the Guinness helped, but so did the sh*t defending. All that hard work to draw level, then you toss it away with pure kak. It's a funny ol' game. Yeah, hilarious. I'll have another Guinness, please. Actually, make it two.

Can't make my mind up about Defoe. Sometimes he's like Robinson Crusoe - stranded. Mind you, so's Robinson. All a bit flappy and punchy these days. Period of grace over, Paul. Looking flaky again. Time to look solid.

As for Berba... What's happening, dudes? Is he going, staying or what? That agent of his?... Who's in control of that relationship? Mmmmm.... there's a sweet little commision to be made on any transfer. Oooh, it's all about the ambition, not the mullah! Anyhoo, if it's all about the ambition and achieving success, well I can say this to Berbs. If you're racing in a Ford Fiesta against someone in a Porsche it's a far, far greater achievement if you win the race. Not that I'm comparing Spurs to a Ford Fiesta. But you get the drift. What's crossing the ocean when you have the tide to carry you, as compared to fighting against the tide and still getting to the other side? It's all about measure. And it doesn't measure up. Man U? Chelsea? Yeah, where ya gonna go, dude? By the way, there's definitely a bad culture at those clubs? You wanna go there, you'll have to embrace it. Maybe it's worth it. Nah. It's not. You're already a legend at the Lane, dude. Achieve something real. Be part of the wind of change that's sweeping through Tottenham. Or don't. Whatever. It's up to you. Or your agent.

Sorry, chums. Just feel this was a game we did not need to lose. We're better than this. This is exactly the kind of side that we should be flicking away. Anyhoo, I believe in Ramos. Change will happen. Or sh*t. I just don't want pre-cognitive football anymore. I'm sick of watching repeats before they've already happened.

Tottinghams said...

^Good post.

Shite, shite defending. Really, really shite. Agreed with HH about the whole "grown men" thing.

Anonymous said...

‘Villa didn't deserve to win. They didn't win it, we lost it’

And with that comment you have summed up your problems. You are delusional about how good you are and how bad everyone else must be. Spurs can be a big club, but at the moment you aren’t. You need to get some humility. You need to start looking in the mirror. Stop kidding yourself. If you can’t defend set pieces then you can’t do the basics, and if you can’t do the basics you will get turned over again and again.

Anonymous said...

Spurs stinks, I´m off to Emirates now.....I WANT TO SUPPORT A REAL TEAM!

Anonymous said...

Villa deserved it, they were the better side, i think you views are too one eyed. The 2 glorious chances Moore had and the on gaping shot Lauresen missed spared our blushes. They have the kinda pace and energy we only get in sporadic periods.

We were desperate at the back which isnt surprising as no 4 defenders can get a settled run in the side and get an understanding with each other but how naive was Dawson? He has been playing long enough for us now and still looks amateur at times.

Poyets comments after the games bemuse me, now he is saying we are weak at set pieces because we cant prcatice them much on the training field in case we get injuries through it.

As for Robbo, catch the bloody ball man! maybe our defenders would have a bit more confidence if you came can claimed a few balls.

The less said about Boeteng the better, we should have got reo coker instead of villa.

Anonymous said...

Cheers, Harry. Happy New Year to you - and everyone else - despite my deflation at today's result. Still the best blog in town.

What's the difference between Lennon and Tara Palmer-Tomkinson? At least TPT Turns up.

9.37 Anon

Anonymous said...

Poyet is a legend, saying exactly what he means instead of the Happy Happy BMJ who probably would have said.
"No, well, we made two mishtakes but dis happensh sometimes and we have to try harder"
Get in there Gustavo. No-one should be safe from the axe.
By the way, where was Chimbomba? (sic)

nordicyid said...

How the hell can you give Dawson 5,8. The man has lately been a walking disaster. Our best run this season has been with him OUT. I think Dawson was our weakest link today.

Today we lacked a leader. I do not see any great leader(captain) in our team today. We do not have the player that will truly motivate and lift us to higher level when things are bad.

I also don't see which available players who will lift our team; and please don't shout about following:
1. Any player who has yet to make it in the Premier League.
2. Secong grade top4(manu, pool, arse, chel) players who has only performed well because they are part of a great system.

Anonymous said...

It's easy to beat us!!!

* Just win free kicks near our goal, near the wings.

* or corners.

We cannot defend crosses!!!!


Anonymous said...

Spurs should have been 3-0 down at half time but for better finishing. You came back stronger in the second half once Ramos had played all his cards but as most have pointed out at the end of the day your defending from set pieces was shocking. Dawson should spend more time trying to put his head on the ball instead of trying to wrestle his opponent at set pieces.

Anonymous said...

how many more times are we going to come up with the old we didnt deserve to lose? its plain and simple if you dont understand basic defending i.e from corners and set pieces then you dont deserve to even be in the premiership. This problem has haunted us for years, i think we should consider a defensively minded coach to team up with ramos like what redknapp has with tony adams.

Anonymous said...

Interesting you find time to rubbish Mellberg and Laursen and in the same breath bemoan your need for two credible defenders!
Obviously an astute observer of the game.

Anonymous said...

Well said Gus.
Its been hard to pinpoint why we are so bad at set-pieces, but today all has become clear. Our key defenders and leadership are just not good enough.
Dawson is shot to pieces, and there was a lack of responsibility shown by all the senior players in allowing O'Hara to mark their centre-half for the 2nd goal.

Anonymous said...

>>And with that comment you have summed up your problems

Actually, I think the true problems are at centre back. Dawson cannot mark. It's been evident for well over a year, King or no King. Kaboul...oh dear. Beyond that, the team looked generally uninterested, Berba, denied a few borderline fouls, lost interest in contesting headers (as mentioned elsewhere, it must get tiresome contesting the same hopelessly hoofed headers time and time again), there was no movement whatsoever (fatigue certainly in 2nd half), Defoe made the most of his one, but possibly only touch. Jenas was unholy crapulence. Also, YPL's apparent emergence today as the center of our offensive attack makes me want to suck ferret feet.

Anonymous said...

Well at least you've appeared to lower your expectations a bit. I think you expect too much of your team and underestimate Villa, you'll find yourself getting more and more frustrated this season I'll wager. Spurs need a defensive overhaul. Ironically, Mellberg and Laursen are alot better than any defender at Spurs...inspiring? Perhaps not. Scorers of important goals. Certainly.

Harry Hotspur said...

1140 anon.

I was more lamenting that we are so mediocre that we get beat by a team who I class as utterly unmemorable.

Mellberg and Laursen look like extras from The Little House On The Prairy.

That is cheap abuse but I am fed up watching Spurs get done by second raters. Villa go 6th? Why? They aren't going to finish there.

Villa are a ghost ship that bumps it's way around the Premiership, occasionally nicking the odd point off clubs having a bad day.

I'd rate you as 'less awful than Fulham'.

I digress.

We got beat by a team with an unspecial midfield and a joke forward line. Where did you get Moore from?
Circus School?

We will get beat soundly by many of the top four this season and I won't be as sorry for myself as I am tonight.

Would I sign your two farm boys? No, not in a million years, I'm Tottenham and so delusional I think we're due better staff.

You didn't win, we lost as my learned pals have explained above, but for us this was as grim losing to you as it is losing to any naff side.

Demoralising stuff.

DC be warned.

Ramos isn't Jol. You make any more mistakes and as Johnny Cash said... What is done in the dark will be seen in the light...

F*cking Rocha... and now Kaboul doesn't appear up to it either.

We don't have a back four.

More of a Suggestions Box full of used bus tickets, dog ends, a pen that doesn't work and some foriegn coins nobody wants.

shanemac said...

so, i'm kind of unclear about something.... has gus had enough or.....?

i think levy and poyet/ramos are going to have to have a chat about what exactly is going to happen in january. there might be some misunderstanding. also don't think we'll be seeing boateng for a while. what an awful 45 minutes he had, reminded of ghaly today. here's to hoping that he starts spending less time worrying about his hairstyle and how high he's going to wear his sleaves, and more time figuring out how he's going to contribute to the team. thought ramos's tactical change in the second half was a good sign, can't imagine jol trying anything like that.


Anonymous said...

Your yid specs seem to be a bit blurred, perhaps its the Guinness? Im glad you enjoyed the game. Good blog by the, its pretty funny and utterly blinkered/biased but this is what football is all about. I'll come here for another chuckle next time Spurs lose to a team 'less awful than Fulham'!

Anonymous said...

I think Villa were the better team and deserved to win. In the first half particularly Villa were in control and the score should have been two or three nil at the break.
Spurs have had two decent seasons in all the Premiership seasons, hence I think a season or two of consolidation might be realistic as I think Ramos will struggle with the style of Premiership football!
Up the Villa.

Anonymous said...

I think 'Harry Hotspur' that you seem to have delusions of grandeur after a mere two decent seasons in the Premiership.
I think your team were very lucky to have not been facing Villa's man in form, John Carew, he surely would've loved to play against such a ramshackle defense.
If Villa are indeed so bad then what does that make Spurs? Considering Villa played with no natural right-sided players, both Mellberg and Petrov were out of position, I think Villa are doing quite well and sixth place is a realistic target!

Vinny said...

The strength of the team at the moment is so disproportianate that the only thing I can compare it to is like one of those lopsided ugly body builders with a weird unbalanced shape.

You know the ones I mean where up top they have these huge steroid boosted muscles that is more than enough than the average humanoid needs just in the same way we have more than enough top class forwards than the average premiership team needs.

But then at the other end the bodybuilder has these puny legs and which makes him so ugly to look at, just like our defence is so much out of proportion and much weaker than the the forward half of our team and quite frankly are playing like lost little wimps being bullied by every other lad in the playground that you do not even pity anymore due to looking so pathetic.

Infact our defence can just be described as completely ABSENT.

Dawson - The lionheart of the past 2 seasons has inexplicably gone ABSENT. Ok never the most cultured, but was always very dependable and even being touted as the new potential captain. Now based on this seasons performances no chance of that!, just seems and looks more like the championship standard he came from and certainly no where good enough for England...don't call Capello mate...he'll call you!

Kaboul - playing more like a load of bull, for such a big powerful bloke barely dominates the air and sense of positioning ABSENT!

Ledley - Just plain depressingly ABSENT again. Mate we need you fit and ready more often, or else Mr Ramos needs to make long term plans without you knowing that you're available as often as "eggnog" - 2 months out of every 12!.

In the meanwhile...Harry;

I know what your saying about Melberg and Laursen looking like Hillbillies, but mate lets face it. These boys did not fuck about and went about defending in the no nonsense viking warior like manner we are missing.

They played with heart and threw themselves into every challenge for the whole 94 minutes, especially Melberg not being the tallest of fellas, but had the heart and the no nonsenseness about him to play like an adult giving a bunch of upstart cocky kids a lesson in defending!

Now Isn't that exactly what we need right now?

Fuck all these dilly dalliers in the way Lee tries to dribble out but gets knocked over by the slightest bloke over 5ft tall and Kaboul who can be read what he's going to do even before he touches the ball his thought process is that slow, not too metion a bloke of his size should frighten the life out of anyone in the box or at least win his aerial challenges!

What we need now are hard as nails defenders who do not fuck about!...not another "prospect" who just beacause he's a young dutchman with the occasional long shot against sub standard Eredivise teams constitutes to us being mugged for another 8 million...happened too many times now...fuck that!

Sorry if I come across negative tonight, just really dissapointed...my expectations are getting lower and lower and at this point would snatch your arm off for a 7th place finish and a UEFA place again through the back door.

On this performance the man with the magic Juande will need time to turn us into genuine top 4 challengers and at least 2 transfer windows to throw his bad toys out of his pram and bring in his own action men. Loving his little pet pitbull called Gus by his side too.

Sorry to sound negative, just very dissapointed at the moment, still nothing a few large new years cognacs won't cure.

Rant over n out.

Still love you the Spurs...BIOYC!

dildo said...

robbo - quite commanding but shud've claimed the ball for the 2nd goal
lee - decent performance
daws - that migrate took a chunk out of his brain. dats not the way to play someone offside. totally blamed him for the 1st.
kaboul - very2 shaky. presence of a leader wud definitely calm him.
zokora - crappy RB but did well in DC. thot lennon did a lot to help him back there
jenas - crappy in the middle, still crap at RB. made 1 good run, then struggled to catch his breath. his usual brainless self
kbp - playin with jenas has affected him
steed - struggled to hold onto the ball. villa was well prepared for him i guess.
defoe - supply to him only came from robbo's punt. struggled due to lack of supply.
lennon - a flowing game will see a flowing lennon. he needs more on the run type of passing. a disfunctional center mid is the cause of this
hudd - changed the game. got careless with possession at times but made us looked dangerous
berba - if i was captain, i'd bitchslap him.
keane - decent. JR shud've started with him instead of JD.

Anonymous said...

Only positive i can take from this game is that Poyet seems just as disgusted as the fans.But i cannot see any quick fix as we have so many naff players!its not just the defence either,the midfield is just as shocking (no creativity & no bite).

bigbirdthfc said...

Only positive i can take from this game is that Poyet seems just as disgusted as the fans.But i cannot see any quick fix as we have so many naff players!its not just the defence either,the midfield is just as shocking (no creativity & no bite)

Harry Hotspur said...

Hey Vinny, I thought we were more like a cartoon barmaid, top heavy, too much make up and at the end of her shift of free drinks, quite defenceless...

I think the Villa fans , welcome one and all, are somewhat missing my less than subtle point.

I am depressed that we can't defensively match the entry level full backs of Villa.

If you're happy that your entire squad is propped up by the likes of those two, good luck and bon voyage...

I want more.

4 Ever Hopeful said...

Has anything changed under Ramos? It doesn't really look like it. We still cannot defend a corner. We still concede winning goals at the end of matches. King still isn't a regular. Robinson still gets the captain's armband and then has a crap game. Especially he has no command of his six yard box at all at corners. Both last night and against the gooners the winning goal was scored deep in his territory. Defoe goes awol at any away game (yeah good goal and all that but he did bugger all else. He barely touched the ball in the opening 40 minutes). Dawson is an absolute cart horse who has been rubbish for 12 months. He has to go - and quick.

So come on Juande let's see some action. Get rid of this deadwood and bring in a group of people who can shore up this defence. It doesn't have to be pretty, we have enough of that in the six people in front of them, we just need two tough bastards in the middle and a goalie who can catch a ball.

Final negative - what a mare of a 45 minutes Boateng had.

Plus points? The broody Bulgar, Malbranque's willingness to try and penetrate a defence and Zokara's adaptability. I agree with the person who said he looks better in the back four.

dildo said...

replace all of em if u hv to JR.

Vinny said...

Even better than my analogy Hazza and I had been drinking a cognac or 2, could you tell?...;0)

Although entry level were the Villa defenders, just admired the way they fought for their shirt...no nonsense, hesitation or flashy stuff...but pure grit, spirit, even doing simple stuff like winning a header or 2...I have respect for that.

I've become easily pleased these days due to my expectations of our defenders getting lower and lower.

Maybe next game I'll even start to appreciate the fact they can tie their own shoe laces up.


dannyboy said...

Ok. Someone said to me once never make comment in temper; so I slept on it and here's my take. We were fucking awful defensively, not much better in midfield and non-existent up front. Sigh.

I really hope da management do make wholesale changes to the defence, because on that showing something is clearly wrong. What the f**k has happened to Dawson? And don't tell me he's missing King. His general play, a few fine tackles aside, is awful. If Mellberg hadn't have scored or Laursen, both could have been a penalty to them. Robbo has forgotten how to catch a ball; the sooner this goal keeping coach comes in the better. What's Shilton up to these days? Or Clemence must be looking for work.

Berbatov was anonymous. If he goes, so what? Defoe was anonymous, but at least he scored a cracker. Boateng - wtf? Lennon - was he playing? He used to go round players - why not any more?

Is Stalteri injured? Why is Zokora playing right back? Admirable display, but please Ramos, don't do a Jol and play players out of position.

Deflated totally. For the 10 minutes before we scored and the 5 minutes after, I actually thought we would win the game! 15 minutes of hope in a 90 minute game - severely lacking.

Levy / Comolli - get the cheque book out and let Ramos / Poyet decide who to buy, not you. If it means selling the sulk for 30 million to do it, then do it,

blah blah sigh

jolsgonemental said...

Shit performance culminating in being beaten by a shit outfit like Villa.

The comment about being lucky not to face Villa 'star' player John Carew says it all about our defence at the moment.

Star Man John Carew.

We need to learn to beat mid table nobodies if we are to challenge top 4.

John 'Star Man' Carew.

I find that funny.

jolsgonemental said...

Unfortunately I think it may come down to a new GK and centre backs.

Robbo and Daws are good lads but lets be honest they dont cut it. The fact that we are desperately looking for a top goalkeeping coach for a 28 year old goalkeeper doesnt fill me with confidence.

For every great save there is a fumbled attempt at a cross.

Sentimentality kept Jol in charge for far to long, we shouldnt hesitate to swing the axe if need be.

bueller said...

An awful game to watch.

I have to say that I agree with JGM on Daws. He walked through brick walls for us for two years and was 100% commited. I thank him for that. But he has never really looked like real quality and now he is costing us goals in most games he plays. Kaboul is a bit of liability but I actually prefer to see his name on the teamsheet than Daws.

There is a post in here somewhere which describes lee as putting in a decent performance. I don't understand this. He seems to have an incredible following of loyal fans because yesterday he was exactly the same as he is every week. Which is absolutely fucking garbage. As soon as he gets the ball, you know if he hasn't passed it to someone with half a brain we are going trying to win the ball back pretty soon. His passing is average, his decision making is awful and he is as one-dimentional as they come. The only thing in his favour is that he doesn't make too many stand-out errors that cost us games. For me that does not make up for the rest of his game.

dannyboy said...


''The only thing in his favour is that he doesn't make too many stand-out errors that cost us games.''

Shame we haven't got 4 of him then eh ?! A defence full of Y-P Lees; sounds good to me. Is he any good in goal ? LOL


bueller said...

'We all dream of a team of y p lee's, a team of y p lee's....'

It would actually be my nightmares come true.

jolsgonemental said...

can somebody explain how 'the option of a further two years' works? in regards berbatovs contract.

Nastylee said...

Lets face it spurs are shit and have been for the last 15 years or so.

You take the piss out of Villa put since the prem began Villa have outperformed Spurs, yet are accused of mediocre.

Mediocre Villa (the 4th most successful club in the country) have managed more goals away from home than any other team this season and with young, emerging talent are seen by many so called experts as a team that can establish themselves as at least a top 6 club in the coming seasons.

As for your laughable comments on Mellberg and Laursen, do you think any Villa fan would swap them for a Spurs defender? So they apparently look like hillbilles, so what. They are defenders who seem to do their jobs quite well.

You lot make me smile because apart from your two top 5 finishes you have made little impact on the prem. since its creation yet have some how convinced yourself you are major players. The fact Spurs had never finished above 8/9th until a few seasons ago means all you have done is bump around like a ghost ship. Spurs fans have always been easily satisfied - once a player joins with a little ability we hear the old 'he's a typical spurs player'. However, until spurs start buying some 'typical' premier league players, especially defenders then you will see your yo-yo existance continue for many a year.

Thank you and goodbye. (Heroes and Villains)

Toxic said...


Is that like marks for A-Levels, 4 for knowing his name. .8 for actual performance

"Has to stop the duff passes"

Will never happen as long as my arsehole points down.

Some questions have to be asked why he is picked every time he's available and never subbed, why would a manager start and play every game with only 10 men, can't be for footballing reasons, more to do with bald dwarf retards who like to pick players to sign and play.

jolsgonemental said...

I have only watched Villa once or twice in my lifetime. Which is probably comparable with the majority of people in this country. Certainly everyone I have ever met.

Which is surprising how big, successful and popular they are compared to Spurs.

Thinking about it I can only think of a tiny handful of Villa players of past years. Surprising given how exciting, successful and popular they are and have always been.

Therefore I dont think I am qualified to comment on Villa so I wont.

I am amazed however that such a big, successful and popular club has managed to avoid any media coverage at all for the last 20 years. Especially when you can boast players of the likes of John Carew and Olaf Mellberg.

Dion Dublin played for Villa?

Anonymous said...

I make no apologies for having qualities which some describe as delusional. Villa didn't win it: Spurs lost it. I always felt more concerned by Spurs' defence than Villa's attack.

Spurs should have flicked Villa aside like a gnat. For it is in the natural order of things that Spurs are the best team, and should occupy the top place in the table, and beat teams at will. The fact that they do not suggests some break or warp in the fabric of space-time, causing the Law of Entropy to sow more disorder than normal. Or that the aliens have landed and are secretly manipulating human affairs. Or that Freddy Krueger walks the earth.

Further evidence of something being massively wrong is seen in the Scum being currently at the head of the table - surely explicable by the temporal laws of 'Scum rises to the top', and 'Shit rises to the surface'.

In addition, certain 'signals' can be deciphered in the body language of some individuals that point to the deep-seated nature of the problem. Some have mistakenly cited the body language exhibted by one 'Berba'; but those in the know are more inclined to look at the flapping arms of one 'Robbo' and the flailing, headless chicken movements of ones 'Daws' and 'Kab'.

Whatever the cause, technicians Ramos and Poyet are in the lab and on the case, attempting the rectify the problem and restore order and symmetry to the football world. And when they've repaired the damage in space-time, or destroyed the aliens or Krueger - or at least the current Spurs back four - you will see the Scum (or 'Shit') sink to the bottom again (although we may have to live with them for some time, but at least we can trounce them). For it is a known fact that Spurs alone are the purveyors of the Beautiful Game, and that all others are but pale imitators and flatterers (with the possible exception of a few Brazilians and Messi and Zidane). Which explains why other so-called 'fans' - from Villa, or Scum, or Chavsea - come to this blog: purportedly to 'contribute', but actually to learn the Spurs Way, which is superior to all others.


9.37 Anon

NastyLee said...

Thanks for the points lads, just a shame there's not a few more teams in the league with Championship defenders.

I'll leave you to battle it out in midtable mediocrity with the likes of Reading. All the best.

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows the 'Spurs way'. The fan's are delusional, but their welcome to their delusions if it makes them happy (which by the looks of things it doesnt).

Anyway, the point that Harry Hotspur is missing is that Mellberg isnt a natural right back at all and only makeshift, like Zokora?

As one more level headed Spurs supporter mentioned, if Ramos can get his players as motivated as O'Neill does then he'll be doing a good job. The players would bleed for O'Neill and Villa, whereas I noticed that a few Tottenham players have gone missing when the chips are down this season. Spurs if they can sort out their defence have a great chance of getting Europe I believe, due to the sheer amount of goals they score.

Yes, Villa have been mediocre at times, but since the changes in ownership and management they're most certainly on the up. Disrespect them if you like, but I personlly think that they'll have more players in the England team in February than Spurs. Attendances are higher than ever, the owner has money to spend and the manager is getting the most out of a limited squad. Considering Villa are very much a 'work in progress' holding 6th position isnt too bad dont you think?

And as we all know, O'Neill has a habit of 'overachieving'...Ramos would do well to energise his players in the same way.

Anonymous said...

"I am amazed however that such a big, successful and popular club has managed to avoid any media coverage at all for the last 20 years"

If you compare villas record in that time, certainly in the prem it would be better than spurs, they have finishes at 4th 5th and 2nd etc in the prem and won more trophies, Spurs have had good finishes over the past 2 or 3 seasons. If you havent heard of them then it dosent matter, if you have only seem them twice it probaly explins why you talk so much sh*t judging a team on one performance when they beat you sorry lot. I wouldnt judge spurs on how pathetic they were last night, you cant just do it on one performance.

jolsgonemental said...

well you have convinced me, Villa are completely massive.

They should be on TV and the back pages every week.

If only you would stop this media blackout policy and share the worlds most exciting football with the rest of the world.

Cant wait to watch you again, Carew, Barry, Dublin....and those other ones.

Anonymous said...

Soooo... because Villa arnt plastered in the Tottenham Echo every day they're a lesser club? Have you heard of Ashley Young and Nigel Reo-Coker? Because your massive club tried to buy them both, but they made the wise decision to join Villa instead.

Now thats clutching at straws. I suppose you cant criticise us footballing wise because you're an easy 3 points.

bueller said...

Ashley Young was holding out for a move to Spurs but we didn't want him!!! Young has turned out better than I expected. Reo-Coker is decidedly average and I am very happy he joined you.

Besdides, he talks about himself in the third person.

"Only Nigel Reo-Coker knows how good Nigel Reo-Coker is going to be."

Well said Nige.

Let's not turn this into a Spurs vs Villa war. There are far more hateful teams out there.

Anonymous said...

Reo-Coker is a holding midfielder and currently stands as the best tackler in the league according to opta stats. Reo-Coker's 'average' is very good it seems.

Indeed, it shouldnt be a Villa vs Spurs discussion. Villa won, currently stand higher in the league and are historically alot more successful than Tottenham. Theres no arguement.

Anonymous said...

You Villa fans are still 'getting the wrong end of the stick', take it as a backhanded compliment the fact we admit O'Neill is over-acheiving with mediocre players.

The point is Villa havn't got anyone with the qualities of Berba, Keane etc. and therefore as Spurs supporters we expect to beat sides that could be described as 'workmanlike'.

Our frustarations are born from having quality players, but not getting the desire out of them that the Villa players showed.

(BTW, 'quality players' - I am NOT describing anyone that played in our defence yesterday)

Has anyone got any idea why King wasn't on the Bench?


Anonymous said...

Chaps, I'm worried...

"I had a dip in confidence. When you get criticised, it is not nice and you have a dip in confidence but I feel in the last few weeks that I've been getting back to my best."

Yup, that was Robbo.

A few fine saves doesn't make you a great goalie - or approaching your best. Fine saves are what you're employed to make as standard. Great goalies make extraordinary stops, command their boxes and inspire confidence.

9.37 Anon

jolsgonemental said...

"Have you heard of Ashley Young and Nigel Reo-Coker?".

THAT folks is a show stopper. fucking genius.

cracking comedy from our brummie friends. no comeback to that. You win.

Ashley Young and Nigel Reo-Coker. And John Carew.


You should have your own TV channel so everyone can get a chance to watch Young and Reo-Coker and Carew.

I know I would pay a subscription.

bueller said...

Villa Anon - 2.48

Reo-Coker is gash, your club is gash and right now you are arguing about a player that I couldn't give a toss about on a website setup for fans of a team you don't support, therefore your life is gash.

Anonymous said...

I'd say getting so wound up bu hard facts is 'gash'. I suppose the 'Villa way' of winning games and competitions is hard to swallow for followers of the 'Spurs way'.

And for the record, I am a Spurs fan now.

bueller said...

You are still here.....

Summerspur said...

is it true david o leary is coming back as sporting director at villa

Harry Hotspur said...

Love being referred to by my 'full given Tinterweb name' by Villains.

Bet if I trawled their sites I'd find a post from a a fan calling himself 'Aston Martin' saying ...
"Yon one's called Harry Hotspur, but I'd say that's not 'is real surname."

Noice Kipper

It's Them and Us said...

I'd rather see Robbo punt it up field and get lucky a few times than see us pass it around the centre-circle before a centre-back has a go at being Tom Huddlestone.

Not meaning to sound like some of the idiots that come on here just to attack what you say, but you seem to blow hot and cold (like a lot of fans) about performances. The team we have right now is the same that beat Pompey away and Man City at home recently (both I would argue aren't 'rubbish' despite history/form).

Set-pieces aren't a new thing. In fact I'd say it's an incredibly frequent thing with Spurs -- for years it's been a problem. The reason it matters more now is because teams can't generally compete with us in footballing terms and their only way of getting a chance is from set-pieces and the like. Instead of realising this and suring up our defence to this problem we played it out because goals equal entertainment. Or something stupid.

I personally don't believe it to be hard for very well paid professionals to stick to a man of close-to-or-equal ability to lessen the likelihood of them getting on the end of a cross. After all, what else do you pay defenders to do? Sometimes we can't help it against a large side because we do possess a fairly small squad -- but to concede nearly 50% of goals from set-pieces is laughable. 19 goals from them.

I love Dawson and rate Kaboul but I'd take them both out for now. If King can't play every week then draft in two experienced centre-halves that maybe lack pace but have the football brain to deal with the basics. If King is ready for the long-haul we have our injection of pace ready. Hey, maybe Hyypia is available?

Steed had a poor game for me but given his energetic performances over the past few weeks I can forgive -- and he wasn't the worst by any means. KPB may be a prospect but he's shown me nothing but an inbility to tackle. We need a 'Makelele' to sit and do the never-thanked-for job. Hey, if they want Berbs for £26 million and he wants out, I'd atleast ask about the possibility.

Our team is pretty much done it just needs experience and brain to go with our pace and enthusiasm. It came across a little knee-jerk to me. Of course like everyone else I'm pissed off, but still. Sorry for the length. ;)

Anonymous said...

Chimbonda? Anyone?
Where has he gone, he wasnt in the squad for the game, and wasn't mentioned on the Official Site in the list of injured absentees.

onedavemackay said...

Could everyone calm down ? We all know that we are lacking at the back. Someway or another Ramos and Gus etc have managed to stem the goals in some matches but the matter won't be resolved without a fit experienced central defender and a decent defensive midfielder. Neither of these exist in our current squad.

Harry. You know I love you but please don't give me that "I prefer Zokora at the back" nonsense. It's like saying you prefer the Emirates to Highbury. They both stink and Zokora is not good enough wherever he plays and you know it, winning smile or no winning smile.

And remember folks Villa are a very big club far more successful than us they've won so much in the last 50 years that we are lucky just to be in the same division as them !

It's Them and Us said...

As for the Chimbonda worryings, the commentators said he was ill.

So there ya' go.

jolsgonemental said...

Have you heard of Ashley Young and Nigel Reo Coker?

Apparently we didnt buy them because they are far too big for Tottenham Hotspur. But not for Aston Villa.

The best tackler in the league dont you know.

Nastylee said...

You're not even the biggest club in North London.

I'm just jelous though if you want the truth. I mean John Carew, Ashley Young and Gareth Barry, who wants to watch them when I could watch Lennon running down a blind alley and failing to cross the ball, or Berbatov turning up 1 game in 3 or the amazing Jenas, a player who can't tackle and can't pass. Yes you have me convinced,I will be applying for a Spurs ST tomorrow. If only I 'd seen the light earlier I'd have missed all those seasons where you couldn't match the mediocre teams in the division.

jolsgonemental said...

dont forget Nigel Reo Coker and Dion Dublin.

Anonymous said...

Dion's at Naaarwich. But maybe he could be tempted back to Villa?

What's rattled the Villa fans cage?

What were they expecting, Spurs fans to post on a Spurs website saying how good Villa are?

Chirpy said...


As there seems to be near universal agreement that a no-nonsense leader of men (and the defensive line) is required, I am keen to hear who your posters feel this premiership-hardened 'Maximus' might be? F*cked if I know; John Terry post finishing-school?

And let's be honest, Ashley Young is a talent that we missed out on after ill-advisdely (and not for the first time ) trying to shave £500,000 off Watford's asking price; Presumably because we had already ear-marked the cash for our club record purchase of the premiership's most expensive bench warmer, Messr Bent.

Chirpy said...

PS: does Huddlestone's tackling remind anyone else of a crowd-control technique more commmonly deployed by private security personnel.

pompey yid said...

Chirpy - how about Richard Dunne?
Dear villans - you'll have to excuse JGM; his default setting is grumpy piss taker.Not only is his glass half-empty, but he tends to spend the rest of his time fretting over the bastard who necked the other half. But we love 'im; so ignore.
Anyway, this Villa versus Spurs thing is all a bit peurile - two clubs who've won a total of 4 trophies in the last 20 years between them (2 a piece). But if we must play this game, let's at least have a bit of perspective and a genuine comparative element. Remember Porridge?
The likeable young Lennie Godber - Villa fan. The genius that is Norman Stanley Fletcher - Crouch End dwelling Spurs fan. No contest. Fletch wins.

Harry Hotspur said...

Pompey Yid:

There are moments when this blog comes alive for me.

Today has been very good, but your
Porridge remark has made my day.



Bloody good question. Let's talk specifics or shut up. All this ' we need a Roy Keane' stuff is all well and good... May I have a considered thunk and get back to you sir....

pompey yid said...

Cheers Harold - oh and happy new year by the way to one and all ('cept nemesis of course).

dannyboy said...

OK. Here's who I reckon we should sign if I had championship manager, money no object etc;

Centre half - Woodgate.
Centre midfield - Sidwell.

Even if on loan to the end of the season. Thoughts?! Purely kite flying you understand.


Chirpy said...

Dunne you say...

Well he has the experience, but is he of the required calibre? Personally I'm always wary of players/teams that have had one successful half-season - a-la Dean Richards. Lest we forget City's defence were hardly the envy of the PL last season.

Under contract until end of 2009 and did not leave City when they were languishing in the bottom third; Due in no small part to the loyalty the club showed him when he was partial to turning up to training 'worse for wear'.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else notice that when Dawson plays we suck in defense even more than usual. He is by far the weakest link!

pompey yid said...

agree with your view on Dunne overall - though to be fair to the lad, he kicked the lardy-arsed pisshead image at least 3 years ago. I thought he was quite decent last year, too - even if Citeh weren't. Quicker than you think. And his positioning is making Micah Richards look better than the youngster really is. Just thought he might be realistic in terms of cost.
I quite like dannyboy's call - Woodgate. The problem is an obvious one though - he makes King look like the heathiest CB on the planet. And he wears a friggin' alice band.

Anonymous said...

Usual rumours circulate on the Interweb about who we'll buy to plug the gaps in defence.

What's wiser: to buy functional, EPL players familiar with the EPL game? Or top-quality overseas players (if available) that probably need time to bed in? It's that familiar chestnut: one for now or one for the future (albeit as near future as possible). Kaboul is a case in point. I like him lots. He has great potential, but has struggled to adapt to the English game.

Spurs surely have to be pragmatic. If Berbatov or any other of our strikers is fidgety, can you blame them? They bang the goals in, then watch helplessly as we concede, negating all their efforts. That has to be demoralising.

EPL or overseas, it must be someone/s immediately fit for purpose, who hits the ground running, and staunches the flow of goals. Currently, the only tactic a team needs against us is to win a set piece near goal. It's as if all the pitches were pyramid-shaped, coming to a point in the centre of the park, sloping downward to each goal. Natural momentum our side is ALWAYS downward to Robbo's goal. It's like playing football on a slide.

Middle of pitch

Natural Natural
direction direction
of of
ball ball
v /\ v
v / \ v
v / \ v
v / \ v
v / \ v
Our goal / \ Their goal

9.37 Anon

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the sh*t diagram. Brain addled.

9.37 Anon

Reality Checker said...

Let's be honest. Spurs have a poor goal keeper, a rubbish defence, a mid table standard midfield and some very good strikers (one of which wants to leave to join a big club)

Villa completlely outplayed spurs and somehow managed to miss two/three open goals but still beat a poor spurs side.

With a lofty 12 point margin already in the bag and a much better balanced side Villa bossed the game for 70 minutes and were clear deserved winners.

After punching above their weight for 2 years Spurs look like they are back to where they probably belong - back in a mid table position (and let's face it in 16 out of 18 seasons spurs have not finished in the top six)

Stop the delusion, stop the bull, spurs were well beaten by a bigger more successful club.

Steveo said...

Someone needs to have a word with Martin O'Neill

We should be beating the smaller lower relegation fodder teams like the tiny tots more than 2-1 even though the scoreline flattered them.

How we cann't completly drub a team that has won the league less times than Huddersfield Town and has 2 top six finishes in 18 years is very disappointing.

shanemac said...

just read a good one from spooky at dearmrlevy.com, even if it is longer than a post by vinny or 9.37 anon.

Anonymous said...

Spurs may have 'lost it' but you ended up with what you deserved. Berbatov had one chance- other than that you did sweet fa.

A lot of you do come across as quite deluded- expecting to beat 'small-time' Villa. Chelsea and Everton got beat there and both are streets ahead of you atm. We are where we are and you are where you are for a reason.

I expected you to be comedy at the back but not so bereft of ideas going forward. That said I do expect you to be back up to 6th-9th come the end of the season.

An entire new back-four will be pricey tho. But £25m from a big club for Berba might cover it ;)

Happy New Year and good luck (well against bloos anyway)

Harry Hotspur said...

"Villa completlely outplayed spurs....."

As did.... oh do f*ck off

Harry Hotspur said...

"Spurs may have 'lost it' but..."

.....at which point you neatly proceeded to contradict the rest of the guff you wrote....

Anonymous said...

No I don't. You are correct in saying that your pathetic attempts at defending set-pieces cost you the game. That doesn't mean you deserved sh!t from that performance.

And please, do expand and explain how exactly what I have written is guff.


Harry Hotspur said...


You card.

I'd call you Steveo but I really don't think anyone does, so I shan't either..

"How we cann't completly drub a team that has won the league less times than Huddersfield Town and has 2 top six finishes in 18 years is very disappointing"

12.08 I feel the uncontrollable urge to be you.

And self harm.

Harry Hotspur said...

1:10 And here you go...

a)I don't realistically expect us to top ten this season.

b)JGM's right, Villa ARE small time. If they were a band they'd be Slade.

Anonymous said...

Ha, fine. But if Villa are small-time, there's no evidence to suggest Spurs are any bigger. At all in fact.

Ground/attendances- nope
Trophies won- nope
Recent history- nope
Current league position- nope

What DO spurs have going for them? At least Villa have desire (in the players) and humility (amongst the fans).

And you disagreeing that you can't even finish 10th this season doesn't make what I wrote 'guff', does it? Its hardly an outlandish statement. Is it?!

Harry Hotspur said...

"What DO spurs have going for them? At least Villa have desire"

Please, desire? I was enjoying this until you spilt your drink....



Vinny said...

"just read a good one from spooky at dearmrlevy.com, even if it is longer than a post by vinny or 9.37anon."

- Shanemac, and that was only talking about the defence, imagine if I started on the midfield?(again!).

Talking of which...just wanted to add to my analogy of Spurs strengths being likened to a bodybuilder with a wierd top heavy shape and pathetic puny legs.

Well, as we we've known for ages, in the middle we're also missing a pair of bollocks and lacking on the creativity side just like a bodybuilder who has lost his bollocks and ability for pro-creativity due to his overdose in steroids!

- Oh, tell a lie we're a load of bollocks in the middle too...ouch!, sorry couldn't resist with that below the belt comment...boom boom.

On the bright side, mines a "large Cognac please Michael!" - Classic line from Only Fools n Horses when the Driscoll brothers force Delboy into buying a round at the nags head and his plonker brother Rodders duly obliges!


"Ok. Someone said to me once never make comment in temper; so I slept on it and here's my take."

- Dannyboy, great line mate very cosa nostra.

I love this blog!

Mendes' Lob said...

We played terrible first-half, Defoe did nothing, Berbatov looked uninterested and couldn't be arsed.
Second-half, we were better, but another corner, another goal conceded, what's new here?
But talking about defenders, I rather have Laursen and Mellberg in our team rather than Rocha and Kaboul.
Unlike our defenders, they actually can tackle, mark and harry properly.
And Ashley Young, why didn't we get him?

jolsnotgonemental said...

what is it about a bad loss that brings that miserable plonker jolsgonemental out of hibernation. I have been enjoying the harry hotspur airwaves recently when it has been JGM-less and the banter has been upbeat and positive. As soon as we have one admittedly bad loss that miserable sod comes out and talks his negative sarcastic crap. Where was he since his nemesis departed when we have looked better on yje pitch? Did he come on board and say well done to the troops? no this miserable plonker was wallowing in his own miserable self pity in that spurs might have looked like they were turning a corner or two and that he had nothing more miserable to say about them. As soon as we have a loss he is happy again cause he can add to the negativity. Why? Cause he is a downcast miserable suicidal plonker who no team needs as a "supporter". Mr JGM - as they say in the movies - Go and Get F&^%ed...
Bring back Nemesis i say...

jolsgonemental said...

what kind of cunt takes someone elses name in a sad desperate ploy to get people to read their comments.

answer: you.

And what kind of person uses the word 'sod'?

Are you a fucking farmer?

I think from now on you should be known as Old McDonald.

Anonymous said...

Unyet you pay him an 'ultimate blog compliment' by mimicking his username?


Anonymous said...

Just to add to the potential signings at CB; Distin anyone?

6 months too late on the cost front, but he fits the bill

I would still like to see Kaboul given a chance at CM, as per Ledley when he was blooded


bueller said...

Jol said we could have either gone for Chritian Chivu or Kaboul in the summer and we went for Kaboul for the long term. What a mistake that was. We definitely needed experience.

Where did Distin go in the summer HighandLow? Was it pompey?

I think he's OK and Certainly has the experience.

I honestly can't think of any centr halves I want.

Anonymous said...

Yes he's at Pompey and ever present, features very high in the 'Fantasy League' stats and we could have had him for free in the summer!


Anonymous said...

I dont think Distin would move to Spurs, Portsmouth are doing very well at the moment.

I think for defenders you're going to strugle, decent premiership defenders dont come cheap nowadays and dont seem availible. It looks like you might need to go overseas again, but not for a young prospect, you need to pay the price for someone a bit more experienced. As for midfielders you have them coming out of your ears and its just a matter of getting the system right, perhaps Ramos will consider playing a holding midfielder?

Althought it is lovely to watch at times, I think you Spurs might need to curb your attacking instincts a bit. At home you're not so bad, but away from home you need to know that you're not going to conceede stupid goals.

Also if I were a Spurs fan I would concerned with Robbinson's lack of form. I'd even consider dropping him for a while. What are thoughts on this?

jolsnotgonemental said...

high & low - i pay him the "ultimate" compliment due to his inability to say anything positive about the team he so called supports. i use his moniker to sarcastically show him that positivity can be all invasive, when one person says something good then another has the opportunity to follow adn so on and so forth. Do the opposite and life will spiral in misery and negativity.
Should he choose to add something positive to the spurs conversation i would highly enjoy his words but cause he's a negative SOD then this farmer joe wants to take him out back and do what we farmers do best to old negative warhorses and thats off with their heads, as keeping them going is too cruel to them and everyone else...

jolsgonemental said...

oh dear.

I did fear that somebody witless enough not to be able to think up something as taxing as 'a name' probably was a waste of space.

Being proved right is such a chore.

I have read your reasoning behind your inability to source yourself an original name but cannot figure out what the fuck you mean. Did you have a point when you first sat down to write that up?

And your analogy about farmers beheading "war" horses is fucking bizarre.

" this farmer joe wants to take him out back and do what we farmers do best to old negative warhorses and thats off with their heads"

What the fuck are you jabbering on about?


Anonymous said...

Sure is negative....but its generally funny!


Summerspur said...

did someone just mention PAUL WARHURST?
a decent enough player in his day but a bit ancient now. still, a bit harsh to behead the chap though.

Summerspur said...

unless of course he named his teddy bear Mohamed

bueller said...

My girlfriend and I got a cat shortly after Teddy-Gate and she wouldn't let me call it Mohamed no matter how much I pleaded.

Because I kicked up a fuss, she did let me call it Berba. If all this paper nonsense is true I may be selling the cat very soon.

Re: Warhurst, yes he's kicking on a bit but blimey, that's the sort of versatility we could uses. He played everywhere!!!

Summerspur said...

thats very dissapointing bueller, letting the missus dictate pussy terms, mark my words, its the thin end of the wedge.

sad to hear you called it berba, it will spend most of the time asleep, never get out its box and no doubt leave for a bigger and better place but not a "villa"

Steveo said...

A comfortable win against a small lower mid table club who has punched above their weight for 2 years out of 18. WOW!

A team that has won 2 league titles (name me one other big club in world football that has only won the league twice??!!!!)

Let's face it spurs are average, have lost 9 in 21 and were turned over good and proper (not for the first time this season) and the more successful team that has won more and bigger trophies bossed proceedings.

Never mind in your deluded spurs bubble you are a big club. Shame your best player doesn't seem to think so!

Summerspur said...

worldwide market potential sonny jim. yours is non existent, based on the fact you play in west hams cast off kit under some big flyover thingy. we, however, have huge worldwide potential based on the fact that we are tottenham, super tottenham ........ you know how it goes.

its true, o leary is coming back, you lucky brummies.

happy days

onedavemackay said...

All these Villans are just demonstrating their jealousy. Why else would they be named after one of our players and one of Manchester United's. How sad is that ?

Jolsnotgonemental : I will be reporting you to Trading Standards. It's bad enough being anonymous but that's pathetic. Slime back under your rock.

Steveo said...

"worldwide market potential sonny jim."

I'm sure the world is facinated that you have won the league twice in 125 years and never won the premier european competition. Face it you are probably 3rd or 4th biggest in London and are pretty insignificant compared to the big clubs.

"based on the fact you play in west hams cast off kit under some big flyover thingy."

Very funny comment seeing as West Ham copied our kit and you actually copied Preston North Ends. Obviously you don't know much about your own teams history to make such a naive remark!

"we are tottenham, super tottenham ........ you know how it goes."
2 top six finishes in 18 years. Super of just full of .....!

2-1 against a small team 7 points off relegation.

Hutton just turned you down!!!!

Let's all laugh at tottingham!

daytripper said...

HH - you are 100% dead on! There is no way Spurs are going to win any competition or beat a Top 4 squad without replacing our 3 current central defenders.

I love Kaboul, but he is better suited for fullback. He has no ability to head the ball whatsoever. The timing of his jumps, his vertical lift and his strength and direction of his headers are all terrible. On the rare occasion he does win a ball in the air, it's usually a weak header into the path of an opponent.

It is a full year plus now with Dawson making critical marking mistakes in EVERY single game that leads to at least 1 goal against. Also, the 2nd goal, if you switch Dawson & Terry, I bet Terry clears it. Just because the ball isn't going to the man your marking, doesn't mean you can't jump & clear it!

HH, I debated with you all Summer how King's return in late Dec was going to propel us to the top of the table and cup success. After watching his first couple of games back, I'm afraid you were right all along. The meniscus surgery shouldn't have affected his leaping ability, but he's looking slower and is not getting off the ground at all now.

BTW HH, how can you rate Kaboul lower than Dawson, when Kaboul did a much better job defending his marks and made no errors that led to goals?

jolsnotgonemental said...

JGM, you are so stuck on this name thing that you have totally missed my entire point. You are a negative sad old lonely plonker who never can say anything positive about the team we all love and support. Your total negativity is a discredit to all supporters of the spurs ilk and you should be put out to pasture asap.
i love the fact that all you can comment on is the fact that i did indeed use your stupid negative name but at the same time i tried to make it a little more positive than your sky is falling negative moniker. May all your Hossam Ghalies come back to roost my sad lonely old fart of a "fellow supporter".
You're like the school bully who thinks he has something smart to say all the time and all the dumber kids stand behind you cause they know cant quite match your p's and q's and too scared to take on the school bully. I used to love to take down the school bullies - although granted that was in the days of steve perryman...
May you die an unnatural death and be reincarnated as a fulham supporter...

Vinny said...

After sleeping on it and taking Dannyboy's wise advice "Someone said to me once never make comment in temper".

Here are my thoughts on fixing our defensive problem;

I don't believe we need to "can" all 3 of Dawson, Kaboul and Ledley at all.

Yes Dawson is not the leader we all thought he was, but he was still decent and looked like a potential John Terry for the past 2seasons before this one. Although he isn't the most cultured, his strengths usually before this season were his robustness, doing the basics well, and his ability to make vital challenges both on the ground as well being commanding in the air. Now I don't believe those abilities have completely gone to shit in 4 months. I think just like the rest of the team and especially the defence he's lacking confidence in himself, as well as his inexperienced new partner Kaboul.

Kaboul - Obviously not the best of starts to his prem career but thrown in at the deepend and talked up far too early pre-season easy games before reality of the hard hussle and bustle of the prem hit. Has a lot to learn, but cannot write him off after 4 or 5 months. Needs to be nurtured and brought on more often from the bench and calmed by an experienced head when on it. Zokora alongside him shockingly brought the best out of him so far.

Ledders - Its clear his ability to be fit on a regular basis is in question, but when he is fit is one of the best.

Not 3 new central defenders needed. What we do need is 1 top class central defensive addition - no nonsense with the ability to lead/orchestrate the defence as well as command respect NOW.

Whether this be a short term fix till the end of the season or a longer term addition I dont know.

There are pros n cons of both;

If we take a short-term player - could be someone like Jonathan Woodgate, provided he passes vigorous medical examinations. Someone like him has good prem experience, has decent defensive leadership skills and as we've seen before, usually makes an immediate impact at his clus as we saw at Middlesborough last seasn.

If we take a long term fix - has to be world class, which would mean him probably coming from La Liga or Serie A. The problem with this would be, as we've seen before foreign players need time to settle and at the same time our current players need time to gel with the new player also.

In this category, since admitedley I watch less and less of foreign football these days, due to the best players already playing in the prem bar a few, I don't know much about the likes of Jarques or Stendardo that we have been linked to.

Could Harry or anyone else be so kind as too dig up some info on these guys?

Additional solution needed;

A left-back who can do his primary job of defending well before or as well as offering attacking abilities.

Its beyond me why we keep bringing jacks of all and masters of none - look at what that has done for our midfield. Yeah versatility is welcome by all means, but please! please if you're a defender be able to defend for fuck sake!...yeah you guessed it, I'm talking about Lee. Besides, I can see Bale being the solution to our left midfield problems along with O'Hara and Steed gives us plenty there for now. So would love to see a competent left-back behind them who does not inspire the opposition to exploit our left side of defence as an obvious weakness.

Just hear there has been an offer for Hutton and contrary to what the Villa mug said he hasn't refused but is "considering". Does this mean Chimbonda's off?...again Harry/anyone anymore info?

Whats changed?
Pre-Season we all thought we could do with central defensive cover, someone like Curtis Davies which didn't happen. Now we realise we need a prominent "Prem ready now" top class reliable defender. with any of Dawson, Ledders and Kaboul to play alongside him. In essence very much like we need a quartet of 4 top strikers, we actually need 4 top defenders at the other end to balance out our strengths too.

Maybe when we reach champions league football, who knows we may be looking for an addition - a world class defender. It's all about apropriate and proportional progression innit.

In the meanwhile, we just need a central defensive superman to help out the other 3 main lads.

Incidentally anyone remember 2 seasons back when with Dawson, Ledders we actually look pretty solid and instead were all complaining instead that we needed more in the striker department to compliment JD and Keano.

Times have changed but don't mean Daws and Ledders have changed to crap players overnight!...don't believe that,

For form is temporary but quality is permanent...enough from me...BIOYC/COYS!

But 1

Steveo said...


Obviously he is waiting for a big club to come in for him then.

EL said...

I blame Comolli. Hope Juande bangs his heads together before the month's out.

Steveo said...

How many heads has Comolki got then?