Sunday, December 30, 2007

Tottenham To Sign Urby Emanuelson

What can I tell you?
Currently left back for Ajax, word from a good few Ajax fans is that he is better suited to LM and this would suit JR's liking for attacking backs.

He's not a striker, so I welcome him with open arms.

Also not everyone's a fan...

"Do you know what the running joke is in the Dutch football community about Emmanuelson? That he has an Ajax Super Season Ticket, i.e. he gets to stand on the pitch every week to watch the big boys play football up close, all he needs to do in return is to make sure that he does not get in their way. No-one except for Van Basten and a couple of deluded Ajax fans would include him in the Holland squad."

Anyway, the word is the bid is in.


Anonymous said...

Lord Harold,

as always, thanks for the clips.

Nice to see he is actually left-footed. Lets hope he is more like Bale than Edman, Ekottu, YP Lee, Ziegler and the bloke from Cameroon who's name has gone right out of my head, but gave me hope that I too could one day become a professional footballer.

Anonymous said...

Timothy Atouba!

Anonymous said...

Timothy Atouba!


Markspur said...

Well, at least he has hair like Ginola! Are you sure he isn't a striker, H? Shoots likes one! Still, he looks like someone who will do well in the Champions League, when we get there! Hope he can defend, and I wish he was 5 years older. Maybe UEFA can start an U21 Champs League, we'd piss it! COYS!

Raf_THFC said...

any footage of him doing some defending Harry?

Left footed is good though, with Bale we have looked so much more balanced going forward.

MarkyP said...

Hi Harry,

just wanted to add my few cents worth, maybe these odd few Ajax fans that think he shouldnt warrent a place in the team missed the wee bit of skill the lad seems to posses, please see below link:

would love to see him playing on the LW overlapping with Bale..


Anonymous said...

Harry hope this is fact and not ficton. All i have heard is his agent goin on about how he wants 2 join Spurs, nothin about us wantin him. Any fact in this story? Are we goin 2 sign him?

Anonymous said...

,,,,That Wrighty7 has changed his blog. The twat.

Death said...


"Juande, Damien and I have reviewed the squad and Juande feels that we are not looking at any major changes," said Levy.

"We are all clear that the January window is the worst time to buy quality players so we shall not be doing any business that is not essential.

"Once again for the record, we are not a selling club, rather we are building for the future. When we have players on long contracts we have no need to entertain offers."

I hope this turns out to be true. I don't take any notice of the tacky red tops but when the speculation about you know who going to MU turns up in the Independant... well concern levels start to rise.

The last bit's interesting though "When we have players on long contracts we have no need to entertain offers." Where does that leave JD Sign or be sold?

Anonymous said...

you could take a 5min video clip of any football player in the world, put in on youtube and make him look a genius. If we are going to spend big i hope weve done our homework on him cos personally i know nothing about him and refuse to judge him on a youtube vid!

Anonymous said...

I just hope he hasn't been talent spotted by Comolli as he has a hopeless track record...

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't mind a few of our players being 'super' season ticket holders if they score goals like him in that 2nd clip.

westy boy said...

He looks decent. I would like us to attempt to sign another dutch LB/ LM in Royston Drenthe. He has hardly had a kick at Real madrid. They would be unlikely to sell but may loan him for the rest of the season which would be perfect considering our injuries to bale and ekotto.

EL said...

All I wanna know is, what's Bent gonna do in return for the 16.5 mil?

Answers on a postcard.....

onedavemackay said...

el. Hopefully he'll go back to his Daddy (Curbs).
We can only pray !

Anonymous said...

MarkyP: lets hope we can look forward to him doing this for us!

Anonymous said...

Other than the next six weeks or so why is he needed? We have Bale to come back in February, covered by Lee Y-P until next season when Ekotto returns and Malbranque is playing out of his skin ahead of them.

Better to buy at least one central defender plus a goalie.

Also on Berbatov we are going to have to face facts. If this guy has his mind to go to a bigger club and at almost 27 who can blame him, then we should put a £35 million price tag on him and sell him. He will not continue to turn in performances like the last few indefinitely, especially once the transfer window closes.

dannyboy said...

'All I wanna know is, what's Bent gonna do in return for the 16.5 mil?

Answers on a postcard.....'

Maybe if he had a run of games and got his confidence back, he would show you and all of us. People do have short memories. Fickle.

As for Emanuelson, when I see him on the White Hart Lane pitch etc etc


Anonymous said...

Berba's agent is whoring him about again i see.....

dog said...

I don't think theres a chance Levy will let him go in January. Even if the price we get now is 5 million quid higher than it will be in the summer, he's worth more to us than that this season. Without him, it seems unlikely we will qualify for Europe via the leauge or the cups. A good UEFA cup run, and or winning either of the domestic cups and qualifying for Europe again is surely worth more than the difference between selling him now or the summer (obv hope not!!) His agent is a FRONTBOTTOM, pure and simple.. Of course he wants him to move, the Bulgarian FB will be on a nice commission there

jolsgonemental said...

gooners. love em.

Anonymous said...

Berbatov agent wants his client to leave our club!!!

If true we must demand £30M + for him, no bit part players + money in return.

But if so we will be dealing with mid/ bottom table i.e fighting relegation!!!!!

BimitarDerbatov said...

he won't go... i'm remaining faithful to Berb 'till the end..

i think he's a loyal guy...i can't blame him for wanting to go but i don't think he will..not in January anyway..

dannyboy said...


how on earth did you find that? just what exactly were you looking for ? LOL

Anonymous said...

What's our view on this?

Dimitar Berbatov's agent Emil Dantchev has told BBC Sport the striker is happy at Tottenham but would be interested in a move to "a big club".

The 26-year-old has been a huge hit since joining Spurs in 2006, but Dantchev said he had spoken to chairman Daniel Levy about his future.

"Dimitar wants to fulfil his potential and win trophies now," said Dantchev.

But Levy has repeatedly insisted he is building for the long term, rather than being interested in selling players.

The Bulgarian has regularly been linked with Manchester United and his agent's comments came just before the mid-season transfer window opens.

He scored 22 goals in his first season at White Hart Lane, and so far this campaign he has netted another 11, including four in the 6-4 win over Reading.

"His performances for the club are a testament to his commitment to the fans and his team-mates," Dantchev told The Sun newspaper.

"Fans must understand Dimitar is 27 next month and time is running out for him to play for a club that can match his ambition.

"I would like to stress this is not about money. This is about sporting ambition.

"But after Tottenham's bad start to the season, it is unlikely they will have the chance to do something big this season."

Anonymous said...

Sport Betting says Berbatov 7/2 to make January Switch!!!!

shanemac said...

losing berbatov will set us back something incredible. we can forget about the top four next season. if he leaves we're no more dangerous than everton or portsmouth over the long term. anybody who thinks that this is not a big deal is blind. berbatov is irreplaceable. damnit i'm depressed.

Harry Hotspur said...

I think 10.11 is on the ball.

Old Emile is indeed a whoring nobody.

Plucked from whatever village he was selling donkey rides in to beneath the western media spotlight so fast it's made him giddy.

A front bottom of the highest order.

Does Berba want out? Gawd knows. He is, in my view quite right to have been depressed with the service he was getting.

Proof if it were needed came four times against Reading.

I'm just grateful Jose is out of Chelsea. Berba would far more obviously replace the Ukrainian donkey and compliment Drogba than any move to United.

But such audacity left Second Hand Fridge when he did.

My feeling is that Dimi will be in a white shirt for a long time to come.

But that is based purely upon my faith in Ramos to get it right.

Just thinking back there about Archibald and how the times have changed.

Agents are rubbish.

Lettng agents, recruitment consultants
Football agents... All the same...parasitic rubbish.


Vinny said...

Emmanuelson - dont know much about him, but smells of "one for the future" again. Would love nothing better than "ready now" hard as nails left back in the old Stuart Pearce mould to stop teams exploiting what is generally our most vulnerable part of the pitch, whilst the "Try Hard" but not "Die Hard" Lee continues to occupy the LB position. Suppose its all a question of availability though.

These "one for the future" signings are a big reason contributing to Berbatov potentially pissing off as these players take time to mould and integrate into top quality first team contributors. Whilst ready made remedies for our weak areas like Martin Petrov who could have helped our cause on the left wing IMMEDIATELY due to having quality and experience NOW, were ignored costing us one of our worst prem starts to the season ever.

This kind of decision plus not having signed a "ready now" central defender instead of naive Kaboul has held up our season and effectively gives us bob or no of reaching the champs league which is fuelling Berba's agent's case for his client to move on.

Not saying our board are complete wankers as we have had some decent success in the last couple of years for which I am greatful and the future looks very bright. They have made some great decisions ie bringing in Ramos and whilst a few things have gone against us, but hey nothing is perfect.

However if the sale of Berbatov does result from this long-term plan of reaching the champs league by neuturing some the best youngsters around which will take time, then we at least need to get top dough plus Nani/Anderson, Brown and Carrick. That would soften the blow a little and help patch up some areas where we need improvement NOW - (Central Defence, a decent Defensive Midfielder and more service to the strikers wouldn't go amiss). Oh yeah then sign David Villa....that would show us the board aren't fucking around!!!

Personally It goes without saying Berba is a rare world class player that we need, hope he stays and gives us one more season after this.

Is there a clause in berba's contract which lets him go for a certain amount? or is it bullshit or been changed since?

In the meanwhile Happy New Year in advance everyone.

Vinny said...

To clarify on my last comment -"Personally It goes without saying Berba is a rare world class player that we need, hope he stays and gives us one more season after this."

Obviously I mean I hope Berba gives us one more full season after this one to try reach the Champions league.

If we dont make it, then after that would fully understand his desire to experience champions league thrill with someone else like Teddy did a few years ago. Although I do feel by the time under a quality manager like Juande and one and half more seasons have past, we do have every chance of being in champions league for the following season ie season 2009-2010.

By that stage our youngsters would be more mature and more easily able to bridge the gap of a talent like Berba leaving alla the scum have done with Henry.

dannyboy said...

Re: Berbatov; as an author on Vital has said - either sell him for every penny we can muster if he really wants to leave, or get Levy to tell his agent to shut the fuck up and get on with honouring his contract. Bang on mate. I for one, as I'm no doubt lots are, am sick of this regurgitated crap. Depending on what day of the week it is, he's either staying or going.
Just remember one thing my son - no-one is bigger than the club. The club will be here long after you go. Us supporters ain't mugs (well, not too many!). To end - if you don't want us and our club ain't big enough for you, then fuck right off.

I feel better for that!!!


dannyboy said...

.....and I don't give a shit what irksome idiotic bilge Nemesis comes out with.

Harry Hotspur said...

"Just remember one thing my son - no-one is bigger than the club. The club will be here long after you go. Us supporters ain't mugs (well, not too many!). To end - if you don't want us and our club ain't big enough for you, then fuck right off"

Bloody right.
You've been sidebarred, Mr.

Bishop Spursford said...

I want to hear Nemesis's comment on the latest piece of "non-news".

The January transfer window is usually short of big transfers. It's the papers creating stories again.

Anonymous said...

Spot on Bish.

Anonymous said...

Danny boy is spot on and there is a piece on the topspurs website that echo's his views.There is a list on there that shows spurs strikers through the times with a goals to game ratio out of at least 20 Berbatov is right near the bottom of this. Hate the way he has taken the total piss out of us ,he was no-one when he came,he plays fucking shit all season then all of a sudden as the window approaches he's bang on it(that is of course when he's not whining and moaning that everyone else on the team is shit coz the ball didnt go straight to his foot!)No one is bigger than spurs ,people have short memory's we have had great players like lineker,gazza and ginola and they actually contributed to us winning things and that with some pretty average players in the same team.Spurs are a great club and if you do well by us you are remembered forever. all spurs fans don't be fucking mugs(the world will end if he goes)football is a team game and ramos has won trophies with fredi up front ffs!we cant allow this c**t to disrespect our great old club any longer!

shanemac said...

i'm sorry but that's absolute shite. you just over-simplified the entire situation. we'll likely not have as good an opportunity to crack the top four like we've had the past two years for many many years, and berbatov is a big part of that. don't want to hear the "nobody's bigger than the club" shit anymore. if that helps you sleep at night..... fine. somehow it never gets extended to the club administrators. meanwhile i will still lament blown chances to reclaim the fucking glory we deserve, the kind that only players of berbatov's caliber can deliver. we could have been great by now, but we pissed it away with poor signings and poor management. damn you martin jol.

anyway, to those of you in an earlier timezone: happy new year! over here in the past, berbatov is still on our team.


It's Them and Us said...

Players from Holland are always a 50-50 so for a reasonable price he doesn't seen that bad of a signing.

Now I don't always believe your sources (as I'm sure you too sometimes snear at suggestions) but I was wondering what you'd heard on the subject of Dimitar. Staying, going, done deal for the summer, or pissed off with his agent?

Any ideas or just confused like every other fan that he hasn't said it himself? Either way, his agent is a cunt.

Anonymous said...

If he wants to go I say let him. But we get as much as possible for him. Like we did Carrick.

And yes Dimi watch the highlights and see how you were responsible for Kitsons near post header.

As much as he is a class player no one person is bigger than the club!!!!. Let him sit on the bench at a bigger club. Let him shake his arms around at Ronaldo when the cross or pass is not to his liking.

I honestly believe when we spent 16.5 million on Bent it was with this situation thats now developing in mind. Bent is in no way a replacement for Berbatov quality but lets see who Ramos goes after if Berbatov dumps the club that took a big gamble on him when purchased from bayer Leverkusen.
Some people seem to forget that his buy in the first place was a risk.
We he repay the club with loyalty or clear off for the money and glory?? !!HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
Pete the YID

dannyboy said...


No-one is bigger than the club. Fact. I don't care who they are, if they're not 100% commited to the cause, we don't want them, however good they are. Give me a team of 'I'd run through brick walls for this club, Graham Roberts' rather than 'I'll sulk if I want to prima donnas, Berbatovs' any day of the week.

As for we won't have another chance to crack the top 4 for years without him; does 1 player make a team? No.

Happy New Year.


Raf_THFC said...

Pretty pissed off with Berb's and his agent to be honest. So he can't win anything here? Well last time I looked we're in the semis of the carling cup, and still in the UEFA cup, and FA Cup.

Yeah maybe these aren't the biggest competitions in the world, but without him we're stuck with the age old problem of Defoe and Keane not being able to play together. To go mid-season is basically just sticking two fingers up at us.

kevous said...

If he wants to go... send him packing! there is no place for half harted players at the lane!

Ron said...

A move from Ajax to Tottingham is a step down. Would be very surprised if anyone would want to make the drop.