Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Tottenham vs Birmingham: Player Ratings


Other than one memorable save little to do than pick the ball out his own net three times. He needs a defense in front of him.

Fed up with him. He needs reigning in. Yes, undoubtedly a talent, but this roving reporter role leaves me cold. Undisciplined and fundamentally disorganised.

Not solid enough.
Our new whipping boy. Bad break with the penalty, but hesitant on the ball.
I trust JR & Co identify the problems and fix him. Quick.

Looked nervy.

Superstar. Hungry, talented and... INJURED.

Cows arses and banjos.

Distinguished himself. Then he changed position and extinguished himself.

Always skinned 'em and made the cross.

Nice touches, Slimboy.

Hold up play was very very good.

No nonsense. Two in.

Physical, menacing, rightly frustrated with poor service.

Too offside to be of use.

Phil Dowd
Textbook crap refereeing.
Compounded by by consulting with the world's worst referee.


Pitiful refereeing from Dowd marred the game. I don't like to moan on about this type of stuff because it doesn't change anything, but... It wasn't just the non penalty against Kaboul or the ridiculous red shown to Keane, there were endless fouls went unbooked by this fat Mr Magoo in black. Not to mention their time wasting keeper. FA, please, get this giblet away from me.

A substandard Phil Dowd, a substandard supply to their own strikers and a spectacular goal of quality sent the Lilywhites down the tunnel pointless. Positives? Steed before he (JR?) totally imbalanced our formation. Bale's pace, determination and touch. Berbatov bullied his way but couldn't get through.

Same old same old. Dreadfully weak at the back...


Juandavemackay said...

If my memory serves me correctly Zokora was pretty close to the Brum wonder goalscorer without challenging him. He's like a ghost and must be put out of his misery (and ours).... roll on the African Nations cup.

As for the absolute bloody disgrace regarding Keano's sending off, Dowd's decision was appalling but for the FA to uphold a three match ban is just fucking outrageous !

Juandavemackay said...

Sunday was depressing cos we really didn't deserve the result and Birmingham could not have had much more luck. But the great thing is that J R looks like the real deal.... he can make a decision, has tactical nous and more than anything else he has balls !

Anonymous said...

Dont want to get you excited but ledley has nearly played a game for the reserves!!!
Looking good but dont rush him back

florida pete said...

Harry, can you elaborate on the Steed scenario, I didnt really notice that he had faded out of the game to that extent? I just watched us pounding the Birmingham goal relentlessly,and getting caught out twice by wonder goals,very much aided by shite defending...(While there were 11 players on each side)

Anonymous said...

The quote on Keane's Red card (below) is complete lies in my view, the FA (for not allowing Keane's Red card appeal) are a total bunch of wankers:

A spokesman for Professional Game Match Officials, the referees' governing body, denied this had been the case.

"Phil spoke to (fourth official) Uriah Rennie to inform him of the decision he was taking," he said.

"He did this to aid the management of the technical areas.

"The reason why referees, assistant referees and fourth officials are miked up is in order to improve the management of these types of situations."

It's Them and Us said...

From what I understand we stood no chance of it being over-turned. The panel of idiots are basically there to judge whether it was a foul or not as they don't carry the authority to downgrade the punishment. If the referee had said he made a mistake then it could of been, but as he's standing by his/Rennie's decision, it was never going to be ruled a non-foul. We all know how they hate to undermine their useless employees.

Desperately unlucky against Brum. I wonder if Juande thinks seeing as we play in all white we can be the Real Madrid of English football. Fuck defending, score more than them. I still don't like our record at home, irregardlass of luck, nor the amount we're conceeding at home.

As for King, I have a sneaky feeling that bar an absolute mullering against us before then, he'll be in the starting line-up against Arsenal and not a game earlier. Nice to see him playing. I think like most until he's rested and the website reports no reaction to 45 minutes he played, I'll be having my fingers (& toes) crossed.

p.s. Seeing as I saw the last comment as I previewed: I don't think Steed faded so much, as our playing through him did. I also wouldn't of rated Berbatov so high. Battled a little but generally unnoticeable apart from missing a sitter from 3 yards. And if I'm not mistaken wasn't it him fannying about that led to them getting possession at the edge of our penalty box? The rest, as they say, is history.

florida pete said...

Oh, also, do you know the procedure re the red card appeal? Please tell me that tosser Dowd doesnt have another say in it? My ratings...
Robbo 5 bad positioning on both goals
Chim 5 bad positioning in general
Daws 5 confidence crisis
Bale 6 good, until getting kicked and stamped on again?
Lee 4 not good enough, never was...
Zok 5 see above
Steed 7 everywhere and inventive
Keane 7 the business as per..
Bent 4 13 mill for a bald holder upper?
Berba 6 still silky, but lacking determination at times
Defoe 5 Off the boil again of late
Hudd 7 looks like he has a point to prove..

Anonymous said...

It's them and us....i would disagree with your take on Berb..

it would be easy to blame him for the 3rd goal but if you analyse the final 5-10 mins of the game it was clear that Spurs were panicking and that in turn saw Robbo and Daws continuously pump high balls up to the forward line..
you wouldn't see Arsenal do that...they stick to they're plan...pass, pass, pass and they get their rewards (Liverpool match a prime example)....Berb obviously decided that taking the ball down and trying to play was the right thing to do and who could argue with that..after all if he had just punted it up he would have just handed possession straight back to Brum..

had Tottenham played like they were prior to that final "10 minutes of panic" for the final 10 miutes i'm sure we would have won the game..

And just on Robbo..i know the third goal was a wonder strike and beyond his reach but if you look at the repley you will once again see his reaching with the wrong hand hence shortening his reach.. i know he wouldn't have saved it anyway but this is a bad habit which we have seen all too many times this season and it will cost us again if it's not sorted..

It's Them and Us said...

I can understand the get the ball down and play approach, but when we had no one forward 'cept Defoe (who appears to be unable to watch the line of the oppositions defence) I can see his reasoning for wanting to keep the ball down but it was in the final minute of the four added on and getting rid should of been the only thing on his mind. I think after the chances we had, whether he wanted to admit it or not, we didn't look likely to score and a simple ball to the side to Tom or whoever was close (can't remember exactly without watching it again) and picking out one last over-the-top ball.

Arsenal wouldn't do that, no. But we're about as far from Arsenal as you can get right now. They did the simple things, mastered it, and have now added to their style of play. We haven't nailed down the simple things so I'd of favoured the long ball up field with 93 minutes, 20-odd seconds on the board. If we had any ambitions of playing it out and forward Berbatov wouldn't of been so deep in the first place.

Tottinghams said...

I simply cannot be arsed to moan about everything, so I'll just say I'm absolutely sick of the sheer inevitability of conceding in the last minute.


And there's no chance of the red card being overturned, the FA hate admitting one of their refs is wrong.

Harry Hotspur said...

florida pete - sure mate, prior to losing Bale, Steed came inside and basically played centre right.

I was in Block 42 so it couldn't have been more noticeable. The gap left (on the left) wasn't filled and left us totally unbalanced.

When Bale went we were then left YP as the only player left of centre on the park. Horrible.

Neamman said...

As an Arsenal fan who just LOVED the last 20 minutes I felt the red card was not deserved. These things even out over the season however so i wouldnt cry too much about it unless you recognise the time luck or bad refering goes your way. Way to go Seb!!!

florida pete said...

sorry, cant let an arse fan have the last word, where you at harry? Of course we were unbalanced after Bale's exit, but then we always were before he came, obviously need some back up..And to get rid of YP to Roma if they still want him, his style doesnt suit, is the poiltest way of putting it..Oh, and Neaman or Seamen or whatever the f@$k your name is, get a life...

Anonymous said...

Out with the bad air....
In with the new....

Wrighty7 said...

Spurs smashed by Birmingham........I could'nt be more happier! And ex-Gooner Larsson scoring the winner I salute u! Sorry Harry, but I knew ur headline from last week would come back to haunt u! It's all banter!

Toxic said...

Don't you just love the way Muamba kept up his ARSEnal training by going down screaming his head off like a big girl to get someone sent off.

bueller said...

"I could'nt be more happier!" - Nicely put you fucking muppet. Just about typical of a goon I would say.

shanemac said...

Are we going in the right direction?

Junior said...

in fairness Beuller... Harry did set himself up for that one with last week's headline on Arsenal-Seville

bueller said...

No, we are fair game at the moment. It was tit for tat. It was more the way that he said he was "more happier" like some kind of exchange student.

For this reason I am more happier that defenders cannot kick you from the back...

Harry Hotspur said...


Pedant Corner

'Happier' is sufficent.

Just as Arsenal are 'more better' than Tottenham would equally sound retarded.

And...the other lot nicking a 'wondergoal' in extra time isn't really being SMASHED UP. Not really. No.

Wrighty7 said...

I know Harry, Spuds was'nt smashed up.In fact u should have won! But you were beaten at home by a side who have one of the worst away records in Premiership history! Whats happened to the White Hart Lane fortress? U should really call it Shite Fart Lane! And that 'wondergoal' was scored by an ex-Gooner! Face it, ur headline from last week has bit u on the arse my son!

Anonymous said...

I love that often used phrase; "these things even out over the season". No they don't. That would constitute a mathmatical miracle. Prove it.

Bring in a monitor ref asap.

It's all getting silly.