Friday, November 30, 2007

Tottenham Hotspur vs Aalborg HIGHLIGHTS!

Here's the highlights with apologies for the delay.

(Tottenham - Aalborg) Resumen / Highlights
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Anonymous said...

not fuckin' good enough Harry

EL said...

Ahhhh the the lone voiceman, from the book supository. Don't worry mate we believe you.

WAAAAAAAAAY good enough for me Harry.

Keep it coming.

Harry Hotspur said...

Too late El.

That's tipped the scales. I've had enough. You bitter few can DIY. I'm gone. Sod it.

But just before I go.... here's another 500 posts just to keep you going...

onedavemackay said...

Sod em Harry. You're doing a great job can't you put a miserable bastards filter on ?

Anyone out there think Zokora is worth a light ? In fact I think that in a couple of years both him and Jenus will be gone.

dannyboy said...

Someone who finally agrees with me about Zokora. He stood out in the world cup, eager to please possible suitors. Waste of 6 mil in my opinion. He falls over too easy, goes forward once a game and is shrugged off the ball too often and runs around like the proverbial chicken. Pains me, but ditch him or squad player at best. At present, Thud and Jenas or Jenas and KBP is my personal preference. (Or Malbranque centre with Bale left). There ya go.

Anonymous said...

HH get your fucking CV in for the Engerland job. Hobbies/Interests: Getting stuck in.

Harry Hotspur said...

Dannyboy has it right, a really top bloke but essentially fringe player.

We need to find our collective balls and admit we need an Essien but we got a Harry Belafonte.


Anonymous said...

Fell over. Will be his epitaph,DB.

Tottinghams said...

Nice to hear an American commentator that doesn't bastardise the footballing language. =]

Anonymous said...

Never been a fan of Zokora really either, but have to say that both times he's played in this new formation just ahead of Dawson he's played the best football of his time with us.

Same with the rest of the defence, I couldn't make a single fault about them when playing 3 at the back, everything seemed to just tighten up when as Didier says everyone had their own job to do. I think Ramos is on to a winner here, I just hope he doesn't only plan on using it when we're losing...

Adam said...

Enough of these supportive comments for Zokora....jeeez.

01:04am - 'both times he's played in this new formation just ahead of Dawson he's played the best football of his time with us'

I am really happy for Zokora playing his best two games but is that it? I have said it before and I am going to have to say it again - he isnt good enough for the midfield spurs should have. Come January we need to do some spring cleaning to our squad.

It was a fantastic comeback, but as JR explained we shouldnt have to score 3 to win. We won - praise to JR, Bale, Berby and Bent - but we still have many issues to deal with!!!!

Easy boys. We are still in UEFA but sitting awkwardly at 14th. Loooong way to go yet.

Anonymous said...

who is thomas huddlestyleston

jimi jazz said...

Did anybody else read Juande's words about Ledley? Time for everyone to stop dreaming, he's going to be gone for months yet. I applaud Juande for being honest about the bloody situation. We need to search for a replacement (not a Rocha) in January. Priority #1, it should be (as you've been saying for a long time, Harry).

here's the article with Ramos' words:

jimi jazz said...

sorry, hopefully this will work. in any case, it's from yesterday's telegraph.

jimi jazz said...

bloody hell, one more time.


It's Them and Us said...

I think the issue with Zokora is he was bought as an impluse buy after a decent World Cup -- just like Diouf was for Liverpool. At the end of the day when they're at their best, they're very good, but more often than not they're a let-down and are just happy to be in the Premiership. We wanted a tough-tackling midfielder and the only thing nine of ten people remember him for is diving against Pompey -- not ONE game has he took control of the middle of the park. Not good enough and should be shipped out.

As for the Ledley King comments; it's how it was anyway, isn't it? There was no timeframe on his return that was confirmed. Hopeful dates, optomistic dates, but not one set in stone. It's an injury that takes as long as it takes (much like Jimmy Bullard at Fulham who did his cruciate. Standard time-frame is six-to-nine months but he's taken longer to recover, as it varies [I know it isn't the injury Ledders has, but arthritic problems don't go away, so it's how much pain he can play through]). He could be back in January, he could be back next August, but I'm sure he'll play before the end of the season although it doesn't change anything as we still need an experienced centre-half to partner our young, unpolished diamonds as King probably slides into the Martin Laursen mold of can play every other game, but never a full schedule.

Harry Hotspur said...

The quality of comments left on here leaves most other boards for dead. In the words of Mandy Rice Davies 'Well he would say that, wouldn't he?'

But it remains the fact.

Summerspur said...

what, like the comment that when robbo is at his best he is mediocre. I think DT is making a splendid effort to fill the void left by wrongy7

plenty of top quality posts to make up for trash like that though.

Wrighty7 said...

Hello summerspur, how are u?

It's Them and Us said...

No preview for the Birmingham game already?

You're slacking 'arry. ;)

Harry Hotspur said...

it's them &....

Gone Fishin'

Well, to the game anyway. No proper web... :(

Anonymous said...

today's lineup:

keller, edman, king, naybet, kelly, fox, ziege, anderton, davies, zamora, sheringham

Anonymous said...

fuck me, remember mbulelo mabizela?

EL said... this the 'worse' before it gets better?


How well do we have to have done for Ramos to have earned his money?

Anonymous said...

Harry must have topped himself are the usual bad defending - by Kaboul, and Zokora!!!!

Anonymous said...

Harry, Don't even bother with the Highlights with the Birm game!!!

If you do have the cheek to show them, the you should focus on the bad defending!

We are in an relegation fight, make no mistake about that (I blame Kaboul & Zokora!!

Plus, Robbo needs to be told to stay on this bloodly line! If he did he might have saved the 2nd Birm goal!!

Anonymous said...

Lads apart from the centre backs yesterday spurs were rampant. I too was a miserable sod after watching the game, i even considered us flirting with the bottom 5 of the table, but yesterday was the unluckiest we'll ever be.

Berbatov had an off day, got into all the right positions, had a few efforts, showed passion, but it didn't go in for him. It happens some time, anyone who thinks he was sulking is just trying to shit stir.

Nothing seemed to work for us yesterday, we should of bagged a dozen, but we couldn't stick it in the net. It happens. If we play like that, with an end product, we'll be on an unbeaten streak in no time. Obviously our defence is woeful, but we can't do anything about that, everybody's injured so we cant even rotate the crap we've got.

End of the day, for all the doom and gloom, we were much the better team, any other day you'd have seen us score 5, and we only lost cause of a dodgy ref and ANOTHER wonder goal.

Robinson could of done nothing about any of the goals. Asking him to stay on his line for the 2nd brum goal is lunacy. Its all about narrowing angles.

In short, stop whinging and moaning, stops listening to gooners, we are going to start winning games very soon. (Albeit 3-2 or 4-2:D)

It's Them and Us said...

I agree with what the last guy said. You just have to put it down to being incredibly unlucky.

Kaboul didn't do much wrong for their penalty, which was incredibly weak, but was still very shakey and feels the need to impress us with a darting run from our own corner flag before giving the ball away. Impress us by doing the simple things and keeping a clean sheet mate.

Dawson was so-so. Terrible lunge for Jerome's run but apart from that nothing glaring. Zokora should not be used as a make-shift centre-back ever again.

I thought we were generally awesome. Some sloppy possession but we completely battered Birmingham, which Little Alex basically said. I knew people would blame Robbo but for fuck's sake, he can't be faulted for anything yesterday.

Steed I thought was MOTM. Lennon, please, learn how to lift the ball when you cross. He's at that stage when we get either a young Ryan Giggs or a wasteful Jermaine Pennant. C'mon lad. Big Tom was impressive when he came on again.

Berbatov.. well, probably had the worst game I've seen him play since Sunderland. Hitting the post from 3 yards? Aye aye aye. Still, just an off-day I hope. Keane was very quiet until the penalty and the sending off was a joke. Not even a yellow for me. I thought the forth officials job was to manage the managers and hold up the board, not be the decision maker. Laughable.

Defoe.. well, he worked hard. Losing Bale is fucking painful though. I didn't even think it looked that strong of a tackle (not a great one, but one you'd expect someone to get up from) and when he limped off without his boot.. yeah. Once again, before the injury, up there with Steed for MOTM honours.

shanemac said...

At this point I would seriously consider getting Rocha back in the picture (I feel you cringing). Kaboul is in one hell of a funk, and that penalty he gave up didn't help his confidence any. Time for him to sit out for a while until this shit storm blows over. Hopefully he can come back when we're in a bit more of a comfortable position in the table and the pressure's off. Rocha is extremely limited, granted, but he's got experience and is somewhat consistent. I just think Kaboul is doing more harm than good right now. I'm not trying to put it all on him either - god knows I've been praying for Tainio to replace Zokora all season - but he needs some time out to work with Poyet or Clive.

Another solution would be to play Chimbonda in the centre with Stalteri or Tainio on the right. It's a short-term fix at best though. Hopefully we'll get some real players in January.

Look for Huddlestone to start next match as well; he's done well for himself coming on as a sub in the last two matches. He can't really play the role of the harasser like Zokora though, because he's just too slow. Would love to see Tainio given an opportunity, he plays his heart out and he seems to be less reckless than Zokora.

Keano is a legend.


Anonymous said...

I was at the game yesterday and have only just seen the highlights, anyone else notice Uriah Rennie laughing behind McJock after the 3rd goal?
That after he had obviously influenced the decision to send off Keane is a joke.
By the way i think Rocha is still injured, Bale is getting kicked off the pitch in every game and as much as i like Ramos why are we playing 3 up front when we cant defend for shit.

daytripper said...

Four reasons why we lost IMO -

1) Juande filling Kaboul's slot with Zokora. It's one thing if he was going 3 at the back, but he moved Zokora into the CM slot. Horrible decision.

2) Dawson. He was a disaster. Couldn't tackle, couldn't hold his line or stay with his marks, and couldn't stop anybody from going past him. Yes Kaboul caused the penalty, but if Dawson makes a simple tackle, that penalty situation never occurs. Three weeks ago Kaboul was aggressively challenging people all over the pitch, while Dawson was sh*t, and instead of dealing with the main defensive problem, Juande has killed Kaboul's confidence because of 1 mistaken pass. Now we have 2 shaky central midfielders.

3) Goalkeeping - Taylor made several unbelievable saves and again Robbo didn't stop anything. Switch keepers and we win 6-1.

4) Awful officiating - Spurs completely dominate the match, at home, yet Birmingham has the same # of fouls as us. The red card was a joke, WTF was Dowd doing consulting with a guy who is 50 f'n yards from the tackle? Also, the tackle on Bale was just as bad (Muamba did get the ball, but he scissored through Bale to get the ball and it was a much stronger challenge).

Anonymous said...

Huddlestone is not entirely what we hoped. Lennon isn't entirely what we hoped. Zokora isn't what we need. Jenas isn't what we need. Kaboul isn't what was needed. Dawson hasn't come completely up to scratch. Defoe still doesn't take his chances. No-one has properly taken up the left wing position except our left-back and we need him at left-back.

What happened to that great 'two team' squad we were raving about 2 seasons ago? It almost seems that it was made to look better than the sum of its parts by the then manager. What was his name?

How did we spend 40 million in the summer and instantly become a worse side? What happened to the potential of all our youngsters?


Oi Comolli, I'm talking to you....

Anonymous said...

Only 29000 showed up for Aalborg and you didnt even sell out on sunday!! Looks like your "great" and "loyal" supporters are fading fast!!

EL said...

Hey Harry when you've got a minute, any chance of a piece about the much lauded fact that our club has gone out of its way to secure the sevices of a high proportion of young English talent and whether this has been a help or a hindrance?


bueller said...

I have to agree with the annoymous post a few up from here regarding how good the players we have are. I definitely think we all got a bit carried away with the supposed quality of some of our players.

I like Michael Dawson and he has great character and passion. He has given his all for us over the past couple of years. But seriously, we all go on about him having poor players along side him etc, so how good is a player who only looks good with real quality beside him. I don't think he's that good. As a defender, I think he lacks pace, positional awareness and he seems awfully slow to react to anyone running at him. With the ball at his feet, he is awful.

Lennon has shown glimpses of being back at the races of late to me. His final ball is still dreadful but it always was.

To go through the whole team would takes ages and be depressing.

IMO, the only players we have with quality of the highest level are Berbatov (his form isn't great but his touch, passing and awareness is still head and shoulders above anyone else's) and Bale. And Bale is 18...

I think Malbranque, Lennon, Keane, Defoe, Bent, Chimbonda, Dawson and Kaboul and Huddlestone are all decent players but I don't think we will see the best of them unless they are surrounded by players of real quality.

Imagine how much better we would look with a dominating central midfield player.

shanemac said...

I think putting Bale in the same class as Berbatov is the same mistake that you say we made rating Dawson, Lennon, et al. He looks a special one right now, but it really is too early to tell. Not to be pessimistic, but will we be satisfied next year if he's playing at the same level that he is now?

bueller said...

Didn't mean he was as good. I take your point though.

Just got a feeling about the lad.

Anonymous said...

Harry come back! We need you!

It's Them and Us said...

"I think Malbranque, Lennon, Keane, Defoe, Bent, Chimbonda, Dawson and Kaboul and Huddlestone are all decent players but I don't think we will see the best of them unless they are surrounded by players of real quality."

I don't know. Surely you could look at it from the complete opposite viewpoint? Now you're over-criticising their performances because of bad results instead of judging the player individually.

Steed has been, along with Keane & Bale, awesome so far this season. There were a lot that doubted him, myself included, but he's finally starting to show the form we bought him for -- I also think if we snap up a left-winger (how many seasons now?) and push Steed inside he could be that terrier-like midfielder.

Lennon as I said before really needs to improve. A winger that can't cross isn't going to help us in the long-run. I'll let it go for now as he's had a lot of injuries which have hampered his learning process but he really needs to improve his final ball to be considered the future.

I'm amazed you list Keane there. His record over the past two years in phenominal. Even when he goes missing for a half (like against Brum) he stills offers that natural instinct of goals. Finally he's added consistant goal-rate to his incredible work ethic. Joint top goalscorer in League, in a struggling side. Without his goals it'd be a lot worse and I think has nothing to prove as the saying goes, 'class is permanant'.

Defoe I'm not sure on. I don't think he's an 'impact player' so is hard to judge on his current role. Gives a lot of effort but the lad can give so much more. I don't care how great the opposition were but his goals against Famagusta were of the highest quality, I just don't think we see the best of Defoe right now.

Still early with Bent, as it is with Kaboul. Both talented but yet to really show that in the early part (and it is incredibly EARLY) of the season/career with Tottenham.

Dawson is still a capable defender but he's too young to take control of the line. The biggest problem with Spurs is the lack of communication at the back and that results in everyone chasing after the ball like kids. Everyone tries to make sure they're alright without a care to the bigger picture. I think the lad is genuine quality and just needs a constant backline/partner to work with. To write off a season because of a weak start is unreal. (I think Dawson is 23, Kaboul 21, Bale 18. It's crying out for experience especially at trying times. When things are going well and the team is flowing, I don't worry for Dawson. Chimbonda is old enough but I'd fear him trying to control the backline. He has enough trouble controlling himself at the minute.)

Chimbonda has been incredibly poor. I'd put into the 'disappointed not to move' bracket along with Berbatov. Why they think playing bad means they'll get their move is beyond me. Chimbonda has gone from dependable right-back to accident-waiting-to-happen right-back. I hope he signs a new deal and snaps out of it because when he's on form there isn't many better in the Premiership.

Finally, the Hudd. I don't really know. Coming on as a sub in the last two games his passing has been integral to us getting goals. But I'm not naive enough to forget when he got a run in the team under Jol it was 50/50 as to whether his ball would be good or not. He's got a lot of talent but he's another, along with Lennon, that you can't tag with 'has potential' forever. A solid run in the team with consistant performances is a must or he could be another sacrificed to make funds.

I tend to write a lot. Sorry!

bueller said...

I agree with most of what you say. I didn't want to go into it player for player as I knew it would be an epic post.

I am not judging Michael Dawson on this season's form only, I don't think he has looked good for over a year. The inexperience thing is exactly what I am talking about. Dawson is 24 and surrounded by Chimbonda (who I agree has been awful. His decision making is shocking. He holds onto it, going round in a circle on his right foot when he should pass it and then shuffles it backwards when you want him to go on with it!) and some kids. He has been playing long enough to shoulder some responsibility in my opinion but seems to be going backwards!!

I am not getting into an debate about Keano because I am in the minority when it comes to my opinion on him. His goals have said enough to keep him in the side. I still think he is detrimental to the side at times but you can't get past the goals. Fair play to him. But for me he is still in that bracket.

I am a big fan of Hudd, his ball-striking is a joy to watch. He needs to be able to do it in the premier league on a consistent basis. The last two games have been perfect for him coming on at half time against teams defending deeply. I hope he goes on from here.

I am not over-criticising anyone for this season's bad results. I am just disappointed with Dawson.

If King was there I think Daws or Kaboul could form a good Partnership with him. And if we had a dynamite midfield player then I think Lennon, Malbranque would be at a much higher level. I am just saying we need the top quality to see the best in these players because..... they are not world beaters.

Anonymous said...

Just out of curiousity anyone think this is Paul Robinson in the back seat????

GEORGE said...

Mr King has returned to playing football. HH you were pessimistic but it looks as though you were wrong this time. He can return and improve our season

GRAZZA said...

Keane ban upheld - thats gash

Juandavemackay said...

4.41 Definitely not Robbo too thin !

It's Them and Us said...

Fair enough, Bueller. I can understand the disappointment with Dawson (which I'd dare say we all feel) but I think if he'd had two solid years alongside a great defender (like Ledley -- and on a separate note I'm fucking delighted he's playing again --) then we wouldn't look so clueless at the back. There is a lot of pressure on Dawson too, which is somewhat unfair, but I hope he's strong enough to see through the blip in performances and we'll get to see the best of him soon.

A fully confident Dawson and a fit (as fit as he can get) King next to him is like having a new backline. Saying that I wouldn't abandon the look-out for an experienced centre-half just yet. Nice to see Rocha playing also. With Kaboul seriously out of form it's a little bit of a reprieve for Chimbonda as he's more capable in the centre than Zokora. With more options available the pressure cranks up on him too. Wake up call I hope.

Anonymous said...

You sure????
HH spoke of robbo trouble???

jolsgonemental said...

there's a fine line between genius and stupidity.
I think it current exists somewhere between our defence and attack.