Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Bent & Defoe Brawling In Brussels: Exclusive Pictures

No, but the power of suggestion. Anderlecht away then. News is that Bale is out for up to three weeks. Other than that, both Rocha and King played for the reserves against Fulham. Mind you, so did Jamie O'Hara and Danny Rose. Oh, and Kaboul stays in London.
The game is on Setanta Ireland and Five.
I'm sceptical we'll win.
Anderlecht first half, Tottenham second is a whopping 28/1. Spurs to win by one goal is 13/5.
These aren't bullish bets, but when the only victories this term having been against
Doomed Derby, Woeful Wigan, Tadpole Tel Aviv and Anorthosis Flamingusta you can see my point.
Can The Prince & JJ unlock Anderlecht at home? Let's hope so...


Anonymous said...

HH you're shameless mate. I agree with your caution. This will be a bloody hard game.

Anonymous said...

you forgot boro and some other twats who we beat in the league cup

Harry Hotspur said...

Apologies. You're quite right. Add Slackpool and The Alan Partridge Allstars to the list.

florida pete said...

we'll win, maybe 2-1 or 3-2, we havent been having the same shitty luck in the cups as we have in the league..Oh except against Getafe, scratch that, it'll be a draw....until the 93rd minute.... I doubt Prince will start? I dunno, he looks like a bit of a nutter..Im going for JJ and Hudd in the middle, Steed and Lennon on the wings, mmm like the sound of that...Berb n Defoe up front...Rocha and Daws with Chim n YP, alas.....

BimitarDerbatov said...

who's to play up front so?

i'd imagine that Berb would be the natural choice but perhaps JR will rest him (doubt it)

Robbie will surely play as it's the last we'll see of him until the NLD..

but if JR did rest either of the "Big 2" who would fill in?? Bent or Defoe.. personally i would go with Benty..i'm not a big fan of his (Still haven't and probably never will forgive him for that miss against Arsenal) but until Defoe signs a new contract and proves his loyalty to the club i refuse to give him a chance..

Would like my starting XI to be

Chimsy ~ Daws ~ Lee
Lennon ~ KPB ~ Hudd ~ Steed
Berb ~ Benty

def not strongest 11 (and i'd imagine Jenas will get in if fit) but want to see how KPB and Hudd get on through a full 90 mins

perhaps there could be room for Zokora to help Daws out at centre-back. i actually thought he did ok against Brum but def not the solution!!

anyways time to wrap this up so i'll go for either a score draw or Spurs to win by 1. Berb to score..

EL said...

JJ unlock a defence? Are you 'avin a larf 'arry? He couldn't unlock a door if you gave him the key and a diagram. Gotta play the hud. I'd even have JJ behind him cleaning up, which he's not bad at, good engine etc.

I'm finding it difficult to get excited about this cup given that I think that we'll go out the moment we play anyone the next level up.

Come on you Spurs!

Anonymous said...

no worries there in the same state they just sacked there manager please spurs fans chill out for once

GRAZZA said...

CLASSIC on Sky from Zokora:

Zokora feels the entire Spurs side need to take responsibility for the club's defensive woes this season, which has seen them concede 28 goals in 15 league games.

He said: "It's difficult for Younes, but he is a strong boy.

"When we lose everybody says Spurs have s**t defenders but we play together and want to help together for the good of the team - everything, not just defence, midfield or striker."

Anonymous said...

we beat Aalborg too. They had, um, one player on their team who they'd paid a transfer fee for.

bueller said...


A back 3 which includes YPL?

I can't see that happening.

I would expect us to start 442 until we are 1 or 2 nil down at half time, when we switch to 3 at the back with YPL being sacrificed for Bent as Dimitar and Keane drop deeper than Bent who plays as the point man with Steed and Aaron providing width leaving Huddlestone with time and space to pick a pass.

Oh yeah. And Zokora will end up not sure whether he's playing at the back or midfield. Ending up in doing neither very effectively but looking busy.

After all, that's what happens every week isn't it.

BimitarDerbatov said...

no i couldn't see it happening either Bueller and it's not exactly what i would nice if Baler were available instead of YP..

but the fact that he's left Kaboul at home leads me to believe that he'll either go with 3 at the back... or 4 at the back with Zokora at CB..

getting more confident of a win as the day goes on..i'll probably be let down but once ew qualify i'll be satisfied..actually scratch that, i want to see a win and a goal from Berb..

It's Them and Us said...

I think it's a good thing not to take Kaboul as far often than not managers insist on playing a player when he's going through a bad patch and hope he comes through it -- I'm more a fan of the taking out of firing line approach and I think Kaboul, even if he had a solid game, would be sniped at from some quarters. He's a young lad, let him have a breather from abuse. He'll come good.

Don't expect anything radical tonight and we'll go with 4-4-2. Robbo, Lee, Dawson, Zokora, Stalteri (my own hope as I'm fed up with Chimbonda who's been as bad as Younes in the past few games) in defence. Steed, JJ, KPB, Lennon. Berbatov and Keane up-front. I wouldn't mind Keane making way for Defoe as it's the most likely starting pair for a while, but Keane's form is incredible at the minute so I'd understand too; sticking with Robbie.

Tough game. I reckon, for betting purposes, draw H/T, Spurs F/T. Berba to score first. Side-bet: The Hudd to come on a half-time. ;)

Jackt said...

No we cant play 3 at the back definatly not..we conceede enough with 4 at the back. If i were to choose the starting xi it would be -





bueller said...

Amen to that Bimi, Let's have a master-class form the Berbanator.

GRAZZA said...

I wont even bother watching if Zokora starts at the back, i'll be hiding behind the sofa.

Got a better feeling about this one

Still, COYS!!!!!!!!

GuttedSpur said...

So it wasn't Jol after all. The players that have been brought to the club by COMOLI are poor at best. The lowest point of the whole season so far was losing at HOME to BIRMINGHAM. Martin must've been rocking with laughter. Our season is going to be patheitc and its because the wrong man got shown the door.

7 mil for Kaboul, reminds me of Boumsong at Newcastle...what a complete waste of money, age over ability.

dannyboy said...

zokora will not play at the back. team will be, i think;

yp lee

in my opinion anyway.

coys - we can win this and top the group - bout time our fortunes changed.

Harry Hotspur said...

I'm with you there Dannyboy, 'tis well about time our fortunes changed.


BimitarDerbatov said...

Team has been named and according to SkySportsNews It's THudd at the back with Zokora in Centre-mid!!

Chimsy ~ Daws ~ THudd ~ Lee
Lennon ~ Zokora ~ JJ ~ Steed
Robbie ~ Benty

no Berbatov (sigh)..really disappointed with that coz i do get really exited at the prospect of seeing him in action.. perhaps we'll see him come off the bench but i suppose it's no harm to rest him for Sunday...


dannyboy said...

oh well, what do i know then ?!

Harry Hotspur said...

Loads in the morning.....

EL said...

Fcuk fortune. Let's start running the club properly; buy a midfield captain, a classy playmaker, a left winger and some experienced muscle for the back.