Sunday, December 30, 2007

Spurs vs Reading : The Player Ratings

Let in four but wasn't awful.
Bizzare comment but fair.

Patchy Enough.


Not As Patchy As Some.
Needs to take being subbed with better grace.

Very Patchy Indeed.

Paul Daniels. 'Not A Lot'.

Glimpses of good stuff. failed to 'boss'.


Flashes of Alrightness.
Must eliminate duff passes.

Threatening but there's more there...


Del Boy. 'Bonnet Douche!'

Wet Wet Wet Spot Kick.

Partridge. 'Jurassic Park!'

Baldrick. 'A Cunning Header My Lord'.


Anonymous said...

Rubbish Hazza....

All our players were worth better than 5, Berbatov should have swapped scores with Malbranque.

Anonymous said...

"Berbatov should have swapped scores with Malbranque"..yeah mate. That makes sense.

Anonymous said...

4 goals doesnt mean a great all round performance......

Harry Hotspur said...


You're right, Berba was his usual half hearted self. We should sell him to Man Ure quick before he does anymore damage.

Markspur said...

Well, I haven't recovered from yesterday! I'm still in heaven and in total shock at the same time! But his 4th, when he shrugged off the defender to smack it in, brilliant! Shows hunger and desire. If he goes in the summer, I'll be sick, but the money will be used well. With our resources on top of any extravagance from our rivals, we'll be even better! I found this following quote on the official website. Though we can all be sceptical at times, I feel the board are doing their best, and the essentials must be some experience in defence and midfield! COYS!

With less than 48 hours to go before the transfer window opens, Club Chairman, Daniel Levy, has indicated once again that he expects no movement amongst regular First team squad members.

"Juande, Damien and I have reviewed the squad and Juande feels that we are not looking at any major changes. We are all clear that the January window is the worst time to buy quality players so we shall not be doing any business that is not essential.

"Once again for the record, we are not a selling club, rather we are building for the future. When we have players on long contracts we have no need to entertain offers."

BimitarDerbatov said...

oh my god... those anonymous comments saying that Berb should have swapped with Malbranque.. i don't even know where to begin describing what's wrong with that statement...

his fault for 1st goal...didn't even make contact.. no need for him to come..made some good stops in second half

CHIMSY: 6.25
some sloppy mistakes but he really tried hard i thought.. the block from Kitson in second half showed that..

thought he had an alright 1st half (although he could possibly be blamed for first goal) but went to shit after that..i'm definitely blaming him for 4th goal..

KING: 6.75
coolness personified at times (back heel to Chimbonda and chip over the top to Berb - both in first half)..disapointed with his reaction to being subbed

LEE: 6
i've given him a 6 purely coz he did nothing drastically wrong but oh how i long for the return of Baler..

LENNON: 6.25
some nice play but no crosses of the calibur of the one for Berb against Pompey

a grudging "he was ok"

excellent in first half

STEED: 7.5
not as good as some of his performances but still good

ROBBIE: 6.75
Berb should now be our number 1 penalty taker. i fear if Robbie's goals start to dry up he will be exposed as "not as good as we think he is".. i hope i'm wrong..having said that excellent instictive pass for goal number 1..

BERB: 100
multiple orgasms.. 4 to be exact..
the performace we've all been waiting for..any idiot's who have something bad to say after this may f*ck right off coz you know nothing of football...

DEFOE: 6.5
loses marks for cheating..gains marks for poaching..loses marks for being selfish..gains marks for taking his chances when they've been given to him..loses marks for still not signing a contract..

brought on to kill the game..

KPB: 6

for having balls to make crucial decisions

must try harder

and for those worrying about the defending let direct you back to 1999 when Manchester Utd, going for the treble, faced and defeated Arsenal in a pulsating 2-match affair + extra-time. when Alax Ferguson was asked that surely the last thing his tiring players needed was a lengthy affair like that.. his response was:

"When you get a game like that..who cares!"

Anonymous said...


Chirpy said...

Dear 4.23pm

You watch a ten-goal game, that Spurs win, and during which one D.Berbatov scores four goals, and all you can say is: 'Jenas was shite'.

Have a word with yourself son.

EL said...

I spent 2 years being patient with JJ and I'm now spent. He needlessly gave the ball away prior to reading breaking and scoring their 4th goal.

Drop the fcuker!

frontwheel said...


Great comments, but I must take task with three of them:

1, I was glad Ledders was pissed off to be subbed, shows he passionately wants to play.

2, Only 100 out of ten for Berbatov?

3, Defoes barnet? 3? How about -1million. (Still like him as a player though - hope he signs.)

Also, was that the game where Bergkamp had his penalty saved?

Chirpy said...


Has Jenas improved as a player since arriving at WHL? I think the answer is yes and he has shown that recently, although I would concede that he continues to lack consistency. Do 'the management' think he has shown enough of an improvement? I have a feeling we're all (incl. Jenas) going to find out in the summer.

At the end of the day, are the current available alternatives, to JJ, any 'better'?

BimitarDerbatov said...

ya that's the one frontwheel...

Wendell said...


Jamie O`Hara is better than JJ, at the moment anyway.

JJ has long been missing his potential form seen in matches past but to be fair he is improving under Mr. Ramos.

I say play O`Hara a bit more and make Jenas fight to improve his game and get 1st team place back.

Wendell said...

sorry.. that comment was meant for Chirpy not El

POMPEY YID said...

El, mate, you're entitled to you opinion on Jenas (I'm not a fan myself), but you seem to have the same optician as that lovechild of Lester Piggot & Kenneth Williams, Wenger. JJ had nowt to do with Reading's 4th - it was Malbranque (arguably our most consistent player this season) who gave the ball away.
You might as well have a go at Berba for not picking up Kitson for their third! THough I can think of at least 4 reasons why you won't.
Statistics don't explain much (too many other factors to consider), but here are some that may cause a bit of a pause:
percentage of league games lost with JJ in the side = 31.25; percentage of games lost with JJ out = 75!
percentage of league games won with JJ in = 31.25; percentage of games won without JJ = 25% (the Fulham game is the only league game we've won with Jenas not playing).
And in the only EUFA Cup game lost (Getafe), guess who wasn't playing.
I really want us to sign a central midfielder who can truly boss the game (and I agree JJ looks as though he will never do that), but I'm getting heartily sick of this irrational hatred of Jenas.
In the meantime, short of wishing we could go back 45 years and uncover another Dave Mackay, who realistically can we get for the role?

frontwheel said...


Thought so, was watching in a pub at Old Street, nearly got slapped up by a massive goon dickhead because I was laughing so much.

Anyway, happy new year all yiddos.