Saturday, December 29, 2007

What A Carry On... All Ten Goals... Really.

Highlights, you say...

Just in case that goes, here's another source, friends...

I found one source, but all hail click... nobody works harder outside the NHS than this lot.


Anonymous said...

Mr Berbatov, we salute you.

Anonymous said...

Harry many thanks again mate, a true Yid OS (over seas) here, really appreciate your efforts. I know I could find these clips if I wanted to but this is great. Berbatov is a genius. Today made me so happy. COME ON YOU SPURSS!

Anonymous said...

Berba you fucking superstar.

Anonymous said...

Kitson might be orange but Bers is GOLDEN! Cheers h.

Anonymous said...

robbo lets in 4, berba scores 4, but in my opinion it was robbo that had the better game. most of berbatovs goals fell on his lap, his touch looked off and he looked uninterested, but he gets it done i guess. robbo can maybe be blamed for one, but made two gutsy yet brilliant game winning saves towards the end. COYS well done

Anonymous said...

Blimey - what a game - Ramos has the balls and the tactics - all we need now is some players who can defend!

Anonymous said...

Harry, that was the 95 minutes i've been looking for.
That was full throttle all out effort and tirelss running by all.
Thanks Spurs, we can all look up rather than down now. League table looks better every week.

Paul said...

"most of berbatovs goals fell on his lap"

No apologies for the French HH. Are you some sort of a cunt? We sang him off the park. The man is rock & roll. HH tell this cunt to 'get a grip'

Anonymous said...

We ARE fickle. But because you put the love in, we put the love in too it seems. COYS!

Anonymous said...

HH. Who hates you? I come on here and you religiously serve. It's all you seem to fu*king do. May your adverts pay your bills and may your love for THFC only rival mine.

;0) GarySpurs

EL said...

Scored six goals and got 3 points.

Let in four at home against a mid-table side.

I'm two-thirds happy and one-third concerned. What happens when we play teams who are too good defensively to let us put several goals past them AND have better forwards than reading?

I'm hoping this was a one off entertaining abomination.

Please sort the defence out Juande.

Anonymous said...

el mate. spot on. in every damn word. if we ever hook up by chance the beigals are on me. 12p goes beyond a debt of honour! hotspur it's all your fault.

Anonymous said...

Berbatov is king no doubt about it but concerning comments by Ramos in Guardian if true that indicate Ramos wants Berbie to stay but it is down to the levy and the players own opinion and feelings... dont like the sound of that to much..... if we lose Berbie after letting Carrick go then we might as well give up any hope of getting into the CL.....:((

frontwheel said...

12.06: Let me share something:

Couple of weeks ago, a goon prick (friend of my mrs) told me how Berba was a cancer in our team, which obviously pissed me off greatly. Now, I'm not sposed to talk footie with this dick 'cos she gets annoyed when we start arguing, so I had to let it slide. Today I was able to tell this knobend that if Berba's a cancer, make mine 40 Woodbines.

He may get stroppy, but that's because he's a perfectionist - he cursed at himself today when he miss-trapped a ball - after he'd already scored FOUR! LEGEND.

COYS, I love you.

Fuck Off Woolwich!


(Nervous about Villa though.)

frontwheel said...

Just for anyone who loves Dimitar, watch this:

Hope it's not gay to love him as much as I do.

Great editing.


Anonymous said...


It is a travesty that you were not properly rewarded in the New Year's Honours List.

It may be an illusion, but judging by his substitutions and tactical changes, Ramos is actually on the sidelines thinking about the game and what he can do to improve the team. I loved Jol, but I never got the impression that him and huggy bear knew what they were doing, apart from throwing Defoe on with 10 minutes to go.

BimitarDerbatov said...

Frontwheel..right there with you mate..i'll fight you for him!!

in all seriousness i would liken watching Berb's performance today to finally having sex with a new girlfriend for the first time after weeks of just foreplay..

and as for the tw*t who said the goals fell on his lap..f*ck off... that 3rd goal was pure other striker in the world has the finesse to do that..

he even made kicking the corner flag look good..

we are the luckiest fans in the world to have him on our side..

Ali Bongo - Chelsea Fan said...

I like Berbatov, but the question is does he (like Drogba) show up on a slippery winter evening in the North East playing against a team of talentless ginger thugs?

He's an enigma just like your team.

shanemac said...

If You Ever Leave Us, Dimi, I'll Burn Your Bulgarian Village To The Ground.



Wendell said...

Berbatov`s 3rd goal was clearly the best of the match (season so far?). I mean seriously.. name another goal scored like that EVER. It`s not great because it`s from 50 yards out.. its the calmness he possessed, the ease in which he held off two Reading players and deceived 2 more plus the keeper AND tapped in a ball flying down from overhead with perfect precision.

Leaky defence yes.. but we were pushing so hard for goals in the 2nd half that it was inevitable that we would concede. Reading have the potential to be more than just a mid table side so lets not get bogged down with that.

Once Dawson and Bale are back we will be truly unstoppable. Dawson and King`s partnership last season (and Berba) were the reason we finished so strongly and Bale needs no explanation (although YPL`s shot was pretty accurate.. could be interesting).

Wendell said...

on a side-note, just remembered that unless Benni McCarthy scores 5 against Derby.. Mr Robbie Keane is the top premiership goalscorer for 2007

Not bad! Especially if he keeps it up and Berba stays back on his electrifying form!

(and yes.. that is the calendar year for those who will inevitably say he`s not top goalscorer this season)

Anonymous said...

Oh Juande Wooooooooo
Oh Juande Wooooooooo
he came from sunny Spain
to manage at White Hart Lane

Oh Juande Woooooooo................................................................................................

daytripper said...

Wendell/Bimi - right on about the 3rd Berbatov goal. I would also put the 2nd one in goal of the year category too - the touch to pull the ball across the defender and the quickness he released the blast with were spectacular.

I don't think we have seen anybody with a touch like his since Zidane retired. He makes things look so easy that the average fan doesn't realize just how spectacular he is.

When he gets any kind of decent service, is there is a better player in the world right now?

Markspur said...

WELLLLLLLLL!!! At 70 minutes, I was pulling my hair out, I've now got less than Stevie Coppell! I've aged 10 years, started smoking again, and have gone hysterical, please pass the pills! The trouble with watching Berbartov, is he makes it look so easy, I think I could do it too! He is brilliant! That slip, while between 2 defenders, slotted in, different class! And what a shot! Amazing! I love you Spurs, and I love being a Spurs fan! But I'll be needing a funny farm with live football if we do too much of this! COYS!

Anonymous said...

Maureen you wankstain, got anything to say about football?

Maureen. said...
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dannyboy said...

Harry Hotspur MBE - make it happen Gordon Brown!

As for the game, speechless. Blimey. Would have preferred 6-0, but that will have to wait. Bring on Villa, bring on anyone.
As for the twat who asks if Berbagod will turn up on a north east cold winters evening; like Everton away last season for example? (OK north west but don't split hairs).


Anonymous said...


Harry Hotspur said...

Ok, Maureen aka Sidyid aka Mark Langton.

Yet again you little runt you fail to grasp what's going on here.

I'm not the one on here posting anonymously love,


For the umpteenth time, use any of the site meters at the foot of the sidebar you f*cking retard, this place is actually quite busy.

Lastly, I stopped responding to your lonely sh*te and just deleted you on sight a long long time ago..

So sorry to get your hopes up that we were entering into some class of dialogue this morning.

That was someone else who also doesn't have the f*cking time of day for you.