Saturday, December 15, 2007

Q&A With A Pompey Fan

HH: Spurs at home. Will you win? What's your prediction?
RUG: We can't score at home, but with respect your defence isn't great... it has got ot be a Pompey win surely? 3-1 Pompey I reckon.

Spurs in trouble. Are Tottenham too good to go down?
There is no such thing as 'too good to go down is there' but I do not think you will.

Harry Houdini. What's going on there? Does he still have the fans support?
It's all been stupid, he was stiched up big time. As far as I can make out he always has, and always will have the full support. Some still can't 'forgive' his stint down the road, so this might fuel their thoughts, but more fool them I say...

Where will Pompey finish this season?
If we don't at least match last season I will be disappointed. After our start I am looking at a top 6 place to be honest.

Who's your dangerman for this game - who could really hurt us?
Kanu might hurt himself! I like the fella, but he is being made to look a fool when used as a lone striker - He is not up to it. Niko Kranjcar is a real threat, but the power of our midfield could hurt you. The fact that we are on a real 'barron' run goalwise at home could hurt you most today?

Zokora. Any truth in the rumour you're giving him the Key To The City, lol?
Yep, to use on his way out so he can never return :-) It was shocking what he did last season, I would be as disgusted had it been a Pompey player and would have made no excuses, but it is easier to accept 'cheating' - which it was - if it goes for, rather than against you.

Who would you buy tomorrow if you could pick any player?
A striker, who I'm not sure but I am a fan of Jermain Defoe to be honest so I can see him coming here, Matty Taylor probably going to you in a swap deal.

Can we have Mendes back?
No, we need him and we want him here ...a classy player that I really like.

Which Spurs player is OUR dangerman for you lot? Berbatov? Jenas?
I hear that Malbranque is in good form, so he could cause problems?
Thanks to RUG Editor Vital Pompey


12th place and climbing! said...

Looks like your prediction was poor, good result today, perhaps Harry will start to post some positive news after this but I doubt it, Jamie O'Hara looked good, nice cross from Aaron (I can't normally cross) Lennon. So good news, 12th in the table has never looked so good !!!

frontwheel said...

I'd like to be the first to say "do do do Didier Zakora".

Perhaps he's found his niche.

Also, much better Jenas.

Run Jamie, RUN. Great debut. Great things to come. Wouldn't have got a look in under Jol.

Shame about Bent but he'll get there.

On the whole, one of our best performances of the season.

Q. Who predicted a clean sheet?

A. Fucking NO-ONE.


Anonymous said...

12th place &....

12th spot. Wow. Hope we don't get a nosebleed. Maybe H's been negative cos we've turned out performances bad enough to have us scrapping our way out of relegation before xmas.... or you been watching a different Spurs to me?

Anonymous said...


poyetothepeople said...

The tide is turning...listening on the radio it sounded like we finished strongly...Berbatov needs a run of goals and he's going to be the best striker in the Prem once more.

Remember last year? Hhe only started shining(though not flashing)like a fairy light after Xmas...

What's the initial thinking on Boateng? Sounded like he gave the ball away too often..creative? technically gifted?

Jamie O Hara.."frightened the life out of Johnson" said one of the commentators...the next aaron lennon? the skilled aaron lennon? the ball-threading aaron lennon?


EL said...

Away win and a clean sheet against a joint 5th place team. The first truly impressive result of the season. I truly hope man city knock us out of the league cup coz it's micky mouse and too many extra matches. Uefa, FA and top 6 finish is plenty to be dealing with. Who needs the fizzy pop trinket putting more pressure on our bruised and bed-ridden squad. Might give us some added impetous against the goons as well.

Come on city, get your own back.

Anonymous said...

just like to say great result for the lads today! but also to the previous comment about the league cup, 3 games and were in europe? its either that or make up 12 points? il take 3 games thanks

Anonymous said...

"Who needs the fizzy pop trinket putting more pressure on our bruised and bed-ridden squad?"

Well we could give the kids a run out and see if any of those promising purchases showed any ...
errrm promise

Anonymous said...

3 games and Europe, call me silly but like the guy above said, i'll take that over having to make up 15 points in half a season.

Anonymous said...

Was at the game today and have to admit, ZOKORA WAS FANTASTIC. Where have you been for the last 18 months?

Anonymous said...

Jenas and Zokora starting to show some consistency. Kaboul is alot better with some experience around him.

Berba, class as always. Benty, unlucky, I still have faith in the lad.

Lennon learning to cross! Get in son. O'Hara, VERY impressed for his debut.

Boateng weren't bad either, got a lot to learn though.

Overall positives though. COYS!

Anonymous said...

I know i will get some flack for saying this, but i am not the biggest Dawson fan that walks the earth. Before you all start, i know he gives all every game and plays his heart out, but is it any coincidence that the first game he misses we keep a clean sheet. Is it also any coincidence that last season we let in goals for fun, as we have this season with Dawson playing almost every single game. I'm sure Ramos will see this and use Daws as a bench warmer very soon.

shanemac said...

anon 11:47.

re. your question about coincidence.


Anonymous said...

maybe it's daws maybe it's not. very hard to tell. from wat i can see, our midfield made the clean sheet happen today. they never stopped attacking. bout o'hara, i think he need a few games as subs before he is ready.

agreed, jol would never play him. would rather play taino there instead.