Friday, December 14, 2007

The Defoe Interview

It was the one they all wanted and............ the Beeb got it!

Refreshing to hear him (or any footballer for that matter) just speak in a relaxed manner. Opinion is hugely divided amongst yids.
"That's how you take a penalty you ****!" was heard in the Paxton against the Brum recently and 'Mr Offside' is another familiar monicker in High Road bars. But so too the voices don't lie when hoards sing for JD as he's about to come on...


Anonymous said...

another terrible article Harry. Your really losing it

Harry Hotspur said...

Another worthless snipe. YOU have found your niche.

Anonymous said...


Nice grammor.

Tottinghams said...

Ignore the pricks Harry, you're (yes, 5:32, you 're) doing a grand job.

Agreed, Defoe does your head in on matchdays, but he does seem pretty loyal.

Anonymous said...

Harry, what´s the matter with you, can´t you see that all these crude and snide remarks to true Tottenham fans makes you a sad sad git!

Anonymous said...

he may be loyal, but he ain't good enough.

The fact that he is constantly offside, and that he always shoots irrespective of whether there are others in a better position, highlight that he does not have a footballing brain.

I don't even think he is a natural finisher as 99% of the time, he simply puts his head down and tries to whack the hell out of the ball.

Although some of you love him for being loyal, there is something seriously lacking in a guy who is prepared to put up with always being a sub, when he could easily get a move to another club where he would get more playing time.

Sell him now, and we can stop reading these tedious stories about his contract.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

532 and 617
sitting in a tree

k i s s i n g

not to mention smelling of pee

dannyboy said...

why do all the snide comments come from the same person called anonymous?!
keep up the good work HH; the best Spurs blog by a mile. what on earth has happened to The Shelf?
come on shelfy if you're reading this - we need as many Spurs blogs on here as possible and yours was good.

Harry Hotspur said...

Cheers dannyboy.

Not just for being supportive either, but for common sense.

Snides? Bring'em on

But it really betrays what sad f*cks we're up against when Mr 'You Really Ought To Pack It In HH' has no FOOTBALL related comment to make.

I want Mr Shelfy back too. He's another fan with another opinion and consequently well missed.

Vinny said...

Come on chaps, give the man credit for giving us Tottenham related subjects for us to discuss in between showtimes...not too mention a few succulent nipples here and there...;0)

We do all have the choice not to say anything at all if we don't like the subject if nothing constructive to say, wise men say silence speaks louder than words if so.

Me - I choose to say too much sometimes as everything Tottenham is worth an opinion for me and besides, no one forces us to agree with the author and if so there's a way to do it surely?...besides we're all one of da Spurs family.

Vinny said...

Anyway on the interview itself, yeah JD can be a very frustrating player at times, but at other times you sense if someone is going to get that important winner, you can do no worse than bring on JD.

Even for the next couple of games where Keano is out, if you have JD out and out with Berba doing the creative and link up job, that's not a bad "second choice" strike partnership at all, on top of that with Benty on the bench with a point to prove.

Yeah I like Keano a lot with what he brings to the party - goals, commitment, work ethic but in his absence a lot of teams would like to be able to call upon 3 players of the quality Berba, Defoe and Bent...I for one am not complaining in this department anyway.

P.S. Ive not once heard JD publicly throw his toys out of the pram and say he's leaving due to limited playing time?

Vinny said...

BTW forgot to mention my usual 2-1 win prediction for tomorrow.

The scorers will be predictable also - Berba and JD...;0)

Anonymous said...

Who gives a carrot about what Defoe has to say about anything? He's a Spurs striker, he either scores goals often enough to be of use when he's played or he should be sold. All the guff about how little he's played makes me laugh. We've seen him all too frequently wasting chances over the last what, 3 years? For me he's only really produced what we all know he's capable of for half of one season many moons ago. I'd get what we can in January.

onedavemackay said...

More good stuff Harry it's your detractors who are losing it !

And why are they mainly anonymous? Cos they have not even got the bollocks to identify themselves. A message to all you ignorant cowards: If you don't like this Blog Fuck off it is not compulsory.

As for JD it's very simple sign now or go now.

Whatever happened to Jolsgonemental I miss him. Has he resurfaced in another guise that I have not recognised ?

Slim said...

Id get rid in January, for certain, needs to play all the time, and he won't get that with Robbie ahead. People complain about Bent, but he has scored as many in the Prem this season as Defoe and Berba combined. Even if Berba goes I don't think Defoe would be first choice, him and Robbie just doesn't seem to work.
Seen 12 million+ mentioned, would look like good business to me. Or we can wait till he walks on a free...

jolsnotgonemental said...

good fucking riddance to that miserable, sky is falling, plonker - jolsgonemental. If ever there was a case for the suicide pill, it would be that miserable downcast sod!!!
Big up to the HH for the quality around here and all you people dissing HH for his site should do exactly like JGM and piss off to the stone you crawled out from...

Anonymous said...

617 anonymouse True spurs fans? Let me guess, like you? **** off and die.

dannyboy said...


I don't know about you writing too much, I think you've just got some verbal diarrohea. heard of immodium ? ;-) Keep it 'in da family'.


Anonymous said...

Bring back Martin JOOOOLLLL!!!!

poyetothepeople said...

Jamie O Hara?

..Juande's ingenius!

Come on you SPURS!

Vinny said...

Dannyboy - Lol, as they used to say in the old BT advert "it's good to talk"...I must admit I do love a babble, especially when it comes to chattin about my beloved Tottenham with some great characters on included mate.

Do me a favour Dannyboy and get the old verbal nappies out keep me out some of that our Spurs have just won, I'm gonna gather my thoughts and feel a lot of verbal diarohea coming on shortly mate...;0)