Sunday, December 16, 2007

That Berbatov Goal In Full! Pompey Away Highlights

In the words of old Maggie, then, 'Rejoice! Rejoice!'

Reasons to be cheerful galore. In no particular order... First away win of the season. Berbatov coming good for Christmas. Zokora playing better. Kaboul improved. Lennon's sudden ability to supply fab crosses. Welcome aboard young O'Hara, you'll fit right in. Robinson has a nice clean sheet. The Prince NEARLY scores.

Tottenham's passing and possession was superior to Pompey's. Kanu~less, Pompey ultimately lacked a killer instinct up front.

Yes, this is a second string victory, but by the same token not to be entirely sniffed at. Fratton Park has been hard work this season and for Spurs to stand their ground and actually leave with all three points is very much to their credit. Portsmouth are exactly the sort of outfit we have aspirations to finishing above, therefore yesterday's result is exactly what we OUGHT to be doing.

As I have said, JR still has the same limitations as Jol in terms of squad, but it is his ability to drive new ambitions tactically that will separate the pair. It would be virtually unthinkable that Jol would play the Prince as Ramos has and unbelievable that O'Hara would be coached and ready to deliver such a welcome first spin out.

In the words of Gus, "They done magnificent".

Emlyn Hughes, gone, but not forgotten.


Anonymous said...

tory scum

Anonymous said...

One can't help but think, that -in the broad scheme of things- this will turn out to be one of the most important victories of the Ramos era.

Now go get em lads.


Anonymous said...

No...Ramos IS NOT superior than Jol.

Jollyman said...

Ramos has to get 4th places in two consecutive season within 2 1/2 years to be considered better than Jol.

With lalmost the same team, Spurs won 8 cosecutive European games under Jol.

Little Blue Text said...

A nice positive post for a change 'arry, you've been listening to your players. Lets concentrate on the present not the past, as you say things looked good for this game, lets hope that follows on to Man City and the L'Arse...which will be tougher than tough !!! COYS!

Harry Hotspur said...

Are the BMJ apologists also ready to accept that Ramos MUST be given ' league credits' for this season?

He began with the same squad but.....

NOT with 0 points and 0 teams played. Jol & Co had created a minus starting point.

So less of this finishing fourth stuff... maybe.

dannyboy said...


do you keep the same words and post it over and over?
Ramos deserves credit, so here it is - credit credit credit.


dannyboy said...

by the way, hope there's enough space on here for vinny's verbal babblings !!!

Anonymous said...

A clean sheet without Dawson playing. Something to ponder on there.
Last 2 games we beat 5th and 6th spot. Now lets beat the top 4.

Anonymous said...

over the moon with this result,like Harry said so many positives , i thought we controlled the game Boatang(sp) gave us a bit of physical presence in the middle but with good mobility(unlike Hudd)jenas worked hard, kabhoul was better, i'd rather he launched it at the mo like he is than getting caught in possesion and he actually made some good passes and defended well, maybe it helped him having a french speaker next to him who also did well breaking up attacks,lennon looked to be back to his best,berba got the winner and went into the croud to show he loves us and defoe made ar sol crap himself and defend deep for the end bit of the game, we passed it well and played as a team.Ramos got the better of Arry from start to finish with arry going from plan A to plan B to C all to no avail .How refreshing to see us easily closing out a match ,looking street wise and an intelligent team at the end if any thing we looked more likely to score and didn't sit back and create pressure for ourselves(take note jol fans) quality.
could be a real turning point COYS
ps Jol fans for someone that supposedly loves spurs why is Mj still in the press having digs,same old thing he always did use the press to play the fans against the club that we actually do love!
Tottenham till i die

Anonymous said...

Also fairplay to Chrissy Hughton He might not of been up to it as a coach but he clearly is someone that loves Spurs, i doubt you will see him bad mouthing us in the press anytime soon!Martin Jol is a con man ,the only people that believe the guff is fans and media,Its clear that people in the game don't hold him in as high regard ,where is the top job he was going to walk straight into?jol fans need to move on or why dont you just follow mj ,i heard he likes a bit of golf, you could support him on his round,sing mj songs, maybe hold his fags!

mre said...

bty Leave BMJ alone, he did well. Don't beleive what you read in the red tops... As for ollyman, Ramos only needs to finish 4th once to have a better record than BMJ (not that its going to happen this year...

Vinny said...

DB - Hope you got a box of immodium in ya pocket son, "my take" will follow shortly. Just in the middle of watching the Thieves vs Mancs. Can't stand em both, but love a good game of footy nevertheless.

BTY - I agree Jol, is making himself look silly which is unfortunate as we'd like to remember him for sparking off the momentum that was phase 1 of our recovery to being one of the best again. However rather than being a "conman", think he is simply "DELUSIONAL" and should just get on with managing a team somewhere to develop the tactical side of his managerial ability which was the thing that ultimately failed him and made way for the tactically superior man that is JR.

nemesis said...

Berbaturkey is coming good for Xmas. Indeed! Completely suffed he'll be.
Good for the ref for booking him behaving like a moron, but he's wasting his time. His IQ is not good enough to make him realise holding to the fans is a sign of weekness.
What a Xmas it'll be!

Vinny said...

By the way Jol finished 9th in his first season after taking over from Santini and beleive he had longer than what Ramos will have had by the end of the season to do that.

Granted though that Ramos has inherited a far better side due to the investment and despit the injuries, I would say that 7th and a place in Europe would be an acceptable recovery for this year, although a repeat of 5th or 6th not out of the question and 4th - lets be more realistic for this season.

Reptile16 said...

Not a bad performance, lots to be hopeful for but by no means the end of the story. Still reckon we're lightweight in the centre of the park.

One thing that struck me [again] was the boys' strip....not the most important thing to centre upon I grant you but get this:
- Home side play in blue/white/red, so we can't play in all white,
- Home side play in blue/white/red, so we can't use first alternate strip of all blue.
- We wear white/blue/white....not all yellow.
- Blatant profiteering on the part of the club then, releasing the second alternate strip?

You decide.

Vinny said...

When I first saw the line-up in defence minus the ill Dawson, first thoughts were oh dear it could well be one of those days...again. But what prevailed was infact a pleasant surprise. Here's my "little" take on the teams individual performances;

Robbo 7.5 - Strangely given the circumstances of our defence being thread bare, had little to do in the way of needing to pull off any outstanding saves and amazingly had less saves to make than his opposite number. This was mainly down to not only our makeshift defence coping admirably well, but also the midfield chasing down anything in front of the defence and limiting those long range shots that have been hurting us all season. When he was called into action, looked commanding and safe, mopping up the bits n pieces and holding shots well that were mainly hit straight at him.

Chimbo 7.5 - Timing was good in many crucial tackles, looked the experienced accomplished player we expect doing the defensive work first before taking a wander up the right wing. Another who’s experience has a calming effect on our young side, although sometimes too bloody calming, this was a game in which he did his main job well.

Lee Pyo 7.0 - gave all he could, which happened to be good enough against Portsmouth who were frustrated and lacked ideas, never really exposing his left back area the way a top 4 team would, but still Lee worked very hard as usual and took no risks, clearing the danger when necessary. Less of those left wing runs, but like Chimbo most importantly did his defensive job first, often doubling up to first niggled away at his opponents with the back up of the other tiny terror Malbranque in defensive and midfield areas.

Kaboul 7.5 - understandably looked very nervous and confidence was fragile for the first 10 - 15 minutes, but then under the calming influence of "The Maestro" Zokora, seemed to settle down with a couple of good challenges leading to more crucial interceptions. This will be a huge weight off his back, hopefully we'll start to see the real Kaboul begin to realise his potential. Has all the tools to be top quality, now just has to go and play top quality on a consistent basis.

Zokora 9 - Well!...what can I say? begin with, if he was Italian, had a lighter complexion and had been playing in an AC Milan shirt, I would have thought I was watching the great Franco Baresi again and being compared to him does not get much better. He lead the defence brilliantly, timed his challenges perfectly, distributed beautifully and had this serene calming influence on the players around him like Beethoven would have on his orchestra. His performance was just as key to winning this game as the goal was to putting it away.

Jenas 7.5 - Played the holding roll very well, broke up play often, seemed quicker in the challenge to the Pompey midfield and put out any potential fires in front of our defence before they ever escalated to a clean shot on goal. Engine was great again, generally played to his strengths. Ok, was not the creative force we all want, but never will be, best kept doing what he does best which is holding the midfield in front of the defence, using his engine and athleticism to join attacks on the break but concentrate first on winning the midfield battles while leaving the creative role to more creative players ie Steed, Lennon, Berba, Keano, and maybe Boeteng, O'Hara.

Boeteng 7.5 - Bit of a mixed bag. 1st half, playing slightly ahead of Jenas looked bright and sharp, seemed to have the determination and skill, often came very close to making things happen and should have buried that chance he had, feel that would have lit his confidence touchpaper to a new level. Although he was enthusiastic, was at the same time a tad over keen and nervous, understandable given his limited appearances at times when the whole team has been underperforming in previous games. Faded away in the second half and begun to look more vulnerable as he began to get targeted by the opposition midfielders looking to get him booked for a few of his naive over reactions as tensions increased. With more time on the pitch can see him definitely being an asset offering more attacking willingness, sharpness and creativity than his colleagues Jenas and Zokora in the attacking half of the pitch imo.

Steed 8.5 – Maybe second only to Zokora for man of the match for me. The little dynamo bossed the left side, with a great mixture of battling winning many midfield challenges as well as helping out Lee Pyo, his passing and moving was quick and bright, always looked a threat when had the ball at his feet on the left side of the box. Again did the work of 1.5 men.

Lennon 7.5 - As usual looked a threat when he had the ball to his feet, but less wayward crosses and better end product, one of which obviously lead to the goal all be it was assisted with a couple of deflections on the way. Involved in the priceless moment of the day when he came flying in full pelt on the monster that is Noe Pamarot and sent him flying off the pitch!...was laughing my arse off for about 5 minutes...fairplay Azza (and still laughing!!!).

Berba 8.0 - Worked very hard to drop into midfield and link up play and as usual always looked like creating that little bit of magic that could win the game. Eventually most of his great ideas and intelligent passes didn't look like coming off until his determination paid off with a simple match winning finish.

Benty 6.0 - For me was the most frustrating player out there yesterday, having the brighter of opportunities, but never getting the better of Judas, looking very predictable in both his thought process and movement and his shots lacking any real venom or precision. No doubt a quality player, but just needs more time to adjust to not being the big fish in a small pond alla Charlton, which seems to be affecting his confidence. Defoe would be ahead in selection for me at the moment, he just looks that bit hungrier and sharper.

O'Hara 8.0 - Great, great debut, very nice footballer. Was it my imagination? or when he was on the pitch did the team just seem to take on a more natural balance? Seems to be confident with an excellent footballing brain, quick passes, great movement and nice left foot! Gives us new options with Bale out injured, would love to see him tried out on that left wing with Steed moving into a central playmaking role. Granted he may initially need a few subs appearances first to settle him in and make sure he's the real deal. Credit to JR and the new staff for spotting his qualities and bringing him quicker than MJ ever would have, if at all.

Defoe 7.5 – very positive and sharp for the short time he was on the pitch, nearly had another goal in the short amount of time he gets to make an impact. Should be ahead of Bent in the pecking order for me.

Very important result, which before the winner looked like being another nearly game similar to West Ham which was due to mainly a lack of finishing and the killer final ball often not coming off despite dominating much of the play in their half of the pitch.

The main difference I could see out there was the work rate improvement off the ball, there always seemed to be 2 or 3 white shirts ready to close down the Pompey players. Our players seem to be play to their strengths and not to their limitations which I think is key given that a strength is to realise where your limitations are and concentrate on what you do best. The team overall looked more determined, resilient and up to the challenge of coming out of this fixture with a win away under the pressure of being in an inferior league position against a team unbeaten in the league at home, everyone worked hard for each other.

The tactical change made with JR's substitution again a master stroke in winning this game. We really seem to be on our way at a crucial time with the scum game and busy xmas period ahead.

Overall a great performance, especially given the defensive injury crisis, absence of Keano and low confidence which goes with scrapping away from the relegation zone…WELL DONE YOU SPURS!!!

P.S. Shit I think I need some verbal diarohea immodium...Dannyboy!!!

dannyboy said...

Vinny - you gleaned all that from a 2 minute youtube video ?!

Harry Hotspur said...

You can't buy class!

Vinny said...

Na DannyBoy, I was even craftier than watching a 2 minute Youtube clip.

You see I was round Nemesis' house watching the game through his crystal ball.

So you better stop taking the piss or else Nemesis and I will unleash one of his legendary curses giving you diaroeah for as long as it takes you to read one of my paragraphs...hahaha! scared now?!

And yes it's true that he's also got a voodoo doll of Berba who will turn into "BerbaTurkey" at midnight xmas and play upfront alongside Chirpy on boxing day against Fulham.

"What's that Nemesis?...what d'ya mean can we go n dig up Jolsgonemental now?"...;0)

Harry Hotspur said...

"or why dont you just follow mj ,i heard he likes a bit of golf, you could support him on his round,sing mj songs, maybe hold his fags!"


florida pete said...

watched the game on telly, agree with most of your points H, thought the back 4 were pure class, Kaboul not finished article but starting to understand the premiership maybe...Liked the apparent chemistry between the Prince and Berba, can see a few goals coming from that combination...Jenas is slowly turning into a consistent winner, selb belief with the lad I believe...Think we need a left back in Jan, thats all maybe...O'Hara was given a chance and took it, theres 2 types of people in this world, and he did it right for me...

Harry Hotspur said...

Hi Pete,

I think that Zokora is far more suited to the backline, he gives confidence to Kaboul, who, I beleive WILL be the 'real deal'.

Also the O'Hara news is super welcome. Early doors blah blah blah, but as has been said, difficult to see that Jol would've introduced him other than against Burnley, 8 minutes to go, 4-1 up, in a cup.

sydney wale said...

Great result considering our premier league form. I like the idea that we are finishing games stronger and that seems to be an indication that Ramos is having a desired effect. A winning mentality.

All successful modern teams look at the last 10 minutes as a great opportunity to win the game as the opposition will not have enough time/energy to recover. (Think Italy World Cup 06 and even the Woolwich Wanderers.) The team then grows in confidence, looking forward to the end of games rather than nervously hanging on and eventually capitulating (sound familiar?) I'm enjoying what I've seen of Ramos so far.

One question; Would he play the same team in the week against Man City to continue the momentum or play a second string side? I think the former would be the best choice and get everyone jumping?

What thinkest thou Harry?

ReevO said...

A good result that I honestly thought would of been a draw, As everyone's already said many positives to be taken from the game and lets hope they can carry it forward for the game's against the City and the Arse.

Very pleased to see O'Hara take his chance like that and boy looks a class act.

Long Live Ramos! COYS

bueller said...

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way, oh what fun it is to see Tottenham win away.

Excellent result.

Really happy to see O'Hara get some minutes. He looked quite assured which is good news.

Excellent for KPB to get the nod in central midfield. I liked Martin Jol but he wasn't brave enough when it came to things like that.

I like the direction we are going in right now. I am also keeping fingers crossed that in the next couple of months we will see the old Aaron Lennon. The fitness seems to be getting there and the rest will follow.

Come on you Spurs!

Anonymous said...

A great result for the lads and although I only heard the radio commentary it sounded like we controlled the game from start to finish.

Congratulations to Ramos for his progressive substitution policy and let's hope O'Hara is the real deal.

However, let's not get carried away yet. I wonder whether it would be worth just putting a reserve team out against Arsenal to see what we have in reserve and not to dent the confidence of the lads as they build momentum. Either way it will be an interesting few days with good tests against City (I think we could and should win) and against Arsenal where at this stage I can only hope.

jolsgonemental said...

Tottenham Hotspur welcome to Tactics, defending and intelligent substitutions.

Only need 4 more wins than Pompey, Everton, Liverpool etc manage over the next 21 games and jobs a good un.


Bring it on you cunts.

bueller said...


I heard you were dead.

BIOYC is the new COYS

jolsgonemental said...

i was having a nice cup of tea.

It's Them and Us said...

I suppose I should offer my thoughts too eh? Like with everyone else I think there are a lot of positives to take from the performance. A clean sheet which seems rarer than a Defoe start these days, is always welcome. The backline not only getting a clean sheet, but looking very strong with it -- no luck involved. Midfield was bossed by a man that if he can consistantly show his class will win over the majority soon enough. Oh, and an Aaron Lennon cross actually reaching the penalty area. ;) Ratings in brief:

Robbo 6
Based purely on what little he had to do. Nice change eh Paul? Solid when needed.

Pascal 6
Once again solid without anything spectacular. Concentrated more on his defensive duties which was the biggest positive.

Lee 6
A pleasant surprise to see him not looking like a nervous man holding a canoe in Panama. Solid, defence-first approach.

Kaboul 7
The English press like to exaggerate everything in football to a stupid degree. It's been said recently Benjani is 'world class'. Well, he was world-classly kept in Kaboul's pocket. Huge improvement from Younes.

Zokora 8
He was awesome too in a very make-shift backline. I still fear he'll combust at some stage and it'll hurt us, but his pace was unmatched in the game. I wish he wouldn't challenge for headers though, let Younes/Dawson/King do that.

Jenas 7
I was amazed when I picked up the Star yesterday and read they'd given Jenas a 5. Seriously. Stop paying an idiot in the stand to write notes for you and go watch a fucking game. Dominant in midfield and we always looked dangerous with him going forward, never looking back for an easy pass. KPB sitting in the hole the reason, or new-found belief? Whatever, keep it up JJ.

Boeteng 6
I wasn't as overly impressed as most with him. Looked nervous still and arguably the biggest game of his Spurs career to date. Some impressive attacks as well as with breaking up play, but a little too sloppy in possession. A platform to build on you could say.

Steed 7
I hope he never gets drug-tested because the guy is a ball of energy this season. The energizer bunny in based on Steed Malbranque, I tells ya! I keep saying I want him to play inside but at the moment, maybe 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' is all that matters.

Lennon 5
I don't know. For me he was fucking awful. Calm down, calm down. He gets into the right position far often enough -- although I don't understand when he sees the full-back deep and someone close to him has possession he doesn't just dart forward so a simple ball over the top/inside can be played and he's done the full-back easily. Instead he goes wide and stands IN LINE with the deeper midfielder and when he gets the ball just plays it back inside -- but his crossing was awful. Two good crosses that I can rememeber and one was a deflection (the goal). Hopefully it's just a lack of confidence and the cross/goal will help him.

Berbatov 6
I thought too, apart from the goal he tried far too much, far too often. I'll take the lack of support at times because it was true but he was doing stupid flicks all game and they weren't even close to paying off. A mark of a true striker when he scores even when not playing so well? Biggest positive was him on the scoresheet again.

Bent 4
I wanted Defoe but understood while he stuck with Bent. Pompey have a very strong (physically, unless the Incredible Hulk Aaron Lennon clatters ya) defence. Nice effort at the edge of the box that just went over but I think too, along with Defoe, he'd benefit from a decent run in the side. Not so great.

O'Hara 7
I'll avoid the over-reaction of 15-or-so minutes of football and say he was solid. (Not sure if I agree about those saying Jol wouldn't of played him because our defence was so ravaged we didn't have a centre-back on the bench. Fit players able to play centre-back were Zokora, Kaboul, Pascal. So KBP instead of sub was a starter and with Teemu already on the bench, it was down to a youngster. Nice choice though.) Much like with Adel I hope he isn't lost in the crowd come January.

Defoe 6
I still want him to sign a bloody contract. Kind of fear he's stringing us along with no intention to sign a deal but doesn't want to be booed by fans I believe he genuinely cares for. Worked hard. Shame his 'chance' has gone now with Robbie set to return against Arse. I'd hope and expect Jermaine and Bent to be given a run against City.

Anonymous said...

Here Hazza, If ya know 3 mates that owe u a favour, sign up here, get them to sign up too and bang, you got a free Spurs Shirt.
And yes it does work cos I got one from there!

Harry Hotspur said...

Stone me, the prodigal tea drinker returns.

Mine's Earl Grey with a fat slice of lime in it.

dannyboy said...

Welcome back jolsgonemental. Your intelligent, if overt, comments have been sorely missed.

coys - bioyc.

BimitarDerbatov said...

greetings of the season to you all..

only getting around now to posting my thoughts on Saturday's game..i'm still recovering from the shock of Jenas playing well:

ROBBO: 6.5
feck all to smart save from a free kick in first half



better than fine whilst playing out of position.. or perhaps he wasn't..

LEE: 6
i get nervous every time the ball comes his way..

some lovely crosses for once and a fantastsically intelligent one for Berb's goal..

KPB: 5.5
I still like him.. don't know why but i do.. he seems eager i guess.. quite sloppy on Saturday though..

JENAS: 7.5
well whaddya know..i was and still am shock ed by the quality of his i converted?? no... but more of the same please JJ

STEED: 7.5
keeps turning in superb hard-working and skillful he doesn't get near the French squad whilst Anelka does is beyond me

waste of money waste of money waste of money waste of money waste of money waste of money
again just to put it into perspective..he cost 4.5 million more than Berb..and 0.5 million more than Henry..

BERB: 7.5
worth every penny worth every penny
worth every penny worth every penny
worth every penny worth every penny
worth every penny worth every penny
worth every penny worth every penny
worth every penny worth every penny
let the goalscoring commence..

DEFOE: 6.5
immediately increased Tottenham's attacking capability when he came on for that other lad..SIGN THE CONTRACT!!

runs weird but arguably won the game..

nothing to report..

for a magnificent assist for Berb's goal!! HA HA HA!!

for being probably the last unchanged, old-style stadium in the top flight.. too many new stadiums these days are just soulless grounds with no stories to tell..

we look so much better with navy shorts than in all-white.. all-white is for European nights.. that's the tradition.. get it sorted for next year please..


Anonymous said...

Sorry to correct you but Steed will never play for France as he is Belgian.

daytripper said...

10.02 - Sorry, but Steed played for France's U-21 team earlier in the decade. I believe he was called up to the 2006 WC team at one point but he never played.

Vinny said...

Salute JGM,

I beleive you've been helping the FA behind the scenes tie up the Fabio Capello deal???...;0)

Harry Hotspur said...

Will be helping TIE UP Capello...

jolsgonemental said...

erm. I find overt comments work best.

I dont actually know how one would covertly post on a message board. Posting nothing anonymously I suppose.

Manchester City - Bring it on you cunts.

Vinny said...

There you go HH, just the way we used to do things back in the old country "TIE UP" deals, ie make an offer he couldn't refuse...;0)

Anonymous said...

3 days later and I am still as happy as if I'd got a blow job off Halle Berry. I'm so happy that even Nemesis can't puncture my contentedness. [But, word of advice Nemmy - if you're going to have a go at someone for their supposed low IQ, you might want to learn to spell "weakness" first. Otherwise, you'll just sound like a moron (but, hey, why change the habit of a lifetime ...)].
Everything had pointed to Saturday being a bad experience: Pompey unbeaten in eleven; Dawson joining the long list of unavailable defenders; a back four who are to sound defending what Nemesis is to coherent comment; the bollock-shrivelling cold; and a stadium with facilities as inviting as muff-diving a syphilitic geriatric Wood Green whore. But then we get a TEAM performance (well, sadly, Bent aside).
I went into work on Monday trying to not look too smug as I offered my condolences to the dozens of Portsmouth season ticket holders who are my colleagues. "You're still on the same points as Liverpool," I said. "You're 12 points in front of us," I stressed. "We're still in a relegation dog fight," I muttered. Inside, I was thinking: we outplayed you; we outsung you. Horatio Nelson, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Charles Dickens, Rudyard Kipling and, er, Steve Claridge - your boys took one hell of a beating.
Anyway, apologies to anyone standing within earshot of me at the Milton End. I'm tuneless at the best of times, but, after 4 flu-ravaged days, my voice was particularly horrible. It's not the noise, it's the sentiments ain't it?
Bimi - pretty much agree with your assessments. Except for Fratton Park. It's a toilet - but on saturday it was our toilet.
Now lads don't go and spoil it all by not showing against Citeh and, more importantly, the Woolwich Nomads.

dannyboy said...

where's the pre match prattle for citeh H ? overt or otherwise!

coys - bioyc

BimitarDerbatov said...

wow Pompey you agree with me!!

i'm going to go for a Spurs win tonight.. i think 2-0 with both goals coming in the second half.. my predictions are based largely on the fact that i have €20 on a half time-draw/full-time Spurs bet i got at 11/2..


dannyboy said...

btw looking at the goons team tonight and subs bench, wengerphile obviously has saturdays game very much on his mind. and if 1 more person, gooner, commentator or otherwise says about the arsecum kids.....aarrrggghhhhhhh.

coys - bioyc

sydney wale said...

Looking at our team tonight I notice that Ramos has been reading my posts. Unchanged team apart from Defoe/Bent, just what I would have done! That was the problem with Jol, he would always surprise me after a good performance with changes that were not necessary.

Bring it on you city clowns!
(It's a family show)

Death said...


BimitarDerbatov said...