Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Chimbonda Identity/Supremacy/Ultimatum

Pascal Chimbonda has well and truly got my goat. At a time when our back for is held together with damp sellotape and the will of Allah, he's talking up his role as freelance goalscorer.

“I've got three for the season now and I will say I can get five - but I think I can maybe score even more." Look, I'm not entirely ungrateful. A goal is a goal. But the last fiasco against City was demeaning. Is this the football we're reduced to playing? Bundling the ball over the line illegally?

It was handball and none of his goals have been brilliant. In fact the abysmal 'let's cross it deep and put it on his head sketch' failed so many damn times that when it did eventually work most of the good had been taken out of it for me.

"You can't just rely on the strikers for goals, so it's good we get goals throughout the team." And just who, pray Pascal do we rely on to defend?

Tag right back now is it? I cannot stress how stupid the pursuit of this guy's dream to be a matchwinner is.


What would you rather have:

(A) Chimbonda returned to the Premiership Dream Team slot he was in when we bought him.

(B) A freewheeling undisciplined chancer hoping to make a name for himself at the wrong

end of the pitch?


Danny said...

Not sure what point you're trying to make Hazza - it isn't really clear. Are you saying that he's had a nighmare in defence so far this season? If so - I would agree - ever since stories linking him to Chelsea - his heart hasn't seemed to be in it - he's improved more recently, mind - still a long way to go though...

I wouldn't take too seriously what he said about scoring 5 this season. That's just official site self-congratulatory pap... probably slightly tongue in cheek as well.

I was annoyed he admitted that he bundled the ball in with his hand - and that the official site gave him a platform to say it. Yes everyone knows it happened - but to come out and almost boast about it? Jesus - some PR guy needs shooting, as if we don't have enough problems...

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a complete overreaction. Right now I'll take any goal I can get. We've had such rotten luck this season, we deserve a few lucky goals.

...Can do better... said...

Surely there are more things to moan about Spurs than this.I don't think Chimbonda is doing a bad job at all. I'm surprised you haven't written a humorous post about the introduction of CPZ's around WHL (showing a picture of cars piled up on top of each other) or perhaps you have and I didn't read your post.?!? Or why don't you have a go at writing a positive post like Berbatov's recent committed comments to Spurs... but maybe like lots of Spurs fans you just like to moan.. oh yeah....and when are you gonna change that 'orrible blue type ??!?!?!?!?

tavistock yid said...

Agree to a point Harry, but all the defenders have lacked discipline and been poorly organised. You do need Chimbo up for set pieces because, except for daws and berba, we lack height/aerial ability elsewhere...

biz said...

harry hotspur is an idiot.

sign the petition to have him shot thru the head with a bolt gun at:

Anonymous said...

The link to the petition doesnt work

TheSchoolboysOwnStuff said...

Make you spot on Harry.

A good right back Chimbo is but he is not the attacker he likes to think he is. His real prblem is the delusions of grandeur he seems to have.
When he was at wigan he was better than the whole team and the club were wrong for wanting a fair price for him.
Now he's at spurs his agent is sticking out feelers for a move to chelsea every time a window draws near.
If he really wants a move he's best doing what he's best at. All his goals for us have been scuffs or hand balls. He may have scored 3 this year but i reckon you could point out 15 goals against where he has been out of position.

It's Them and Us said...

I'm a little lost at to the complaint here as well.

For me, I'm not too concerned if he chips in with the odd goal as a bonus to a solid defensive display. Far often than not he's done neither this year but I certainly won't begrudge getting a bit of luck. You aren't seriously bemoaning the fact we got lucky, after all we've had against us this year? I'm guessing not but that's how it came across.

If you're asking me now what I'd take over 'sexy' football and being relegated, or a steady progression into a results-first mode before moving onto perfecting our play; I'll take the latter.

Spurs ARE about playing the game how it's supposed to but as with everything in football you're judged about results. The end product will aim to once again get back to the silky football (Ramos has stated it countless times) but for now it's about getting points on the board so our goals are infront of us, and the trapdoors behind aren't in the equation.

I do agree with the underlying point that he needs to focus on defending first and foremost and not about reaching his 'goal target'. I'd take five clean sheets over Pascal getting any more goals.

P.S. Danny. He was hardly bragging about it either. Did you want him to come out in some poncy Arsene way and say it hit his chest? He was honest. It hit his arm, it went it, and it was given. Aye aye aye.

Vinny said...

Sorry slightly changing the subject, but check out this player;,19528,11095_2966151,00.html

I know we need more experience for our immediate problems, but this 21 year old left wing Bulgarian ticks a lot of the boxes we normally look for...and the scum have found him first!

daytripper said...

HH - you have been riding him hard all season, which I agree with only in respect to his mistakes on set pieces.

Outside of that, I think Chimbo has had an excellent season. I mentioned before that I was curious if it was him or Steed that was responsible for no other teams being able to attack down our right. Now that Steed is on the left side, nobody is still able to attack us down the right, and I have to give Chimbo high marks for that. He is the only defender that is able to defend up the field, so this gives him an opportunity to go forward a ton.

Saying that, I have a debate with myself because of our current team makeup, perhaps others can chime in: Would you rather have Chimbo continue to move forward and attack after he shuts down his flank, or would you prefer to have him get rid of the ball and move more centrally to help out our dreadful CMs, so we can slow down counterattacks better?

Anonymous said...

I actually agree with you. He or Juande or someone needs to decide if this guy is a striker, which he f*cking aint, a winger, which he f*cking aint or a defender, which if he stays put and concentrates then he is very good at being. Why some good fans on here can't work out your article is far beyond me. He doesnt have a cross and his goes at scoring are all just have a go jobs. He ought to be concentrating on getting the ball up to the men who can like Berbatov and understand that is is his f*cking job. Either that or his commentts youve quoted are a wind up from him. Either way he needs to f*ck off and stop showboating for Smelskea.

It's Them and Us said...

re: daytripper

He's had an EXCELLENT season? I don't like attacking our own players but Chimbonda has generally been awful. He's played for himself on far too many occasions with needless runs leaving ourselves vulnerable to counter-attack, as more often than not he's lost the ball. He goes around in circles and gets nowhere.

When he and Lennon were playing together week in, week out, it worked perfectly. If Pascal darted forward Lennon would drift inside so if there was a break he could catch the runners. So you can maybe blame Lennon, injuries, lack of a consistant side, whatever, but the right-hand side has been weak. Against City he DEFENDED first and did quite well. More of the same please.

The reason teams don't attack as much down the right isn't because they fear Chimbonda but moreso that our left-side is weaker at defending. Bale (when he's played has done well) apart, Lee has been off-form so far and subsequently been destroyed with each attack. Steed does his best but when your left-back is shakey as hell it doesn't help.

He should, as a defender, take more pride in keeping a clean sheet than scoring goals. End of.

Harry Hotspur said...

My point wasn't that complex chaps. Fiddling While Rome Burns was the message.

boysownstuff has my measure... no one with half a brain begrudges even the shittiest of goals when you're up against it, but what's the true cost of him hotch potching it down the wing?

I'm in no doubt. He is employed as a bloody defender.

Dawson get's up for corners etc and rightly so. As does my pet love John Terry.

But PC has elevated himself to the bizarre position of Wandering Minstrel.

PC doesn't cross the ball well.

PC doesn't shoot convincingly.

PC consistantly makes a muddle of Lennon's role and all too frequently adds NOTHING to our attacks.

I'm irritated by him 'building' his part. In fact I'm beyond annoyed, I'm bored!

He was well worth the lolly we paid for him. Many disputed that at the time, I may remind you.

Right now?
Consequently a liability.

I would indulge him if we were doing better. But we are not. So call me old fashioned, but until we are?

'All hands to the pump' over every man for himself' everytime.

Mental_Micky said...

I posed this very question to you Harry, 2-3 months before Jol got sacked.

Back then you pretty much called me a muppet for saying it. How the tables have turned.

Chimbonda has sucked at his job (defending, remember that Spurs fans?) for at least 6 months now. That's not a bad patch or run of bad form. That's a player that doesn't give a shit about his job anymore.

Look at ANY successful side over the last frikkin' century and they are teams where players play well in their 'proper' positions, not showboat glory hunters ala Chimbonda (and plenty others currently littered within our team). He's a fucking liability.

It's not fucking rocket science!

BimitarDerbatov said...

granted his form of late has been rubbish, i actually like Chimsy..

last year he was outstanding.. the Chelsea match springs to mind where he won so many crucial defensive headers at the back post..

also think he used to link up very well with Lennon down the and the like..

perhaps his fall in form has something to with Lennon being in and out of the injury list, i don't know..

but he's definitely worth holding on to..if he was let go i would have fears that someone else would get the best out of him (Kanoute springs to mind)..

he'll improve i think....i hope!!

Harry Hotspur said...

mental_mickey I shall trawl the blog...

In the meantime I completely apologise.

Just in case.

Anonymous said...

I agree about Chimbo comments, he gets caught ball watching too often for me, just switching off at vital moments. He has the ability to be a very good defender just be more focussed, but he has always worried me from a defensive aspect. I know he is fantastic going forward, and he has a great head on him but defensivly could he be a bit better?

Ramos will obviously like him in an attacking aspect, but will he be good enough defensivly to stay in his long term plans??

Danny said...

I said 'almost boasting' not bragging... maybe it's just my perspective but I just thought talking lightheartedly about the subject wasn't appropriate.

Likening PC to Nero eh? I like it - I now understand your point better (although you went a roundabout way to say it). He is very...hmmm... *frivolous* in his approach I think. Thinks a lot of himself for sure - he knows what he's capable of achieving but tends to rest on his laurels a bit, I think.

I'm like that - good at my job - but bloody inconsistent at it. Like to reflect on my achievements a bit too long ...