Sunday, December 09, 2007

City At Home : Dunkirk Spirit Required

What a surprise. Another MUST WIN game.
How so? Because we're incapable of getting a grip in any competition that requires us to go out and play football and deliver a convincing win. We've beaten nobody of any consequence so far and all we have to go on frankly is blind faith. If this carries on I say we knock this footy business on the head, disband and set up as a Darts Team. Let Tommy and Robbo chuck out the scales. Recall Mido and Reid.

I find it hysterical (not really, but do read on) as our 'back four' disintegrates through injury the Ledley King stories come out in force. Crumbs from our masters' table and none of them significant to feed us. Chimbonda has ambitions far in excess of his abilities and so compounds the problem with his desire to play as a winger. Ramos is in charge so he is culpable for this undisciplined garbage.

The reality check was our new manager's MEMO TO ALL in which he used the word relegation.

As has been said here there and every bleedin where, this team needs to be as sexy on the pitch as it is on paper.

City ought to get beat 2-1 today. My fear is if we do not see a major improvement in the quality of our defending AS AN ENTIRE TEAM then even they will put at least three past us. Birmingham Part Two.

Doom & Gloom? Yes. And why not. As I am sure I've written before, If I didn't love you so much I wouldn't care. Come on Tottenham, you have the weapons, let's see you use them.


Anonymous said...

What ever happens today at the lane, at least the Gooners got beat and with Chelski next they could be on a bit of a downward spiral by the 22nd!

USASpurs said...

boateng for lennon WHYYYYYYY

Anonymous said...

city should get beat 2.1 today- they did,job done !
j ramos

Anonymous said...

Well 3 pts at this stage going into Christmas is priceless and the Gooners losing to Boro....(one of the top four sides :))) is even better)

We need two quality midfield players and a CB in Jan and King back and fit. Sell Bent if we can find a buyer. We give possession away to easily in midfield and still hoof the long ball to much from the back...

Berbatov was up for it today so now we know for sure when he dosnt give a toss... he was class and involved in all things good going forward... he simply must be kept at the club if we are to move forward under Ramos..

I think Ramos is doing ok considering the shite he has found at the club since taking over from Jol. I think he will get start to shape the side in the New Year with hopefully some new players he wants and I think he will get us away from the drop zone. Our only chance of Europe next year however will be a cup run and success. Perhaps the Carling Cup is the one to go for.... Jol would have taken us down this season for sure..

Levi & Comolli sitting in a tree! said...

well, another display showing potential, but lacking the potent bit from a few of our players. Another doggy defending day, and some poor passing, but the job got done, and now i can see us on the upwards.

I think it's about time for Levy to take the bit between his teeth, and say to Commoli, that's enough, we need a controlling defender, or 4..... NO MORE DEADBENTS.

Bent again was unimpressive, Berbs looks like a changed man (most of the time) and Defoe provided the moment we required (will this lead to him signing a new contract, after listening to the croud after that crucial goal). Lee looked... well more stable that mid-week, but still looks like he's been receiving dodgy txt's from Jol.

Whatever happens, it is still possible to recover this season. but there has to be more fight in the defence, we need some of the 'Hitman' attitude (yeah i know he lost but the concepts there). A defence that doesn't take no s**t, and keeps pushing and standing up to it, even when there hit hard constantly. We don't need this defence that acts like a dog everytime the old grandma's are around, and roles over to have it's belly tickled.

Juande Ramos is a good tactical manager, but he really has got a tough job to get it working again.


Anonymous said...

Come on, we were fortunate to beat City, who, had they had the strikers we possess, would have beaten us comfortably I feel.

We desperately need leadership and experience in defence, to steady the line and keep Chimbonda's excursions in check. A buy in January is essential, whether King is fit or not.

Surprised by the substitution as Lennon was giving us much needed width; Wonder if it was in fact to provide better protection when Chimbonda 'surged' forward.

Bent will come good, but he and Kaboul (and Boeteng) need to forget about making an immediate individual impact and focus on providing what is needed. Bent's lashed shot across goal when Jenas was clear was a perfect example.

But, good to see another great performance from (Malbranque and) Berba - more positive, good team contribution, some lovely touches; Can't wait for the goals will start flowing for him, as they surely will.

Defoe and Berbatov must start next time round, it can only be contractual issues and the small matter of the sum invested in Bent that is seeing him start; Not good footballing reasons.

EL said...

Harry, is that a Banksy?

Or a Hotspursy?