Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tottenham To Buy In January.....Him?

Now yes, Don Vincenzo got it right, Le Arse are a sniffin', but one must not overlook the sense of urgency and DOUGH that Tottenham must launch this window. I fully expect an audacious swoop of some description, especially given Zokora's flight to ANC. Hence my inclusion of this really decent player..


Dimitar said...

This is Nikolay Dimitrov from Levski. He is playing on the left wing. Very talanted and promising player(20 years old), but quite unexperienced and defenatly not ready for PL. Anyway he was invited for trial with Arsenal next week and he is going to London probably in monday.

Dimitar's Brain said...

I agree with Dimitar...he looks like an Arsenal player to me...athletic, fast, great technical skills, young...why would we want to buy him?

Anonymous said...

That's the crapiest, afwulest, shittiest, rubbishest excuse of a compilation video used to 'promote' a players skills I have ever seen.

Edited at every moment when he touches the ball so you can't see shit.

And the music SERIOUSLY sucks.

Harry Hotspur said...


You will, naturally, have retained your receipt in order to faciltate your full refund.


jones said...

646 compared to you mate the music is a fucking gift...........

It's Them and Us said...

I'm not a fan of assessing someone based on a YouTube video. Call me old-fashioned. ;)

I'm sure, if you so desired, you could form a decent video for any footballer.. with the exception of perhaps Ginger Pele (coincidence Norwich are rooted near the bottom?).

Looks good but I'd like to see him in a full game so you can see the good (and bad) and against a better level of opponents. Of course I won't get that but needless to say if the scum want to sign him, they will. And if they don't, then surely he's no good?

Perhaps I'm just being negative!

Anonymous said...

They just want to tempt Berbatov to make the jump. And torment us with endless speckalashun.

If he goes gooner, I should think one of our reserve players might endear himself to Spurs fans- to say nothing of raising his profile - by taking a suspension for wrapping Dimitrov's right anterior cruciate ligament around his cleats.

The academy don't seem to be doing much on the skill side anyway.

juandavemackay said...

It's them etc. You are becoming a star of this blog. It does not matter where a players abilities are advertised we don't sign them anyway. Petrov went to City after supposedly being on his way to us, that Russian winger story seems to have gone quiet I could go on but I'm bored already !

Let's be blunt we usually don't get it quite right sure the Berb was a brilliant signing, Bale and Steed look great and so on but how come we still don't have a left sided midfielder, and a cruncher in the middle of the park ? Anyone think Bent is worth more than a fiver? Then there is the mysterious departure of Pedro Mendes how much better would we look with him in our midfield now ?

juandavemackay said...

By the way Harry, nice shot of the girl at training with the large Enchalados. Maybe she is the reason Zokora smiles so much cos it can't be his football.

Anonymous said...

C'mon guys. Don't knock these YouTube videos of players looking like the best thing since my homemade lasagne.

This is obviously how Comolli and Jol based their scouting on, and bought all our players over the past couple of seasons on this evidence. Zokora, Prince, Kaboul, etc all looked fcking excellent on YouTube. Why else would they have bought them?

Harry Hotspur said...



Vinny said...

Sorry, Im a bit late on this one Harry, cheers for featuring this young Bulgarian chap though.

Yeah I agree we cannot see the bigger picture with these you tube clips, but he does look half decent, these Bularians seem very technically gifted.

When I saw the piece on this was just imagining Comolli's red face if the Arse uncovered another young star, in one of the positions we have been looking to fill the most, and a fellow countryman of the man Berba who we should be looking to build a team around him...let's face it, class wise he is a class above the rest of the team and am betting would be the only current player we have that would be guaranteed a place in any of the top 4 teams ie Chelsk, Mancs, Liver and Le Arse.

Also thought we well fucked up with procrstinating over Petrov, which was a big shame as he's been quality for Mancsa Citeh.

Anonymous said...

Yes Vinny, these bulgarians do seem technically gifted. And those darkie chaps all have enormous penises.

Vinny said...

I not what you mean anon 8.54, and so do those Italians...;0)

Anonymous said...

Georgi Asparuhov (Bulgarian: Георги Аспарухов) (sometimes spelled Asparoukhov), nicknamed Gundi (May 4, 1943 – June 30, 1971) was a Bulgarian football player. He is considered to be among the top Bulgarian footballers of all time, if not the best.

Asparuhov was a striker for Levski Sofia from 1960 to 1961 and 1964 to 1971, and for Botev Plovdiv from 1961 to 1963. He played 245 matches and scored 150 goals in the top Bulgarian division. Some of the top European clubs at the time sought his services.[citation needed] In the 1965-66 European Cup, Levski played Benfica (with stars including Eusébio in the squad). When Benfica eliminated Levski after hard fought 3:2 and 2:2 scorelines and Gundi having netted all Levski goals, Europe began to view Gundi with interest. In fact, he was the first player to score two goals in Benfica's stadium[citation needed]. In the aftermath of this match, Levski grew in popularity in Europe. The rich Portuguese club wanted to buy Asparuhov, but the communist government of Bulgaria did not allow them to do so.

For the Bulgaria national football team, Asparuhov featured in 50 games and has 19 goals. He was the first Bulgarian to score a goal at Wembley against England. He also scored the only goal for Bulgaria in England '66.

Asparuhov died in a car crash in 1971 with his talented teammate, Nikola Kotkov. At his funeral, over 550,000 people went to Sofia to pay tribute and their respect to him and to bid him farewell.

His most famous line is: "There is a country named Bulgaria, and in this country there is a team named Levski. You maybe haven't heard of it, but there I was born and there I shall die!" This is what he said to scouts from Milan who had come to pursue him.

[edit] Statistics