Saturday, November 03, 2007

Boro Away The Pre Match Prattle

Superficial damage to the packaging...

Mido's Out.

No insinuation that he confessed to anything, rather he's injured.

Injuries specific to the Tottenham squad obviously inc. Mr King, Sir Tony Gardner and The Boy Bale. The Welsh wonder has allegedly been jogging this week, but we shall have to wait see what if anything this means.

Boateng's name is wonderfully propelled into EVERYONE'S 'Tottenham from'... list... Bless.

So Boro get a chance to regroup and take a scalp indoors, eh? Great.
Well I'm hedging for a draw. Our weaknesses are so well publicised even Alan Partridge, their manager will know what to do.

Oh, and Berbatov first goalscorer at 5/1.



Anonymous said...

Dont be so cautious, we'll win this easy.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know if it's on TV?

What about the shady sat channels?

EL said...

Re:top post

Ahhh... takes me back to when I was a young, fresh-faced Spurs supporter. Full of the joys of promises to come and replete with unstoppable cocky belief. I like you.


Anonymous said...

9.31 ... 3pm kick-off means it's not on sky sports or Setanta. might be on some online asian channel though if you have sopcast or something.

Anonymous said... will have the game showing.

onedavemackay said...

Can everybody stop this gloom and doom stuff ?
New Managers usually produce an immediate upturn especially when the team is playing far below it's potential and that's us.



Anonymous said...

ahh boro away not exactly the stuff of dreams which is why there are no "special arse rape thomas cook away days" I was worried about Mido starting but without the big guy they will start with less upfrount than a pre-op tranny so maybe we can sneak a cheeky 1-nil and get the fuck away from that shit hole.

Anonymous said...

If we cannot beat Boro away, we are really shite. Even with a new manager we should have enough quality for 3 points. If we cannot beat these c**nts who can we beat away from home?

Ramoshasgonemental said...

he's started Darren Bentshot and Jerry Defoe over Robbie "24 in last 31" Keane and Dimitar "God" Berbatov! I know everyone's getting a chance but this is totally uncalled for.

dannyboy said...


give the bloke a chance ffs. and who did you nick the monicker from? twat

coys - lets get back on the winning trail. with all the hype, lets see how good KBP really is.

Anonymous said...

Oi, Ramoshasgonemental, who scored the first goal?

ramoshasgonemental said...

Jesus Christ boys, it was a joke! Bloody hell, yids...


dannyboy said...

no it wasnt a joke - ur fickle !!!
coys time for a winner.

GRAZZA said...

Keane's only been "rested" because i finally swallowed my pride and rather "ficklely" placed him squarely up top in "Mitko's Sticklebricks" in the interest of saving my fantasy season.

Its obviously cursed him! Nice goal from Bent though how the Prince play?