Saturday, November 03, 2007

Benty's Goal

So far just the Bent goal for Tottenham.........


Harry Hotspur said...

Of course what I do not have is footage of yet another 25 yarder that left PR for dead, complete with exaggerated barrel roll.

dannyboy said...

To be fair to Robinson, I don't think ant goalie would have saved it H, having just seen it on MOTD.
Poor result though, bothers me more. Still, 2 games unbeaten; are we on a roll? Wigan next up - 3 guaranteed points........

frontwheel said...

I was glad Mido was injured for today, because we all know what ex-players can pop up & do against their old clubs. Then...

What a blinder by Young.

Oh well...

Anonymous said...

im really worried by the fact that we are in a position like this...LADIES N GENTLEMEN WE ARE IN A A RELEGATION DOG FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Harry Hotspur said...

I am certainly being too tough on PR, the goal was very good.

But it seems 'a whole lot' of long range shots can beat this guy...

And the theatricals are winding me up almost as much as the conceeding!

I almost want him to be static and look flat footed
when they go in to give the effect of the strike being a wondergoal.....

But I guess I'd then be demanding that 'at least he ought to try going for it'

I am getting very tetchty over defensive mistakes.

The good work of our multi millions forwards is undone with each foul up....

Anonymous said...

Incredible bad luck again.
Once again someone scores the goal of their career against us.
How many times has that happened this season?

Anonymous said...

Robinson is not up to the job. Sounds bitter but that is the truth. He was only ever what you might call good and as usual, as he's English the hype kicked in. Now it's commom knowledge that he's worthh a punt at even from distance, Spurs will be featuring heavily in Goal of the Season clips this season.

daytripper said...

This was the ugliest and by far the worst EPL game played this season (this coming from somebody that watches 8+ EPL games a week).

Neither goalie made a save worth noting, there was no creativity from either team, no service to the strikers, constant back passes, no movement off the ball, bad crosses, lousy set pieces and no tackling. It was a midseason relegation battle in every sense.

We complained about Jol's lousy tactical decisions, and now I have the exact same concerns with JR. There's no service to Bent/Defoe so he changes both strikers, WTF? Then he makes it worse by putting a defensive minded CM out who can't get the ball to the strikers. We had been pushing Boro around most of the 2nd half - the second Zokora came out things totally fell apart and Boro started dominating.

The only good/bad thing was we finally got to see KPB. Sadly he seems to be molding himself after Jenas. He was panicky in possession of the ball, rarely looked forward to pass, constantly passed back to the defenders and he didn't make runs forward to fill in the middle when Lennon took the ball wide. Different from Jenas, he did try to fight for the ball higher up the pitch, instead of retreating to his own We looked like an 18th place team yesterday.goal box. He also had a little flair on all his backpasses.

I still can't believe I stayed up to 3 am to watch that crap.

dannyboy said...

"We complained about Jol's lousy tactical decisions, and now I have the exact same concerns with JR. There's no service to Bent/Defoe so he changes both strikers, WTF?"

Oi, at least he made changes on the hour, rather than the 89th minute like we have been used to. Give the bloke a chance ffs. Played 2, won 1, drawn 1. fickle fickle fickle. He went for the win - it's the players letting him down, like Jol before him.

Let's see where we are in 6 games time.

Anonymous said...

People are worrying too much. It's too early to say we are in a dog fight. Especially seeing as half the teams above us won't have the legs to keep their form going. Look at Man City. There is no way they will be where they are at the end of the season.


Anonymous said...

So.. Bent and Defoe are gettingh their chance to show what they're worth whilst KBP gets a go.... JR's certainly starting with a clean slate.

In my view, the only way 4 straikers are kept happy is when 1 of them is injured. My bet is for one of them to be off in Jan.

Harry Hotspur said...

Yet to see the game, and whilst I have faith in Daytripper's analysis, I have to say that Dannyboy is right.

The coach can only motivate and lead and that won't happen overnight he will need a run of sorts.

But in the meantime, even if the players fail to deliver, what is crucial is that the subbing happens at a pace that allows some effect.

I felt in the Blackpool game JR was on top of things in that respect.

Daytripper is right in respect of the forwards. Jol often threw all of them on, despite there being no system in place to service any of them.

Add to this the often shambolic crowd behind them in defensive positions various, DM etc, we will be in a dogfight soon enough .


Anonymous said...

Tuncay - Wondergoal
Makalele - Wondergoal
Martins - Wondergoal
Adebayor - Wondergoal
L. Young - Wondergoal

I'm sure there are many more. Get the idea?

Harry Hotspur said...


You're right, but what's the bloody answer?

I know what another question is.

Will any other supposedly quality side be scrapping their way out of the relegation because they conceeded 27 WONDERGOALS?

And the answer to that is a big fat NO.

Spurs need to stop hiding and get their defensive priorities sorted and fast.

Zokora clearly is failing to deliver the goods as a DM and the very idea that Chimbonda is overlapping with Lennon is hilarious as we leak goal after goal after goal after goal.

I will not dispute that we have been hit by these WONDERGOALS, however, I can categorically tell you that we could have elimnated a number of them if players had been doing their bloody jobs properly.

JR needs to shore up our back four and the task isn't made any easier by Dawson's slump in form and Kaboul getting a touch of the 'mindless donkeys'.

I won't apologise for seizing this opportunity to remind everyone how utterly useless King is on the sidelines. We need to stop hoping and get our act together.

I'll add too - where are OUR wondergoals?

Millions spent on strikers and the PL defenders appear to have our number.

Defoe's goal in the UEFA was a sensation, but they were plumbers as well as footballers.

We don't appear to be able to dish out the same SHOWSTOPPERS we recieve.

Is this because we're a bit rubbish at defending?

dannyboy said...

defending starts from the forwards. the fundamental problem is to stop the opposition getting strikes in that turn into wondergoals.
malbranque was so close to getting a toe to the pass to young yesterday. on another day......
shore up the midfield and half the goals against us wouldn't have been scored.
get roy keane out of retirement like ive said before.
someone suggested kaboul as our DM; not a bad shout.
I for one have faith in Ramos, just gve him time.

Anonymous said...

Assistant coach Gus Poyet has been given the job of boosting Spurs striker Dimitar Berbatov's confidence. (News of the World)


I'm the only one who can boost him.Who do you think boosted him last season?

It will take him some serious feet kissing ( and the rest of the body too) to get me to boost him again.


daytripper said...

dannyboy - I agree about giving JR a chance, but I'm still going to grumble when I don't like what I see.

I definitely liked the earlier rotations, but my complaint was that he didn't do anything to impact the game, and he didn't change the problematic players. Jenas had his worst game in a Spurs uniform, yet he was left on the pitch the full 90. KPB was the more lively player, and he gets subbed. The Zokora switch came when we were dominating the game, and JR went for the very defensive move, which just about cost us the draw.

For others that didn't see the game, there were some positives:

- Dawson was stellar, his best game in ages. He was dominant in the air, aggressive in the box/closing out quickly, and did a great job of marking Alliadiere all match.
- Steed was MOTM, he was everywhere. Had some great defensive plays to cover for the dreadful Lee, came into the middle often to kickstart the attack, his corner kicks were dangerous, and he attacked the goal at every chance.
- Bent had his best game. The pass backward to Robbo strategy was in full force, which meant somebody had to take the ball out of the air, and Bent did that very well. Besides the goal, all of our good scoring chances came off of Bent's headers. The goal was very high quality. Bent's first touch and blast were lightning fast, Schwarzer had no chance.
- Kaboul was up & down. He struggled to cover for Lee's mistakes down low in the 1st half, and he whiffed at a couple of headers when we were holding a high line, but otherwise, he had a very strong game and a perfect 2nd half. He reminds me more & more of Ledley in his ability to read the other team's attacks and to get himself into the perfect position to shut them down early.

Outside of these players and perhaps the lively Lennon (who's passes and crosses were awful), the rest of the squad was dreadful.

Anonymous said...

Daytripper- I agree that Jenas had an awful game but surely JR needs to see all his players in a match situation to get an idea about the type of players he has at the club (and therefore the type of players he will need)

Surely that was the reason that Berbs and Keane started on the bench. Jr is doing the right thing in my book, giving everyone a chance to prove themselves- basically saying to the players 'Well, go on then.' I like that a lot.

Seriously though. How many wondergoals?/? Give us a break.


daytripper said...

Oops - I forgot to mention Chimbonda. He completely dominated Downing, who had to switch flanks to get any possession. Between Chimbonda, KPB and Dawson, Boro could not mount any attack down our right.

HH - I think sometimes he is able to get forward so much because teams just aren't capable of attacking down his side. Unfortunately, his quality going forward doesn't come close to matching his defensive prowess.

Jr - there have been a lot of wonder goals, but those don't happen against the top half clubs, because those players never get the time and space to unleash those shots. Also, most fans agree with me that Nani's and Kamara's goals would have been stopped by any average keeper.

dannyboy said...


Indeed, you are entitled to grumble, of course you are. All I would say is, patience is a virtue. Let him try the players out and see who he rates / doesn't. The winter transfer window should be interesting - both for players leaving and arriving.


Vinny said...

DannyBoy, I agree with you on a couple of fronts;

1) I like the fact Ramos was not scared to ring the changes yesterday and have a go at changing things up as soon as they start stagnating instead of waiting till the 89th minute, which has the impacy of a wet fart. As well as showing the pshychology that he's the boss and no matter whether your name is Berbatov, he will make the decisions around here...I like a manager with balls of steel (Nemesis, don't get excited lol!).

2) It's the midfield and the lack of a leader on the pitch in the "Roy Keane" mould we are seriously lacking.

For me Jenas especially and Zokora was not much better when he came on either, shocked me (or not) with the lack of ability to pass the ball forwards and instead continued their usual crappy passing backwards routine. Boys, this is not rugby, you can actually pass forwards in football!!! Secondly, they made an average footballer like Lee Cattermole look like Roy Keane.

I do agree that as a game of football, it was mostly pants and boring. The commentator hit it on the head when he said "The players were introduced to a new manager this week...looks like they need to be introduced to each other!". Exactly right, they looked nervous, no link up play to the forwards, fairplay to Defoe for getting back to look for the ball himself. I also agree with you that KPB, although made no major impact, looked brighter and attempted to create/pass forward instead of the latter 2 midfield blokes I talked about.

All in all, it did smell like a relegation battle, even though I don't believe we will be there come the end of the season.

I did like Ramos' animation, he needs to be given time and I can see things improving. Ok a draw was not great, but there was a few glimpses of silver lining amongst these dark clouds.

Go on boys!...make the next one a win...COYS!!!

Anonymous said...

And just when you thought the season couldn't get any worse, bloody nemesis is back. Isn't half-term over?
Nemesis, can't you and Wrighty7 exchange email addresses on another forum - say, "" - and let the rest of us wallow in our own misery?

Summerspur said...


Words fail me!!!!!!
most fans agree with you that

"an average keeper would have saved nanis and kamaras goals"

your a fucking idiot pal of jolsgonemental proportions!!!!!

lets get shot of jenas, lee, the 3 amigos, robinson, zokora, the west stand, the east stand, paxton, park lane, the high road, the greedy fucking turk that robs me of e tenner to box my car in..... sod it, lets just get rid of everything and everyone.

Anonymous said...

Watched the entire game straight after the Arse-United showdown. One major difference between our game and their game was that both Wenger's Wankers and Fergie's boys chased down every ball and fought like bastards to keep it in play. Instead, we almost lose two goals because we fail to play the whistle and assume the ball has gone out.

Daytripper's judgement of Lee was harsh and Steed's evaluation was a bit too eager. Yes, the Frenchman had a bit of grit and determination, but still not enough. Had he been right up for this battle, he would have thrown himself infront of Young's shot, instead of half-heartedly sticking a leg out.

Why we concede wonder goals:

1) We don't close teams down, allowing them to shoot after getting their composure.

2) We don't throw ourselves infront of the shots. It's almost as if they are scared to get hit by the ball sometimes. When Daws first arrived, he had cuts and bruises and bandages round his head ala Terry Butcher. Now he turns his back on shots. (Although yesterday he had a good game.)

Another thing: Why the fuck can we not pass a ball anymore? I know Carrick was our best passer, but Zokora, Jenas, Steed, Lennon - and even Keano and Berba - couldn't pass 20 yarders yesterday. Woeful, woeful woeful. In the second half, every ball over the top was being cut out, yet we kept trying the same old. Shite.

Despite ALL this, still loving the Ramos regime (although can't say it without feeling like a cheating husband yet).

Ze Prince

PS. I didn't enjoy Ramos's "my favourite side are Arsenal" comments!!

Vinny said...

10.45 - Forgot to add that Noe Pamarot of all fucking people just to piss me off even more scored a scorcher against the Geordies who were buried 4-1 at home. Pisses me off to see teams like Pompey doing better than us.

These are the kind of times when anything thats going to go wrong will go wrong, like these ex average Spurs players all of a sudden popping up with these wonder goals when they couldn't hit a barn door with a banjo when they played for us.

On a brighter note, what a peach of a finish by Darren Bent, one of the bright spots of the afternoon, and stokes up the competition for places amongst our strikers nicely.

EL said...

I'm not sure how anyone can judge Ramos after one premiership game. In my view it'll be a good couple of months before we get a sense of his teams shape, tactics and who his first team is. I expect him to spend some time trying things out to see what he's got at his disposal and what they're capable of. With an emphasis on 'disposal'.

Anonymous said...

Dont even contemplatejudging juande after 1 EPL game. The guy has pedigree and knows how he wants his teams to play. He may even turn players like Jeans, KPB, Lennon into first class consistent performers. Does anyone think we would ever be able to sell Jenas. Who would take him, probably one of those dirt northern holes like Boro, Wigan, Bolton. HH what are your feeling over the new stadium. i would be gutted having to geat the train out to Enfield but then I look at Bayern Munich and think maybe it has to be that way unless you can build an Emirates style development in north London. I love the lane but the area is shite and there is no potential to improve the area as its surrounded by rubbish. Atool

Anonymous said...

Oops, you invalidated your whole post by saying "EPL"
Come again. :)

jolsgonemental said...

Summerspur you are becoming a little obsessive. You are even using variations of my name in other threads.

So I was right all along, you was wrong. Whats the point of getting all agitated and angry about it? Chalk it up to experience and move on.

Grief can do strange things to people. But pull yourself together mate its been over a week now.

bueller said...


Were you right all along about Darren Bent?

I can't remember what you called him after that miss against francenal but it wasn't particularly nice.

Hope this goal is the beginning of something beautiful Benty. Good bury son.

GRAZZA said...

How did KPB play?

Bents goal was class, very berbaesque. Loved it.

Keane was rested because ive finally swallowed my pride, "ficklely" put him in my struggling fantasy team and cursed him inadvertantly!! well thats my best guess anyway.

Interesting that he didnt play the 2 men that scored 3 between them at the riverside last year!

Interested to note that everyone who got to see the game said that Dawson had a good game, i was worried when i saw the slip on match of the day - thought he might have struggled again but i was glad to read that he played well - Chimbonda too.

Frustrated to read that Zokora & Jenas were wanting again.

Also thought that Steed should have cut out the pass to Young, no way was Robbo or anyone else ever stopping that im afraid!!

jolsgonemental said...

indeedy, Bent did manage not to shoot like a spastic.

its definitely a start. He may yet surpass Chris Armstrong.

tankatov said...

"But that is what they put into you when you are at Spurs. If I would have £2billion I would buy Arsenal. And I'd make a big parking place from the Emirates and make a new stadium for Spurs." - Martin Jol....

tankatov said...

"But that is what they put into you when you are at Spurs. If I would have £2billion I would buy Arsenal. And I'd make a big parking place from the Emirates and make a new stadium for Spurs."
- BMJ - love it... JR will learn too

GRAZZA said...

Armstrong got a bucket load with Teddy one year though - then our much maligned toker became an injury prone liability.

My mate who supports Charlton still says Bent is mustard - i cant see it YET but its the thread im clinging onto!!

bueller said...

Didn't go Grazza, only watched motd too.

I don't know how KPB played but he certainly looked the part. If the part entailed modifying your kit to show your tattoo's and generally look like you are in a snoop dogg video. It was Awesome.

I know what you mean about steed but the only reason he could have possibly cut the pass out was because he anticipated it so well. I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Never been a Jenas fan, really don't rate him but am finally giving up hope on Zokora too (hope he proves me wrong). I think your central midfield players should be the best players in the side. Ours are plain awful.

JGM, that was it, I remember now. Nice.

Anonymous said...

Chris Hutchings has been sacked as Wigan Manager. Ooh, I didn't see that coming, them having such a great season and all.

So - a fine opportunity for Spurs to take 3 points from a team in complete disarray! Or a fine opportunity for Wigan to bounce back against a team in complete disarray!

Bent's goal was indeed well taken. And Grazza, I like that adjective - 'Berbaesque'. I believe it has several meanings:

'Possessing remarkable vision and talent, and capable of scoring goals with enormous skill and craft.'

'Liable to gloomy, depressed, or sullen moods; ill-humoured when doesn't get own way.'

'Given to moody silences. Temperamental. Unpredictable.'

'Expressing or exhibiting noticably varying moods.'

'Likely to p*ss off in the January transfer window.'

9.37 Anon

Anonymous said...

Three of the most impressive contributions at the weekend were by Young, Pamarot and Simon Davies. Now what do thse 3 have in common? I've long believed that one of Spurs' main problems is too much chopping and changing...with managers obviously but slightly less obviously with the players. We get rid of people and replace them with others who usually cost a lot more and are rarely any better. Let things settle.

GRAZZA said...

Bueller - Yeah i noticed the modified kit, did raise a smile followed by a "what the f*&% is that?!?" he better be good with that image!

11.27 - Like it, wished it wasnt true but like it!

Summerspur said...


Variations of your name in other threads??

And you call me obsessive!!

You are one paranoid twat who seems convinced that you have achieved some sort of notoriety on here. In reality your just a negative nob jockey, probably waiting and hoping things go wrong so you can spout your nasty bile.

I think harry may have created you to spue so much crap that people will react, all those hits, the sponsors will like that.

Anonymous said...

Berbo's dad and agent are having talks with Commoli. Yeah, the boy is leaving the first day the transfer window opens.
Now, tell me, how stupid are you all in Spurs?
I told you Berbo wanted to go in the Summer (now, even Jol confirms it).
I told you Man u wanted to buy him. ( all confirmed too)
I told you there were talks and talks with Levy and Commoli and that they should have let him go.
But the fans thought the guy was GOD!!!So the pressure was so hot, the bosses had to make him stay.
So, the guy had to sulk, to be miserable, to ruin his reputation so the fans and the bosses would agree to let him go.
And here we are.
You're going to lose at least ten million because of this. And more: you lost points, for if Berbo was gone in the Summer, Bent and Defoe would have grown in the team.
So, Jol was an idiot and he's gone.
The club was idiot and loses money.
The fans were idiot and lose points and cups.
You should have listened to uncle and auntie Bulgaria.

KNOWITALL ( back in business)

shanemac said...

I'm not sure who you are, "knowitall", but you clearly must have insider access to the team. I mean, not only do you know what the players are thinking, but you also know what key members of the staff are thinking! How can anyone even argue with your logic? "the club are idiot. the fans were idiot and lose points and cups". That's brilliant! Are you on the board? If so, let me be the first to say, fuck you.

GRAZZA said...

Christ, berbo's dad? maybe this explains the sulking, he's a 9 year old footballing prodigy stuck in a man 26 year old mans body - Think Sonny Pike and Big (the epic motion picture feat Tom Hanks)

shanemac said...

he may sulk, but he's the most talented player we've had since gazza, grazza.

How about "Jack"? The one with Robin Williams.

bueller said...

The club was idiot.

Probably the funniest thing I have read on here.

GRAZZA said...

Shanemac - Completely true which is why i guess it hurts everyone so much, if Paul Stalteri wanted to sulk away who would care?!

I havent seen that one - wikipedia here i come..........

GRAZZA said...

Its Francis Ford Coppolla! damn my ignorance.

bueller said...

I would cry a river if Paul Stalteri wanted to sulk away. Well maybe not but compared to Jenas.......

GRAZZA said...

Tears of Joy Bueller!

Anonymous said...

Sky Sports on Jol:
'The Dutch tactician only lost his job at White Hart Lane last week following a below-par start to the campaign.'

Sky Sports on Ramos:
'The Spanish tactician only took charge of his first Premier League game over the weekend against Middlesbrough, however, Defoe is already a fan.'

Fairly formulaic journalism, I'd say.

Does anyone here know - was Jol actually a tactician, then?

9.37 Anon

EL said...


I refer the honorable gentleman to the two seasons he managed us some months ago.

Anonymous said...


Credit where it's due.

9.37 Anon