Thursday, November 01, 2007

Tottenham Hotspur vs Blackpool HIGHLIGHTS!

Here's those Tottenham goals with thanks to InLucidity for a quick delivery!

My brief thoughts are twofold. One is Robinson's save (around 1.49 on the tape) is tip top. And Steed's corner kick was inch perfect in as they say in Berwick St., a 'busy box'.

As soon as I can get a deal on globally delivered heavily discounted beer you guys will be the very first to know!


Tottinghams said...

I love you HH. And I'm not even gay.

Good job getting the highlights up. Not overly happy with the performance, but it's very early days. Expecting good things in the next few seasons (I suppose we were all saying that when Jol took over).

Karl said...

The clips are invaluable for us Yids Overseas, well me anyway! Good luck Harold mate.

GEORGE said...

who do you want out of the lane hh. Jenas Hud Bent Zakora Temmu Wayne. it waould be nice to take Joaquin from Valencia, hopefully the boring dutch pancake will want his own men

Harry Hotspur said...


Straight answer?

I hate Jenas for delivering so many mediocre performances when WE needed him most. How better would BMJ have fared if JJ had not only scored, but been as fierce in idfield as he ought to have been?

We bought him from The Toon a pretty close to finished article. What we have is a unreliable, occasional dysfunctional mess.

HH's love with Zokora is waning. We spent toooooooo much on him.

Falling over endlessly? Rubbish. Decent chap, but we need moer from him.

I am a sad lonely Tottenham boy of old, so I have a huge desire to watch 'flicks, tricks and....' Consequently I could never chuck TH out of WHL for eating crackers.


Harry Hotspur said...

or More. as it is spelt.

shanemac said...

I love that you've come around on Jenas, Harry. Praise be to Allah for that... I mean moses.

dannyboy said...

Mark my words; Jenas has so much potential, will be good if Ramos, or probably Poyet even, gets the best out of him. If he does fail to deliver, it will be a crying shame in my opinion. I personally think Jol was to blame for his current downfall; JJ knew that whatever game he had, if he was fit he would play the next game. He needs to know he isn't an automatic choice. Same applies to all the team / squad. Is Ramos the man to do that? I don't know, time will tell.


Anonymous said...

"spelt" ? How about "spelled" ?

Harry Hotspur said...

I think I got it wrong again Dad.

Anonymous said...

HH for those who can.

Vive Le Harold!

Anonymous said...

i say we offload jenas and zokora for 15 million, sell others like tainio and routledge.

buy a center mid and a left mid.

keep tommy boy in 1st eleven

Anonymous said...

Mj's gone (loved him 2 bits)... Time will tell, He seems pucker!!!
Kaboul has been bled too soon, we really need Ledley back. We got a great midfield, a strikeforce 2 die for!!! 2 wins and we'll be happy!!! Can't help but think this was pre-arranged!!!! COYS

Anonymous said...

Jenas is gone!!
And will be out the door quicker than you can say Getafe!!!!
Colonel Getafe

4 Ever Hopeful said...

Jenas and Zokora worth £15 million? That's a Dragons den valuation.

Harry Hotspur said...

My evaluation of Zokora & Jenas on the open market is about £10 mill for the pair.

That's based on what they,re worth to me.

Jenas is frequently pursued home by lynch mobs and Zok has butter where others wear studs.

Levy of course would want at least 20% growth on what he paid for them!

Anonymous said...

If Berbatov had a pay raise for the double just cause he scored 23 goals,how much should Spurs pay to someone who makes him score?

Replies wanted, asap.

Anonymous said...

Berba's also paid to give assists too... Such as the AMAZING pass to Keane on Wed!

Anonymous said...

Talking of money...

If John Terry is on £130k a week he should scrape in about £6m a year. Not a bad wedge, and such a deserving human being.

Reports say that Juande's on approx £5m a year which, by my reckoning, is a good deal for Spurs. After all, the good Senor is renowned for his sharp footballing mind. It's money well spent if he delivers glory.

One thing concerns me, though. Despite his footballing pedigree, his skills at player development and tactical nous, I sincerely doubt that Juande will ever achieve the kind of role-model status that the delightful JT has.

No, that's something money can't buy. That's just breeding.

9.37 Anon

EL said...

The next 6 games are not against particularly high grade teams so the lads should feel a little less under pressure and a lot more confident of getting a result than of late. This may well translate as 'The Ramos effect' although I suspect the man himself will be watching and learning as much as anything else for the next 4 weeks. I'll be very interested to see the players' attitude from here on in and who gets picked or dropped.
I'm also can't wait to see how many of Comolli's boys are first teamers come the end of the season and the begining of next. Judging from the age of his choices, it would seem Comolli may have been confusing our last boss with the man he studied under to learn his trade. If that's true and things continue in this vein, we have to hope our new boss has a similar talent to wenger. My money's on jol being proved right; that Comolli will go and get what Ramos asks for.

Left winger anyone?

EL said...

"I'm also can't wait to see"??

Sounds like the sort of thing a spanish speaker learning english would say.

The Ramos effect?

Anonymous said...

I hope Ramos never learns English. Benitez was better before he did. Mind you, he talks scouse.

Now Jol's gone it's like I've woken from a coma. I feel strangely light. Colours are returning.

9.37 Anon

Anonymous said...

Harry, want a match review of Getafe?
They ran out of hot food in the Park Lane.
What's that all about, they could have supplied some of the West Stand Bagels but they probably thought we'd get too confused by them.

jolsgonemental said...

Ramos has indeed got a run of highly winnable games coming up. some might suggest it was crafty timing.

Its not inconceivable we win 4 or 5 of our next few games and get up into top half. Ramos will be hailed a genius and Jol will be forgotten in a heartbeat.

Not a true reflection or indication of anything substantial perhaps. But who gives a fuck. Not me.

Anonymous said...

I called this a while back but i'm reading on newsnow that berba's agent is flying in and he ain't happy!!!
All i say is FUCK OFF THEN coz ya done fuck all this this season. And theres 10.9 million reasons why!!!