Monday, October 01, 2007

Tottenham Score Four To Snatch A Point

Jol Lives!

Pretty tough on the old ticker watching Spurs again this season. Not sure how I feel watching so many fans going berserk having snatched a point back against Aston Villa. I can understand the relief, so I won't dwell on it.

Paul Robinson was appalling. His apologists need a to watch ALL the Villa goals again on what I am sure will be a DVD available in all good Mega-stores from 09.30 hrs tomorrow morning.

Liverpool away? Cannot wait. We ought send Allen and the Academy first XI to Cyprus.

The rest need to stay behind with BMJ and get a plan together. Perhaps a plan called 'Does anyone know what my position is?

My tummy's a bit dickey after all that, so I'll have a bit of Birthday Cake later...


onedavemackay said...

Harry My Dear Boy.

One thing is clear WE NEED A GOALKEEPER.

Secondly, why can't we get a defensive coach ?

Anonymous said...

why not a decent central midfielder that can link with the strikers? oh and a throne for Bale! The new king of white hart lane...

Anonymous said...

and what about a song for kaboul..."Kaboul Kaboul show us your teeth" those fucking teeth they had put in in South Africa look like they're from a crocodile...

Anonymous said...

and what about a dead pig's head to throw at Robson...

Anonymous said...

and a manual on how to pass...actually a whole bunch of them: zokora and lennon need at least three each..

Anonymous said...

One word: Wow!

I'm not sure how to feel. Disappointed at conceding 4 or over the moon for getting a point. I think I lost my voice in the 93rd minute and woke up my whole street!

Two offside decisions not given but now I don't care, I'm just relieved.

This is how I feel the players performed:

Robbo - Cerny please?
Chimbonda - Shaky, started our comeback
Dawson - Shaky too, not the same this season
Kaboul - Thinks he's a striker, and could well be with his goal
Bale - Pretty solid again, man of the match
Lennon - Didn't really get into the match
Zokora - Not really in the game
Huddlestone - Not really in the game
Tainio - Got stuck in a few times, pretty poor
Malbranque - Didn't see him much in the last 5
Berbatov - Not brilliant, got us off and running
Defoe - Lively, got shots in, offside 1 million times
Bent - Won the penalty, not much else
Keane - Converted the penalty, played pretty well.

So, do we drop Robinson after yet ANOTHER howler? Jol's decision, I know what I would do.

Overall, exciting game but 4 let in at home is poor...

Ian S said...

I thought the Jol interview was interesting. Is he trying to tell us that he keeps asking Comolli for some experienced heads, and keeps being ignored? Let's hope tonight's fightback gives the kids the confidence they need.

Did anyone else think Comolli (the Gooner in the specs, for those who don't know) looked a bit disappointed whilst Levy was celebrating Kaboul's goal? Or am I just being a bit harsh?? :)

Oh, and all our games definitely need to come with a health warning.

dannyboy said...

Kaboul's strike has just put off the inevitable until after the next game - who is it? Oh yeah, Scousers away; ho-hum.

Robbo - shit.
Chim - shit.
Daws - shit.
Kaboul - sh...ok, I'll let him off.
Bale - majestic.
Lennon - not fit.
Hudds - fat.
Zokora - awful.
Tainio - was he playing?
Keane - lose the tricks.
Berba - sulk.
Defoe - hungry. Must start next game.

Truly disgraceful performance, even if we deserved the draw.

Tom The Yid said...

Cerny was being slated on the radio about how bad he must be if Robbo is keeping him out the side. He is second only to Petr Cech for Czech Republic and whenever I've seen him he looks good.

You don't really know what to say when your joint top scorers are both defenders (even though Bale has been at LM at times), but Bale is class and Kaboul showed some proper fighting spirit, as did Keane Defoe, and Zokora who has been annoying of late as with most of our central midfielders.

Anonymous said...

"those fucking teeth he had put in in South Africa look like they're from a crocodile"

HaHaHa, Love it

Wouldn't say it to his face though!

Robert Green said...

it's not too complicated:

lennon is great with space on the wing. chimbonda loves to overlap into that same space, and once he's there with someone covering him, lennon has to cut inside or play chimbonda. thus we have no chance of lennon getting around the corner to the touch line like he did 100 times last year. so chimbonda has to stop bombing forward and concentrate on defense for the good of our offense. ironic, complicated.

likewise, kaboul needs to sit back in his position. what is this, my weekend 11-a-side? i know hugo on my team was a great player once upon a time but he's a center-back now, can he please play defense? i mean i know we don't get paid and all...what, you say, tottenham is a pro team and kaboul makes bags of money? as a center back? really? huh. perhaps someone should gently point out to him that winning balls in the back is a place to start.

and yes, cerny is a better keeper than robinson, and i don't care that robbo plays for england, he's just indicative of the fact that england has no good keepers. hell, the US's fourth or fifth best keeper (maybe joe cannon?) is better than robbo by far.

all of these problems stem from terrible man-management and strategic errors by jol. and they are bloody obvious ones to boot.

Robert Green said...

and two more cents: i sure am glad that levy focused his money and time on bent and not on riquelme--who'd want an excellent number 10 at a reasonable price anyway?

oh, spurs would. right.

Anonymous said...

I'd give it 6 months and if Jol is still there Bale will be SHIT

Look what he's done to Lennon, Dawson, Robbo, Defoe . . . .

Anonymous said...

Jol must be sacked with immediate effect!!!!

But the Spurs board will be meeting as I write this so expect news today/ tommorow that Jol will be sacked + get rid of Hughton!!!

Unacceptable to let in 4 goals, and this season now only about avoiding relegation!!!

* Lack of organistion

* lack of shape

* Using players that are not good enough

* letting far too many goals - relegation football.

* Robbo is clearly now rubbish for us as well as England, fumbling the ball in letting in two goals that should not have happend. He must now be dropped.

* Chimbo - rubbish defending today!!!

* Dawson bad defending for one of the goals.

* Bale - too young and not ready for the left back role. He should have played on the left wing in place of the useless Tainio

* Huddlestone - not fast enough at this level of football!!!

* Zokora - Cannot defend!!

* 4th goal we let in went through a wall direct from a free kick. Rubbish defending by those in the wall!!!

* worst of all - Bent won a penalty but yet to convice me - still loos a terrble waste of money.

pekhart said...

As a defender it was painfull to watch this game, as bad as we were defensively villa were just as bad, the difference being their keeper didnt cock up.

Next up is liverpool, and even the most positive of spurs fans would admit that a draw would be a miracle. Newcastle away is a place we have rarely done well, but are the only side in the league who are as bad as us defensively, so we could scrape a point out of this game. Blackburn at home could go either way, they are excellent away from home at the moment and are a solid defensive unit, we could scrape a win or more likely a draw.

Even with 4 points out of these 3 games, we are still in serious trouble. Dont say we are too good to go down, because the way we have been playing, we are clearly not. I have tried to defend Robbo and Jol in the past but i really do feel we need to draw a line, enough is enough. How bad do you have to play before you are dropped in this team?

Anonymous said...

We let in 4 goals and scrape a draw at home to villa on our birthday and we're acting like we won a trophy.

Oh the humility....

Anonymous said...

we'll beat the pool one nil


Anonymous said...

oh and by the way, i dont think villa have scored away from home this season. Thats how much confidence teams get knowing what an appaling defensive unit they are up against

sydney wale said...

Can Robbo be dropped?
Can Defoe get a start ?
Did JJ only not play through injury?
What next?

Intrigue and dumb optimism keep us hooked.

Anonymous said...


is this a fine curse or what?

today Berba scored and look what happened until he was subbed.

get it?


Anonymous said...

I don't usually go in for sniping at fellow bloggers, but some of the comments on here are ridiculous.

Robert Green: With your use of the words center, offense and defense, you are clearly a Yank (the Cannon clue was admittedly helpful though). I don't hold it against you, I actually like Americans. But how is 'Robinson being shit' a man-management problem? Fair enough if Cerny was crying and saying he wanted to leave because he should be playing - which I happen to agree with. But dropping Robbo is going to take his confidence to an all-time low. If it was bad man-management he would have dropped him after his first mistake. He clearly likes the lad and knows -like we do - that on his day he is England's No1. Sadly that day has just passed: September 31. Drop him for Cyprus and if Cerny plays well - which he will obviously - keep him in for Anfield.

Next up, 10.30pm: Your bullet-points make as much sense as spending £16.5m on a striker when we have three world-class forwards already.

"Fourth goal we let in went through a wall direct from a free kick. Rubbish defending by those in the wall!!!"

Hopefully the use of three exclamation marks was a sign of satire. Who organises the wall? Who was supposed to have that part of the goal covered? Who shifts his weight from one foot to the other just before he dives? Clue: name starts with R ends in Obinson.

"Worst of all - Bent won a penalty but yet to convince me - still loos (sic) a terrible waste of money"

How is that worst of all? He won a penalty for fuck's sake. Fair enough that's all he did, but surely worst of all would be the fact we conceded four goals at home? Or the fact our keeper had a nightmare? Or the fact our passing was so abysmal it was actually physically and mentally painful to watch?

Next up, Pekhart (Sorry mate, I'm just being petty, but I'm on a bit of a rant):

"Blackburn at home could go either way, they are excellent away from home at the moment and are a solid defensive unit, we could scrape a win..."

Honestly, did you read that before you posted it? "Excellent away" and "solid in defence"; "we could scrape a win". Surely if you think we can win, you should be highlighting the negative aspects of their game that we might be exploiting. Otherwise you just sound like a bit of an idiot.

Anyway, here's my verdict (and your ammo):

Robbo: Time for a "rest". Give Cerny a game in Cyprus and keep him in between the sticks for our trip to Anfield. He is a quality keeper anyway and won't be lacking in confidence.

Chimbonda:Somebody wrote he was "shaky". I agree. I think the whole team is shaky at the moment. Nerves do strange things to footballers. And there was the added pressure with it being our birthday.

Dawson: Nervous. Daws is a legend, but he thinks he can win everything in the air, hence, goes for everything in the air. This drags other players out of position. Same thing happens in the England team when Terry plays. Personally, I don't blame him for the goal. He was unlucky not to block it. Agbonlahor did well. Hands up.

Kaboul: Beautiful, unstoppable goal and showed real passion. I love it and think he'll be a great signing in time. Still making mistakes though; For Agbonlahor's goal, his header was more of a flick on. Will take time.

Bale: Good, but it wasn't his best game. The best thing he did resulted in Bent clearing Bale's cross off the line. Still a few stray passes and sloppiness, but I don't hold it against him. Young and learning.

Lennon: Very quiet. "Not fit"? Don't agree. Simply ineffective. Has the ability to conjure something out of nothing, but his tricks were about as visible as David Copperfield standing on the Great Wall.

Hudds: Piss poor. Thought he should have got hauled off early on. His passing was astray the whole game. I like The Hudd a lot, but he's touch and go. This wasn't one of his nights.

Zokora: Thought he did well at times, but again - like all of the team - the passing was astray. I put this down to nerves mostly. The amount of times our passing was undercooked; Keano to Robbo near the end is a prime example.

Tainio: Did reasonably well. Had a few stray passes and his "delicate chip" was way way wayward. Hence the substitution.

Keane: Impressed with Keano's attitude tonight. Sometimes he tends to moan a bit and act like a prima donna, but he was all over the park, chasing down balls and back defending. Still, like the rest of the team, had a generally shit game with bad passing.

Berba: Took his goal well. Missed a good chance earlier on though. Doesn't chase the ball when he loses it. Deserved to be subbed.

Defoe: Hungry and ready to rock. Inspired the come-back and should be starting not only against Famagusta, but probably against Liverpool too - although we all know that won't happen.

Bent: Won the penalty and that was about it.

Malbranque: Did he actually come on, or did he just pretend to come on and actually go for a early hot bubble bath with Aaron?

Easily the worst I've seen the boys play all season. I'm putting it down to nerves though. Four games unbeaten. Come On You Spurs.

Ze Prince


jolsnotgonemental said...

After todays game do you guys think we can defend a 6-1 lead??? Im a little nervous, especially if Robbo in goals!
What a game that was. I was throwing stuff at the telly at 4-1 down and then jumping up and down in delight when younes smacked in that goal. i hope everyone is aware though that we have used up one of our karma lives, cause Defoe was 100% off side and then younes' goal should have been pulled up. Imagine the riot that that would have caused...
Terrible defending but great team spirit to come back from the death and the celebrations showed how much the players love BMJ.
Goes to show that all the negativity is coming from outside the dressing room not from the inside. Come on BMJ my rosary beads are still working...!!!

daytripper said...

10.48 - you could not have stated how I feel right now any better.

Ze Prince - all around good post, except for your Daws comment. He is totally inept at holding a high line. If he holds the line with Kaboul, then G.A. is miles offside (was at least 5 yards offside before the initial kick that Kaboul misdirected).

Also, have you ever seen Kaboul or King get beat one on one like Dawson does constantly?

Anonymous said...

I am losing the plot now.

An ardent Jol fan in the past. I just can't get my head round what happened last night.

Ok, Dimitar Berbatov wasn't brilliant last night and hasn't quite been his sublime best all season. But. He is head and shoulders above anyone else out there, he can make something out of nothing. If my job was on the line he would play every minute of every game. I was shocked when he hauled him off.

And Robbie Keane plays the 90!! He spent the whole fucking game giving the ball away. I really think he is overrated. A good player certainly but not a guaranteed start for me and certainly not a captain.

The only 3 players we have with any bollocks out there every week (ie the players who can play in the big games) are Bale, Kaboul and Berbatov. The rest are bottle jobs.

Keane would be stripped of captaincy for the next game and it should be give to Kaboul.

Robinson played like a drunk monkey. Embarrassing.

A very very unhappy spur.


GRAZZA said...


ROBINSON: Gone from the best goalie i have seen at Tottenham to the Worst: Bobby Mimms Inc.

CHIMBONDA: Scored fair enough but you could land a chinook down his wing sometimes and he wouldnt notice.

DAWSON: Either not fit or ring rusty - Misses/Slices the ball a lot these days??

KABOUL: The big man saved the day but gives a few heartstopping moments - coaching is the key for this boy, are our coaches good enough? 7,000,000 goals conceded already suggests not.

BALE: See coaching comment above did well not to loose the plot last night, the latest player to have to work the whole left hand side on his own. Celebrated being transferred into my fantasy team by conceding 4 (not his fault) Left Wing Please!

LENNON: Who abducted Aaron Lennon and replaced him with Nik-Nak?

ZOKORA: Actually didnt do too bad last night but then again i can pass it 5 yards across the half way line when the opposition are camped in their own 6 yard box.

HUDDLESTONE: Lumbering donkey whos "marvellous range of passing" consists of giving the ball away with a 70 yard attempt instead of a 5 yard one like the rest of them.

TAINIO: Why play him on the left??? Different player in the middle...he has a role there at least!

KEANE: King of the Hospital pass - his squad number should be 999 - can't stand the bloke, bottled at least 2 tackles when we were losing last night.

BERBATOV: I feel all is not well in the mind of the boy berbatov, is this the guy some people were labelling god, should be captain??? Sulking like a little girl all season. Needs a good slap.

DEFOE: Did Well when he came on, still looks like he is going to score nearly every time he gets it.

BENT: Bring back Rory Allen!

Malbranque: Should have played last night without a doubt!!

Anonymous said...


shanemac said...

anon 10:30

zokora can't defend?!?!!? what are you talking about? he played like a beast running after every ball, shutting down some attacks before they could get off the ground.

tainio played well today too. with bale overlapping him on the left, he can move in the midfield a little bit and support the strikers better. it's pretty clear that having bale racing up the left obseletes the need for a left winger. TT is good enough defensively to cover for bale if he gets caught too far up which is bound to happen sooner or later.

i want to see the same squad start next week minus huddlestone plus Taarabt. what's the worst he could do?

one last thing: i can believe some people are moaning about keano! he played like a champ, he was all over the place and created some great chances out of nothing. it's got to be berbatov and keano at the top.

shanemac said...

sorry lads that should be "i CAN'T believe people are moaning about keano...."

dannyboy said...

My view on who should play against Scousers from last nights team.

Robbo - no.
Chim - no.
Daws - yes.
Kaboul - yes.
Bale - oh yes.
Lennon - yes.
Thud - no.
Zokora - no.
Tainio - yes (in middle).
Keane - no.
Berba - no.
Defoe - oh yes.
Malbranque - yes.
Bent - no.

So there you have it. Any chance of picking a team based on form rather than favouritism Jol?

(Wouldn't it be ironic if Jol's 1st game was a 5-4 and his last one was a 4-4 ? Just a thought).


GRAZZA said...

Thats half the problem Shanemac: He's all over the place and thus providing Nil threat to the oppositions goal!

As for the chances he created, dont remember that.

And for you captain to bottle challenges is totally unacceptable, one he lost the ball and instead of chasing back started running to the ref flapping his arms instead!!

I wouldnt mind if his chasing was constructive and won the ball back but it doesnt its like his shit flicks: for show.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, where is the god Berbatov? Some idiots made a god out of a player who is good, but not very good. Com'on, he's 27 almost. Do you think if he was a top one he would have stayed all those years in Neverkusen and winning NOTHING? Last year he had a motivation he never had in his life.He got rid of that motivation because he's a stupid selfish spoilt brat. So now we're all seeing his true self the Bulgarians know so well: ballerina, sissy flower dresser, sulking girl, whatever, he lacks passion (he's a dull character all over, deep inside)and faith in himself and the others (the gods tends to punish hubris). So it's a sad display. But it set things right. Now Spurs know he isn't worth all that money and that's why you should have sold him this Summer while the 'lie' was still believable.Get it now?

GRAZZA said...

Slightly harsh!! i was intimating that he needs a shake up rather than your prophecies of doom!

Are you that nemesis bloke? i must admit you are quite funny and all this is playing right into your hands you jammy git.

Anonymous said...

Re: Monday, October 1, 2007 9:51:00 PM +00:00

I fear Robinson would eat the head if this happened.

Dawson is not a Premiership player. Without King next to him (and let's not pin our hopes on a return) he is at best a Division 1 player.

With these two clowns at the back of course we are going to leak SILLY goals.

Lennon - The one trick pony has been found out, much like Defoe's step, step, shoot routine....I hear asian betting syndicates are laying spread bets on how many times Defoe is caught offside in a game.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else think Jol's subs were actually pretty good last night?

Defoe for Tainio.
Bent for Berbatov.
Malbranque for Lennon.

I reckon he got that right.

If only Defoe could get a start, he's making opposition defenders sh*t themselves.

And by the way, I thought Chimbonda and Zokora played pretty well. OK, Chimbo does like to try and take it past players which he needs to sort out, but he was like a yo-yo down that right hand side, and scored a goal because of it. And Zokora won the ball back for us numerous times, it's only when he tries a long ball or shoots that I turn away with a grimace on my face.

Note to Zokora : Tackle and then pass to someone in close proximity wearing the same shirt as you. Cheers mate.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and thank God for Bale.

We're 18th in the league, but where on earth would we be without him?

Still can't work out whether Huddlestone is good enough yet...

GRAZZA said...

Tuesday, October 2, 2007 11:47:00 AM +00:00

"Dawson is not a Premiership player"


Tom The Yid said...

I actually thought Keano was one of the key players involved in dragging us back last night. As an Ireland fan I maybe am a bit biased but Keano is playing off form at the mo, but games like villa, b'burn everton etc have always suited him. I wouldn't start him against Liverpool though. Or Robbo. Bent and Berba upfront with Bale and Lennon on the wings and Steed and Zokora in the middle.

Perhaps we may be so lucky as to see KP Boateng against Famagusta. I'd personally start him and/or Taraabt.

daytripper said...

PLS - I'll meet you down the middle. The first sub was the first time all year that I thought Jol made the right sub at the right time.

He then blew it after that - Jol should be sending flowers to Harewood to thank him for saving his job.

Any decent coach would have moved the sensational Bale up to LM and played 3 at the back with a 3 goal deficit.

The Berbatov for Bent swap was terrible. It is late in the game and Spurs are lofting hopeful balls up the pitch as their only passes. Your only player that can take the ball out of the air then gets subbed for a player that has no ability whatsoever in the air.

HH - I have finally been won over. You will be happy to hear that I am giving Bale my first 10.0 this season for his performance yesterday. He was his usual unstoppable self moving forward, but was also a pillar on defence - I cant recall a single successful Villa attack down our left side and he did a great job protecting the back post all match. Best performance by any fullback in the EPL this season!

Anonymous said...

I'd give it 6 months and if Jol is still there Bale will be SHIT

Look what he's done to Lennon, Dawson, Robbo, Defoe . . . .

Monday, October 1, 2007 10:30:00 PM +00:00


Anonymous said...

Another view of the debacle

GRAZZA said...

Good Article, just a pity it had to be written at all!

Nice to see he shares my enthusiasm for Chimbonda! "Meandering Forrays" lol

JGM - I forgot that we embarked on a mini discussion last week about the Tactical battles Mr Jol was about to undertake!

Sensai O'Neills weapon of choice "The Donkeys Hoof" proved more than a match for Jols "Shakier than a Blancmange in a wind tunnel" Defensive work.

Summerspur said...


When you drop chimy i assume you are replacing him with, i can hardly keep a straight face here, Stalteri!!!!

fuck me, not all locked up are they.

GRAZZA said...

Wipey Lee can play right back mate.

Summerspur said...


As long as defenders give him a mo, mate, when he gets down the other end mate, so he can stop and get the ball on to his left foot mate, just in case he wants to cross it, mate

Anonymous said...

Lee is right-footed mate.

But as you say, still rather have Chimbonda.

Bueller, Mate

GRAZZA said...

Summerspur: Ok sorry, someone who doesnt know their right from left is no mate of mine.

Where did you develop that attitude problem anyway?

shanemac said...

Well if I've learned one thing from reading some of these posts, it's that nobody on here would make a good manager.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with Chimbonda?

I think he's been solid so far this season. Lee and Stalteri are miles behind him by my book.

Anonymous said...


i reckon you'd make a good journalist though.

Summerspur said...

I stand corrected, but chimmy is one of, if not the best right backs in country.

Have got girlfriend to put R & L in my mittens for school tomorrow


shanemac said...

anon 3:45

Thanks, I work for the Evening Standard.

dannyboy said...

Summerspur, my notorious pal.

How about Ifil? Chimbonda gets caught out soooooo many times. He wants Lennons job. I'm talking about him as a defender - useless this season. If he was to remember his role, maybe he'd get my vote. All I'm saying, is a lot of first teamers need shaking up. There.

Summerspur said...

greetings dannyboy

he is trying to do lennons job because lennon is not doing lennons job. Its like playing with 10 men when he starts now, he becomes so isolated hugging the line almost not wanting to be spotted. he has become a no trick pony. this is tragic as he promised so much last year, even if somewhat one dimensional.

GRAZZA said...

Summerspur - Why the problem with the mate comment? if you thought i was being patronising/trying to be clever i wasnt it was just a thought. or do you just prefer a more formal greeting? ;)

Im afraid our Friend Mr C does go to sleep a lot - eg Sunderland away, last night, arsenal at home last year, im sure there are more examples that dont spring to mind immediately. I dont think he covered himself in glory for Evertons second goal this year either. My point is that his marking is loose and his concentration often wanting.

GRAZZA said...

My goodness they just dont stop do they!! (one of everything = the best part of £95 allowing £45 for a shirt)

jolsgonemental said...

all very confrontational on here today. funny what some people take a dislike too. i used to know a bloke at work with an irrational hatred of being called 'mate'. so we referred to him as 'the cock'.

anyway....chimbonda is fine at right back, in fact I cant think of many players I would rather have at right back. in fact all our players are fine right across the back four.

There are many teams shipping fewer goals than us with far less able players. I dont think our issue is one of poor personnel.

Robinson could probably do with a break for his own good though. sort his fucking head out.

1-0 to 'other managers' Grazza. its a best of three though so still all to play for.

jolsgonemental said...

Tainio in the middle?

Summerspur said...

Cant believe you are cloaking your insults now. are you a romulan?

good call on tiny tim though, i quite like the tenacious little bugger, think he would benefit from a run in the side. Any thoughts on the 3 to play with him?

Anonymous said...

Not trying to get in on your conversation too much but I don't think that can be 1-0 to other managers. O'Neill squandered a three goal lead!

Made an inspired substitution to bring on Deep Space Nine Harewood and offered the draw up on a plate.


dannyboy said...


expand your comment - 'in fact all our players are fine right across the back four.' If that's the case, why are we shipping so many goals? They may be ok individually, but collectively rubbish. Dont know about park a bus this season, we would need a fleet of them! Your ever receptive comments are welcomed and encouraged.


jolsgonemental said...

sorry, is there a trekkie convention happening in our midst?

and what is an ever receptive comment?

its the chattering of madmen. you all are obviously in a state of delirium from watching Spurs too much. take a break.

Summerspur said...

We are indeed being driven mad by watching spurs recently. All we have at the moment is memories to klingon to.

dannyboy said...

jgm - you gonna expand on your comment or what? love captain kirk

Anonymous said...

JGM - 4:58

Spot on.

We have fine players. Just because we let in a shocking amount of goals doesn't make them rubbish. Robbo isn't sh*t, he's just playing like sh*t.

GRAZZA said...

Morning Gentlemen,

JGM: 1-0 to other managers indeed - i fear an England Style White Wash!! :-l

Tainio in the middle?? But that would mean playing someone in their proper position!! Thats Revolutionary!!! :)