Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Tottenham Hotspur vs Aston Villa THE PLAYER RATINGS!

Robinson - Pah.
Two words. Unmitigated & Disaster. England's No#1 would be hard pushed to make Albania's number three. Klutz. Goodnight Gracie.

Chimbonda - 6.1
Thankful for the goal but his tag team defending is beginning to grate.

Dawson - 5.8
Not having it all his own way. Do we have a defensive coach in his hour of... oh yeah, it's Hughton.....we're buggered.
Kaboul - 5.9
Another rover. Are he and Daws gelling? Magnificent strike.

Bale - 8
MOTM. Ran the left for us. Decent corners, decent tackles, real pace and genuine grit.
Gawd Bless Yer.

Tainio 5.5
Never got in the vibe. Wise substitution. At last.

Huddlestone 5.69
Toss up between him and Jenas, you say?

Zokora 6.0

Made some useful contributions but really bored of the falling over routine.

Lennon 5.4
Spent most of his game mopping up after his co-winger, Pascal.

Malbranque 5.3

Not really a 'super sub' kinda guy...

Keane 6.8

Pointy, shouty, pointy, scorey, fabby, pointy, captainy, shouty

Berbatov 6.1

The goal was first class before and after that Villa doubled up on him.

Bent 5.2
Another below par entrance. The penalty was a Godsend.

Defoe 6.9
Came on like a hurricane. Caused a goal and fired up the troops.


Anonymous said...

...and Keano?

Lincoln Dan said...


I'm surprised you even managed to muster up a "pah" for Robinson. The guy is an absolute waste of a shirt at the moment.

He's a great guy and all that but he needs a kick up the arse and some time on the bench.

Chimbonda seems to have let all the "Marauding defender" hype get to his head as he seems to be doing far more marauding than defensing right now.

Thought Berba looked pretty disinterested for much of the game and it was a good call to bring him off when he did.

Defoe looked sharp as always when he came on and deserves a few starts on the bounce in my opinion. When will Jol realise that Keane can do a job on the left better than Tainio and Steed.

Bale is an absolute shoe in for player of the year already. The guy is absolute class.

As for the game, well... it never fails to amaze me that Spurs can be so brilliant and in the same moment so very utterly crap. We dominate large parts of the game, concede criminally basic goals, the fans all boo, some walk out and then comes the positively laughable comeback. Hilarious and yet so tragic at the same time.

This is why I love Spurs and why I pity those fans who support such run of the mill teams that give you what you expect week in week out.


Anonymous said...

For you? 5.4

Anonymous said...

That was to 8.06....kinda ruined it now lincoln dan YOU JERK!!

4 Ever Hopeful said...

Nothing in last night's performance that we didn't know about; a goalie of Ryman League standard, a pedestrian central midfield and a complete inability to defend a set piece but let's appreciate the fightback. At least they didn't lay down and die. I really felt they played for the shirt in the second half.This might just be the catalyst to get us into mid table respectability and avoid a panic managerial appointment.

Anonymous said...

Again, no passion, no pace, no fight, no forward passing, no balls and cerainly not gelling. What has happened? Has all this Ramos saga really effected the players? They were AWFUL last night although credit where credit due for stickng with it. Loved the "4-1 and you fecked it up".

My god, the Villa muppets were dead quiet when it went to 4-3 and looked thoroughly dejected when the 4th went in - p**sed myself laughing!

Anonymous said...

u was very lucky really crap yet u was playing home cant wait til u come to our place well show u how to play at home im just happy we scored 4 away from home before the game i thought wed struggle to get a point yet its only coz a few dodgy decisions u actually equalised and im not on about harewoods foolish tackle

ps never mind defoe ull get more games when u join us in january dont u worry

Anonymous said...

8.57 - WE were lucky? At least two of your goals were absolutle gifts served up hot and juicy by Robinson so don't talk to us about luck.

Anonymous said...

Berbatov was rubbish again - no effort and no desire...shit.Needs to be dropped.

Anonymous said...

No wonder Robbo was so bad. He was out on the town in Paris after the rugby. Clearly not the best preparation for an important match. More professionalism needed!

Harry Hotspur said...

9.28 - Ha ha ha any truth in that?

Harry Hotspur said...

9.21 Bit harsh? Quality goal.... :(

Anonymous said...

Worst player was robbo then dawson who is now a donkey, then has 2 be lennon no where, no heart, give his spot 2 sumone who wants 2 play. Tanio next, not good enough, that is prob the best he can play which is scary how bad he is. I dont know why people are havin a go at zokora and hudd, they wernt pretty but where good, how many less long range shots where there how many runs came from their mids how many times were there mids in positon in our half. Not much in fact not at all. Our centre mids were our best players, what did people expect from them against reo-coker and barry. With out a solid mid centre we would never have cum back like we did.

Beachbum said...

If things are not working they need to be fixed.Robinson should have been taken off at half-time.
Jol has to be more ruthless in his substitutions.Ofcourse the way The Board have treated him in creating the you're fired/you're not fired/ syndrome is enought to make any one in a managerial position tighten up.As I have said before
Levy and company are over 905 to blame for spurs continued bad results.

Anonymous said...

The Robinson being in Paris rumour is true. My (gooner) mate text me while over there watching the Tonga vs England game to say he'd seen our Robbo.

GRAZZA said...

If true, sounds like the big lump needs to get his priorities sorted!

I think that starts with hard graft in training to shift some pounds and get some agility back!

Surely that would have made the press though?

Anonymous said...

Dear 4 ever hopeful,

Please don't insult me, what have I ever done to you?


Ryman league goalie