Monday, October 01, 2007

Tottenham Hotspur In Graham Roberts Shun Shame

Charlie Levy, book burner and PR guru extraordinaire

Happy Birthday.

Unless of course you haven't toed the party line of late.

In which case you can whistle.

Graham Roberts, undeniable Spurs legend has been omitted from the celebrations at The Lane this evening in a hair brained political move that carries almost as much PR savvy as banning The London Evening Standard.

Roberts told the Daily Mail, "I am deeply hurt and can't believe it. All I have done is speak out in support of the (current) manager. I am entitled to have an opinion and can't believe David Howells will be part of the legends parade and I won't be."

Nor can I Graham.

David Howells?

Allah Akbar.

Levy needs to stop acting less like a spoilt child and more like a man who vaguely understands the sensitivities and needs of his customers. Disgrace is an overused 'football' word but this is another fine mess from a board that quite frankly is exhausting my patience.


Oh, anyone obtuse enough to question why Harry should be angry over this and just how important Roberts was a player ought click HERE


Anonymous said...

That is indeed an absolute fucking disgrace!!!

I still watch the Anderlecht final DVD probably once a month if I need to psych myself up for playing. Watching captain marvel stumble through tackles to calmly slot will be a vision I will never forget.

Bona Fide Spurs Ledgend.

We have to chant "One Graham Roberts, there's only one Graham Roberts!" followed by "Levy is a wanker! Levy is a wanker, tra la la la" All night tonight regardless of the fucking score.


Anonymous said...

I might have given them the benefit of the doubt if they hadn't have invided Howells! How bloody embarrassing!

everyone said...

levy is a cockmonkey

Anonymous said...

Howells can f*ck off.

Legend my arse.

Anonymous said...

Roberts won us the UEFA and airbrushing him is a wicked fucking thing to do. Real shame on the club again.

Anonymous said...

levy is a cockmonkey

GRAZZA said...

rJesus. Roberts was before my time but that is scandalous!!

Mention Graham Roberts to my old man and his tales have me filling up with pride to be a yid.

Howells? well Howells was just Howells wasnt he? Nice Bloke - Average/Decent player?

Ossies V Neck said...

My God, what is happening to our club?

The roar that shook the lane, every time Graham broke forwards has yet to be bettered.

He's got to get an invite today surely!?

Anonymous said...

Levy seems to be putting himself infront of the club. Roberts is a Legend who has to be there tonight even if Levy has to go pick him up himself! Levy has to stop doing things like this to our club!

Roberts was there against Sevilla last year so him not coming tonight is a personal decision by Levy despite what the fans and others at the club want!

Anonymous said...

Roberts is a big mouth who is always giving 'insider' news on Spurs, fuelling media speculation - allegedly, of course.

Edwin82 said...

Playing football at school I remember a pal of mine would come in for crunching block tackles and call out Roberts' name.


He was one of the players who wasn't a striker who's name you would hear.

Another day another bad move by the board. Do they not have a PR company?

Anonymous said...

wot a disgrace, Roberts is a legend!
if only we had a player like graham roberts in our team right now, whole hearted and a winner, and another black mark against Spurs, wot the hell are they playing at... "There's only one Graham Roberts!"
Suggest mass email to Daniel Levy to show our disdain???????
Saw Graham Roberts in Reading on Saturday doing a signed autograph signing!

Harry Hotspur said...


Pity we don't have a big mouth in the squad these days - we might win something.

4 Ever Hopeful said...

There seems to be no limit as to what this bunch of jackass directors will do.

BOF said...

Shurely it's a shun shame shocker, harry? Terrible decision. I saw GR at Cheshunt a few months back and he is indeed still The Man.

He was just the kind of player the team needs now, and to bar him from this event is pitiful.

To paraphrase Elvis Costello, I used to be disgusted but now I'm just amused.

Anonymous said...

I think the quote from Roberts was 'I Would Run Through A Brick Wall For Spurs' So Enough Said....

Anonymous said...

Guys check out
great to watch, and reminds me of the good times, and what our Tottenham should be remembered for,125 years! A great shame that the club keep making a pigs ear of things at the moment, and this Graham Roberts thing is just the latest episode. There's only one Graham Roberts!

Anonymous said...

It's supposed be a night of celebration, but leaving out a true legend like GR just leaves a sour taste. Complete PR own goal and yet more fodder for Gooner loving Associated Newspapers.

Anonymous said...

Tottally agree - Roberts is a Legend and should be one of the 1st invited to the club as a legend.
But be w*nkers and dig out Howellsy.

He gave everything to this club and almost died on the pitch in one game at the lane by putting his head where others wouldn't and ending swalling his tongue in the process.
Over 10 years of commitment and a solid and reliable pro - not to mention an FA Cup winner.
To the p*ick who said he can f*ck off - you're a mug and a muppet.

Anonymous said...

Ian S said...

Ridiculous. The board need to realise that the club is bigger than any current chairman or director. This should be a day of inclusion and celebration, and to leave out our UEFA Cup winning Captain is petty to say the least.

I agree with the other comments - we could certainly do with a winner like that in today's side. We should be making our squad watch old videos of GR, not shunning his memory.

Anonymous said...

I don't think David Howells will be sending Graham a Christmas card!

Harry Hotspur said...

I've just emailed the pr adress at WHL to ask if it's true.

Cannot wait for the reply.

Owen said...

Telling Howells to f off IS strong. But I'm with Harry here, he leaves me cold. NOT a legend.

Anonymous said...

harry, u should let the PR dept know that this is extremely disappointing, and as a site which is there for the tottenham fans to have their say, that's exactly what we're doing, and we are most disappointed. I hope Roberts is there in the crowd if he hasn't been invited, cos i'm sure if he is the fans will give him a huge chorus of "There's only one Graham Roberts"...

Mark my words, we'll shortly be singing "we want our tottenham back" if they continue making such huge blunders...

Harry Hotspur said...



I think my email was cute enough. By just asking them if they could confirm the piece in the Mail it boxes them in to answering a simple question based upon a glance at their guest list/ schedule.

If he's not on it they've airbrushed him.

Then they're stuffed because they still have time to include him.


This is all academic as they have elbowed him and will be in no hurry to reply to me anyway.

Anonymous said...

anyone who plays 12 years for spurs is a fucking legend.

Toxic said...

Really does highlight what a bunch of fucking tards are running the club, why do we always get 'em, claim to be lifelong Spurs fans and turn out to be more Tony Blair sitting watching Wor Jackie types.

50 years on and Len Shackleton is still damn right about directors.

Anonymous said...

Tottenham Hotspur have ambitious plans to build the biggest stadium in Britain on disused land in the Lea Valley in Edmonton.

The proposed new 100,000 seater arena, next to the Odeon Cinema complex at Picketts Lock, would eclipse even Wembley as Britain's largest venue and is expected to open in 2012 - the same time as London will host the Olympic Games.

Spurs currently have a waiting-list of 25,000 for season-tickets at their 36,000-capacity White Hart Lane ground in North Tottenham, but the club is confident that success on the pitch would see demand reach record levels.

The £400m development would include an extension of the Victoria Line along existing track from Tottenham Hale, with additional stations at Northumberland Park, Picketts Lock and Enfield Town, as well as the usual array of offices, luxury flats and retail space. The current site already boasts a leisure complex, golf course and camping grounds.

A spokesperson for Transport for London confirmed that negotiations were at an advanced stage with the North London club about mutual levels of funding for the new transport infrastructure.

Meanwhile, the FA are reeling at the prospect of having their centrepiece stadium dwarfed by the new development only a few miles around the North Circular. Wembley refused Tottenham permission to play their home games at the national stadium during the proposed redevelopment of White Hart Lane. Spurs responded by going back to the drawing board - and are now threatening to turn Wembley into a white elephant.

The proposed development is entirely self-financing and the club are keen to stress that it will have no affect on transfer-spending, which will continue to rise year-on-year as the club seeks to secure regular "Champions" League football.

The White Hart Lane site would be redeveloped as a mixed commercial and residential complex.

Meanwhile, the club announced proposals for a new state-of-the-art training complex in nearby Chingford after plans to relocate the Chigwell complex to Enfield Town were rejected by the local authority.

Tottenham's owners, ENIC, the property development company of Bahamas-based billionaire, Joe Lewis, recently increased their stake in the club to 65% after purchasing the shareholding of former chairman, Sir Alan Sugar.

Anonymous said...

fuckin' jiz monkeys the lot o'em

Anonymous said...

1.14 - Source please....

Lee said...

our board are deluded levy commoli kelsmley and baber should jack it in and go and shell peas for a living fuckwits the lot of the funk can u out the big man he was our rock.saw him soccer am and hes still a top bloke.but please everyone stop getting on howell's back he was a good servant for us aswell.not legend admittedly but still a spurs man.roberts for chairmen should be the shout tonite.COYS make us proud.

Harry Hotspur said...

This board has done great work to advance the club but has always acted for it's own personal interests and need reminding who it is that queues up in the rain and shells out the folding stuff.

Roberts exclusion will be a petty petty act of a chairman who has 'lost the crowd'.

Unless of course he can sign Mourinho next summer!


Anonymous said...

Roberts, Roberts show us you're teeth! And he did! great memories after that glorious day in May '81! Always all effort and scored the equaliser against Anderlecht. I hope his team-mates from those days give levy a piece of his mind. DISGRACEFUL. COYS!

Anonymous said...

Roberts, Roberts show us you're teeth! And he did! great memories after that glorious day in May '81! Always all effort and scored the equaliser against Anderlecht. I hope his team-mates from those days give levy a piece of his mind. DISGRACEFUL. COYS!

Dan said...

where can we watch the spurs v villa game for free online??

btw its a bloody disgrace roberts wont be present tonight!

Harry Hotspur said...


'Roberts Roberts Show Us Yer Teeth!'

F*ck me, I had ALMOST forgotten that chant.


intheknow said...

unconfirmed reports from inside the lane - Jol will be sacked tomorrow regardless of tonights result.

Anonymous said...

remember roberts crunching opponents many a time. luv'd the "hit im on the head with a baseball bat" and "bring on the dustbin" shout. Those were the days great team, not seen better since

Anonymous said...

f*ck levy and f*ck comolli, i hope the pair of them fuck off and rot especially that french c*nt who has ruined what was an excellent progressing club - buyin sh*t players (causing unresst in dressin room mainly cos of that pile of sh*t we have in bent) and pushing the greatest thing thats ever happened to the club since billy nic out.
well done you stupid f*ckers!

Harry Hotspur said...


I'll run that as a headline piece then!

shanemac said...

unconfirmed reports from inside the lane: harry hotspur will be taking over as player-manager, daniel levy will be the new keeper, and chris hughton will be appointed to the newly created position, Official Scapegoat.

Anonymous said...

There's a time when no medecine or treatment suffice: you need surgery: new people , new methods of training, new style of coaching, etc. Jol and Company have to go.
Happy Birthday anyway.

Death said...

Some fu***ng birthday.... :-(

Oh and does even unconfirmed reports of a new stadium and crippling debt frighten anyone else sh******?

I can't seem to find much to smile about tonight.. as far as football goes anyway

Anonymous said...

3-1 down at home, bring on the legends, Howells, Galvin & Falco. You couldnt make it up


some fucking party. get that fat bald dutch cunt out - NOW.
what a laughing stock we are.


Anonymous said...

fat useless cunt?? robbo or jol?? both have 2 go , we are a fucking joke, enough is enough, richie g

Anonymous said...

Levy you F@@@king idiot

Death said...


Oh me of little faith!

But seriously..... the return leg of the uefa cup looks like it could be a nail-biter... but the 6-1 lead means we have a 50-50 chance


Anonymous said...

Death I only laugh at your ridiculous joke because of my joy.. a quintessentially Spurs birthday celebration..

Anonymous said...

4 - 4

I think I've had a heart attack.

Thank Younes for saving our blushes.

Robbo could do with a little sit down on the bench. Radek Cerny please.

That should teach Levy from turning an innocent game of league football into a money-making ego-bonanza, and omitting Mr Graham Roberts.

Anonymous said...

Emotions still running high inside but did anyone else miss Jenas tonight? Huddlestone I'm afraid everyone else has said before is too slow....I have had faith in him(stupidly!) but I don't think he is premiership material...not top four/five anyhow.

Berbatov needs to stop playinging like a prissy flower-arranger and get stuck in.

Defoe wants it and REALLY should get a few starts...he looked dangerous when he came on.

Bent? yawn! (16.5 million times)

Lennon - predictable and one-dimensional though did manage a few crosses

Bale - fantastic! probably Spurs man of the match. Nah gotto be Kaboul!

Robbo - please have him shot. Carson is shortly going to take over his place as Englands No 1. My dead dog Rex(bless her soul) could have caught that(and she had no arms and only three legs)

Anonymous said...

truely a disgrace, right up there with the wankers leaving tonight with half an hour to go! hope you's missed the traffic you fucking twats!! any chance of a bit of support! think we all saw how much it meant at the end! can't defend to save ourselves think cerny has to be given the nod!!! bales a superstar tho!

Anonymous said...

Fuck da board, fuckin assholes fucked our season up, fuck da board.
just wanna make money out of us
fuck da board

Death said...

anon 9.10

Laughing in the face of death

You are a proper Spurs fan


jolsnotgonemental said...

DEATH, that was the best comment i read in weeks. Seriously do you guys think we can defend a 6-1 lead??? Im a little nervous, especially if Robbo in goals!
What a game that was. I was throwing stuff at the telly at 4-1 down and then jumping up and down in delight when younes smacked in that goal. i hope everyone is aware though that we have used up one of our karma lives, cause Defoe was 100% off side and then younes' goal should have been pulled up. Imagine the riot that that would have caused...
Terrible defending but great team spirit to come back from the death and the celebrations showed how much the players love BMJ.
Goes to show that all the negativity is coming from outside the dressing room not from the inside. Come on BMJ my rosary beads are still working...!!!

Anonymous said...

Espen Baardsen??????

Anonymous said...

Gareth bale was excellent last nite bt taino ddrifts in 2 much obviously jol has favourites.
gareth bales song is rubbish bale!bale!bale!

Anonymous said...

I dont know if anyone else has said something about it, but where the fuck was Jimmy Greaves?