Monday, October 01, 2007

Only 1000 Tottenham Hotspur Tickets Left!

1000 tickets are still available for our second leg away tie in Cyprus to Anorthosis Famagusta on October 4th................... from The Cyprus Spurs Supporters Club.

The home team has lost hope of overturning the 6-1 first leg loss on their home turf, so the managerment of Anorthosis FC offered 1,000 extra tickets to THFC. THFC failed to reply, so in stepped The Cyprus Spurs Supporters Club.

So get organised and purchase yours from Cyprus Yid now!

The tickets are for the Spurs (away) end and are priced at 20 Cyprus pounds. Kick off 5.45 Cyprus time.

Contact them on

Phone 00-357-96-319-258.

Tickets are on a first come first served basis.

Website is


Anonymous said...

have you got yours Harry, or don't you go to games?

Harry Hotspur said...

No, I never attend any games.

Anonymous said...

We have contacted the Cyprus Spurs Supporters Club and have secured two tickets. They could not have been more helpful which is more than can be said of THFC.

On Friday when we secured our tickets from the Supporters Club we phoned the ticket office and asked if we could take advantage of the free coach trip from the airport to the ground which gives the added bonus of allowing you to leave your cases securely on the coach. The "very nice" young lady agreed that as we had obtained the tickets from a reputable source we would be able to use the coach. She advised both of us of this fact in seperate conversations.

She asked us to forward details of travel and tickets by email which we did. On the back of her agreement we booked a hotel some distance from Larnaca.

We didn't get a response to our email and chased her up today. She denies making any sort of agreement and we will now be stuck at Larnaca airport with our cases. the club are unwilling to help but we have managed to sort something out with the Supporters Club.

Sorry to waffle on but what is happening to this Club?

Anonymous said...

jiz monkeys

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, those Cypriot cabbies know the way from the airport, and are cheap! Also I don't like to call people a liar, but next to Gods, sorry Greaves's outstretched hand, you will see Harry Hotspur kicking the tonk out of an Ars fan while Greaves leaves the Ars goalie for dead! COYS!

Anonymous said...

CyprusYid says... Thank you Harry for the Plug! I wish to point out to you all. The tickets are priced at 20.00 Cyprus Pounds and are sold at that price. The CSSC is not making any profit. Our aim is to see the whole South stand sold out. The CSSC has organised to meet on the seafront of Larnaca at 'The Meeting Pub', by 2.00pm. After a swift couple of pints we are setting off to the football ground, 15 minutes drive away. Kick off is 5.45pm (local time). Anyone needing assistance contact the CSSC by email wensite, or phone +357 96 319 258. Hope to see you on Thursday! COYS!!!

Harry Hotspur said...

You're very welcome. Judging by the 3rd comment there, you have already helped out two fans and that's what it's all about.

Well done chaps!