Sunday, September 30, 2007

Tottenham Hotspur vs Aston Villa Pre Match Prattle

Villa won't be a pushover - nor, complimentry flags to one side, will the home crowd.

I question the sanity tying the '125 product' to a specific game. I understand that this match doesn't even accurately represent a historic date.

Of course, when this whole mardi gras was being concocted the certain members of the Spurs Board had no plans to fly to Spain and Daniel Levy would have probably had to ask Martin Jol himself if he had Jose Mourinho's mobile number. Perhaps Villa at home looked like a potntial walk in the park back then.

How times change.

Aston Villa sit 10th. They've beaten three teams at home including Chelsea, but as yet, no one away.

Spurs are well capable of beating this lot, but it's the same old story. Tottenham will need to do more than come out fighting for the first 30 minutes and then fade.

Villa are capable enough defensively and with Young and Agbonlahor they will score against those, ahem, not so capable.

I would love to see a scorcher of a game with Spurs winning 3-0 or 3-1, but I think a nervy 1-0 is more likely. You can 11/2 on that. Bump the value with adding it'll be Berbatov to make his mark?

Tottenham need to win this in order to restore some of the feel good factor that has been slowly evaporating since Levy was forced into giving his 'full backing' to Jol the first time this season.

Come On You Spurs, let's see you play some thrilling, intelligent football!


Anonymous said...

amen to that

shelf16 said...

Agreed, this is the sort of game we can be two goals up. and I'll still be a nervous wreck. Hope all the birthday celebrations don't turn into Diana Ross type embarassment. 3-0 would be nice for goal difference and twelth place or so!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

if its so shit then post a better one, i look foward to hearing it.

ive got ur back hh

Harry Hotspur said...


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Harry - I suggest you delete the anonymous 12:11:00 AM +00:00 racist comment!!!

dildo said...

if our beloved martin jool is stil in charge, all we can get from a villa game is a boring draw. dats been the case for as far as i can remember yo. xpect the same now. i'll have my dick re-circumcised if we win today.

Anonymous said...

I am old enough to remember an evening game against AV in 1978. It was our opening home game. We had signed two Argentinans in the summer. The excitement and expectation was touchable - even walking from SevenSisters to the ground. Inside, 48000 had squeezed themeselves into every nook and cranny - how we all loved it when it really was Standing Room Only.
When the teams came out onto the pitch the noise level was indescribable, and the air was filled with confetti and streamers a la Buenos Aires two months earlier. Unfortunately we huffed and puffed but without threatening the claret and blue goal, while the team from the midlands comfortably took a couple of well worked chances, and all the points. Anniversary or not, I doubt that tonight's game will resemble that one from 29 years ago in anything other than perhaps the scoreline; although this time I think the stat will read 2-0 to the home team. COYS

4 Ever Hopeful said...

Yup, sadly because of the result and also the age that it makes me, I too was at that game. What a disappointment and in a way similar problems to now with a bizarre mix of great players and absolute crap like John Lacy and Gordon Smith.

I am nervous about tonight. Villa can put out a strong midfield, with players in form and they have pace in attack. I really hope Jol goes for it because if we can get at them they could be vulnerable but he if goes all cautious and looks for containment I fear we will come unstuck.

By the way, wasn't that 78/79 season the same one where we went to Anfield and lost 7-0? I think that was in the autumn too.

Let's hope we have not got a week of deja vu to look forward to.

Anonymous said...

Like many, I can't understand why we didn't have an exhibition game. Remember the days when we had testimonials and the like? Just think a few old greats putting on the shirt again and lining up against some of the first team with procedes lining the boards pockets and the remainder going to our beloved Bill Nicholson's endorsed charity's.

Still that one aside, we need the win for both pride and points! Someone in another post mentioned how many points we had last season and I agree. Last season was worse and what ever has been going on we have to back the team fully (oh, and by the way that includes the manager). But most of all, enjoy the night and......HAVE PRIDE in the team and their histoy!!!

I fancy the usual rollercoaster journey of either a nail bitting 2-1 win or a close but high scoring result for us.



Anonymous said...

I'm 12.11. I'm not a racist.

I don't even like running.

jolsgonemental said...


GRAZZA said...

Jesus. Roberts was before my time but that is scandalous!!

Mention Graham Roberts to my old man and his tales have me filling up with pride to be a yid.

Howells? well Howells was just Howells wasnt he? Nice Bloke - Average/Decent player?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe Graham Roberts hasn't been invited. Levy is unable to swallow his pride just because Roberts has been speaking about the treatment of Jol. That really is disgraceful.

Harry Hotspur said...

Just done a rant on this. I'm so fu*king angry with this ars*hole Levy.

Did he think this would pass without comment?

Anonymous said...