Friday, October 26, 2007

Tottenham Hotspur vs Getafe CF: Belated Player Ratings

Cerny 5.9
No howlers. But exposed. I like him.

Gardner 6.0
He was already sacked when injury struck, but I was appalled by MJ's indifference to the incident.

Kaboul 5.2
Nobody ever scored from seat F9 row Z. Sometimes a hoof into outerspace is good.

Chimbonda 2.3
Fed up with his 'wildcard' activities. Be a great defender, not a liablilty. Now.

Dawson 5.6
I honestly believe this lad has been a victim of the nonsense of late. Captain material in time.

Lee 5.6
Okay. Damning appraisal, but we need wingers, not 'wingbacks'.

Zokora 2.2
Simply not good enough. DM my arse.

Huddlestone 6.2
Wasn't indulged with the space he needed. Some sublime passing, some naff.

Malbranque 7.1
True grit and Boy's Own stuff initially. Wanted it. then went off the boil. Vive le Steed.

Tainio 5.2
Heart's in the right place.

Lennon 6.3
Really love AL but a tougher manager will be the making of him.

Keane 6.6
Came on and got amongst it. Unfortunately not enough though.

Defoe He's A Yiddo
Loved his goal and his attitude. Go on Jermain.

Berbatov 7.1
Oh lord. Him again. Did look much more interested. Some touches that were exquisite. A goal please, love. A goal.


Anonymous said...

TO ALL YOU IDIOT GOONERS. To remind you...You have won nothing yet?!? So f@ck off and stop being so premature, AS PER USUAL. 10 Games in and even all your players are giving it the big one in the press. 'We're the new Brazil'...'i will be a striking legend' big headed, no wonder everyone hates Arsenal and that cheating conniving kiddy fiddler called Arsene. You have had a really easy start comparitively in a tough league for the first 10 games (YES, you beat a troubled Spurs team...lets face it, and we still could have beat you if we scored our chances)...lets see where you are once you have played some tougher matches at home and away. ps...I will be donning a Man Utd shirt when they play you i hate your fans so much... Lets hope they smash you and shut you Wank@ers up. Far too big beckons.

Surrey Yid

Anonymous said...

Cerny no howlers? Are you having a fucking laugh? Did you see the first goal? I GUARANTEE if Robbo had let that in, you'd be screaming from the hilltops as usual.

2.3 for Chimbonda? Please don't be a prick! He was average at worst!

Dawson has been a liability (along with whoever partners him) all frikkin' season.

Lee has been pretty much the only consistent player this season. Get off his back!

Zokora is one of the few things I agree with you on, but 2.2 is a joke. NOBODY has played badly enugh to get a score that low in a Spurs shirt since Justin Edinburgh.

Huddlestone is shit. We need a player that can win the ball before they pass it. He can't win shit. And the reason he can't get any space is because he's a slow-arse lump of lard!

Malbranque I agree with.

Tainio I agree with.

Lennon is too lightweight IMO, he'll never get the chance to do the things he's capable of now that other teams have found him out.

Keane average again.

I love everything about Defoe. He's been the absolute professional during the whole debacle that has been Spurs this season. When he gets his chance he's taken it and he doesn't spit the dummy when he's not flavour of the month. Take note Berbatov!

Berbatov looked better than he has done for pretty much the whole season, but he was as avarage as most of the team. Which for Berbatov means he was way below what we know he can do. As far as I am concerned, he hasn't performed this season. I don't have time for prima-donnas. I don't care if they CAN be great. If they AREN'T being great, they can sod off. That's exactly how Wenger and Fergy would handle it.

Harry Hotspur said...

Lol, 0841, let me put it another way, how awful wasn't Pascal?

We spent much of the game with a defende missing.

Anonymous said...

that would make huddlestone one of the better players!!! the only time Huddlestone would be one of the better players in a team is if the team was my sunday team and it was sunning and we would have to be already winning 4 or 5 nil... the gut is garbage and i think every can do "sublime passes" when they are given about 100 tries at it

Wendell said...

Chimbonda average? what match were you watching?

I agree with Harry.. he's a decent right back but this season he's barely been seen in that position.

True, full backs should push up but they should then release the ball to the upfield players.. he has Lennon in front of him who is vastly better at ball control and creating things.

Dawson is lacking at the moment but he's by far our best centre back (after an in form King Ledley of course)

Huddlestone needs direction.. potentially awesome (think back to early performances last season)

Marlbranque showed real passion and desire to do something, was pleased for him as it might give his naysayers something to consider

Lennon looked fired up on the right but is clearly in need of more matches.

Defoe - Completely agree with Harry and anon 8.41 here

Berbatov looks to be getting back to his old self, lets hope it comes sooner rather than later.

Keane should have come on earlier and should have been played in 4-3-3 instead of sticking with 4-4-2 (unless that did happen and I missed it)

Anonymous said...

We are all disappointed. So to slate the team is really pouring petrol on fire.

All teams need guidance and all great teams get it. Jols gone Ramos is here. The only thing is if we had started with Ramos where would we be now?

Expect some changes, some spoilt brats being put in their place, and some solid results. I couldn't face going Thursday, but I can't wait until the next game!

The King is dead, long live the Conquistador! COYS!

Anonymous said...

*YES, you beat a troubled Spurs team..lets face it, and we still could have beat you if we scored our chances*


Anonymous said...

Totally agree with you harry on the scoring of Chimbonda....actually i wouldn't have scored him that highly.

I was one of the very few who actually got off my arse to go and watch that farce (one of the lowest attendences i've seen for what must be at least 5 years). Chimbonda was, without a shadow of doubt, the worse player on the pitch. He was absolutely fucking aweful!

As for Defoe. He needs to work closer with Berby. He just didn't read his game at all.

Hudd.....bone idol a lot of the time....and Zokora is just plain old shit.

Anonymous said...


Totally agree with you about Berbatov. It's like when a guy loves a girl and doesn't show it to her: she ends up going home with someone else who did...

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:37

I was at the game, Park lane, seat E23.

As I have been for pretty much every game over the last 20 years!

Can you say that?

Didn't think so.

Get off your fucking high horse!

Anonymous said...

With the team and club in such a mess I think it's hard to judge where player are performance wise.

Once things have settled with Ramos at the helm, we'll get a better picture of who can cut the mustard and who'll be looking elsewhere.

With so much unfulfilled so-called potential at the club, it should make a very interesting rest of the season if nothing else. Maybe a few surprises?

Be interesting to see how long Ramos goes without a left winger or midfield captain? And whether if he wants one, gets one.