Friday, October 26, 2007

Here's Highlights Of A Football Match That Took Place Thursday Night

Top draw commentary....


dannyboy said...

just out of interest, Sevilla beat Getafe 4-1 at the start of the season. Looks like Ramos is here a week too late !!!

Anonymous said...

now i know why you're not the editor of a red top Arry, who gives a flying one about thurs - it's all about ramos - give us your lo-down, and some interesting facts like danny boy

get on Blackburn to beat us this sunday too - 9/4!!!

Anonymous said...

Well Daniel. You had better be right over this. You've undermined our best manager since Burkinshaw and unless Ramos does better, much better, than 2 x 5th place finishes you and your board members will have made an almighty mistake.

You have been the custodian and generally been a positive influence. You sh@t on your own door step, evicted a good tenant and upset their families.

I suspect yr planning yr own exit...

"For sale. 1 football club well loved. In need of some modernisation but with huge potential. Current owners looking to cash in on recent price rises and retire abroad".

Daniel, you had better be right over this.

Martin. Thanks for everything. You're agood man who will go on to do good for other clubs. You will be welcomed back by all except those in the boardroom. Shame on them for their lack of loyalty.

Juande - I feel sorry for the baggage you have inherited.

onedavemackay said...

I just hope Juande is not going to be screaming GOALA GOALA GOALA GOALA like that every time we score !

Harry Hotspur said...

10.28 Anon zzzzzzzzz

Blackburn will be a draw my old son.

As good as 12/5 with Bet 365 (Not a sponsor)

Why don't YOU try to be as interesting as Dannyboy?

I'm Harry Hotspur.

Harry Hotspur said...


Me too mate...

Me too.

onedavemackay said...

Harry have you seen this :

Harry Hotspur said...

Quality site. Let's hope he can galvanise a revival!

Anonymous said...

we were goin down if he'd stayed ,newscheck were in the bottom 3! Ramos deserves full support it wern't his fault and we need the team to get results and fast or are we just gona cry for mj all year? this bloke has better credentials than mj and is a real number1 Jols best attributes was his pr spin he def talked the talk but when it really came to it he didnt walk the walk, ramos wont be talking as much but he's shown he can get his teams to do the talking on the pitch ,move on! why is supporting spurs like being emotionally involved in some crap soap opera? get a grip give this bloke the same funds and time with spurs as jol had and im willing to bet in the 3rd year we aint condceding from set pieces every week and unlike jol if we get a chance to take a next step he will take it, jol was always the wrong side of the fine line between real success and failure ,he has had chances in quarter and semi finals and blown them ,he had a great chance at doing something massive in his first year and blew something like a 10 point gap over the goons only for that fact to be forgotten behind the lasagna shite he beat a top 4 club 1 time in how many , he has taken us on so far granted and thankfully with a squad everyone was happy with start of the season and the improvements that have been made we have been able to get hold of a top manager even tho were in the bottom 3
so reality check jol fans ,it was supposed jol wanted and approached the geordies behind closed doors, he was very well paid and backed to the hilt, he didnt improve players, his negative tactics and dodge subs ,team selections cost us greater acheivements, in 3 years he never sorted the defence out , even with ledley we still let in stupid goals, when we did well it was all him and when we didnt "the players need to be strong,defend better,concentrate blah blah
Lets move on and give Ramos the same support mj had

dannyboy said...

am I interesting then ?!

Harry Hotspur said...

Only just!


Daytripper said...

I've been beating up Jol since Spring, now he quits and my great excitement gets blown up with the Ramos quitting news this evening.

I can't really explain why I dislike him so much. I watch a ton of La Liga games and would hardly call him an offensive-minded coach. Similar to Jose, his teams sit way too far back and wait for counterattacks, or until they are down, before they open up. Their success is entirely due to a stingy, very physical defense, continuously questionable calls that always go their way and the brilliance of Kanoute, who rarely fails to score when given a sniff of goal (sounds just like Drogba and Chelsea right?).

I think I am so disappointed, because I thought this was the time that we would really take the next step up. We have amassed 2 of the top 10 strikers in the world, 2 phenoms at LB and CB with Bale & Kaboul, the best young passer in the world in Huddlestone and solid support at almost every other position.

So why go after a second class coach? You've got some of the most talented coaches of this generation waiting for great opportunities like we could give them, and instead we're going to settle for Ramos.

My prediction is that by years end he will be seen as a martyr, because just like anybody else out there, he will turn this team around simply by taking Jenas, Zokora and Dawson out of the lineup. He is not the calibre of coach that will get us into the Top 4. Klinnsman could. Lippi Could. Ramos, not a chance.

daytripur said...

One of the many things that suck about being 7 hours ahead of everybody is that I'm asleep when most people post & everybody is asleep when I can post. The good is that I can correct myself before getting ripped - 13 years and I still can't spell Klinsmanns name, even though he was a huge reason I became a Spurs fan.

Harry Hotspur said...

Daytripper I concour.

I am trying to get excited by the chap but wish I knew more so I could.

If only it was more of a 'household name'...etc

Oh well, no one said it was gonna be easy.


Great post. Agree with loads there too.

The soap is over and the 'need to be stronger' staring at the floor looking sheepish routine after losing games in the last minute from a set piece must now be behind us.

My hope is that this guy hands out fines for dirty boots, turning up late for training and not getting your hair cut regularly.

We want glory, but before that some discipline wouldn't go amiss.

I hope his first words in any tongue are
" Stand up straight you 'orrible lot!"

dannyboy said...

in that case harry, you better hope captain mainwaring is reincarnated!
givethe man a chance. jeez.

Anonymous said...

From what I've heard and seen Berbatov has pretty much had a say in this!!! Just hope he starts scoring some goals rather than being asked to warm up 3 times by his boss. Bout time he put his boots where the goal is.. Thank you please YIDOS