Saturday, October 27, 2007


This was emailed in this morning from one of Harry's long standing Hot Sauces.... sparse, but enough to give you the flavour of the scene...

"The Players absolutelty did not know before the game what was happening.

After the game Clive Allen informed the players that Martin and Chris were on their way out and that hopefully in a matter of minutes a member of the board would shortly be down to talk to the players..

Damien Commoli then walked in and was looked totally uncomfortable.

He then proceeded to inform the players what Clive Allen had already told them. Little more.

Ricardo Moniz, the skills trainer then laid into Commoli.

"I cant accept this, I cant accept this! You put the manager under too much pressure. right from the start, you and the board!"

Everyone in the dressing room was evidentally shocked by both the news and the


Commoli then told Moniz that if he wanted to talk about it, they would do it in another room.

Martin Jol then came down and hugged all the players.. the suggestion that some where standoffish ish incorrect. When it came to it all the lads were sympathetic. Of course, some had worked with BMJ for longer than others.


Yesterday, Jol and Hughton were both at Spurs Lodge and once again said their goodbyes.

(Whilst I haven't spoken to anyone who was in the room at the time, I do understand that Jol may well not be welcome back at the The Lane after giving Levy 'both barrels' after his dismissal. The word is whatever pent up emotions Jol had kept bottled up, he let go at the Tottenham chairman in a volley of abuse.)

Apparently it was very emotional and a number of the players had tears in their eyes.

A number of players also went and spoke to him on a one to one basis... including Robbie Keane and Ledley King.

King asked Jol about Commoli...Although clearly hesitant to dish the dirt ..he stated that he would never work under that type of management system again."


Anonymous said...

I really don't understand the benefit that the system is having at spurs. I read an old newsfeed on the bbc from when spurs employed Jol and Levy is saying that it helps to provide continuity because when players are bought they aren't only chosen by the manager which apparently helps if the manager is sacked. what bollocks.

Anonymous said...

Well interesting considering MJ has always worked under this sort of system!!!

Anonymous said...

So you dont know anyone that was in the room, but you know exactly what was said?

Anonymous said...

Jol hasn't always worked under this system IIRC he was the manager who handled everything at Roda and RKC.

Anonymous said...

Blimey. What a story, Hazza.

I agree about this ridiculous system we have at Tottenham. We shouldn't have a Director of Football, let the manager make all the football decisions. Those top 4 don't employ this system, and for good reason.

Can you imagine Wenger or Ferguson being told who to buy in the transfer market? The bosses in charge of big, successful clubs are in complete control of footballing matters. It's seems a matter of time before Ramos is appointed, but will he be able to deal with this Commoli situation?

Anonymous said...

The problem at our club is that the relationship between Commoli and Levy has always been greater than the relationship between Jol and Levy. Commoli apparently always had the final say and transfers and did not deliver in the summer what Jol wanted (experienced centre half and a natural left sided midfielder), the only player we broughted that Jol wanted was Bale! The problem then of course is that Jol was accountable in the press for spending £40million this summer when all true Spurs fans know who sanctioned the transfers!

Lets be honest the signing of Bent was always going to put Jol in a tough situation because of the crazy price tag, it was never going to work and only heaped more pressure on him.

The only way I can see the club moving to the next level now is if we are sold, and under the new management we get rid of this continental management structure we have in place. To sum it up the manager needs to have the final say on transfers, look at Man Utd, Liverpool, Arsenal, Blackburn and even Man City. All successful clubs who trust their manager with the cheque book, whilst us and Chelsea have always struggled behind the scenes because of the structure we have in place....

Anonymous said...

The system MJ has worked on before gives him some involvement in the recruitment process. At Spurs he has players imposed on him:- Jenas, Zokora and Bent being predominant ones.

Remamber Jol didn't want to lose Carrick, the board (ie Commoli) thought that Zokora was a more complete midfielder, so they wouldn't increase Carrick's wages from £22k to £35k. Man Utd got interested when they found out he was unhappy, Jol was due to sign a new contract, stalled unless they kept hold of Carrick. By then it was too late.

It would have differed so much had we paired Carrick with Berbatov last season. We were lucky to finish 5th, especially with the rubbish at our disposal and we have never replenished it. Results haven't been helped by the undermining of Jol from board level. The whole scenario stinks to high heaven.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but that is complete rubbish. Whoever sent you that Harry is pulling your leg. Without doubt it was time for Jol to go. Yes, Levy handled it badly but we've done brilliantly to lure a top manager like Ramos in. A new era is dawning...

RobbyK said...

There are no ifs or buts, ENIC are looking to sell Spurs, but once they can sell it as a Premiership/Champions League team. They want a quick fix and they'll sell up, so the system won't be around then, but its painful knowing that we're waiting to be sold.

Ramos did well in Spain, but we will now become a poor man's Liverpool, with the squad filled with second ran Spanish players, and the Brazilians that made Sevilla tick, are not such an easy option in the Premiership.

Grim days ahead, unless you liked what happened to Chelsea and its just about results not about the building of a team which MJ began.

Anonymous said...

The only reason we put a Director of Football in place in the first place was because George Graham was partial to brown envelopes and couldn't be trusted with transfers. The only way it works is if the Dof scouts players , the manager decides on the players he wants and the DoF goes out and buys them. It leaves the manager time to train the team and re-enforce the areas of his team that require it. Namely central midfield and central defence.

Anonymous said...

something small i think iv just realised. It is actually easy to tell who if jol or commolli signed a player by reading the statement posted on the spurs website. By this i mean that either jol would tell us about the player or commolli would tell us. sounds ridiculous but actually works out

Harry Hotspur said...

To clarify, this story is true and told by someone who spoke with a man who WAS in the dressing room.

His man was not present when Jol have Levy a blast.

That is hearsay, that bit.

Anonymous said...

Its just so ugly down there at the moment.
Just want us to get Ramos in and stabilise.
Any chance of him being announced tomorrow at the game?

Anonymous said...

Litte insight into the man...

You can even send him an e-mail.

Anonymous said...

i love you Harry, so very, very much

onedavemackay said...

10.52 You seem to be confusing this blog with "Harry's World Of Kosher Gays"

JimB said...

Gotta laugh at some of the comments being posted on here. It's amazing how many people seem to know, as an absolute matter of fact, exactly which players were Jol signings and which players were Comolli signings.

And, wouldn't you just guess it, all the bleeding hearts just happen to know that all the thus far unsuccessful signings (Zokora, Bent etc) were exclusively Comolli's responsibility and all the successful signings (like Bale) were exclusively Jol's responsibility.

Utter horseshit! It is completely ridiculous to think that any first team player has been imposed upon Jol, against his will. Despite the sorry way that Jol's dismissal has been handled, Levy isn't trying to sabotage his own project. Neither is Comolli. And they both know perfectly well that the structure in place at Spurs can only work if the manager agrees to and has final say on all signings.

So enough of this crap about Jol being undermined by not being able to sign the players he wanted. And, while we're at it, enough of this crap about Spurs pushing Carrick out because Comolli preferred Zokora. The simple truth is that Carrick just wanted to sign for Man Utd. End of.

Harry Hotspur said...


Linda Evangelista on a Spurs blog. Blimey.

Harry Hotspur said...

Poor man's Liverpool?
I'd take that.

At the moment we're an expensive Derby.

Anonymous said...

I must admit I laughed my head at the UEFA result & then the sacking of Martin Jol, "yes" I'm a gooner.
Your main problem is ENIC very closly followed by Levy, there's been enough cash spent & a couple of good managers at your place over the last few years, the common denominator is the above, lose them & you may challenge for a few honours.
I agree with the Direcector of Football comments though, it never works & I was so very glad you sacked that fool Pleat, only trouble is now we all have to put up with his drivleing comentary on the tv

Anonymous said...

oh my god i dont know whats worse, BMJ gone or a gooner feeling sorry for what was i thinking - piss off ya dirty woolwich wanderer and go play with your kiddy fiddling boss!


COYS with juan the man

Anybody checked out his website yet?

Can i make a shout out to all spurs supporters here to log on to and if you dont mind send him a nice welcome email.

Its the least we can do before Commoli stabs him in the back too...

Anonymous said...

Great story Harold.

If Moniz did confront Comolli, then I want Moniz as Head Coach immediately.

Anonymous said...

Oi hazza!
good story if its true,
but m guessing that this all means Arshavin will not be gracing the lane with his presence

Anonymous said...

Well, it will all surely come out once Jol talks. I am also personally against the director of football system because it should be ultimately up to the coach which players he wants.
I'm not saying yet that Jol didn't have this but nobody can deny it hasn't always been a problem for us. Hoddle/Pleat, Santini/Arnesen and if reports are true now Commolli/Jol.
I dont see much wrong with having an employee who goes and gets the players, but this person in the DOF role should have no say, that's the only way this system will work. 3 times? Well now Mr Levy you now know the answer.
So now we have Ramos, and is he going to choose the players or are we under Commolli's rule with a man he can dictate to? Ultimately which will probably see the bloke walk within 2 years.
If they do let Ramos choose all the players and have exclusivity to the football team, then that would be nice, but why not have given that to Martin Jol? If in fact that this is the case, which honestly I believe it is as it's pretty plain to see that Jol was working very much with what he was being given alot of the time.
It's just a case of how much and who.
My guess would be some were just Commolli, some were joint and some were Jol instigated, but most probably the majority were down to Commolli.
I have no faith until ENIC sell and the whole club changes.
Until then lets just watch what the Tottenham circus does next.
I'm going tomorrow aswell for my first game of the season.
Great timing eh?

brownyid said...

We need to bring in some dodgy russians or some billionaire yank to get rid of the prats in charge at the moment. Commoli is another who needs a slap, This twat was taught everything he knows by Arsene peado wenger and he's certanly giving the scum fans something to cheer about

Anonymous said...

Total and utter rubbish as usual Harry, you certainly do not have any friends that would give you this sort of information, (or any friends at all for that matter)

Anonymous said...

"oh my god i dont know whats worse, BMJ gone or a gooner feeling sorry for what was i thinking - piss off ya dirty woolwich wanderer and go play with your kiddy fiddling boss!

After than comment u sad loser I realise it's obviously outside your mental scope to comprehend a constructive posting, let me know when you can remove your dragging knuckles from the floor!

Anonymous said...

Go away smelly gooner.

Anonymous said...

Even Ramos won't be able to make a silk purse our of a pigs ear

Anonymous said...

The day jol left spurs was a sad day for all of football. Never has there been a man to handle such adversity with such dignity. while other managers blamed referees and criticized opposing players Jol was always a big man, honest and accepting responsibility. He was a nice guy but was also so much more. let me highlight his response to the pedro mendes goal. Any other man, including me, would have been screaming at interviewer at the injustice of such an event. Jol took the incident with greater empathy towards the linesman then even a saint would have managed. His attitude in his last few weeks at spurs was inspiring to say the least. The fortitude and resilience he showed when behind the scenes all was chaos deserves so much more acclaim than any tactical decision. It is sad to say that at times he was tactically inept, however, that does not change the fact he is a great man. Come on spurs fans unite and pay tribute to a man whose size as a man is more than just his giant stature!!!!

Harry Hotspur said...


I'm wounded. Next you'll be telling me I smell.

Might I humbly suggest you go and get back into bed with your sister.


dog said...

Lets look forward instead!! I might be one of the few who don't think Levy handled it sooo badly.. He/Spurs were unlucky getting caught in Spain a while back. Everyone moaned. The same people would also have been moaning if we had got rid of Jol without a plan B!! You can't have it both ways. Whatever we think of Jol as a person, he took us as far as he could (superb, considering where we were) but lets look forward. We have one of the best managers out there now and allegedly more money to spend in the January window. Levy wants us to move to a new ground and given Ramos another £40 quid to spend!! So, lets put the past behind us and look forward instead. We all WANT / NEED to be top four and that wasnt gona happen under Jol

Harry Hotspur said...

Spot on.

jimi jazz said...

all you intransigent get-behind-jol types better get behind ramos now. he deserves the same ebullient fan support that we're famous for.

Anonymous said...

Although the pair have never worked together, Spurs suggested Poyet as a potential member of the coaching staff while Ramos comes to terms with the English language.

Ramos can understand English ?????

Anonymous said...

Thats from the BBC!!!

Anonymous said...

Will the last good player too leave White Hart Lane, get to the back of the cue.....

Anonymous said...

Just to put a different slant on things....Martin Jol, during his tenure at Spurs has been paid a significant amount of money, probably the likes of which most of us only dream about; regardless of his relationship with Levy and co I think his managerial ability this season has been win in ten. Bollocks to the board Mr Levy, you had a duty to every paying fan and supporter of our great club to motivate this bunch lazy arses into turning out performance after performance. Instead it's been diabolical and has left us at the foot of the table. I wish you well (and your healthy bank balance)and thank you for the last few seasons. p.s. if you have any problems spending the severance payment, there's millions of kids starving in the world today

Abie Laurence said...

Saw this on newsnow. What has been going on - mystery at Spurs from an insider.

But this is exactly the same story as on spursodyssey last night. This isn't an exclusive at all. The words are the same - I checked again because I could not believe you were claiming this as your exclusive, and everyone on yur believes you.

Anonymous said...

Your story is precisely why I have defended Jol - not out of blind loyalty but because he was clearly only partially responsible for the poor results at best.It looks like we're getting Ramos now - he'll face a challenging task in building up player morale which has been so badly battered by events.After that he'll face the same conundrum as Jol, namely how to manage a team when you have the responsibility to get results but not the power to buy in or get rid of who you think fit.Commoli's role clearly needs to be downgraded-even Arsenal were apparently surprised by his rise at Spurs.Personally, I think it's Commoli who should have gone!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
I'm sorry but that is complete rubbish. Whoever sent you that Harry is pulling your leg.

Bullshit...I DO actaully know poeple who where in that room and I doi actually know that what Harry says is intrinsically correct.
The dressing room is NOT a happy place and theones who ought to be out on theor backsides are Levy and Commoli.....NOT Jol.
As previously stated,he paid for the fuckups of others.

Vinny said...

Very interesting article. It's suprising though as I had tried to justify to myself that debacle of a performance was because the players knew of the sacking beforehand.

So if it was kept secret before the game by Jol, that was at least very professional and admirable of him not to let on to the players before a game, fair play to him on that one. Shame on the players for playing like that when Jol's job was on the line. But at the end of the day, Jol has to take the blame for that part, and were the players really 100% confident in his tactics and management with a performance like that?

And what ever Jol blasted Levy about man to man after this was all done is ok, it's only normal if he had some balls to have a go before leaving, shows he at least had passion for his job, I would be surprised if he wouldn't have to be honest. However the bottom line is this is about FOOTBALL RESULTS...and the results simply were not good enough.

I also don't believe that he didn't have any say in the Jenas, Zokora and Bent transfers. To the contrary, it was his blind faith in Jenas as his no.1 midfield general, never dropping him when he played countless below par games which contributed heavily towards costing him his job.

In his defence midfield generals in the mould of Essien, Gerrard, Roy Keane are very hard to come by, very expensive (25+ million quid) and consequently to not being many of them around have their pick of champions league teams alla Owen Hargreaves for example, unless you include others that have been available like Yaya Toure(pre Monaco and Barca), Gareth Barry (when he was unsettled at Villa) or Joey Barton (questionable attitude and a gamble whether he will make a top class midfield general at a larger club than Citeh), which to fair equates to little availability of viable midfield alternatives even though I feel at least Toure and Barry would strengthened us at little cost.

I suppose once we had so many midfielders at some point it did not make financial or footballing sense to keep overturning our midfielders season after season, so Jol had to stop somewhere and play with what he had. Even though 5 million was then paid on a kid who is not ready for Premiership football at a time we needed to make a strong impact to challenge for a top 4 spot, questionmarks have to be asked to whoever was responsible there!.

I don't believe that Jol had nothing to do with any of the signings bar Bale, he has to take part of the blame for that and there have been some stinkers - Raziak, Mido (although that was a tough one to call), Ghaly, Murphy, Lee Pyo (not the top left back we need), Assou-Ekotto (have to admit smells more of Commoli in this case), Richardo Rocha, and again I don't believe he never sanctioned the Jenas, Zokora signings for one second.

Even worse than the midfield this season who fail to ever protect the defence is the defence itself (what defence?), with schoolboy error after schoolboy error. Simply inexcusable, and Jol's summisation after the Newcastle game saying "They have to cut out the rubbish", just isn't good enough in my book. You can just imagine any team who play us having a laugh in the dressing room about how easy the Spurs defence get's beaten time and time again in the air, bad one to one marking and a general lack of cohesion, it's been a complete farce so far and Ledley being out can't be the excuse because he was out for most of last season too... so whats gone wrong Jol?!

Anyway on Ramos, I just feel a lot better that a replacement is being brought in sooner rather than later than having to endure the rest of the season under a caretaker who's inexperienced and also knows they're not there for the long run.

To begin with In the signing players department I am excited at what Ramos may bring, with his and his staff's added knowledge of players beyond the usual obvious ones that we usually seem to look at in the Premiership and Ligue 1.

We need to do our best to at least secure a UEFA spot this season, any less is not good enough and will backstep our progress.

Onwards and upwards my fellow yiddens!!!

P.S. Harry..."an expensive Derby"!...let's just hope we don't become an expensive Getafe...;0).

Anonymous said...

jol has come out on several occasions and said he has final say on players even saying he'd never work under those conditions and what manager would! This is just clutching at straws now and getting silly,if the fans carry on with this shit too long they are in danger of causing more shit for spurs than needed, the press are having a field day with this shit at the mo and we need to move on as quickly as possible ,we got an important game tommorrow and we really need the points,lets show we are spurs fans first and cheer the boys on as i know we can

Anonymous said...

Whilst BMJ may have had "input" on incoming players,he was denied a significant few that he felt were crucial to bring in.He was operating with one hand tied behind his back.Believe what you want to believe people.WhatI'm saying is stone cold fact.
Thye same fate will await Ramos..that is the board deciding who comes and who goes..unless he absolutely stipulated a ahnds off policy as a condition of him joining the club.I doubt it.
By the end of the season all will see that the problem WAS NOT BMJ.The problem was and remains the Spurs board.

Anonymous said...

you wasnt saying this at the start of the season tho! Is mj himself writing this stuff coz its like listening to him, so let me get this straight if a player was a good signing it was jol if not commoli?if the team played well it was jol if not it was the players? always want ya cake and eat it eh? any 50 or 60 yr old man that wears a baseball cap should be sacked imo lol

Harry Hotspur said...

Abie - I can't comment on Spurs Odyssey lot as I don't have access to their forum. Maybe my guy stole from them...

But is it inconceivable that he supplied both of us with the same story? Or are the Odyssey boys claiming to have been in the dressing room?? If they are, I will credit them as being the source. Gladly so.

As I have stated several times in the past I don't have access to their forum. I read a reserve match report once, had a pop at the writer for making a smug remark about a relatively unknown player who's on **** all money, just trying to build his career.. on NewsNow of all places. Ended up having the SO owner on here giving it Larry Large. Challenged me for using the HH name. Told him he'd have to get in the queue, I was also being sued for trading as Father Christmas.


I got an email this morning - well about 1am and having weighed up the information found it credible enough to run it.

All I will say is that I genuinely don't care where information comes from just so long as it's good.

Mercenary? Suppose I am.
I DON'T get 'paid per click'.
But I DO share.

Why should information be in the hands of some and not all?

That's cobblers. We're all fans and if I inadvertantly put a few noses out of joint I make ZERO apology for it.

Anonymous said...

any 50 or 60 yr old man that wears a baseball cap should be sacked imo lol

Hold on a second.That rule sould be for 45 and aboves who wear a baseball cap AND have ponytail ( ( bald guys with grey pony tails get the death penalty).You left out the key element to the whole thing.

Anonymous said...

true ,i stand corrected!

brian said...

For 2 years BMJ got us to to number 5 in the league - the first year with a bit more luck it could have been number 4. Each of those seasons didn't start well either - this year after 10 games he is a crap coach - just happens to be the best we've had for 20 years - I can only think that most of the comments here come from board members or Commolli in disguise!!!
Martin Jol had more integrity in his little finger than the whole board put together - he might have been too nice sometimes but I'd rather have seen him given a longer time at the helm rather that treat him the way the board did. Dog and others who seem to condone the actions of our directors may feel differently if they were the one on the receiving end!!
People will forget what you say…………

they may forget what you do..……………

but they wont forget how you made
them feel !!!!!!!!!
I thank BMJ for giving us hope when there was none - I wont forget how he made me feel - proud to be an honest Spurs fan rather than the ashamed feeling I have now!

Anonymous said...

Fanshy a shmoke and a pancake

Anonymous said...

For fuck sake get over it now. Get behind Clive Allen and if he comes get behind Ramos too

Anonymous said...

Nobody said they weren't going to get behind whoever is in charge.People are rightfully venting their spleen.Show me one person who said they weren't going to back the interim or new manager.

Harry Hotspur said...

I don't care if these Jol & Hughton fans do decide to get a hate on for Ramos.

They're dellusionals who clearly have emotional issues that transcend being able to look at the facts.

Which is: our highest league position THIS SEASON under the FORMER management was when the league was in ALPHABETICAL ORDER.

Anyway, gotta go Kemsley's hanging off my doorbell and we're heading up West to get some brasses and a Ruby...

Anonymous said...

Lets get it straight, everyone loved MJ but as in all relationships love aint always enough.

MJ has made the same mistakes this season as he made the last, we have lost a number of ponts and high profile games because of tactics and substitutions he made, and dont forget he may have been our most succsessfull coach for years but he also had more money to spend than ANY COACH IN OUR HISTORY.

It is impossible to judge Commoli until a number of his young signings come through and prive if they are good enough, ask yourself would our season have been any worse if some game time had been given to the Tarrabats and Boatangs in our squad rather than going back to playes Like tanio who MJ never seemed to learn IS NOT A WINGER.

Why do the same people who say "MJ should not have been sacked" question why he keeps playing players who are not up to it like Jenas???

You can blame the board all you like, but EVERY board does things like that behind the scenes, the only difference is ours got caught doing it.

Im sure Ramos will identify players he wants and ensure he gets them, maybe MJ was too nice for his own good in many respects (nice guys finish last does have a ring of truth to it)

Finally i dont care who is in charge the bottom line is i want Spurs to win, to climb the table to challenge for things if MJ had to go for that to happen so be it lets give Ramos all the support we got. Bottom line is COYS.


Anonymous said...

we should start a smear campaign on Comolli he has been sent to us on A mission to destroy Tottenham from the inside The bast,,d was with Arsenal for 7 years hes gotta be Dodgey. GET HIM OUT!! GET HIM OUT!!

Anonymous said...

Yes thats it commoli is a super spy sent to infiltrate and destroy from whithin! I bet you think that mi5 are monitering your broadband usage and aliens send you sublimanal messages through your tv! I never knew spurs had as many drama queen fans as this, unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

and on the subject of gooners at the Lane everyones saying Jols been or best manager for 20 yrs well Im sorry he may not have been into fancy football but didnt George Graham do a good job for us? no losses up till christmas and I actually went to see Tottenham win a cup at Wembley and lose onr at Cardiff Levy got in Hoddle we didnt need Hoddle we needed stability I am a true Yid what I want is stability and us challenging for things... we sould have stuck with GG GOONER OR NOT HE WAS REBUILDING US.

elk said...

8.31 Are you for real? Yeah let's implode. F**k Off.

Anonymous said...

And Gus Poyet? Is he menat to be a glorified interpreter ( basically)???

Anonymous said...

You Mock me!!!
your a reverse conspiracy conspirator trying to make us think we are not being internally combusted, I bet your'e one of those Arsenal Lizard People David Ike warned me about and stop trying to track my Ip address Bast,,d

Anonymous said...

For all those people saying that a director of football does not work I ask you to look at a small club in Italy called AC Milan who have had this in place for over 20 years.

Yeah it is a new system to English football but everyone seems to forget that Chelsea have exactly the same system.
Enough of that now and I think enough of Jol and the way he was treated. Now that Ramos has officially been appointed I hope that everyone gives him the support that Jol received from the fans. At the end of the day we all want success at the lane and I just don't think BMJ (and I love the fella) wasn't going to be able to take us that extra step.

Harry Hotspur said...

bty - well said.

These romantics are giving me a migraine. You'd think Jol was a blood relative.

Am I a cold Alan B'Stard MP for having supported Jol, but yet being bright enough to see his limitations and want MORE for our club?

I started supporting Spurs for a whole load of daft reasons.

None of which were that hopefully twenty years on that a decent manager would come along and go so bad on us that we'd be fighting a relegation battle BEFORE Christmas with the (potentially) best squad in......... twenty years.

Get behind SPURS lads.

You never know, you may ENJOY IT.

As as Post Script...

I'd love one of the bleeding hearts to give me not a Top Ten but even a Top Five of high profile managers getting the boot and it being done in a nice gentlemanly manner?

It doesn't generally happen. There is generally an injured party.
It is rarely the club doing the firing. Fired managers tend not to be undeserving of the boot.

HH is a nasty man.

Let's get him.

Anonymous said...

Elk no need for language son you cunt!! dont you realise that we keep changing manager and nothing is changing, Ya fucking blind I dont give a shit about Arsenal I just wanna see Tottenham on an even keal and us building a dynasty do we realise the gooners you lot worry about and spend so much time chanting about have had almost 3 generations of winners Arsens lot being only 1 Ya idiot

Anonymous said...

He's in, 4 years, the fitness coach is in as well and Poyet will be announced tomorrow

dog said...

re Brians comments.. I do respect everything Jol did and I am afraid I have nothing against Levy/ENIC. You guys say where were we before BMJ? Well without ENIC/Levy we would not have had the money for the squad now and so we wouldnt even be having this discussion as would still be 8th to 12th. And we definitely wouldnt be able to attract/afford someone of the calibre of Ramos. Period. Martin Jol did a very good job and took as to 5th twice and yes he is a very very nice guy but as the club moves forward we need to make changed to put us in the top 4 and not be 'best of the rest' Let's thank Martin, give him his 4-5 quid whatever and fkng stop talking about how we got into this situation and get behind Ramos / Levy and move on. We can't go back in time... probably just aswell or we'd all be stuck in 1981/84/87/91 with loads of hairgel and Farras! Come on you spurs. Let's make Ramon welcome!!

elk said...

Anonymous 9.06 Where you come from do they put the kettle on? Engerlish?

Harry Hotspur said...

Go on the dog!

keith said...

to jimb and the other none believers [ie armchair supporters]
bent was brought by our sporting director the only one approved by jol was bale other 2 were for the future bent was not wanted dick head!! carrick was sold because kemsley and comoli told levy they could get a player as good carrick for third of the price and cheaper wages because they refused him a pay rise therefore levy was conned as well. Its all the anti jol just believe wats in the daily[anti-spurs since the arse sugar]mirror
jol was undermined but loved the club and supporters the team still needs players in midfield malbranque,jenas,tanio, and huddlestone [needs to lay of the wieghts] so jol done brilliant to get us to fifth with that rubbish he won 43 more any other tottenham premiership manager fact but u lot dont see that STAND UP FOR MARTIN JOL AND KEEP DOING IT TO PISS OFF LEVY WE WILL STILL SUPPORT THE TEAM ON SUNDAY THE SAME AS I DID LAST THURS AT SPURS AND ON MONDAY AT NEWCASTLE SO WE LOST BUT I WILL STILL GO IVE BOOKED ISRAEL AND BELGIUM EVEN WITH 1 WIN IN TEN
we will move on but dont ask people to get over it your dont seam to be proper supporters [spurs] if u dont feel for jol
and wats happened and levy making our club look like idiots it will take along time to get over this

Anonymous said...

I bet you think that mi5 are monitering your broadband usage

You don't think that someone is?? MAybe not by Mi5 but make no mistake about it,whatever we do is monitored.For real

Anonymous said...

Was Jol managing all along with one arm tied behind his back?

If Ramos wants a leftwinger or a midfield captain, will Comolli get him one?

If so; why did we ever employ Jol at all?

If not; why employ anyone as manager other than Comolli?

Anonymous said...

I hope Ramos is a success otherwise the bleeding hearts will be yours... Stop trying to gloss over that the board have fcuked up this season with their undermining of Jol. The whole affair has been an utter shambles &risks being so again...Ramos will have no more control than Jol... plus ca change Mr Commoli etc..

Anonymous said...

Harry & the Dog,

Do you believe Ramos will turn Jenas, Zokora, Bent, Malbranque, Thud, Tainio, Lennon, Dawson, Gardener and Robbo into class acts and any one of them into a left winger, quality playmaker or inspirational captain?

Anonymous said...

Here's a question lads. Is there anybody who would be unhappy to see Jol sitting in the crowd at the lane tomorrow afternoon? It wouldn't surprise me and it would do the Big Man's legacy absolute wonders. I honestly think he might turn up. Discuss. And that means you too Harold.

Ze Prince

Anonymous said...

Keith, 1) im no arm chair fan 2)did you have tears in your eyes when you was writng that?3 if you are going to carry on singing stand up for mj forever more then its you that should stay away from the lane, surely you must understand how that would be counter productive for the team? why dont you wait til jol gets a new team then support them? He was treated badly but hey he treated defoe and others badly all season,but that was ok, he's a big boy and minted too so stop worrying your little self about it and for the love of spurs MOVE ON
What team dya think allen will pick tommorrow boys?

Anonymous said...

Was Jol managing all along with one arm tied behind his back?

Not so much managing with one arm tied behind his back so much,but his bringing in certain players was hampered by Comoli.Comoli was responsible for a very overpriced Bent.( for example)

If Ramos wants a leftwinger or a midfield captain, will Comolli get him one?
My take is is that Ramos will get what he wants,providing Comoli wants the player as well ( and they can get the player of course)
If so; why did we ever employ Jol at all?
To manage what the board brought in??? Dunno
If not; why employ anyone as manager other than Comolli?

You may well ask!!!!

dog said...

Harry & the Dog,

Do you believe Ramos will turn Jenas, Zokora, Bent, Malbranque, Thud, Tainio, Lennon, Dawson, Gardener and Robbo into class acts and any one of them into a left winger, quality playmaker or inspirational captain?

I must admit I'm not a fan of Jenas, Zokora or Gardener... Doesn't mean I would boo them or not support them though. As for the others; hopefully given the right coaching and formation and time they will do well! No, I don't think he'll turn Jenas or Zokora into a glorious playmaker/leader but he prob wont be able to turn copper into gold either but given time and his coaching method and new signings. I'm sure the club will go forward. Playing Jenas and Zokora as a pair CLEARLY didn't work and Jol would try to change it after 59-61 minutes in most matches. Standing up and cheering for Martin Jol throughout matches in the future is just a bit pointless surely? Why dont you sing about being in Burkinshaws army aswell?

Harry Hotspur said...

"Is there anybody who would be unhappy to see Jol sitting in the crowd at the lane tomorrow afternoon? It wouldn't surprise me and it would do the Big Man's legacy absolute wonders. I honestly think he might turn up. Discuss. And that means you too Harold."

Here's my reply.

Legacys are best constituted by results, often by emotion rarely by sympathy.

BMJ sat in the crowd? I give him more self respect.

Why don't you?

Anonymous said...

Jenas's tenure under the new chap will be brief if he don't get his act together sharpish. All Good.

Anonymous said...


Why don't I give Jol more self-respect? I think he's a top chap with bags of self-respect.

Tactics and managerial record aside, he's a Spurs fan. There's no reason why he shouldn't be there, other than the fact he would have to pay for a ticket and hence give Messrs Levy etc his cash.

But would there be any better way of giving the board two fingers than standing amongst the fans watching the team?

The way you replied to my question was as if you never expect to see him at the Lane again.

Over to you Mr Bishop.

Ze Prince

Anonymous said...

how is jol turning up good for spurs? your a fucking idiot mate ,what do you really want out of all this?

Harry Hotspur said...

Ze Prince,

Have to echo the sentiments of the anon post after your last.

Where exactly ARE you going with this, mate?

If you feel the urge to 'out stauch all of us' and go and follow BMJ in his new job, wherever it may be, that's cool by me.

But this 'clutching at the memory' routine isn't even admirable. Frankly it's wierd.

He wasn't exactly sacked for stealing, but he was dumped for f**king us into the relegation zone with mindless tactics etc.

Also, it is now widely confirmed as per my chap's report above that he told Levy to #### himself, so I really don't expect to see him at WHL ever again.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dog,

Thanks for your reply. I personally wouldn't sing Berkinshaw or Jol dittys tomorrow(maybe you're confusing me with someone else?).
But I notice you wrote: "given time and his[Ramos'] coaching method and new signings".

It's not clear whether you meant that his coaching and 'his' new signings or his coaching of Comolli's new signings will take us forward. I'm not sure that any manager could take Comolli's squad into the top 4. I suspect that players chosen by Ramos would stand a better chance but will that happen? Top 4 means a top 4 squad of players. I'm not at all convinced Comolli can deliver. The past two years of purchases certainly don't suggest he can.

I appreciate Jol had his failings. What I don't understand is why Comolli gets off scot free? Does he really think that with a better manager, having no left winger or playmaker is acceptable? Or does he think we already have them at the club?

With so much expectation placed on Ramos by Comolli & the board, it will be interesting to see where the fingers are pointed if things don't go as well as is hoped.

Anonymous said...

"I am looking forward to meeting the players; it is a squad any coach would be excited to work with . I genuinely believe that there is the potential to achieve great things together." Juande Ramos.
Bet you wernt to pissed off at the start of the season with the squad eh mate?all of a sudden they are total crap you need to slap yourself coz you are hysterical!you have listened to jol for too long!

Anonymous said...

Jol's appearance at WHL would be very disruptive to the team and I don't believe he would want that just to spite Levy. Nothing about his time at the club suggests he has that sort of character. It would look petulent and childish. Much like the tone of the post which suggested he should be there.

Anonymous said...

Rumour has it that Ramos will turn up for the first game via the underground ...WITH A TICKET HE BOUGHT HIMSELF.
IS this a bad omen??

Anonymous said...

his english is coming on nicely, he knows how to say'fish n chips'
and ' on the head' perfect.

spursguv said...

this is rubbish. spurs have been labouring for some time now and articles like this have a detremental effect on the club. jol got treated poorly, but in the end he just didn't have what it takes to lead this club to greater things. there's no way any club who want top footy can afford to win one in 11 games at the start of the season. the sytem is crap aye? well we had our two top finishes under this system and it only went down hill when jol did. jol signed bale? what about the article of jol complaining yet again (he did a lot of it, unlike santini who just left) quote 'i want petrov we got bale'? jol knew the system, knew what was required and couldn't deliver. he did get short thrift i'm sad about that but i doubt jol will ever have to work again pocketing his 4 million quid, poor bugger. i cant see the top 4 clubs accepting this type of acheivement in fact benitez is under pressure coz pool are outside top 4! chelsea, arsenal,madrid,barca,psv,ajax etc use a dof (differing varients)it's not the system that sucks! it requires balance and team work to make it efficient ( eg, wenger and dein). thankfully ramos has comollis and the boards backing. has stated who he wants so they're working in unison. but dont expect there to be lots of love when things go wrong because it's deliver or go. just like any other system. ie sammy lee at bolton and countless other managers over the years. i'm glad this board is tough and want success. i'm not happy about jols treatment but he should have resigned when the ramos thing came up. there was only one outcome and nothing since then has done anyone any good. continuing to whinge after jol has gone does nothing for THFC. COYS

Anonymous said...


You really MUST stop nicking stiff from other people's web sites (and this was on a private message board) for your own glorification.

You're just a "web thief" mate

sydney wale said...

Spursguv is a conduit for the universal power of positive thinking! Jol is gone and Ramos is the new manager. Why pick over sentimental bones when there are fresh pickings from Seville. It all got a bit Lionel (Messy) towards the end for Jol but let's look to the future with a coach who is rated as one of the best around.

Vinny said...

This is all getting a bit silly.

"Jol turning up and sitting in the crowd"...big fucking deal, why don't we make one of those "escape to victory" type films with MJ as one of those nearly heros never quite to be a winner, but adored by people and while we're at it make one of Frank Bruno and dramatise is it making him a hero too (ok he's a wife beater so that won't happen) but get my drift?

The real winners are the Lennox Lewis' and the Bill Nicholsons of this world. Now these guys were winners and should be rightfully the people we will always remember throughout time. In 5 years time Jol will be a forgotten man...why?...cos he never won a thing or to be more fair looked like having the know how to make us more than a Uefa cup side which is very respectable, but not the ultimate or most brilliant achievement we it?.

The problem at Tottenham is due to the last 20 years, this concept of winning has become a little bit alien to us, so many of us have kind of become included, that's why when we came 5th the first time round, it really felt like we had won the bloody premiership...silly I know. But then under the guise of progressing it is only natural that the board and us the fans want more, i.e. to move onto the next stage which in our case is competing in the champions league, well I do anyway.

So fair enough MJ got us a respectable 5th again last year, but with the added squad strengthening at the beginning of the season, most of us would be lying to say we didn't expect to be challenging for top 4 or if not at the very least be lurking just behind and maintain our "best of the rest" title, giving the top 4 teams a better game than the crap we gave against Arsenal etc.

Now, last season we came from behind to make top 5 again, with a bit of luck I may add as all the other teams Bolton, Everton, Blackburn were messing up at a critical stage. But this season under the circumstances of other teams having strengthened pre-season, with a lot less money than us I may add, and with teams like Portsmouth, Everton, City, Villa, Blackburn all playing good quality football, it already looks like the same thing wouldn't happen again this season under the guidance of Jol and especially given the way we're playing football at the moment it looks more likely we would finish mid-table and out of Europe, which under the current ambitions, investment and progress and we have made is now unacceptable. Why should we expect less?...that's what makes the "top" clubs what they are, they expect a reasonable level of success, so why should a mid-table finish and a relegation battle if we weren't careful be acceptable for us?

This "nearly men"...phenomenon really pisses me off. I want a piece of the real success, The scum have had it, United have had it, Liverpool have had their fair share in recent decades and a champions league 1st and 2nd finish. NOW WHY SHOULDN'T WE, THE FAMOUS TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR HAVE SOME OF THAT???

I'm pissed off with rival scum, scouse, manc or chav supporters, whatever they maybe with that smug look on their face seeing our promise to get into the top 4 fall flat on our faces and look like the same old Tottenham. Especially when they patronise us saying "yeah you should stick with Jol, he got you into the Uefa cup a team like you should be happy with that bla di bla"...bollocks!

Don't get me wrong I love MJ as I've said many times for making those rival supporters think twice of the way they perceive Tottenham again for the first time in 20 years and get us European action again with the UEFA. But these days with the top 4 of all the top football countries being in the champions league, how much of an achievement is it to be in that competition except to confirm you're anywhere from about the 20th to 50th best team in Europe?...cos approximately 20 of the best teams are playing in the champions league for fuck sake! Don't get me wrong I would love us to win the UEFA all the same, beggars can't be choosers n all, although that saying undermines this great glorious club, but any silverware is welcome these days, I even took pleasure out of us winning the Peace cup that is a bit sad, which proves my point of how us Spurs supporters have been starved of the point where we're like an Ethiopian getting to eat a Kentucky kids colonel meal at xmas, which is nothing like the real turkey disrespect to Ethiopians or Kentucky lovers intended that is!...:o).

Anyway all that to say everyone knows it's the champions league where all the action and the glory is, and I want to be seeing our beloved Tottenham there. IS THERE SOMETHING WRONG WITH MY LOFTY DREAMS??? or should I be dragged in to the street, kicked, whacked, shot and then stoned for good measure...actually don't bother with the latter, I'm not into drugs ;0).

I suspect there will always be a variety of opinions on this;

The far left Jolists will tell me I'm a cunt (excuse my Spanish)and that the 2 times we have finished 5th place should suffice for the next 20 years, and Jol should get at least 100 years to achieve a champions league spot with all the current improvement in medicine n all that.

The far right anti-jolists...which consists of "Jolsgonemental" only I think lol ;0), will look to team up with me thinking I would make a great budding Mussolini and we should consider invading and wiping out Holland. Personally I'm not in favour of this as wiping out all those lovely prostitutes in Amsterdam, not to mention no more of those wild stag parties would be like cancelling xmas...:0).

Then there will be the guys in the middle of the spectrum, I consider myself to be one of these...Harry, the Dog, Bty, Ze Prince (sorry if I missed any)etc who typify this group as people who love Tottenham first BEFORE the big loveable guys that manage us. Then again as I've always said, this game is all about opinions and everyone is entitled to theirs...there you go I would make a shit Mussolini with an attitude like that!

Yeah we are only human, and I for one would love to have a beer with a bloke like MJ, I bet he's a riot when he's pissed, that interview with him that Harry put up on here was great, looks like he's got a great sense of humour and is a genuine warm character, fuck I would invite him and his missus round for dinner anytime and even cook him my best pasta! and if uncle Martin does turn up to watch the Blackburn game, fair play to him we always knew he loved the club like each and everyone of us...and he may well be able to afford a season ticket or 2...:0).

But strictly in terms of Tottenham Hotspur's future footballing success it ended right there as from Thursday night and just the same as there are many great characters amongst us in terms of being warm, friendly, funny and sharing of an undying passion for Tottenham it still doesn't mean that we should manage the team at the end of the day does it?...although sometimes we would all love to think we could do, most us football fans do, which is why the "Fantasy football leagues" are so successful, not to mention we don't own a UEFA coaches badge like our Martin does lol...and personally I can't even manage the running of my bath tap properly, that's why I get my missus to give me her tactics on that one...;o).

All joking aside,I'm sure MJ will go get another job and do well elsewhere, maybe in his native eredivisie with Ajax, which is far less competitive than the premiership, which is a completely different kettle of fish. In fact this is the toughest league in the world, requiring the toughest, most intelligent football managers to reach the top 4 and a place in the league of champions, no offence, for me and a few others MJ just fell a little short of being capable of mixing it with the very best.

We should have no fear, very shortly there will be a new man in the hot seat managing the super Spurs who will have his own chance of making history and giving us back the glory days we deserve and have longed for. At the same time with MJ's pain and misery being over now, this new man will now be accountable for steering the ship back on course to success from here onwards...i.e. MJ's reign was a nice, and definitely enjoyable piece of our history...gentlemen we have a new leader and are about to move on to our next destination.


Anonymous said...

fairplay vinny

Anonymous said...

We have more problems in the dressing room than a lack of confidence. A comment made by Keane following Jols departure....

'You would accept any slice of luck when you are impatiently awaiting an overdue victory......someone's backside or some sort of freak opening can get you going.'

Maldives Yid

Anonymous said...

Lennox Lewis fought for Canada in the Olympics.
That rules him out as a hero for me I'm afraid.

Anonymous said...


Managers come and go at the Lane, but you're as full of shit as ever.

More garbage from you to self promote yourself.

Harry Hotspur said...

12.34 Anon.
I can only refer you to my comments of 6.43.


08.37 Anon.
What a bitter little man you must be.

Would you rather I kept this type of stuff out of the 'public domain'???

DON'T click on here anymore then I can't upset you again, petal.

Anonymous said...

The King is dead, long live the King.


elk said...

Mr 8.37 'Managers come and go at the lane'.
Is that statement supposed to demonstrate some philosophical or intellectual insight? Harry might be full of sh*t but your a close second.

Anonymous said...

after 40 odd years of supporting spurs i thought i had experinced all the emotions possible.martin jol made me proud to be a yid he put pride back in to our football club.i like most of you felt the love and the pain of the manager the same passion he installed into the i feel ashamend a feeling iv never had before from 78 i sobbed my heart out but this feels worse.i wish martin and chris all the luck in the world
there better of out of it .ass for us back to hating the chairman and a sucssesion of hollywood managers back to reality.mark

Anonymous said...

Really thoughtful comments from Vinny there.Nice one.

onedavemackay said...

Guess I side with the majority view here that as loveable as the big guy is he had probably got us as far as he could. However, if it's true that this summer he asked for an experienced central defender, a top defensive midfielder and Petrov or some other wide left player and was ignored it suggests that a large part of our problems are still in the boardroom.

All that and the board's recent disgraceful behaviour gives me no confidence that they can give Ramos the support he will need.

Anonymous said...

I love Martin Jol, Martin Jol loves me. I love Martin Jol, Martin Jol loves me!

Top bloke!! It's been the best couple of years of football i've had the pleasure of watching in my 15 years as a season ticket holder.

Best of luck to you Martin. You're a legend!

Bring on Ramos and a new era...


Anonymous said...

When is a Harry Hotspur exclusive not an exclusive....when he STEALS it from a private forum.

Lying cheat!

Harry Hotspur said...

8.37 You really are a good example of a f*ckwit.

Spur Odious a gang of lackeys so far up their own arses they cannot read plain English.

I am NOT on OR INTERESTED IN your two bob forum.

However, nor do I feel the urge to check every piece of info I get in case you happen to have had it too in case you want to keep it a secret.

A private messageboard on the Internet?

Brillaint. I want one.

You people are deranged.