Sunday, October 28, 2007

Spurs Sell Out


That's right, all seats are gone for this afternoon's home tie against Blackburn Rovers!

Juande Ramos and Marcos Alvarez are all set to be the star attractions in many respects... 'guests of the Chairman and the board', if you please.

But what of today's team?

Clive Allen will be looking for a disaster free 90 minutes. I happen to hold him him in high regard and frankly am not nervous about today's result. Allen will pick the the strongest eleven based on what he's seen in the last few days of training. Based upon some godawful performances from certain players of recent times perhaps this will be a NEW selection process at WHL.

Be interesting to see if there is any discernible improvement in the loose cannon play of Chimbonda not to mention if Jenas* or Zokora start. I'd love to see him throw Taarabt on in the second half ;)

My selection then:


Chimbonda Dawson Kaboul Lee


Lennon Huddlestone Malbranque

Berbatov Keane

Subs: Alnwick, Stalteri, Taarabt Bent, Defoe.

*possibly injured.


Anonymous said...

thats why your the best HH. Nice hook in...
Seriously though would be interesting to see some of the younger and more enthusiastic players that Clive deals with more regularly get a go in front of a very expectant Spurs support.
Would be good to show Jenas and Berbie that their previoulsy guaranteed positions are now under genuine threat as those pictures they had of BMJ making love to a Dunkin Donut are of no use anymore!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Would stsrt with Defoe instead of Keane.


Anonymous said...

Think your probably right about the safe bet approach from CA, H but wouldn't be suprised to see him give the crowd whatthey want and put Defoe out initially. Tell him he's got 45 minutes and then he's off!

jimi jazz said...

agree with your lineup harry. i think tainio is going to play out of his skin tonight to try to prove himself to Ramos. ditto LYP. look for them to have big performances or at least energetic ones.

4 Ever Hopeful said...

This is a game we must not lose and frankly a point would do. Not sure of the fitness situations but I would try:





Anonymous said...

I just hope Jol packed Tainio in his bloody suitcase and took him with him. The guy is CRAP. First to go in january thats for sure. Ramos wont even give this bloke a go in the reserves!!

Anonymous said...

Jenas is shit, Ekotto injured.

Anonymous said...

I hope Dawson & Kaboul have improved in the last few days...- sticking Tainio in front of them may not be enough as Blackburn have got just the type of players to exploit our recnet defensive frailties.

Harry Hotspur said...

I'm not the best I'm a chancer.

Agree with the point in relation to our defensive frailties and Tainio...

not wanting to tempt fate here and we get done 0-4...

I really do believe that the shocking instruction that our boys were getting has now gone and things can only get better.


jimi jazz said...

As a yid, Tainio has performed at least as well as malbranque and huddlestone and better than zokora and bloody jenas.

Vinny said...

For me;


Chimbonda Kaboul Dawson Pyo

Lennon Zokora Tainio Malbranque

Berba Defoe

Just fancy Defoe for some reason over Keane today. He looked pretty sharp and Keane didn't do much when he came on as sub.

Zokora to bulk up the midfield a bit with another battler. Malbranque and Lennon are both capable enough of giving us some width.

defence picks itself from the best available players.

Bench - Keane, Bent,Hudds, , Stalteri, Alnwick.

My fellow Spurs brethren...the new era is about to commence!...Come on you Spurs!!

jolsgonemental said...

Tainio is indeed a shit winger, I have barely seen him play anywhere else so cant comment about his ability in his natural position.

He is just a workhorse, gets stuck in, no flair, safe passer, cant beat players for love or money. sort of sounds like the sort of player you would stick in front of your back four.

jolsgonemental said...

Not many words of appreciation for Mr Levy on here?

The ends will justify the means.

Putting his money where his mouth is and replacing a manager who has repeatedly come up short with a manager who has a proven track record over the last couple of years. What a bad, bad man!

We have been complaining about the coaching, or lack of, in training for weeks. And guess what, the training team have been booted out. The bastard!

Every new manager is a risk as is every player no matter what their previous. But it shows serious ambition surely? No guts no glory.

Why is that bad?

No one complained when we shipped Rasiak out and got Berbatov in.

Levy should be thanked whole heartedly.

Vinny said...

I think some people forget what life was like under stingy Sugar, even though I'm greatful he rescued us from financial shit.

Levy comnes along, invests good money on the squad but in a sound way that keeps the financial side of Tottenham still ticking over nicely...what a bad man indeed!

Then he has the gall to expect results...bastard's gone too far this time!!!

jolsgonemental said...

too true.

A chairman who has invested over 100m into the team.

Ripped apart the existign side he inherited and given us a squad of players who would wipe the floor with any other Spurs squad in the last 10-15 years.

pro active and single minded, not afraid of making big decisions and putting his money behind those decisions.

People are thinking with their bleeding little sentimental hearts not their logical heads.

Here is a man who is trying to put us into the Champions league and doing so with a fucking mad passion bordering on obsession. Maybe its too much to ask and unrealistic, maybe we will fall flat on our faces and fuck up big time, but fuck me, at least he is going for it.

We have signed up one of the most sought after manaers in World football who has done wonders in the last few years and paid a small fortune to do it. Not the act of someone looking to screw up our club is it?

Keep a man just because he loves the club? Ridiculous. Just look at Chris Hughton.

Anonymous said...

I agree to an extent with jgm about Levy but the manner in which he and his wide-boy cronies have gone about this entire episode is nothing less than a disgrace.

It's been said a thousand times that managers will get the sack at some point...usually AFTER a spell of poor results. That meeting with Ramos what seems like an age ago now signed Jol's death warrant. Yeah he's selection and substitutions and treatment of Taarabt in particular has been perplexing, but at the same time he HAS 'delivered' for Spurs in the past and so deserves some respect...

That said Jol's Gone. Let's all get behind Ramos and the teams..

Come on You Spurs:





Anonymous said...

no clean sheet again, good good.

Anonymous said...

Jol In, Jol In, Jol In.

Anonymous said...

New era my arse. Same old, same old - Stalteri, Tainio, Defoe and Bent on the bench, no sign of any of the young flair players, go in front only for the defence to balls it up at the end. Did Jol give Allen the team sheet and instructions for today's game on Thursday night? Allen might have scored 49 goals in a season but he can't manage - thank God he won't have to 'caretake' for the rest of the season.

Anonymous said...

Someone is getting an arsekicking tomorrow, Ramos wont take this kind of capitulation, when you take the lead, you dont take your foot off the pedal. At Vallecano he went to 10 men on purpose because they took their foot off the pedal. He wont take this kind of performance. And the finishing today was crap.

Anonymous said...

By the way, if Spurs hadnt conceded any injury time goals this year, we'd be 12th.

Jimi Jazz said...

Spurs are gangrenous. Ramos has got a huge task to stop the rot that is happening in our defense and midfield right now. Total lack of control. Let this season be a bloody lesson for the future.

Anonymous said...

So, tell me, will you let Berbatov go now?

You'll lose money, because in the Summer he was worth a lot, and I told ya he would be shit after two months this season.
But ir's better do it quickly, before Ramos turns into a flop too.

See? I 'm only trying to help ya.


Anonymous said...

u didnt say he'd be shit, u said hed leave, nobber.

Harry Hotspur said...

Easy to have a pop at Allen.

My only bug would be that he oughtt o have thrown Defoe and Taarabt on with 20 minutes to go. If you're gonna put your hat in the ring, then get on and do it.

I thought we played brightly enough. No two ways about it

Mountain to climb blah blah blah...

Our possession was good and we went close to getting a second a number of times. I KNOW that isn't good enough, but the new regime will start Wednesday with a few nerves settled against Blackpool.

I thought we DID defend better this time out. Our shape was better and their IS hope.

YES the ball went in again in extra time, but both goals were, in their own ways nightmarish to defend.

jolsgonemental said...

yeah yeah allen should have stopped weeks of decline in the space of a couple of days.

is it too much to ask for him to draft in a whole new squad and new tactics and maybe installd some resiliance during his three day tenure?

jolsgonemental said...

the scary thing is, for the majority of the match he probably DID make a better job of it.

League season was over before this game. Get over yourselves.

Keane apart, every player has regressed in the last year or so its going to take time to get proper coaching installed and the decline turned around.

Anonymous said...

Whats the immediate priority for training? Shoring up the defence from set pieces? defence from open play, the midfield creativity and basic passing, or finishing practice which has been terrible.
Ramos is a great coach, this is going to be the making of him though.

Anonymous said...

The real reason why we are rubbish is:

* Not organised like Blackburn in banks of 4-4-2. We simply did not at any stage keep any shape. That is why we are easy to breakdown

* Huddlestone too chubby and lacks pace

* Zokora cannot defend

* Berbatov looks like he does not care

* Keane having to do do two jobs at the same time i.e helping out the ineffective midfield when he should be up front,

* No real width

* Leey Young all right foot, and therefore not good enough at left back.

* Comilo - should have been sacked for bringing in payers either not ready or not good enough!!!

frontwheel said...

HH, how can you say our shape was better when Kaboul thinks he's an attacking midfielder?

Don't get me wrong, great prospect but lets hope Juande bollocks him into keeping position. Similar for Chimbo at times.

Well done Steeeeeed, good game. Should've shot when you had the chance midway second half.

Well done Lennon, at times. Just learn to shout when you want the ball. One can't hear waving arms from behind oneself.

Well done Berba, good workrate. Looks like you've stopped sulking now.

Oh and I wish we had sold out. I had a spare ticket & couldn't give it away.

jolsgonemental said...

its comollis fault? you dick.

all our problems stem from disorganisation and bad tactics.

get a grip on reality. we have the squad to be at the top end of the table, we can chop and change personel all day long but if we cant play like a proper team it wont make any difference.

frontwheel said...

Oh yeah, can't make my mind up about thudd.

I think he's improving and he's not as slow as his detractors make out. (I think that's an optical illusion due to bulk - like when you're driving to the airport, the low flying planes look slow...)

Thing is though, someone needs to tell him he can't pass long range for shit.

Anonymous said...
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Harry Hotspur said...


You're probably right about the shape thing. I am losing patience with Chimbonda game by game. He's actually in Lennon's way more often than not.

I don't see him as the killer ball into the box and his one twos with Lennon are frequently pointless.

But did feel that Kaboul was a just bit more reigned in today, there was a point where he was 'in their half' after a move, there was a throw, and Keane came over to take it - Kaboul reversed back in his own half.

Kaboul has a huge throw, but if and when an attack goes belly up, we're left with our defensive pants down.

Harry Hotspur said...

And I'm in two minds over Hudd n'all.

'The big slow tag' doesn't strike me as accurate either. He does need to be deployed correctly though. He's another player who swift one twos only work with if the ball is pinging forward in diagonals.

The 'to you, to me, to you' stuff does actually make him look like a statue repeating the same pass.

I've cracked it.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Jol was shit
Berbo is rotten
Ramos will stink


you cannot stop a curse


Anonymous said...

And nobber

I never say Berba would leave

I said he would stay and rot

now he wants to leave
but he's rotten already

told ya