Sunday, October 28, 2007

Tottenham Hotspur vs Blackburn Rovers HIGHLIGHTS

Here's all three goals.

Cheers, kostasyan for the fast work!


Anonymous said...

Jol not singing, Jol not singing, Jol not singing anymore.....

Anonymous said...

two freak goals,very unlucky not to lose

Anonymous said...

hold on... we did bloody lose... idiot!

Anonymous said...

freak goals? that's what you call class man! both of 'em, quality, something i don't think you get to see much down there much... unless u try the emirates maybe :)

Anonymous said...

I cant afford the air fare to the Emirates

Anonymous said...

100% Losing Record? Not good enough, Ramos Out! COYS!

Anonymous said...

It's ALLEN OUT! mate.

Anonymous said...

Despite it being a cloudy day over N17 another set of clouds seems to be lifting. The farcical end of Jol's tenure as Spurs coach befitted the absurd drama that preceded it. Yes, his treatment by the board appeared shoddy, but I for one feel a huge sense of relief now that the whole destabilising affair is over and Ramos has arrived.

Jol's removal was never going to be neat, damage-free and without personal hurt. Top football clubs are based on the capitalist model - consumption and profit. The dip in form could not be allowed to continue without someone - the team leader - being made publicly accountable. Huge amounts of money are invested in the game. Confidence in the venture must be maintained or re-established if it's to succeed or even continue. Fact of business life. Sentiments at Jol's torment are laudable, but it can't be had both ways. It's a comfortable, family- and community-orientated club; or it's an upwardly mobile project in the Premiership and Champions League with financial resonsibilities and liabilities.

Today saw an NFL game played at Wembley - not my cup of tea, but evidence of sport going more and more global. How will the future be? Premiership matches played in the States? It's not impossible. If it's going to happen we need to be prepared for it. The past few weeks at Spurs will seem like a fight in a fish and chip shop compared to the wheeling and dealing to come in the globalised sporting village of the 21c.

Now that Ramos is new head honcho, what should our realistic expectations be? That's expections, not aspirations (I aspire to Spurs winning four competitions this season but that's no more likely than Spurs being coached by a Dutch uncle... Errr, maybe I should rephrase that...). So, expectations...

Uncertainty over the new coach will at least make players respectful. A little fear and awe will do them no disfavours. No team place is granted. The slate is clean. There are no precedents and no one is first in the queue. All have to impress. All have to declare their job description and explain why they should be allowed to continue doing it (eg, Jenas: "I'm an attacking midfielder." Ramos: "Oh, really?").

Player fitness to increase. Reaction times, speed of thought, balance, poise - all to improve. Pies to be banned.

Sure to improve. No more left side, right side, in my lady's chamber.

To improve immensely. Any improvement on zero is immense.

To improve for so many reasons. New coach, effective new club, new opportunities. Renewed interest in the game, in own and colleagues' abilities and potentials. Engaging training-sessions. Remember what Kanoute said? - Jol's training methods were boring. Interest and engagegement increases incentive to work. Pity a quarter of the season has already gone, but hey, this is Spurs, and where would we be without a crisis?

Technical Skills
Much better. Chimbonda to be introduced to his left foot. Dawson to actually learn ball control. Possibly.

Player Development
I look forward to seeing Lennon become Billy Whizz with finesse, control and power; Zokora find his alleged form, authority and presence; Berbatov stay; Bale go into hyperspace; Kaboul get discipline and focus, Defoe become a goal-magnet; Keane to learn several new methods of pointing; etc. etc..

Dead Wood, Green Wood
Out with the old, in with the new. Sows ears to be given the flick, silk purses to come in.

Interest from Quality Footballers
Ambitious players, eager to play in the Premiership, earn lots of mullah, and work under Ramos will knock. Some to be told, 'Go away', others, 'Come in'. Maybe Daniel Alves will knock.

A Good Cup Run
To win or get close to winning some silverware. The coveted Carling Cup, maybe.

To Avoid Relegation
Please. Please. Please.

9.37 Anon

Anonymous said...

Ramos must:

* improve fitness

* Work on the chubby Huddelstone to get slim, and more mobile

* Important to get us to keep shape when we do not have the ball - this would make us much harder to break down.

* get us to use width.

* attack with and organise shape.

* clear out overrated and not good enough players. To buy better ones will cost another £40M.

* Improe Bent, Jenas, Zokora, Malbranqe, even lennon's final ball.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if you guys know or not, but apparently he insisted that his fitness coach came with him to WHL.
Thanks to him, Seville was regarded as one of the fittest teams in Spain.
So, it looks like Huds will be in for a shock along with a few others.


Anonymous said...

Given that comolli buys players allegedly without letting the manager even know who he's targeting, it will be interesting to see how Ramos does with the same players Comolli has bought and will buy for him. Presumably with a continuation of no L winger, playmaker, or experienced C back. Let's hope Ramos is the 'wenger' type manager Comolli appeared to hope jol was.

Go on the Spurs!

Anonymous said...


emirates is shite you fucking kiddy fiddler - no atmosphere whatsoever. it may be a nicer ground than WHL, but it's like a fucking morgue. and yes mccarthys goal was a freak goal, you fucking gay.