Sunday, October 28, 2007

Tottenham vs Blackburn THE PLAYER RATINGS

Cerny 5.0
Couldn't pin either goal on him. Sliced it a few times though.

Chimbonda 5.0
Played much of the game deeper than Lennon. STOP IT!

Dawson 5.4
Up to his Alan Wickers every game it seems

Kaboul 5.5
Stayed in position but ropey enough

Lee 7.1
Really useful. Fast, technical and focused

Zokora 6.4
Some good work but MUST STAY ON HIS FEET!

Malbranque 5.2
More of the other night. Gritty then fizzled out.

Lennon 7.2
Fast and fabulous. Will JR find his missing final ball for him?

Huddlestone 5.1
Occasionally alright.

Keane 7.1
Greta penalty. Needs to stop appealing. It's unappealing

Berbatov 6.8
Schoolboy error with the header Keane gave him. BF is better than that.


On too late. The booking was the usual 'look at me look at me' rubbish from Stiles.



Anonymous said...

Defoe should have come on instead on Bent, Allen is just as big an idiot as Jol when it comes him

Anonymous said...

it was a game of two halves

Anonymous said...

Time to let some young blood loose on the pitch as some of these experienced pros and just not upto the job required this season. Hope Ramos has his eyes wide open on this one.

Anonymous said...

No, Defoe should have come on earlier. Allen just didnt want to lose the game.
We need to go out to WIN!

Anonymous said...

How can you give Malbranque and Slugglestone almost the same rating?

Malbranque was very good in the first half, albeit playing mostly in a centre midfield position. How Martin Jol never managed to start him in the centre is a bit of a joke.

Slugglestone needs to be sent back to championship asap though. His ability is a complete myth and he offers neither industry or technical superiority.

Unlucky defeat. We played with more commitment than recent times, and Blackburn were slightly lucky.

Harry Hotspur said...

You gave to be some class of pr*ck to slate Allen on the strength of one game.

Yeah, Allen's a monkey's arse. Let's all go round his house and get him.

Anonymous said...

I'm not slating him, I'm saying he seemed to do everything to not lose the game, he didnt seem to be adventurous enough for MY liking.
We cant all agree Harold, thats the beauty of opinion.

Harry Hotspur said...

And opinions are wonderful things.


I think that for ONE game after all the nonsense that has gone on is no point to call Allen an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Ah, that wasnt me, lol, that was the first poster. I'm Mr 8:00pm

J said...

I'm glad people are finally appreciating Lee... as I am that people are beginning to get as frustrated with Keane's incessant appealing. It drives me absolutely 'Levy' when I see him in a good position to challenge for the ball but stop what he's doing, stick his arm up and let the defence clear without pressure.

Today he could have made a clean challenge for the ball in the box instead stuck up his bloody arm to appeal for a handball that not only didn't happen but occurred BEHIND HIM.

I propose it is time to amputate Keano's arms.

Harry Hotspur said...

Lol. Well said. You're right! The handball was BEHIND HIM! He's on autopilot to wavefor bloody everything. The boy who cries wolf isn't in it.

Slim said...

Huddlestone should play it simple, he gave the ball away so much. Dawson, is either unfit or not interested, or a little of both. Lennon, talent to take people on, but his crosses are woeful...
Lee looked good.
Not against Cerny, but he does not have Robbo's high class distribution.

Ramos has his hands full, but if he can organise the defence, we can so climb clear of trouble.

Anonymous said...

Huddlestone needs serious exercise to lose the chubby look!!! He is too chubby and slow at present.

Ramos fitness man will no doubt work on Huddlestone to make him a lot more slim!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Boateng will get a proper chance now Ramos is in charge - weren't Seville also interested in buying him?

Anonymous said...

Sometime I wonder if you lot even went to the game let alone watched it.

Spurs played some good stuff out there today (minus Zokora and Hudd). Those player ratings are far too low. Blackburn got a lucky deflected first goal! fucking luck I tells ya! kick us while were down God, thanks!

ZOKORA, HUDDLESTONE and JENAS are complete and utter SHIT! The whole team bar those two done well. I dont know who I'd pick out of those three to start every week...

Sometimes I Weep.

Anonymous said...

Boateng Taarabt and Tainio? lol

Anonymous said...

Help us Obi-Juande Kenobi! You're our only hope!

GRAZZA said...

Tainio is better than Huddle'30'stone and Zokora, its only the fact that he doesnt do a stupid dance and isnt the next self proclaimed greatest english hope.

He's safe, but name me a top team that doesnt have a 'safe' centre mid - carrick, gilberto, makelele etc. The other 2 are dog wank and are loved by people who read the papers, much like boateng - you know the same people that were saying Getafe would be a walk over.

Anonymous said...

Zokora is the weak link for every game he plays in.

THudd although he had a stinker, when playing in front of the back four without Zakora, is usually much better.

Malbranque was quite lively when he was playing through the MIDDLE, the posistion he played in for Fulham.

When we start to play players in their actual posistion, we might start to reap the full potential of the midfield...the exception being Jenas.

Lennon needs to sort his game out, kept hiding out on the wing, when will he learn...not the brightest button I fear.