Sunday, October 07, 2007

Liverpool vs Tottenham Hotspur The Player Ratings

Robinson 2.0
Two gaffes. Too awful.
Chesney Hawkes

Lee 6.9
Refused to get shook up
Elvis Presley

Dawson 6.3
A bit awesome, but not 100%.
Chas & Dave

Kaboul 6.2
Solid enough.
Jean Michael Jarre

Chimbonda 5.9
Defender? Winger? Ladies man.
Snoop Dog

Bale 7.6
Outstanding. That's not unusual.
Tom Jones

Tainio 5.7
Trouper, not quite super.

Zokora 6.1
Keeps falling over. It's giving me the pip.
Galdys Knight

Jenas 6.0
Didn't shine.
George Michael

Malbranque 5.9
Late on, didn't do much.
Charles Aznavour

Keane 9.0
Struck twice. He's a winner.
Johnny Logan

Berbatov 7.79
Made Anfield Oooh & Ahhh
Kool & The Gang


jimi jazz said...

What happened to robbo? Did this all start with that gaffe against croatia, you think?


Harry Hotspur said...

Part of me wants him to have a disaster playing for England so Jol's forced to see the light. The chap needs a break....

Angello said...

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Anonymous said...

I cant really blame jol for this defeat as it was robbo's lame parry to the centre of the goal(anywhere else was ok)and chimb not jumping at the far post like he does in the opposition area for the second,at 2.1 i saw jol gesturing(spl) at the players to keep the ball which is fair enough and he didnt throw defenders on and go negative ,just poor individual errors! The only thing i can say is he the one that picked robbo which has to stop, the bloke needs some bench time to sort his life out,he's costing us pretty much every game at the mo and to be frank my mate trev who plays in goal for my sunday side dont drop as much as robbo, drop him now and give cerny a run or even alnwick(is he injured?) or he def gonna lose jol his job.So from an active member of the jol out brigade a good point today and generally well played.

Anonymous said...

alnwick is out on loan.

pekhart said...

today we preformed as well as we have under jol, and would have been good value for a win. Its just individual errors that are costing us, i dont need to say waht has to be done about it..

Anonymous said...

Robinson looked like he had concreat in his boots this afternoon. The biggest noise from liverpool all game was after the 1st goal when they sang "englands number 1"it was embarrasing. We were lucky today. Our midfield was static, Jenas played the safe pass every time ,Zokora ran around like a headless chicken unable to pass or shoot , tainio ran his cotton socks off to no avail and bale was simply brilliant. Both goals we scored were long punts flicked on by berbatov to kean, we lacked creativity and direction in midfield. As a team we switched off for the last 15 min. It seems that the tactics were to defend the lead wich lead to Liverpool taking control of the game and equalizing. HAVE WE NO BOTTLE!

Fred the yid COYS

sydney wale said...

Fred the yid

Are you saying we are not playing in a sustainable way? How many chickens can afford to lose their heads, unable to maintain a consistent level of performance? It all appears to be dislocated and would be disastrous if not for a great spirit among the squad to want to give us and the club some value for money. A great result at the end of the day but much more paper will be needed to cover the cracks.
I can't take it anymore. Can someone send the order for this marine to stand down and return to base.

Anonymous said...

Sack Jol please. Second rate manager that has only won once against the top 4 in the last 3 seasons.

So why on earth Dany Levy and some naive suuporters still want to support him? No wonder we are at the bootom 3.


Anonymous said...

top 4 sides have top 4 managers... jol aint.

a draw was a good result before the game, not after we'd gone 2-1 up. good managers have the flexibility of thought to change tactics according to the flow of the game. we sat back so deep for the last 15 that we we're inviting the to take pot shots and at least play the percentages game in attack.

Anonymous said...

re 12.00am

Top 4 sides have a team of top 4 players.

We don't.

Some of you f*ckin Mildreds should look up 'supporter' in the dictionary. Or just pick a currently succesful side and support them instead. Your constant bitchin' is the sign of a bunch of babies with wafer thin character. By all means be critical but the incessant pouting is boring as f*ck and makes you sound like pityful, navel gazing, moody, teenage goth types.

Try criticizing in a constructive & supportive way, that way the chance of Spurs fans being seen as a complete bunch of w*nkers will be much reduced.

Go on, give it a go, what have you got to lose?

Harry, I'm deeply concerned about your music collection.

Came from behind to hold the pool to a draw at anfield......


jolsgonemental said...

Lawro has quit. Luckily I have filled the void with my very own JGM predictions.

I predict 56ish points and 8th. woohoo.

Newcastle (A) 2-1 (L)
BlackBurn (H) 2-2 (D) Robinson error
Boro (A) 1-1 (D)
Wigan (H) 3-1 (W) Robinson error
West Ham (A) 2-2 (D)
Birmingham(H) 3-1 (W) Robinson error
City (H) 2-1 (W)
Portsmouth(A) 3-2 (L) Robinson error
The Nonce (A) 3-0 (L)
Fulham (H) 3-1 (W) Robinson error
Reading (H) 2-0 (W)
Villa (A) 3-2 (L) Robinson error
Chelsea (A) 2-0 (L)
Sunderland(H) 4-2 (H) Robinson error
Everton (A) 2-1 (L)
Man Utd, (H) 0-2 (L) Robinson error
Derby (A) 1-3 (W)
Chelsea (H) 1-1 (D) Robinson error
Birmingham(A) 1-2 (w)
West Ham (H) 2-1 (W) Robinson error
City (A) 2-2 (D)
Portsmouth(H) 1-1 (D) Robinson error
Newcastle (H) 3-1 (W)
Blackburn (A) 1-0 (L) Robinson error
Boro (H) 2-1 (W)
Wigan (A) 1-4 (W) Robinson error
Bolton (H) 3-2 (W)
Reading (A) 0-2 (W) Robinson Good game.
Liverpool (H) 1-1 (D)

Anonymous said...

Harry, sort out the gratuitous bitch's guy. That one's a bit of a minger.

Anonymous said...

What an outrageously inaccurate list of predictions. On what grounds do you base Robinson having a good game against Reading (A)?


jolsgonemental said...

Blame the crystal ball, I just tell you what it tells me.

I can only assume he isnt actually playing on that day.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Robbo's entirely to blame for the first, the shot was clearly deflected enough to throw any keeper off. Keane was probably more to blame as he was marking Voronin, but I think a striker should't be in that position marking a forward on a set piece to begin with. As for Bale, you lot are a bit too starry eyed to see that he was good yesterday, not great. He was caught in possession too many times to be counted, thinking he has enough pace to beat anyone when obviously he doesn't. I can name at least three times where he lost out trying to run past his defender. That being said, he was also probably our most effective midfielder and his delivery was sublime. I also disagree with the Zokora criticism, He broke up a lot of plays and he wasn't running around aimlessly he was covering for Chimbo and Lee's runs as well as making up for his central partner's massive inadequacies. Jenas was the bigger culprit. That invisible b*stard only shows up to give away needless free kicks. What good is that great box-to-box engine if he doesn't know what to do with it and he's nowhere near where he's supposed to be?

GRAZZA said...

I think it was my old mate summer spur telling me Chimbonda was untouchable last week (Apologies if it wasnt = i cant remember that far back anymore) well theres another fine example of what im talking about, last minute, $hite marking.......

Anonymous said...

Anon 8.12am - Well Said.

On another note, I play football on a Wednesday night at a local PowerLeague. Last time out, I played in goal and I was awesome, if I don't say so myself. I kept that 5-a-side goal to an excellent standard, and although we lost the game 46 - 33, I'd like to apply to be the Spurs keeper. Any ideas on how to go about it?

GRAZZA said...

Park Lane = First you must break one of Robbos arms in an "Escape to victory" style (this is easier said than done due to the Bingo Wing Theory), after that its plain sailing and i'll happily chant "Englands #1" at you every week my Park Lane bretheren......

Anonymous said...

give cerny a go between the sticks, please.

also when kings back id like to see kaboul in centre midfield. he seems to like charging up the pitch, and looks pretty solid. drop either bag of wank jenas or zokora

dannyboy said...


chimbonda ain't good enough. there, said it again, after you criticise me for leaving him out. the twat cost us 3 points, getting in daws way for their equalizer. (and robbo for not bossing his area).

Anonymous said...

Cheers grazza, I'm on it. All I need now is a decent pair of gloves.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I thought Zokora had a blinder for most of the game. Yes, he runs about a lopt needlessly, but he was winning the ball back all over the pitch and isn't due the amount of stick he gets on the site.

Chim: I'm not so sure it was his fault. Like I said last week, Dawson thinks he can win every ball in the air and went for the cross. Torres was coming in from the back so our French fullback was stuck between the two unable to get a decent jump on it. If anybody is to blame - and I'm not saying there is - then I'd say its Dawson, who other than that was fairly awesome. Good result, bad way to "lose" it.


Ze Prince