Sunday, October 07, 2007

Tottenham Hotspur Robbed By Scousers HIGHLIGHTS


daytripper said...

Anybody else notice how the Anfield crowd would "ooh" and "aaah" every time the ball came to Berbatov? Most Spurs fans want him gone, but any fan from the the Top clubs would take him in a heartbeat. Total class! MOTM

I posted late in the last thread about how the 2nd goal was 100% Robbo's fault also. Unless we can find a keeper on loan, we are going to spend the season buried in the EPL basement. Cerny is not a top flight keeper either.

Anonymous said...

Watched the whole match on sat, had many clear cut chances. Should have buried them in the 2nd half. 2nd goal not robbos fault, Dawson outjumped by Torres, as for the 1st goal enough said, should have held the shot, but JJ gave away a stupid free kick.
Feel sorry for Martin Jol, so close to getting the 3pts we deserved. Dont know if they will bring in Clive Allen as caretaker when BMJ is sacraficed. Will have to wait and see during the 2 weeks break

Anonymous said...

Robbo split a catch for Liverpool to score!!! He has done this one to many times!!

It really must be time for Robbo to be dropped from the 1st team, possibly even sold in the Jan transfer window (for bugger all)!!!

Anonymous said...

Fuck off you bunch of twats. Robbo may be having a bad spell, but talking about selling him for nowt are the words of a fickle fan who probably only started supporting Spurs two seasons ago.

He had an alright game, minus the spill. I would have played Cerny anyway (and how do we know he's not a "top flight keeper"??), but if BMJ is going to play Robbo then the least we can do is get behind him and stop calling him a fat cunt - which not only makes you out to sound like a cunt yourself, but also probably doesn't do is ailing confidence much good either.

The lads played well today and yet all I can read on this site (which is no reflection of HH himself) is bitter negativity.


dannyboy said...

rob beasley on sky sports today. did spurs stuff his words down his throat or what ??? beasley is a twat.


jolsgonemental said...

I think Paul Robinson is a cunt and would happily punch him in the face.

Wasnt Han Segers the Wimbledon goalkeeper? Whatt kind of fucking qualification is that to be our goalkeeping coach??

It makes as much sense as getting John Fashanu in to coach our forwards.

Throwing away a victory at the death is about all you can expect from the dicks in our team these days.

jolsgonemental said...

Martin Jol, what a tosser.

The incredible fear of victory or success he has instilled into the side is astounding.

is that now 28 games against top 4 sides and 1 win??.... we must have shat away a winning lead in half of them.

gutless fat cunt.

4 Ever Hopeful said...

Anon 6.43 "one too many times"? You really are the master of understatement.

He is giving away a goal (at least) every fucking game.

When is that Dutch goon gonna have the balls the drop him? A goalie like that will destroy the confidence of the people playing in front of him. He already has for Dawson.

uk2us88 said...

Hey were unbeaten in 5 now. To go to Anfield and come back from a goal down to almost nick it is a good acheivement in my opinion.

Chimbonda was simply out jummped for the 2nd to blame robbo is crazy! We will beat Newcastle next week and will slowly move up the league.

If you support em get behind them or is everyone on this site only Spurs fans when we are winning?

Anonymous said...


fuck off

Anonymous said...

Its been 14 fuckin years since we beat the scouse and we couldnt hold on for that extra minute, this season is sending me insane

Anonymous said...

I agree we must get behind the team, but support and faith by themselves won't suddenly turn Jol into a master of tactics. Nor will they improve players athletic, technical and positional skills.

What's really negative is when a problem stares you in the face and you insist it's not there. This makes Jol a lot more negative than his critics here.

Criticism isn't necessarily bad - you could see it as pooling your knowledge. The point is not to win an argument but to arrive at truth.

The truth is I almost broke my fist slamming it into a wall when we conceded the second. As pooled knowledge goes, I wouldn't recommend it for venting anger.

9.37 Anon

Anonymous said...

Robinson has got to go. It seems to me his problems started last year on Day 1 of the Premier league when Ivan Campo of Bolton scored from 30 yards out. It was a more than saveable shot and thus began Robinson's mediocre season. This season is worse. He has cost the team a lot of points already this year. Here are the issues:
1) Everyone knows that they can score from 25 yards out. Teams have confidence that if they hit the target, they have a good chance of scoring. Robinson cannot time his reactions properly. How is a team to defend against that?
2) Robinson spills all the time. He spilled twice today and paid for it once. At Fulham, he spilled but was not punished. We all know what happened with Aston villa on the first goal. Those are just some examples.
3) Robinson will sometimes make the great point blank save but I cannot remember the last time he had a Petr Cech type game where he just robs the attacking team over and over.
4) Making a brilliant save in a game does not make a brilliant goalie. You need to keep clean sheets and, generally, not let in howlers.
5) Every team knows that if they go down a goal or two against Spurs, they still have a chance. Teams do not give up as they would against Man U or Chelsea or Arsenal.
6) Robinson does not dominate his box. His area is very hospitable to attacking players. He might as well put the ball at their feet for them.
Enough said.

Anonymous said...

8.26 - Excellent summation of the facts.

9.37 Anon

Anonymous said...

I love football and the mighty YIDS but i'm fast falling out of love !!!Big fan of BMJ and Robbo but there is a limit to peoples patience and its gone past that now.Robbo has got to be dropped simple as that so he can sort himself out, as for Cerny he has never let us down so why not give him a run in the team can't do any worse than Robbo at the moment!

Anonymous said...

Anon 6.39

Can I borrow your time machine? If I'd have watched the whole game on Sat I would have lumped on Voronin First Goalscorer, 2-2 draw :-)

Seriously, let's get back to slagging off Robbo. Fat waste of space, no wonder MJ loves him so, they have so much in common! And once again we capitulate at the end, SHI77ING it in the final 15 minutes instead of taking control... roll on the Mourinho years (please?), even if we write this Jol one off now... sick of the way we cannot protect our leads, and the way we try to (and invariably fail).

Anonymous said...

Well anon 9.20pm
time machine.... watched the whole game live this afternoon at 3pm on Premiere (german chennel), or is that 2 hard to figure out. Best look at the time it was posted .
MOTD load of wankers, ....I know lets not show all the good play from spurs this afternoon. If you get chance to see any more look at the Bale incident where he had the ball with the Lpool goalkeeper....fukin robbed

Harry Hotspur said...

The clock is wrong on this blog too....

jolsnotgonemental said...

jolsgonemental, i think you are the biggest cunt for having the gall to call BMJ a cunt!

Stop abusing your manager and get behind the revolution he is leading. He has realised the wrongs of his ways and i fully support him as our manager (rosary beads in hand of course). Yes its frustrating to lose a lead so many times but i am well satisfied to accept this as a necessary evil of a season so that the youngsters can learn the lessons for the time to come in the future. We are a young team and from the look of Bale, Kaboul, lennon and the yet to be sighted Prince this will make us a top 4 team in 2 seasons. But i must add i do not think we are a top 4 team currently and the sooner we accept that the easier it will be to accept the results we have been having.

Stop abusing our leader and start being positive... After all the crap that you and your ilk have thrown at BMJ the one thing you cannot argue with is that BMJ has not lost the support of the dressing room no matter what the mirror, mail and negative, "clouds are falling on our heads" idiots like yourself wish to make up.

So i stand up for BMJ and support him against such negative plonkers as yourself. Go support the spammers ya negative prick!

martin jols blue and white army
martin jols blue and white army
martin jols blue and white army
martin jols blue and white army


Anonymous said...

jesus christ, you've got some rose tinted bloody contact lenses permanently glued in your eyes, mate.

Anonymous said...

Top post from 6.50PM

Jol's going nowhere anytime soon so shut up and get behind your team. Some of you whiners bitch better about us than gooners.


4 Ever Hopeful said...

Robbo was at fault for the second goal. Any half decent goalie would swallow a ball played into the six yard box like that but he simply stood rooted to his line like a startled rabbit in headlights. Defenders do not even look for him to come and collect now.

Kaboul might be great in the opposition area but he is easily beaten in his own area. Two or three times yesterday when people just ran past him. Still got a lot of developing to do.

Bright note is the great spirit and also, a new manager would have quite a lot to work with once he sorted the wheat from the chaff but it is quite clear that this unlucky Dutch general and his sycophantic back-up team will never manage it.

Make the change now and give the new guy, even if only a caretaker, a good few days to bed in before the season resumes.

Anonymous said...

Is it me ( I was in a noisy pub ). But did'nt Scouser Halsey wave play on when Reina jumped on Bale who got in his way?
But when Chimbonda give him the 'nuts' through to an open goal he blew up!!!
That would have made it 3-1 and bagged the 3 points.
I'm getting fed up with referees on the whole in Tottenham games as Tottenham on balance get screwed ( old trafford, anfield, stamford bridge especially ).
Even when Tottenham play well, there is always one player who lets the team down...................

dildo said...

as much as i hate the arse scum, i must admit arse wanker got bigger balls than jol for benchin leman n jol cant bench robbo.

jolsnotgonemental said...

11.24. they are not rose tinted glasses but i believe we have to stand up and support our team. Most of what im hearing here is Jol out and then we have that pleb jolsgonemental.

All he has to say is jols a fat cunt.

Thats no way to support your team! When you support a team you do it through the good times and the bad and you do exactly that YOU SUPPORT THEM. Some of the plebs here who want to call themselves supporters need to understand the meaning of the term.

To support is to give a helping hand, its not to kick them when they're down. Im not disputing the fact that some times mistakes have been made by Jenas, jol et all but what im trying to say is that constructive criticism is needed for our team not jols a fat cunt like jolsgonemental said. I think any credibility JGM may have had is totally lost when he uses words like that regarding our manager and therefore he is a total plonker and should not describe himself as a supporter because he just does not do that


Anonymous said...
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jolsgonemental said...


get your own name you cunt. You sound like a right muppet and I dont appreciate the association.

get behind 'jols revolution'??? You fucking fuckwit.

Harry Hotspur said...


Re 11.18's 'Jol's Revolution'.

It is my understanding that when something revolves it goes around in circles.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Robbo had a terrible game but he really needs to keep his head. First goal was a terrible spill (and not for the first time) but where was the reaction of our defenders? Torres and Voron reacted but none of our players did (and the excuse, "they thought Robbo had it" doesn't wash, as you're taught never to switch off).

For me the alarming thing to come from that game was how bad Pascal Chimbonda was. Watch the game back. Countless, countless times he gave the ball away instead of getting rid when he had the chance. He did suffer from a lack of support but he was awful. Summed up by being out-jumped Torres. He hasn't really started to play for us yet this season; Pascal, (nice goal against Villa mind) and it's becoming a worry for me.

Anonymous said...

Also.. Anfield.. best support in the World? It was quieter than the Library! Out-sung all game.

As for the comment "most spurs fans want him gone" in reference to Berbatov -- are you kidding? I fear for our side without him as an attacking presence. Yeah, Keano bagged them both and both were great takes, but it was Berba with the flick-ons and we all know he prefers the ball into feet so he can work his real magic.

Anonymous said...



got it

it's a gay thing

not a compliment

Anonymous said...

jolsgonemental you're such a twat, everytime i come on HH's blog youre making some boll*cks comment about the spurs team, just fu ck off

Anonymous said...


"Stop abusing your manager and get behind the revolution he is leading"


The ONLY place he is leading us is into the Championship

We DO get behind the manager and team EVERY game but enough is enough

People pay good money and travel the country following Spurs so we have the right to criticise the team/manager/chairman when we see fit, and sitting bottom 3 after 1 win in 9 games it is fully justified

Everyone loves the bloke and would wish for it to be HIM to take us to 'the next level' but IT AINT GONNA HAPPEN, so time for him to go and take hughton/segers et al with him

Get someone in that can motivate, develop the players, select teams from our strengths rather then based on oppo, have the balls to drop players, make tactical changes and effective substitutions and finally address the weaknesses & balance of our squad i.e basics of football management (YES, THE BASICS)

None of which Jol has

Or would you rather watch Spurs at home/away to Preston, Hull, Colchester next season ?

Anonymous said...

I agree wholeheartedly with jolsnongonemental the amount of
stick that jol gets is a fuckin disgrace. Robbo needs to b dropped
though, and fast.

jolsnotgonemental said...

you absolute knobs have missed the entire point of what i have been saying!

I do not like it when so called supporters try to bad mouth our manager. There is no need for it and until the powers that be change him then he should be constructively criticesed for his performances but not personally abused like JGM constantly does.

As for copying your name mr JGM, the only reason i use a name that is similar to yours is to prove that Jol still has his supporters and that all you are is a doom and gloom merchant! no substance behind your message except the sky will fall tomorrow. and since when do you have a trademark on that particular name?! This is a blog after all...

You sir are the ultimate muppet!
Get a life and start being more positive about this beloved club I support and you continue to denigrate...


Anonymous said...

Have just heard thst SAF is to make a bid for a Spurs striker
in Jan. Have been told it is not the ususal suspects. He is very keen ob yhis players attitude.

GRAZZA said...

"Debra was so wet when we got back to the hostel at about 12.30pm that she was still wet 5 hours later when she rushed out" I Daren't read on JGM!!! what kind of filth are you purveying!?!!

Still 1-0 to other managers, the series can only be levelled.....although i make sunday a "winning draw"