Tuesday, October 09, 2007

John Terry Yet More Abysmal Behaviour

John Terry is an exceptional footballer. What a pity he's such a dreadful human being.

His CV of genuinely appalling behaviour of course is soon to be available as a HH paperback (RRP 99p). Chapters of note include, 'Racist Slur & Affray Combo Made Easy', who could forget the classic 'Caught Again ~ Urinating In A Pint Glass In Romford Night Club' and 'Cheating On The Missus Eight Times~ Waheey!'.

Terry's latest contribution to World Peace involves his usual brand of drunken largess in a Fulham Road night spot. CLICK

The usual array of chavness of course ensued as it invariably does with monied rubbish... swearing at ordinary punters, aggressive and demeaning behaviour towards staff, all topped off naturally with an alleged verbal assault and attack upon the property of a photographer.

The police were called at 4.15 and it is understood by HH that Terry did not make the call.


Anonymous said...

source: red tops, coupled with bitterness resulting in pointless conjecture.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you focus on your own teams problems instead of a Chelsea player. Or are your team too dull to be bothered about? What you don't seem to address is the fact that footballers get alot of stick when they are out so who is to say that he wasn't provoked? and to be honest most of the photographers deserve what happens to them. Also where is your evidence of this 'incident'!?! what a joke and a waste of internet space. Spurs finish in 15th this year.

Harry Hotspur said...

7.27 Stop whinging you ostritch, it's all true as per....

7.39 Why don't I ..... insert 27 plea bargains noneof which stack up. Your boy is a bum.

Evidence? Mnnn now you really got me.

Try er.. THE VENUE.

Try er... THE POLICE.

Try er.... Waking up you plum.

Anonymous said...

This will most likely get brushed aside, just like calling his colleague a monkey. Everyone knows he's scum & shouldn't be England captain. You really shouldn't give him any of your virtual column inches.


Love & peace, Frontwheel

Anonymous said...

PS According to your average Chelsea fan:

JT = Mr Chelsea

In our experience this rings true.

onedavemackay said...

I think it all goes to prove that JT is at the right club for someone like him where his unique manners are most appreciated.

Please can we now get back to all things Tottenham ?

Anonymous said...

7.39 no our team is not dull in any way shape or form, in fact there's been so much going on that we now take drama, rumours and insider news for granted. Kind of in the same way that your club do when shelling out vast amounts of money for has-been superstar footballers.

Anonymous said...

7.39 no mate our team is not dull at all. In fact theres so much going on that we take a lot of it for granted nowdays, kinda like you do when shelling out vast amounts of cash for has-been superstar footballers.

Sheikh Gareemi Nahan said...

Hear hear One Dave Mackay!

Righto, having watched in muted anticipation the Uefa Cup draw on TV, I have a question for you all...

I live in Dubai and view the away game in Tel Aviv as about as close as I am going to get to see the Mighty Spurs this season. Obviously I don't have a season ticket, so what is the best procedure for me getting a sniff of a ticket for the clash on Nov 8?

Shiekh Gareemi Nahan

Anonymous said...

Oops, didn't think it posted first time round :-D

elk said...

Terry is drunk thug who now and again sobers up and bullies refs.

Anonymous said...

'Jol satisfied with draw
Spurs boss not expecting easy ride'
.... from Sky Sports

I wish they'd make their headlines less ambiguous.

BTW, Harry, is that Klinnsman second from left in the TOTP photo?

JT is indeed the very model of a modern English gentleman. Ahem.

9.37 Anon

Anonymous said...

Scum with money - fine the Cunt and give it to charity

Anonymous said...

Scum with money - fine the Cunt and give it to charity

Anonymous said...

John Terry can suck on my Gooner Gonads! The man takes libertys with normal people and looks down on them. I wont be surprised if one day someone smashes his other cheek bone in with a wing wong right hook! Wrighty7

Anonymous said...

Look this is a Spurs website. So back to talking about Spurs issues!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Mmmmn, but it's also Harry's.

I don't think it's out of order to have non Spurs topics on here, and H does have a 'thing' for Terry, see the poll lower down......

Anonymous said...

So what happened again? Players tried to stop a photographer snapping a private gathering?

And what about it? Nothing I can see. What's he supposed to have done again? I can't make it out.

Harry Hotspur said...

'A private gathering' ???

Are you on crack?

Oh no, your a Chelsea fan and consequently have little or no grasp on reality.

And the p
Police were called because JT wanted Sting's autograph.

Ole said...

So... let me get this straight. A few footballers tried to stop a photographer from... taking... photographs.

Hold the front page. This makes Watergate look like peanuts.

Anonymous said...

I can't stand Terry, a proper pikey. He is easily my most hated footballer.

I once saw him on Christmas Eve in a bike shop in Epsom, we made eye-contact, I double-taked, he looked pensive and then relieved when I didn't attack the window.

I think it's a real shame that most footballers are such wankers and nobbers that they can't transcend there clubs so you end up hating most of the England team.

I find it really hard to support the likes of Cole, Terry, Lampard, Ferdinand (both of them), ets etc in an England shirt.


Harry Hotspur said...



You're wrong.

Where do you idiots come from?

Next time Terry attacks someone on a night out I pray it's you.

Then you can join the ranks of the informed.

jolsgonemental said...


I have been known to frequent the mean streets of epsom. where mr terry has been known to give it the big 'i am' (a chav tosser) on a regular basis.

why didnt you attack the window?

Anonymous said...

I didn't think it appropriate given it was the season to be jolly. Plus, I'm a lover not a fighter.

What took more control was seeing ..... is it a skool of cunts or a pack of cunts? anyway, in the bar below my flat a few years back now I once saw John Terry, Jon Harley, Jody Morris (i think he was there, I'd had a couple by the time i left) and three or four other first teamers (who i genuinely can't remember now) but a couple of them were the foreign chaps obviously being led astray by the resident vermin. What stood out for me was how drunk they all were by about 6 in the evening on a week day and that they were all drinking smirnoff ice.

Boring story I know but Terry and Morris in one place together and I didn't set it on fire. Pretty impressive I think you'll agree.


Anonymous said...

Wot a load of shit. Who gives a fuck anyway, and before you start I'm not even a Chelsea fan.

It's on the pitch what matters, I'm guessing your all squeeky clean and never get up to anything after a few pints?????

Get a life!

sydney wale said...

maybe he was out celebrating knifing his big mate jose in the back

GRAZZA said...


Do you seriously think that Sir Harold of Hotspur could pull himself away from his monikered cognac glass to indulge in "a few pints"? what a preposterous notion. Sir Harolds name should never be besmearched amidst allogations of lager drinking.

On a serious note, every likes a bit of John Terry bashing, because lets face it: he's a cnut.

sydney wale said...

correct grazza.

Please stop using the morphed image of Sid Vicious and John Terry. Sid lived a life with dignity, self respect and as a role model for kids compared to this piece of shit Terry.