Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tottenham Hotspur's Latest Murky Statement From The Snake Pit

Harry's not winning any favours with 'da staunch' inside or outside The Lane these days... Frankly another burst of I love Martin Jol prior to us actaully beating a half decent club and I shall sue on the grounds that 'it isn't ironic, post ironic or funny any more'.

Harry is rapidly becoming of the opinion that Jol couldn't run a bath, 'Hughts' is a ambitionless turnkey and Levy needs to take a polygraph live on This Morning ....

Is that probable sex pest on the floating weather map still in existance? They could get him to MC the whole thing from somewhere between Stone Henge and Writtle.
Here's more Bad Harry then.
Who writes this trash? No, Daniel, I know who writes mine, but who writes yours?

It must be said that the perception of the 'powers that be' at WHL of their average fan's IQ ranges somewhere between Troglodyte Man and and a Dairy Lea Triangle.

"...reports that we have agreed a compensation package with Martin are wholly inaccurate- we have not even discussed the subject and there is no reason to do so. "

Is this a public backing? Am I so disheartened with the ham fisted tactics of this suddenly Mickey Mouse operation both on and off the pitch that - forget us fans - that Martin Jol deserves more than this..... this vacuous, legalicious fluff?

To all intents and purposes just add 'At this moment in time' to the end of that sentence.

"We will not allow ourselves to be side-tracked or undermined by external agendas or media hype. "

Cobblers. The very fact THFC has made more 'statements' in the past month than they have in the last 15 years relating to their appalling inability to manage their public relations adequately defeats that statement. External agendas? Er... this would amusing hutzpah if it emanated from Jose Mourinho.

No one's out to get you, Daniel, or or do you believe that some over zealous recruitment consultant on the Football Manager Desk at your local Adecco is so desperate to meet his targets that he's waging a one man campaign to place a new manager at the Club?

"Our focus is on winning games".

Clever dick at best given that these words would sit more convincingly with the Chairman of a Club that's winning. In reality another phrase to haunt Jol should he continue to fail to deliver.


Anonymous said...

i fuckin luv u 'arry you tart

dannyboy said...

So you don't think Jol can run a bath let alone Spurs? We see your true colours at last Mr. Hotspur? Now you're off the fence, pull them splinters out ya arse !!!

On the topic, I think no smoke without fire blah blah - a dignified silence would have sufficed? mmmmm.....

Harry Hotspur said...

Dignified seems beyond us at the mo' mate.

Mark said...

The most curious thing about the bizarre pas de deux between Jol and the Board that we've had to watch in horror these last several weeks is the stunning lack of pragmatism on both sides.

The Board has ham-handedly done everything possible to heap counter-productive pressure on Jol and the squad, while utterly failing at the most basic elements of persuasive public relations.

Jol, for his part, fails to act in his own self-interest. The failure to play an obviously sharp Defoe this weekend, for example, is the perfect tactic for the good of the Board, which wants to strong-arm him into signing a contract, but is hardly the move of someone who understands that their head is on the chopping block and must do everything they can to win, and win now.

It's hard to see how these characters could have fucked things up for themselves any worse. The problem is, it is hard to lure new managerial talent (or, Mr. Levy, buyers) to an obviously fucked up club. Sadly, Spurs have gone from looking savvy to looking clueless in a matter of two months. It isn't the losses that have done it, as much as the insane reactions (or, in Jol's case, lack of reactions) to the losses.


Anonymous said...

We love Spurs...pity is they don't give a toss about us...just our money!

ParkLane67 said...

boring, boring, boring article! Don't know why I bothered reading it. I'm glad there's some football on tomorrow night. It might take my mind off this boring cycle of rumours, counter-rumours and denials and the consequential stupid internet articles!

Anonymous said...

PL67-try www.bbc.co.uk/tweenies.youpeabrain.org

Anonymous said...

park lane has a point above... this is all getting a bit tired.. and why the third person references? nothing personal, i usually like this site, but that makes the article appear to ego writing for ego's sake...

ParkLane67 said...
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Klinical said...


SpurThing said...

Harry, are you a gooner?? Or are you just unaware of the TERRIBLE DAMAGE you are doing to our club? I'm convinced this slo-mo car crash of a season is being caused as much by sections of the media (I include you in that) as by any other factor. I admit the board haven't helped, but your clever-dick comments are disasterously counter productive! At this moment, by definition, you cannot consider yourself a supporter.

I, for one, will be cheering on the lads (whomsoever Jol chooses) as loudly as my vocal chords will allow. I just wish you would quit blathering such spiteful bile and do the same.

Thomas said...

Do we really need this Harry?, we already have The Sun The Mail and The Star doing a similar job to you yet they do not claim to be Tottenham supporters, you really are a total embarrassment to true Spurs supporters everywhere....I know, post another anonymous post praising this site we all know how much it gets you excited.

Harry Hotspur said...


Get over yourself sweetheart.

My credentials are impeccable.

Give me counter arguement and I'll indulge you further, but your, 'I'll be cheering on the lads...' guff doesn't impress me at all.


I love Spurs to the point I wholly object to them being dicked around on or off the field.

You stand there singing, love and I'll fight the fires.

Harry Hotspur said...


'True supporters everywhere......'

Nobody's as a staunch as you, eh?

You lot are as dull as you are predictable.

And please don't tell everyone all the positive posts on here anonymously are by me.

It's a secret.

4 Ever Hopeful said...


This is a great site, so stuff the doubters. Of course, you are not always right as that privilege falls only to me (sorry JGM).

It really is all getting boring and that is because there is no way out. The board have shot themselves in the foot with a masterpiece in PR cock ups, whilst Jol could not pick his nose at the moment, far less a team. On top of all that Hughton has lost his pencil sharpener. Did anybody lip-read Jol on the line on Sunday saying to Hughton: "First word.....Sounds like...."?

Seriously though, we are an absolute laughing stock. We need a total change from the top down. After appointing a new manager the board's number one priority must be to get us into a 50,000+ seater stadium. Look what an increased capacity has done for that bunch of gits up the road?

Meanwhile Jol carries on with his confidence building tactics, like telling everbody what a difficult draw Boro at home is and how the draw was unkind to us. Too right Martin, what we really needed was Grimsby or Leicester.

Nevertheless, if there has been a behind the scenes agreement that Jol will go when a successor is found and he is only staying to keep the ship afloat, then it is just possible that with the pressure off and a big fat cheque on the way (no not Jan Koller), Jol might take a few risks, get rid of the plodders and results might improve. That must be Levy's nightmare scenario.

you've all gone mental said...

Everyone wants success but they aren't prepared to wait for it. It probably takes five years to buid a team and Jol's only had two and a half.

If we sack Jol now it'll be back to square 1.

jolsgonemental said...

tottenham hotspur football club do not respond to media speculation.


harry you are to blame.

GRAZZA said...


You coming along for a sing-song and a luke warm carlsberg in the park lane tonight then??

"ole ole ole ole Harrrrrrryyy, Hotspuuuuur............"

Harry Hotspur said...

I'm out the country mate...

GRAZZA said...

the old "im out of the country" chestnut - you are a class individual Harold, if its true you are either:

1. In the Guggenheim art tampering with spray cans and delightfully ironic stencils in a long coat and a silly hat or......

2. Pressing your tux ready for an evening of espionage, vodka martinis (shaken not stirred), car chases, shoot outs, poker and beautiful women or....

3. You are on a booze cruise in calais and might catch some of the match in the wetherspoons on the ferry if your missus will let you ;)

Enjoy the game.


Summerspur said...


We won damn it!!!!!