Monday, September 24, 2007

Martin Jol's Replacement...

Tottenham Hotspur's 125 th year. What a corker.
Harry's heard all the moaning ~ contributed a fair bit himself. Perhaps some of you might like to suggest BMJ's repalcement. Wish lists, names of memorable PE teachers from yesteryear... Let's have 'em all... it couldn't get grimmer than this. Well, it could, roundabout the same point we start hearing the first mumbles of... 'we're too good to go down...'
Rumours abound of crisis meetings at The Lane and covert job offers a plenty. But who do you see taking the post should it become available? I think there are three categories: Possible / Long Shots / Comedy...


Anonymous said...

sammy lee

dannyboy said...

Again Harry, you have yet to reveal your hand! Get off the fence man and tell us YOUR views. Please.

Anonymous said...

David pleat
4th time lucky

London_Guy said...

Please NOT David Pleat!

Anonymous said...

Jolly has goto go now for spurs sake. But they won't do temporary as they need a top manager to finalise the sale. Ramos will say yes once Jol leaves

Anonymous said...

capello very under-rated won the la liga last season his recond is brillaint and has said he would like to work in england and with a team tht isnt already complete a team tht would be more of a challenge, we fit the bill perfectly

jolsgonemental said...

ah, martin jol. a fundamentally shit man.

only 5 months too late to get a proper replacement.

write off this season, finish in 12th and roll on 2008.

minus Berbs, Defoe, Chimbonda and Europe.

a proud legacy.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we could have a different manager each week. Greavsie, Allen, Klinsmann, Sheringham, Mabbutt. They could all have a week of training and a match each. Would make for great entertainment.,

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yeh I'll take the job on. Who wants to be my assistant?

Anonymous said...

Big Phil Scolari is the best man for the Spurs Job. Great tactically, can attract players, plays with style and is a firm leader.

Andy said...

I think Jose Brother would do a good job, he is currently working as a Fireman in Portugal and his name is Hose 'B', and if he is not available, lets go double dutch with Gus Hiddink

jolsgonemental said...

we are actually still oncourse for 60 points and quarter finals in the cups.

fickle spurs fans.

Anonymous said...

It's all a load of bollox. I hope Jol will still be our manager next year because he will win trophies given time.

All you fools (and the board) forget what we were before Jol and only think about the perfect scenario. I blame the newspapers for whipping it all up to be honest.

Hitler said...


Anonymous said...

Who wants to go to manage a club with a chairman who makes Nero look like a sane leader and fans who sharpen their knives all too quickly. I can't believe how the board have led us all into this crap in such a short space of time. Jol never was top drawer but he isn't that bad either - you don't start looking for a replacement after 2 games, you do it before the season starts. Having said that... short-term: Clive Allen; long-term: Ramos; comedy choice: Borat

Anonymous said...

I do not give a damn who is in there as long as the board gets behind them and we start winning. It like Jol is just waiting for the phone call to be let go. If I knew I was getting the sack I would not be 100% to the team either. Sack Hughton to why your at it!!

Harry Hotspur said...

Andy -

Yeah, add 'Little Hose' to my list...


Mr Daniel Levy said...


IP & Home Address Logged.

Send a car 'round for 11am Wednesday morning.

For Chrissakes shave. We'll get you a whistle on the way in.

Harry Hotspur said...

My view WAS that the wholesale hysteria to fire Jol into outer space was far too premature.

Two games in however indicates that Levy viewed him as a berk before a ball was kicked this season.

Now, after the both a botched team selection at Bolton and moreover his sad use of substitutes yet again, I'd be pleased to see him go.

The players looked as nervous as he did and IF he is the cancer then he has to be cut out.

Thank gawd Anelka was having an off day.

IF and it's a big if, he truly believes he's the man for the job then what the f*ck is he waiting for in order to prove it?

I see no bite, I see no zeal, I see no wit, no passion and worst of all I see no willingness to learn.

The same shuffling from foot to foot for Sky Sports like some big blue Khazkstahni performing bear mumbling some cobblers about 'improvement' and 'positives' from the game...

My only reservation as ever in these instances is ...AND REPLACE HIM WITH WHO???

I want glory - and that is why Jol has become a time expired option, I don't think he has aspirations beyond a discounted sleeve of 20 B&H and a bucket of KFC.

What would I do?

Play Boro with Allen as caretaker.
Envelopes to Jol & Hughton.

Hughton admitted to whatever HALL OF FAME may exist at the Club and then presented with a legal agreement preventing him from ever coming with 10 feet or giving coaching instruction to any employee of THFC who is wearing football boots/ or standing on grass.

My Wish List In Full:

1. Jose Mourinho

AllWhite said...

Well, maybe Clive Allen or Alex Ingletorpe and from next season - Huande Ramos! :) .. COYS!

Payday Tony said...

I think Daniel Levy should get the job, with Paul Kemsley as his assistent.

Anonymous said...

be careful what you wish for Jiz Monkeys

Anonymous said...

The only problem with that Harry is Jose Mourinho will never come to Tottenham.

Capello is a dire, defnsively-minded bore.

Phil Scolari I don't know much about but will reserve judgement.

So JolsGoneMental, who would be your choice ? [really knowing he's going to say Mark Hughes]. Hang me. Let's hope he can bring Robbie Savage eh?

Anonymous said...


If Spurs sack Jol....Spurs will end up with Reknapp or Dowie

jolsgonemental said...

hiddink, mourinho, ramos

jolsgonemental said...

hiddink, mourinho, ramos

Anonymous said...

short term el tel,long term ramos,moureen,scolari, comedy homer simpson

jolsgonemental said...

literally all three.

Anonymous said...

hang on sorry jol is homer simpson
martin doh

Harry Hotspur said...

No Jose, then the conveyor belt of REALLY shit managers....

Not to mention all these European luminaries who MOST people can't even spell, let alone discuss at any length.

"Oh yeah Guidio Labidia is the man for the job - get him in" Aside from the odd fan who has a working knowledge - (I'd better inc. Vinny at this point!) most of 'em are just shouting out names!

Rednapp? Good manager, but not great - not to mention currently employed by someone!

Hence me not screaming JOL OUT.

Harry Hotspur said...

Yeah go on then.

Venables for the rest of the season. If he can get past security!

Anonymous said...

Harrys petition has really caught the
publics imagination

Anonymous said...

they could put a tag on tel that sounds alarms when he comes whithin a certain radius of the accounts dept or the petty cash tin.Other than that hed be alright!

Anonymous said...

I thought you guys were breaking into the Top 4 this season?


retard said...


4 Ever Hopeful said...

He has got to go. He MUST go. But who to get now? That is the dilemma and one entirely of the Board's own making. If you strip out the "not availables" and the "not interesteds" there really isn't much else left.

Fact is that whatever we might think, in football management terms it is not the massive job us fans think it is. I have advocated Clive Allen as a short term measure but why would he want to have a job for eight months and then probably get fired when the new regime comes in?

We are right in the crap.

Harry Hotspur said...

'Harry's. Petition has really caught...'

You're right, it's shit.

Your site and your petition are so much better.

Go any more tips, master?

jolsgonemental said...

jol has lost the plot. he knows the game is up.

yesterdays unexplainable shambles, team selection and match report was the equivalent to gibberings of a madman just before he cuts his family to pieces with an axe. the tipping point has been 'tipped'

he is off with the fairies now, and is speaking in tongues. put him out of his misery. jol really has gone mental.

if he stays on or if he goes today we effectively go forward with no manager for the forseeable future.

I like what levy has done for spurs but maybe his biggest mistake and the ultimate cause of his failure will be that he didnt get rid of jol sooner. ie May.

jolsgonemental said...

what petition?

NYSpursFan said...

Who, indeed. I think we should assume that no "big name" manager who is currently working (with the possible exception of Scolari , but do we really want him?) would leave their current club (i.e., Ramos). So it would have to be one of the unemployed managers, i.e., Capello. But, it's likely that a Capello will want Champions League this year. So we may have to make do with an interim manager and hope we can stay up this year. Maybe Clive Allen? I have no idea. How good is he? Lippi? Ranieri? Hiddink is supposedly all but in at Chelsea.

We have a real crisis here. No doubt.

Anonymous said...

We won't get Mourinho or Hiddink because they wouldn't want to come. Simple as that. Not sure about Ramos, guess we'll see when all this craziness gets Jol the sack. Ramos doesn't speak English. Automatically it worries me.

I would honestly rather have you than Rednkapp Harry.

I just think that this has all got a bit out of hand because we are not good enough to attract better than we have. It's the over-inflated sense of worth we have. Always been our downfull.


Anonymous said...

You are all fools for not seeing what is front of our eyes, Justin Edinburgh will take us forward and Micky hazard as his sidekick ( the dream team).Although we probably have to settle for the foreign geezer. Jol is now making Pleat look good.

Anonymous said...

By the way your clocks wrong must have set it with Jols watch

Anonymous said...

Hire a couple of SAS army fitness instructors(I think we must have the most woeful 'athletes' in the league) and let Clive Allen pick the team to play each match for the rest of the season Can't be worse!

Summerspur said...

juan bjorn efryminit

des-eased clitories

worse have been suggested, at least my juan speaks English and some nobs out there deserve Des.


you mock jols legacy but er.... he does have one. you are obviously an intelligent man so i cant understand the bitterness and hatred of jol. perhaps its a dutch thing, maybe you had a nasty experience with a dyke, even worse a dyke drunk on grolsh, well it wouldn't be amstel would it.

come on JGM your solution, and please i know you like a laugh but you already said hughes.

Anonymous said...

"Jol is now making Pleat look good."

F**k off! Jol's the best manager we've had in years. Be patient ffs these things take time. Everyone's talking as if we need CL immediately, but what we really need is stability. Success will follow.

Jolsgonemental - If we sack Jol and go down, I hope you do the decent thing and commit hari kari in the centre circle.

jolsgonemental said...

summerspur - i have no answer. hence why i wanted jol out the door preseason so we could get our ship in order.

I could see Jol wasnt the man to take us any further a long time ago. he is doing nothing to prove my observation of 18months ago wrong.

to get rid of jol now is neither here nor there.

jol or no manager. decisions decisions. i honestly dont know which will be better(or worse.

I have a suspicion it wil be ramos at xmas though.

jolsgonemental said...

go on then. give us a laugh

jols legacy, what is it?

considering he has had more rescources than practically ANY spurs manager before him.

please dont tell me you are going to say pipping everton to 5th.

maybe getting to a quarter final?

maybe beating a top 4 side once out of 27 times?

jolsgonemental said...

holding bolton to a draw maybe?

outwitting Sammy Lee on his own patch?

overcoming Southend in the cups - not once but twice?

Anonymous said...

What happened to the pre and early season boasts that you had overtaken Arsenal?


Anonymous said...

The phrase that is most suitable to Spurs' current situation has to be "stuck between a rock and a hard place."

Sack Jol and we're left with Chris Hughton (Clive Allen? Don't be silly, since when has a club bypassed it's No. 2 for the academy coach to take over as caretaker manager?) since Ramos is not available until the end of the season.

Keep Jol until end of season and thing may improve slightly but no way will we be making champions league, might just scrape 6th if form picks up dramatically.

We then sack him and bring Ramos in.

Jol gets 4 mil to keep him going, we get a top draw manager. Everyone's a winner!

Sounds reasonable?

Harry Hotspur said...

I take the point about it being nuts to bypass a no# coach, for the acadamy coach, but Hughton has been here too many times for it to be coincidence.

He is complicit in the failure and if he wasn't he wasn't intelligent enough to walk away.

Worse still he was always satisfied with being the bridesmaid.....add ambitionless turnkey to the charges.

Anonymous said...

Possible - Jurgan Klinsmann

Long Shot - Jose Mourhino

Comedy - Tony Adams

Anonymous said...

Given the latest messages of support from the Board it looks like we are stuck with Jol for the foreseeable future, unless of course we are still in the same position at Christmas when the Board can then sack him and leave the fans to have the excitement of a relegation battle with a caretaker manager. One of the weaknesses of the Board is that there are no football people on it so they don't have a reliable source of information as to who could be the best choice of manager for us. If Klinsmann still doesn't want to come to Spurs as manager, even though he hasn't got the Chelsea job, then I would see if he would come as a consultant to re-structure the club in terms of training, medical staff, diets, tactics and pre-match planning, while putting Clive Allen in temporary charge with a view to either him keeping the job at the end of the season if he is successful or finding a replacement. It won't happen of course. Another wasted season to please those with mediocre expectations.

Anonymous said...

Really depressing isn't it? Surrounded by gloating gooners at work (2nd richest club in the world). Biggest difference between our clubs is stability. Over the last 20 years they've had 3 managers, we've had 11 (12 if you include Pleat twice). Doesn't our board get it? Jol - a decent man and reasonable manager and popular (once) with the fans. Board should have backed what could have been a winning horse with better staff. Chris Houghton was a good player but he's more of a handicap than a help. THAT's where Clive Allen should be sat - he's got the technical nous to have given the big man some real backing. Jol / Allen plus full backing from the board and the fans = dream ticket.

Summerspur said...


would rather be pipping everton for 5th than finish behind them, blackburn, bolton, west ham, villa, borough, the coach and horses etc...

We have best squad in years
(in no way debatable)

Decent run in UEAFA cup (perhaps your a fan of the inter 2 bob)

football worth watching, and for crying out loud don't throw recent results back at me,the board must share the blame for recent form for being, perhaps, just a little insensitive.
over the 2 years hes been good and many clubs would welcome what he has done here.

get your finger out that dyke and use it to good effect typing support for our wondrous leader

jolsgonemental said...

i find your dewy eyed sentimentality for a fat bald 50 year old man from holland, slightly absurd.

He is not your 'mate'. He isnt going to ring you up and thank you for your unswerving support and ask you down the pub for a pint.

he struggled to achieve the bare minimum expected on the investment and squad we possessed last year. this season looks like being even worse.

stop trying to convince me that beating southend and getting byes in europe constituted some sort of achievement or progress. it never has before and even less so when its to the tune of 100m.

Harry Hotspur said...

He has absolutely been good, but the failure to learn from past mistakes is crippling my goodwill towards him match by match.

As I laboriously pointed out from the Bolton game - he actually appeared to playing 'follow my leader'with Sammy bloody Lee.

If we'd been up against a strategic wiseguy you might have be given to appreciate some element of 'counter tactics' going on....

But this was Mr. Scratchhead chucking on a player who should have been on from the start (AL) and hoping.

Followed by chucking on an out of form striker (DB) - and - HOPING!

A load of old c*ck, I'm afraid.

His substitutions have always been too late and this time they were compounded by reflecting how mind boggling his first 11 choice had been.

The messages of support? They are either from MJ's spirit guide or a chairman who knows he hasn't got a replacement anytime soon.

"Martin, the board and I are 100% behind you." (Untill someone returns my bloody calls!)

Summerspur said...


"MATE" certainly not my quote

whats your beef with fat bald men?
history has thrown up a procession of many successful fat bald men

steve Mcfadden
danny devito
ralph coates
captain mainwaring
alan brazil
mick McManus
to name but a few

surely you can acknowledge we were a tad unlucky against Seville

southend beat man u so we are good after all.

jolgonemental said...

i dont mind fat bald men at all. until they hit 50. then i go right off them.

Anonymous said...

i always have to think of someone thinner and hairer when i'm at it with one



Summerspur said...

one what? one hand maybe

Anonymous said...

Quote from Jol on the Spurs website:

"I was a little bit surprised to hear that one newspaper was suggesting that I was on the verge of quitting my job today - what a load of rubbish!"

Well, Jol should be sacked in my view!!! i.e. for the following reasons

* Jol is dead man walking and in an untenable position - expect hardly any more points in the next few months under him.

* Jol is denial on why we are rubbish!! i.e. stupid excuses when things go wrong -when we and the Press clearly know that things are not right

* not even including Defoe in the 16, even though he scored the best goals last Thursday - he is much better than the over rated Bent!!!!

* Bent looks like a £16M waste of money - he has pace but not much else - sadly 2nd time we have wasted record money on a striker (1st time rebrov)!!

* not playing Bale, even though he is our most threating player and has scored a few goals!!!!

* playing the average and far too short Rocha - when he should he played Kaboul (partcularly against route one Bolton)

* lack of fitness i.e not lasting 90 mins - letting in too many goals after 70mins. What the hell is going on in training

* lack of man management and getting the players to play as a unit/ team.

* lack of keeping shape

* lack of closing down the opposition

* lack of making the right subs in the right areas i.e midfield.

* huddelstone alright but too slow at this level - but Zokora has pace but is rubbish at defending - so why did we waste £16M on Bent when a quality defensive midfielder/ or even left sided winger would have been much better!!!

* lack of not killing off teams i.e Fulham!!!

* lack of knolwedge that we are rubbish at defending a lead by sitting back!!!!

* lack of everything!!

Anonymous said...

Plus the most serious of all:

* Serious lack of points, and being third from bottom + unlikely to win any games!!!!!

dannyboy said...


elk said...

Is he working anywhere?

Paul Kemsley said...

Harry Redknapp.

Daniel Levy said...

Jacques Santini, er no Giovanni Trappatoni... Are we a bunch of fuckin idiots putting up with this load of shit?

Board Out N All said...

Cant you see?? Whilst Jol has his misgivings, just because the board has put some cash in we've forgotten all the bad decisions that they've made since they took over...

Total clean out- follow the NHS hospital example like that scottish bastard who's in charge of our country

daytripper said...

I'd love to see Lippi at the Lane. His tactical changes in the World Cup final against France were f***in brilliant. Any coach that has the balls to go all out in overtime in the final by putting out 3 strikers has my vote anyday.

If not Lippi, then Klinsmann next. His aggressive, offensive style of play would suit this roster perfectly.

I hate Ramos and Capello, they are both way overrated, but at this point I'll take the tea lady as coach if we can get rid of Jol.

Anonymous said...

If Jol did go, Inglethorpe could take the reign until a replacement is placed?

Anonymous said...

jolsgonemental... you're a kn*b. has jol done something to your family?

i'd like to remind you what we had before Jol...santini, pleat, hoddle, graham...... the most boring footballers and brand of football.

the list of managers to replace jol is a joke. mourinho, hiddink, lippi and capello would laugh at coming here...despite 'our amazing history'...which is, exactly that.
stop expecting instant success you utter morons.

Anonymous said...

A press conference has been called for 4pm this afternoon at the Chigwell training ground where they will announce Jol's "mutual" departure with immediate effect. Chris Hughton will also be leaving.
However, the bad news.....Clive Allen will be put temporarily in charge with Paul Kemsley assisting!!! Apparetly he has experience at junior macaabi level.
May G-d preserve us

Anonymous said...

Arsene Wenger or Sam Allardyce.

you've all gone mental said...

Please stop! This is fu**ing ridiculous! We have a fantastic squad, two fifth placed finishes and when we fire, we play great football. It takes longer than two and a half years to build a team that can challenge for the top four (Fergie reckons four or five). Yes it's depressing to be at the bottom of the table, but even if this year's a write off (it isn't), we still need at least another year of stability before we can rightly be expecting to win anything, then probably a couple more years before we can expect to be consistently winning.

You're not comparing the team to what we had before Jol, you're comparing it to a fantasy team in JGM's head. What we need is stability not quick fixes and "clean outs".

If you idiots and the press have your way we'll be back to the bad old days before you can say david pleat.

Anonymous said...

Vicente del Bosque

Anonymous said...

Del Bosque, thats nice, lots of Euro cups. No top manager will leave for Spurs in September. We must hit the job entre, which leaves Lippi, Capello, Hodgson, Graham, the Brazilian who managed Madrid "luxemburgo", Deschamps. No other high profile candidates. Then there Jose who would turn Spurs into a European giant and maybe win the league within three seasons. If only he was allowed to move accross the capital. In conclusion stick with Jol, assess then either stick or re-book that Seville hotel and this time take a suitcase full of cash

Anonymous said...

and a few high class hookers, lots of whisky, brandy, cola, and some menus from London's best tapas restaurants. I would even let him bring Freddie back and maybe even alves if we have money left over after siging a few more Zakora's, Ekoutta, Bents, Ghalys,

Anonymous said...

Damien your gay and French and I think your sending our money to Arsenal via France into the plains of africa then urgently wired to Islington via a Western Union in Lagos. Damien its over pack your bags and stop burning Martin's notebooks

Anonymous said...

thats enough for now, see you on Old Compton Street tonight HH, about 6?

Harry Hotspur said...


Have to vada you bout 7pm, up to my eyes on a Monday, dear.

Anonymous said...

Official site has confirmed the speculation is all bollocks.

Now lets try and move on with what we've got eh. Get behind the team and the gaffer.

My old man said be an Arsenal fan, I said fuck-off, bollocks, you're a cunt!!!



jolsgonemental said...

from the media constantly building up our hopes with unfounded promises to the purchasing of darren bent. this season is turning into one long unfunny joke for us Spurs fans.

and it all promised so fucking much back in august.

football is undeed a mugs game.

jolsgonemental said...


same thing.

Vinny said...

Harry - Im afraid I don't know much about "Guidio Labidia"...

Does he manage a team sponsored by Viagra???...:0)

daytripper said...

JGM - regarding Bent. No question 16.5m was outrageous. There is some quality there, though, isn't there?

Because of Berbatov, I think we have gotten into a terrible habit of being lazy and lofting hopeful balls into our strikers, which Bent can't handle at all - he has no ability to take a ball cleanly out of the air. He obviously has no left foot at all too.

If you were a coach and had a similar player with the above weaknesses, but with quality in his right foot, along with incredible pace and strength, how do you turn him into an asset for us, or is it not possible with our system?

Anonymous said...

full steam ahead this season with jol. lets get behind him and review the situation at the end of the season. can anybody give 1 good reason how a new manager is gonna change anything now. we have an excellent oportunity with the depth in the squad.

theres no reason why we dont win some silverware this season.

failing that we get rid of hughton and co along with jol ...

Anonymous said...

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Harry Hotspur said...

Adam, if your bird keeps giving Harry a biscuit every time he fucks her how is he supposed to keep his weight down?

daytripper said...

4 things corrected with a new coach immediately:

- better squad selections
- better, earlier, and more applicable tactical changes during matches
- players put on the pitch in their natural positions or at least on their natural sides
- my blood pressure during and after Spurs matches

Tom The Yid said...

Was anyone else at the Bolton game?
The support was half hearted for large periods, probably due to Spurs playing some of the most boring football ever seen. I was annoyed the moment I heard the line-up. Fair enough to the fans showing great support by singing martin jols blue and white army for 5 mins straight, just wish it wasn't endorsing Jol. And maybe if everyone stopped singing "I love martin Jol" more people would realise Jol doesn't have the backing of all the fans.

1st choie - Fabio Capello
2nd - Juande Ramos
3rd - Mark Hughes

Jol, for fucks sake at least put KP Boateng on the bench for Boro and start him and Taraabt against Famagusta. COYS

dannyboy said...

Just give me back my Spurs team I can be proud of. All this talk of Jol going is now getting on my tits. The club have made a statement, so that's that then I guess?
If it turns out Levy is lying, and Jol goes in say 3 games, don't ever forgive him. Whoever is in charge until Saturday, Christmas or the summer, just start fucking performing and justify your hugely inflated wages. I'd run my nuts off for 2 games a week for 50K.

Berbatov - cheer up you miserable bastard.
Keane - stop blaming others.
Robbo - get back to playing how you know you can.
Daws - command the box like you can.
Lennon - fly down that wing again.
Jenas - show some bottle.
Defoe - sign or leave; doing nothing aint an option. (Stay - please.)
Malbranque - get some consistency.
Zokora - pretend you're in the world cup or fuck off.

End of rant.