Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Tottenham Hotspur vs Middlesbrough: Team Predictions

After the questionable team selection that didn't work against Bolton let's hope Martin & Christopher have cracked it and are all set to field.... our 11 best players. Here's mine...


Chimbonda Kaboul Dawson Lee

Lennon Huddlestone Malbranque Bale

Defoe Berbatov

Subs: Robinson, Ekotto, Boateng, Taarabt, Bent
(To be used as required, not just for the last 15 minutes)

Boro are without the services of Mido, Tuncay (ankle), Mido (hamstring) and Jeremie Aliadiere (hamstring) which is great.

Berbatov must owe us a goal at this stage and I'll put up with a modest 4/1 that he gets the first one.


Harry Hotspur said...

And if anyone has any bright ideas on how we're going to watch this, do share the wealth...



Anonymous said...

you can watch it by gettin your tight self a ticket.. still some available at £27

Anonymous said...

go to the game, thats the best way to watch it

Anonymous said...

After sundays inept team selection and display, BMJ might get a nasty reaction from the fans if he chooses the same midfield !

Lets see some blood on the pitch !


Anonymous said...

Lee Rocha Kaboul Bale

Lennon Huddlestone Taarabt

Defoe Bent

subs; Robbo, Ekotto, Jenas, Routledge, Pekhart

Anonymous said...

spurs tv online?

- larven

Robbieboy said...

Interesting team, though i worry about Huddlestone, I think he's got a lot of talent, but is a little too slow to be a real quality player. That said Carrick was never quick,he just seemed more at ease with his frame.

Speed is what the modern day successful teams have in abundance, and is where we lack. Irony is we have the players, just there never picked.

Tonight I would like to see...





Also, i'd like to throw something else up... Jermaine Jenas, what's his best position, surely Right midfield, he has pace and talent, but goes missing too much to be a central midfielder, give me some scrappers like Taino and Zokora any day over him, especially at the moment, and then load the wings with pace and skill...

de friend de foe said...

what about Keane - and Zokora?

Anonymous said...

Try this scroll down till you find Tottenham it has worked every game for me .Matty

Anonymous said...

Morning HH
Nice to finally see what you are made of.

Does anyone else think that Martin Jol is a perfect spurs number two and the biggest error from the board was to put him in charge when Santini left and not CLive Allen with Martin as his Assistant (sorry chris you are garbage)


Harry Hotspur said...

Cheers, but out of the country selling M16's to starving children.. but thanks for the tip!

I've tried sopcast with mixed results before...

Anonymous said...

hope so, bout time robo was dropped he's gone shit this season, needs to lose some weight. rest of the team isn't to bad.

Anonymous said...

You are not trying to predict the team for tonight!!! with Jol in charge? your one crazy fella! Me thinks Tanio and Keane up front, Jols bum boys.

Anonymous said...

Your site used to be quite interesting but you are miserable bar steward now, who spends most of his time complaining, it's enough to drag anyone down, get behind your friggin' team!

Anonymous said...


jolsgonemental said...

put clive allens reserve team in. let clive allen pick the side. let clive allen choose the tactics. let clive allen make the substitutions.

sell darren bent.

Anonymous said...

cant believe theres still a lot of fans that think Huddlestone is gonna make it!! maybe half decent in the cups , when were winning, but take away his passing and what have you got "a Rugby players body with the heart of the lion from the wizard of oz"

Anonymous said...

so mr jolsgonemental what will happen in the next few weeks when jol finally gets the arse, what will your moniker then become....bentupthekhyber??? sendbenttokent???
Any thoughts?

jolsgonemental said...


Anonymous said...

Let's try something new. Use the players that are in form!!!!!


Chimbonda Kaboul Dawson Bale

Lennon Taarabt

Defoe Berbatov

Subs: Robinson, Lee, Jenas, Keane (to be utilised in midfield or up front where necessary), Bent

Maldives Yid

4 Ever Hopeful said...

What I think:

Robinson, Chimbonda, Kaboul, Dawson, Bale
Lennon, Jenas, Zokora, Taraabt
Keane, Bent

What I want:
Cerny, Chimbonda, Kaboul, Dawson, Bale
Malbranque, Taino, Boateng, Taraabt,
Bent, Defoe

Anonymous said...


You are so boring. Stop turning every thread into your personal war against Darren Bent and Martin Jol.

It's embarrassing. For everyone. You sound like a 10 year old.


Summerspur said...

surely it will just be


GRAZZA said...

"a Rugby players body with the heart of the lion from the wizard of oz"


and the head of Nordberg from Naked Gun/Dr Hibbert of Simpsons fame.....

jolsgonemental said...

well someones got a new handbag.

Anonymous said...

The Dream Team

GK: Cerny
RB: Chimbonda, CB: Dawson, CB: Kaboul, LB: Bale
CM: Zokora
CM: Lennon,CM: Boateng
Hole: Taraabt
FW: Defoe, FW: Bent

Full-backs pushing down the wings, flair and steel in the midfield, a playmaker behind the front two and a striker who is dying to bang them in upfront. Spurs run riot.

The Likely Team
GK: Robinson
RB: Chimbonda, CB: Dawson, CB: Kaboul, LB: Assou-Ekotto
RM: Malbranque, CM: Huddlestone, CM: Tainio, LM: Bale
FW: Bent, FW: Keane

A great keeper who is lacking in confidence, a in seven games. A midfield with no left foot that oozes Championship - Malbranque does that by himself. A strikeforce that seems to be able to do everything but score. Spurs scrape through thanks to "wonderful home support".

(And I'm usually quite a positive Yid!!)

jolsgonemental said...

him going, wont actually change the fact he is still mental though will it.

i am rather fond of the jolsgonemental moniker.

and bueller the rag likes it too. he will only berate me with an over earnest comment if i change now.

Anonymous said...

Good god, on a horribly grey day in central london I don't think there is anything more depressing than someone ending a post with......

Maldives Yid.

Will you be watching the game on a moonlit beach with your grass-spurs-shirt and portable plasma with a tall glass of ice-cold lager?

I am off to jump off Tower Bridge.


Anonymous said...

boateng has not been impressive in reserve matches. his shots are blasts which go anywhere but at the goal.

Anonymous said...

i do not understand why hughton is getting so much heat. nobody gave jol this treatment when he was working under santini.

Anonymous said...

I do love your moniker jolsgonemental.

I tell you this in all earnestness.

Darrent Bent shagged your mum.


jolsgonemental said...

This little gem from a Boro fans site as to the expected spurs line up and roundup

Possible Spurs Line-Up


Chimbonda Dawson Kaboul Bale

Stalteri Jenas Zokora Lennon

Defoe Bent

I expect Spurs to make a few changes to their team, giving players returning from injury a chance to regain some match fitness.

The supposed strong point of this side is their midfield, and it will be strengthened by the return of Aaron Lennon, who will probably slot in on Spurs' problem left wing tonight.

I would laugh but its more sensible that our line up up the week end.

Anonymous said...

So. No Taraabt or Boateng. But, also, no Malbranque. It's funny how two strikers can make the bench for this one, but it was impossible against Arsenal and Bolton. Why our two "wunderkids" aren't even in the squad is beyond me. Surely one of them could have been benched instead of one of the strikers. Big BMJ lover, but we need to give these guys a chance. I understand that he needs a win, but they offer more attacking options that Bent and Keane...

daytripper said...

Dont understand why everybody is so high on Defoe for today's match.

When he starts matches our offense goes down the drain. He hogs the ball, never passes, dribbles into an opponent most of the time and is an out & out killer for any offensive flow/pressure.

Last season when he started, he would score a fabulous goal every other game, which was fun to see as a fan, but that would be the only goal we would score in those 2 games.

I'm hoping today that Defoe's figured out why his butt has been on the bench consistently for the last 20+ games, and starts playing within our system.

Harry Hotspur said...


Harry Hotspur said...

Fuck off Boro & goodnight.


Anonymous said...

blimey - harry hotspur does have passion!!!

Anonymous said...

berba don't score
not if i can help it

bench him


jolsnotgonemental said...

are you saps happy now....
jol pulls one out of the fire...where is precious jolsgonemental now?